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  1. New Zbrush Release Preview
  2. MBA Studios - X-MAS DVD Special & homepage relaunch
  3. The Incredibles tops $200 Million
  4. 3d in childrens books
  5. Speilberg to do olympic Munich movie
  6. Sony Discloses Details on Computer processor Chip
  7. The Magic Roundabout CG Movie Trailer
  8. Massive Black Workshop News Jobs and Internships to be offered
  9. Kong set visit (with Production art)
  10. "Narnia" Production Artwork
  11. FerReel Blast Code Review
  12. new references section!
  13. NEW! ROTK Extended Edition Trailer (6 Minutes!)
  14. Movie mattepainter Frederic St-Arnaud
  15. Final Fantasy VII: Advent hi-res screens
  16. New 3D biometric facial recognition software
  17. Avid Announces SOFTIMAGE|XSI 4.2
  18. Biggest free car video tutorial release for max by Blittze ever.
  19. Half Life 2 Multiplayer....
  20. "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Shootout at the OK Morale"
  21. Non-photorealistic Camera
  22. DC_SIGGRAPH Special Event: Dinner With the Pros (December 8, 2004)
  23. Creative Human Character Animation: The Incredibles vs. The Polar Express
  24. Nintendo going into movie Industry
  25. BBC: Howl's Moving Castle" to Get 50 Country Global Release
  26. Former ESC Entertainment Senior artists form new company.
  27. ClothFX Integrated into 3ds max
  28. World of Warcraft wows retailers
  29. XDof for Mental Ray.
  30. Interview with Yotto Koga, Softimage|Behavior Team Lead
  31. EA responds to internet blogs
  32. Disney President and COO Bob Iger to Speak Next Wednesday
  33. Nintendo DS Game Player Makes Strong Japan Debut
  34. Steven Spielberg' s War ofthe Worlds official site
  35. Acclaim HQ on the auction block
  36. EA CFO Talks Next-Gen Consoles
  37. Internet Academy for Softimage XSI training
  38. NEW Dr WHO Trailer
  39. Apple releases December Security Update
  40. USATODAY:Nintendo sells 500,000 DS handhelds in first week in US
  41. Interview with Bill Van Buren of Valve about Half Life 2
  42. Xmas Special and sinlge download HDRIs at Sachform Tehnology webshop
  43. Blur Studios New Site is up!
  44. Polar Express Gaining Steam?
  45. MSN:O Hologram, Where Art Thou? (The history and future of holograms)
  46. V-Ray for TS7
  47. Search Engines for Handwritten Documents
  48. First "Wallace & Gromit" Movie Photos
  49. Wanna meet Alan Lee this weekend?(US Book Tour)
  50. FOR REAL: AT-ST Scout Walker
  51. Gnomon - 14 New Digital Dvd's
  52. Batman Begins Teaser Poster
  53. BlastCode ver 1.2 for Maya released
  54. PSP to play Downloaded Movies?
  55. Gorillaz - Search for a star contest!
  56. Mammuk Teaser
  57. The Project : ATI/Crytek techdemo
  58. Blue: A Short Film - RELEASED
  59. USATODAY- Pixar's wonders are not just for kids
  60. BUICK WILDCAT 1966 - new CGNetworks Tutorial by Luis Calero
  61. China Hurries to Animate Its Film Industry
  62. Pervasive Ambient Technology
  63. Fantastic four movie!!!
  64. CNET: Update on the PlayStation 3 chip
  65. Visual Browser Interface
  66. Apple Shares Fall on Needham Downgrade
  67. The Polar Express top animated film, chugs towards $100 million
  68. Allegorithmic
  69. 2004 Annie Award Nominations announced
  70. Sam and Max Revival?
  71. Mother of The Matrix
  72. MAXScript DVD from CG Academy Released
  73. Mentor training!
  74. Discreet Releases Cloth!!
  75. nVidia & PS3 (Cell)
  76. Glendale CA to build animation museum
  77. Alias Pumps Up its Education Offerings
  78. Holiday Contest at PlanIT 3D!
  79. Combustion 3 on sale for $595
  80. US Appleseed poster
  81. Nvidia hops from Xbox to Playstation 3
  82. Gamespy dropping Mac support
  83. Uwe Boll's BloodRayne Movie Trailer (+ POSTER)
  84. Pixar's Cars moved back to summer 2006
  85. CGI Festival London, Day 1
  86. Disney pushes Chicken Little Fall 05
  87. Another C&C Red Alert Game
  88. New reader project: "On the Way II" - Xiao Yi
  89. Free Xmas Gift from
  90. Animal Motion Show DVD review
  91. Incredibles head animation awards
  92. GPUTech announce availibility of RTSquare 1.0
  93. TOONZONE: Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas Review
  94. SoCal Shake Users Group Meeting Dec 16th
  95. Miss digital world 2004 was elected!
  96. War of the Worlds - Teaser Trailer
  97. Dreamworks pushes Shrek 3
  98. Citreon C4 CG Comercial
  99. The Polar Express at L.A. SIGGRAPH - Dec 15th
  100. CNN:What to buy the obnoxiously rich gamer
  101. Millimeter article on Pixar's in house Sketch Tool review software
  102. Midway buys Paradox - Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
  103. Disney Backs Blu-Ray
  104. New Maya Explosion Plugin
  105. New King Kong Production Diary
  106. MAKING OF 'RED MOON' - Svetlin Velinov
  107. Charlie and Chocolate Factory trailer
  108. Making of "Dr. Maxwell" by the Keytoon team
  109. Dont forget to vote!" FXWars! Roller Coaster Challenge VOTE!:3
  110. VFXSoup interviews 5 time VFX Emmy winner, Ron Moore.
  111. CGI Festival, London, Day 2
  112. New Highres pic of Yoda in ep3
  113. ArtRage Wins Think in Ink Contest
  114. PIXAR's "The Incredibles wide screen, screen shots"
  115. Nintendo DS sales figures in line with GBA launch
  116. New Product/Affordable Price-> messiah:studio workstation ($299)
  117. 2005 Independent Games Festival (IGF) Overview/Preview
  118. *NEW* Batman Begins Trailer
  119. FF7: Advent Children- New/Better Quality TGS2004 Trailer
  120. Why Canada, and why video games?
  121. Small competition on 3dm-mc
  122. My 1-on-1 with ERIC GOLDBERG...
  123. CGunderground Interviews Belief
  124. Grand Theft Auto saves a family from home invasion... true story!
  125. 'Shark Encounter' - Simon Lissaman
  126. IMAX-Fueled 'Polar Express' Chugs Past $100M
  127. 3D Modelling for Kids
  128. The Incredibles receives "Best Animated Feature", "Best Musical Score" awards
  129. Duplicated Images Finder: Dup Detector freeware version 3.122
  130. The Polar Express at L.A. SIGGRAPH This Wednesday the 15th
  131. New Free RenderMan Subsurface Scattering implementation - Source Code Included
  132. New Images From Episode III. (SPOLIER WARNING!!!)
  133. A new CG tool : Smode Studio
  134. 3ds max 7 With Brazil Special Bundle!
  135. A Look at Luc Besson's "Arthur" (Live action + CG Backgrounds)
  136. WETA video of : Disney's THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE
  137. EA strikes again!!
  138. EDO (image compositing application) for Mac OSX
  139. NEW Constantine TRAILER!
  140. Earthsea
  141. Dragons are Coming (Walking with Dinosaurs with Dragons)
  142. The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants - Now Shipping
  143. Lighting and rendering with Mental Ray !!
  144. Blade:Trinity Vampires' Slicing and Dicin' done with ThinkingParticles 2.0
  145. Matt Groening to moderate Incredibles Q&A session (Tursday night at 7pm in LA)
  146. Eisner to Linger on at Disney
  147. Animation Production log for upcoming Short Film
  148. Indian animation studio scripts its own tragic story
  149. Genetica 2 Details Revealed
  150. Warner Delays Matrix Online
  151. NewTek Demonstrates 64-bit LightWave 3D. with the AMD Opteron(TM)
  152. PSP's "Twist-n-Eject" feature
  153. Disney/Pixars Cars and DW's Shrek 3 to be delayed
  154. 'San Andreas' Hijacks Gaming Awards(Spike TV's second annual Video Game Awards)
  155. Weta - Narnia - VIdeo
  156. Interview with Eric Chauvin about 'Blade: Trinity'
  157. Apple Motion 30 day trial released.
  158. CGI Captain Scarlet website up...
  159. ILM workers protest proposed pay cut.
  160. Jaime Jasso's Spiritual City
  161. Artists Gallery
  162. ILM workers protest proposed pay cut
  163. Jadooworks Is Falling Down.... Falling Down...falling Down
  164. EA won't be able to buy Digital Illusions
  165. Master MATTE PAINTERS Peter and Harrison Ellenshaw update their website
  166. free until 2006
  167. New stills and footage from Hitchiker's Guide
  168. Atmospheric Optics Theory Website
  169. Illinois Gov targets violent video games
  170. PFHoe: New DV tracking software available from The Pixel Farm
  171. Interview with Craig Kuehne
  172. NEW PARIAH screens...
  173. Some Guy Buys Virtual Land for $26,500
  174. New Retro Studios article
  175. PnP TerrainCreator with new Vegetation mode
  176. Visual Effects Academy Award Bake-Off List
  177. Visual effects in Beyond the Sea
  178. Freelance vfx artist Peter Torpey
  179. Landreth expresses his views on The Incredibles and Polar Express
  180. 3D christmas cards
  181. Cgunderground Article - Whats the Big Idea
  182. Doctors Use Video Games to Hone Skills
  183. SFGATE: Boom season for game industry
  184. EA Buys 20% of Ubisoft
  185. ATI and Softimage to Offer XSI /FireGL Solution
  186. Toy Story 3 Update
  187. FREE Character Concept Design video online now!
  188. Disney's Toy Story 3: Video Interview with the writer
  189. DONT PANIC! New H2G2 Production art!
  190. Making of TALAROS CITY - Frederic St-Arnaud
  191. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride Pic!
  192. Ho, ho, Modo for $500!
  193. Sin City Trailer
  194. EA Changes It's Offer To DICE
  195. Cg Toolkit Interview
  196. Industry gears up for 'two-headed' chips
  197. Apple Sues Three for Posting Mac OS X on Net
  198. frischluft update notice
  199. Animanium 1z is out - new price
  200. Hitchhikers Guide 2 the... - trailer
  201. Timothy Albee's Facial Animation program update
  202. NBA rejects EA's bid for exclusivity
  203. Softimage Expands Game Development Suite With New ‘Mod’ Tool
  204. Blur's Two New Animated Shorts Oscar Short-Listed
  205. New graphic displays for the blind
  206. CG Retrospective 2004 - CG Top 20
  207. Interview with 2D/3D digital artist Dark Hoffman
  208. CGI Webcast Captures Santa's Departure
  209. Blender 2.36 released (mainly a mega bug-fixing release)
  210. Infinium Labs to demonstrate Phantom in CES Microsoft booth
  211. Kingdom of Heaven Trailer...
  212. B17 Profile at Newtek
  213. Review: PlayStation Portable a Likely Hit
  214. Ridley Scott's KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Trailer
  215. Merry Xmas from Peter Jackson and the WETA crew
  216. Truespace 7 Preview
  217. Interview with Zemeckis, Ralston and Starkey on 'The Polar Express'
  218. Softimage Expands Game Development Suite With New 'Mod' Tool
  219. Animation FESTIVAL !
  220. german modeling contest @
  221. Chinese Broadcaster Taps Local Toon Market
  222. Halo 2.5 for Xbox 2
  223. NBA rejects EA exclusivity proposal - report
  224. DAZ Prods. Announces Call for 'Virtual Beauty Queens'
  225. AWN:Wedge Talks Up Robots
  226. Alone in the Dark movie Trailer
  227. Stephen Kings Eyes of the Dragon to be animated
  228. Google Suggest BETA
  229. Interview with Mike Chambers
  230. New Robots Pic!
  231. CafeFX Utilizes LightWave 3D. to Provide Shots and Elements for Three December Films
  232. NewTek Releases Sixth Free Texture Collection
  233. Spielberg's Transformers robots to hit the screen
  234. Way Cool Microscopic Photography Site
  235. Oh boy... remember that cell phone virus? It's source is on the web now...
  236. Ubisoft gets gov't protection backing from hostile EA
  237. Racing Stripes Pics
  238. multi-thousand frame-per-second video
  239. Make-up effects artist Matthew W. Mungle
  240. Video Codec shoot-out for 2004
  241. Deak Ferrand on 'Blade: Trinity'
  242. CGU sits down with Steven Stahlberg
  243. Alp Atliner is interviewed
  244. Matte painter / concept artist Emmanuel Shiu
  245. 500 Dollar iMac?
  246. OT:First Animation of the World Found
  247. Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe....WETA First Look
  248. Half Life 2 Video: Bill Van Buren talks
  249. Harryhausen Hosts Films
  250. CNN:Silicon chip 'most influential invention'of the last 50 years