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  1. NewTek's LightWave 3D® First Professional 3D Application to Unveil 64-Bit Port
  2. NEW 2D/3D Award Gallery is OPEN
  3. Free Max 7 Video Tutorial Set Released - The Desert Eagle
  4. My 1-on-1 with Brad Bird...
  5. New Eminem Video, "Mosh": Amazing!
  6. Nintendo Threatens Suicidegirls Over IP Use
  7. Dreamworks is public
  8. RealFlow 3 demo out
  9. Soul Quest revealed by revoltage!
  10. USATODAY:DreamWorks Animation sets IPO at $28
  11. New nintendo ds commercial: wildboy's steve o
  12. Dreamy start for DreamWorks
  13. Massive Black 2005 (San Francisco workshop)
  14. Star Wars Episode 3 Poster is revealed...
  15. New CHICKEN LITTLE Trailer
  16. CNN:Analysts Warn: DreamWorks Latest Blockbuster May Be the Crest of the CGI Wave
  17. Intro to 3D Modeling Class - Nov. 7
  18. Feng Zhu to judge Grand Space Opera Challenge
  19. Web TV Start-Ups Show Programs Outside the Box
  20. Ayam 1.8 has been released.
  21. Forbes Endorses Steve Jobs to Run Disney
  22. Superman VFX go to Imageworks
  23. More "Incredible" pics
  24. Toronto Houdini Meeting - Nov 4
  25. OT: Brazilian Government and Intelectual Property
  26. Indian VFX: On the Verge of Breaking Out
  27. Fantastic Four : In action
  28. Tutorial - Modelling car Mazda RX8.
  29. Warhammer 40,000 Cinematic - Interview with Blur
  30. BBC: Computer-augmented versions of archaeological attractions.
  31. Robert Kuczera's dragon slayer
  32. DC SIGGRAPH: Electronic Theater 2004 at GMU on November 9th
  33. Scene Progression from Pixar's Incredibles
  34. Maya to XSI video training: Getting started with XSI
  35. Watch Freddy Vs. Jason/Scream/The Texas Chainsaw Massacre acted by BUNNIES!
  36. What is "STEAM WARS" ?
  37. Virtual Stuntmen Ready for Hollywood
  38. Snow White Retold with an Oreintal Twist
  39. BattleStar Galactica 2004 Trailers and Cool VFX Clip..
  40. 3ds max (flame, smoke, combustion) demo in San Francisco- Wednesday 3rd. November -
  41. Montreal XSI Half-life2 presentation
  42. Father of the Pride: Ratings Sweeps 'Loser'
  43. Variety:GRIM FUTURE forseen for the CG animator
  44. Filmmaker Theo van Gogh >> murdered!
  45. new cinematic animation from blizzard finally released
  46. New Maxim "Girlfriend of The Day"
  47. Syd Mead + Gnomon, 'Nuff Said
  48. CONTEST: Power From the Pixels! Lots of Prizes!
  49. DrapeFX Pro Released - 3ds max
  50. Adobe treading onto Linux
  51. Pixar´s CARS first pic
  52. 2D Images rendered as 3D Copyright Lawsuit
  53. Alias Appoints Michel Besner to Vice-President
  54. Silo 1.3 Released (w Topology Brush), Renewed Demo Period
  55. Alone in the Dark - The Movie
  56. New long ds gameplay footage
  57. under water and desert scences tutorial
  58. Nitendo DS Pre-Orders Stopped as Sales Soar
  59. Free "Wood Workshop" Seamless Texture Editor Released
  60. World's biggest publishers now involved in a major law suit
  61. Eleven Films Eligible for Best Toon Oscar
  62. Pixar 'Cars' Trailer
  63. Polar Express Opens Early (Limited Release Nov 6)!
  64. Awesome 2d animated music video
  65. Chuck Jones Exhibit @ Laguna College (California)
  66. Pixar - Ratatouille (2006)
  67. PIXAR'S 'The Incredibles' Performance Won't Be Incredible, Say Analysts
  68. Trio of Hot New Games Victimized by Piracy
  69. World Of Warcraft Intro video (cinematic trailer)
  70. Pixar "cars" teaser
  71. Alienware Evermotion Challenge with prizes for 25.000 USD!
  72. World of Warcraft: Nov 23
  73. Source SDK Released
  74. Nod to Frank and Ollie in 'Incredibles'!
  75. Chuck Jones 1989 interview NPR
  76. New trailer for "Howl's Moving Castle"
  77. 3D graphics lawsuit
  78. Alienware Evermotion Challenge with prizes for 25.000 USD!
  79. ARCHEVER - world's finest arch visualizations
  80. PIXAR The Incredibles pulls $70 MIL on first weekend.
  81. Brad Bird Interview at IGN
  82. Welcome to the art of Luciano Neves!
  83. KCAGA event: MODO/ZBrush 2 demo in Kansas City Dec 2
  84. Cinanima starts in Portugal
  85. India has lots of funny people
  86. The Return of Turkish Star Wars
  87. USATODAY:'Tomorrow's technology' is true to 'Polar Express'
  88. EverQuest II Ships
  89. World of Warcraft Open Beta
  90. ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Unveiled
  91. What makes the Incredibles Tick? (Detailed study of story structure)
  92. CGUnderground Interviews the talented Frederic St-Arnaud.
  93. Reuters: 'Polar Express' Brings Risky New Animation to Film
  94. An old B&W Indian movie to colour
  95. Firefox official 1.0 Launch
  96. NewTek and REALVIZ® Offer Photo-based 3D Modeling at Breakthrough Pricing
  97. 14 Nov 2004: MakeHuman 2.0 pre-alpha, totally free!
  98. Story perspective: how a great script makes ‘The Incredibles’ function cinematically
  99. Fantastic 4 trailer
  100. Infinium Labs - interview with Kevin Bachus
  101. News: Microsoft Speak Out On Handheld War
  102. Billboard names BioWare "Game Developer of the Year"
  103. Bollywood films on US cable network
  104. Son of the Mask Trailer...
  105. IGN:Nintendo DS In Our Hands
  106. Disney to Increase Video Game Investments
  107. CNN: "Polar Express" should be subtitled "Night of the Living Dead"
  108. Catwoman writer to pen Transformers
  109. Roger Ebert gives Polar Express 4 stars
  110. Halo 2 out sells The Incredibles.
  111. Q&A: LucasArts President Jim Ward
  112. Date set for solar sail spacecraft launch
  113. Pixar To Triple Workforce?
  114. EA on LiveJournal
  115. NVIDIA Developer Tools Survey
  116. ARC Course: Short Films in 3D Animation
  117. Halo 2 Today!!!
  118. Nvidia 66.93_win2kxp
  119. Think your 1 gig gmail is big huh?
  120. Half-Like 2: Making Of book...
  121. Time To Say Goodbye To ... Winamp
  122. Making of Doom3
  123. Hollywood's cutting edge is old hat to video gamers
  124. new german modeling forum...
  125. News: Over 2 million DS Preorders
  126. CGN Feature on Wei Wei Hua's "Sunlight of the Purple Vale"
  127. TDT3D architectural gallery updated
  128. Article on the ups and downs for Disney Film Animation Division
  129. Watch Out For General Grievous(SW EpIII pics)
  130. nVidia GeForce 6800 Go ...
  131. Charley and the Chocolate Factory
  132. A brand new CG community !
  133. Trees, more trees - Xfrog 4.0 now for Maya
  134. Area 51 Creates "Category 6" Visual Effects with LightWave 3D®
  135. Marvel sues City of Heroes!
  136. Elektra Trailer now available
  137. TDT3D : MIRAGE 1.2 review
  138. Jobs: Pixar not in negotiations with any studio
  139. EA faces possibility of class action lawsuit
  140. UVMapper Pro version 3.1 available
  141. Is Microsoft using 'Halo 2' to thwart Xbox hackers?
  142. New Miazak's 'Howl's Moving Castle' Trailer
  143. '"Incredibles" ices "Polar" at box office'
  144. Everyone's getting sued this week
  145. Maya 6.0 Organic Modeling Dvd Release
  146. Maya 6.0 Organic Modeling Dvd Release!
  147. Discussion with one of the attorneys handling the EA case.
  148. Sun to Give Out Operating System for Free
  149. win cash at
  150. 3D Popeye
  151. Siggraph Vancouver Event - Next Generation Interactive Visuals with Habib Zargarpour
  152. Motionbuilder 6 released
  153. New Citroen Commercial
  154. Blender 2.35 released!
  155. realsoft 3D V5 released
  156. Peter Jackson'S King Kong Animatic!
  157. Evian - Waterboy Commercial
  158. Transforming Citroen advert
  159. Realsoft3D for Windows Ships (others to follow)
  160. Making ‘Mother Care’– Vijoi Daniel-Iulian
  161. Syd Mead DVDs from Gnomon
  162. Halflife 2 Released
  163. USATODAY:IU researchers helping to study video game-violence link
  164. HOLLYWOOD REPORTER:Update on Disney's Toy Story 3!
  165. Voodoo Camera Tracker
  166. EA to Buy Digital Illusions?
  167. Video game developers and publishers square off
  168. Largest Digital Photograph in the World (2.5 gigapixels)
  169. Official PSP Website launched
  170. Pixar deals and who might run Disney
  171. interview with mario ucci, character supervisor
  172. CNN: The Human Pacman Project
  173. Reviews Arrive For nVidia GeForce 6600GT AGP
  174. Studios Sue Pixar, Demand Bad Movie
  175. San Francisco 3D Studio Users Group Meeting Saturday Nov 20
  176. Making Of Octopus
  177. WinAmp Alive After All
  178. Coca Cola running PSP/PS2 giveaway contest. good news inside!
  179. An Inside Look at Studio Ghibli
  180. CNN: Disney profits beat estimates
  181. Making of Hunting-Toy on CGNetworks
  182. Disney making Toy Story 3... er, without Pixar
  183. Interview with Kent Sekif of Pixel Liberation Front
  184. Raimi to remake 'Evil Dead'
  185. Black Friday 2004 Deals
  186. AICN:James Cameron Confirms BATTLE ANGEL As His Next Film!!
  187. NVIDIA and Intel Sign Broad Cross-License and Chipset License Agreements
  188. Quantum Leap - A Bold Leap Forward
  189. Dreamworks to do Puss in Boots movie
  190. Nintendo DS Reviewed, Internal Structure Exposed
  191. First PSP Commercial
  192. Devilman Movie
  193. Spongebob #2 Incredibles #3 at BO
  194. THE GUARDIAN: How Pixar conquered the planet
  195. Batman - New Times
  196. - Behind-the-Scenes (World of WarCraft)
  197. Lots of Robots, new dvd, new website
  198. Faster frames for student animators - BBC
  199. Cheap Processing Power on Tap for CG
  200. New Howl's Moving Castle trailer 11/20
  201. USATODAY: Nitendo DS Review
  202. Discovery Channel Virtual History: FAKING "Historical Footage" of past world leaders
  203. New York Times: The EA working practices scandal
  204. Video game simulates Kennedy assassination
  205. Revenge of the Sith Models!
  206. New trailer for Through The Moebius Strip
  207. AICN: King Kong Production Paintings!
  208. CINESCAPE: Blue Sky's ROBOTS getting the IMAX treatment
  209. 3D Character animator Patrick Beaulieu
  210. VARIETY: ILM's Work on 'War of the Worlds' (Insane deadline)
  211. Dr. Doom from Fantastic Four Image!!
  212. Playstation Ads by Framestore CFC
  213. Pixar used 3ds max + Brazil
  214. New TV ad from Citroen.
  215. CaféFX Relies on NewTek's LightWave 3D®
  216. Pay As You Go Rendering
  217. Enhance:DT Components for Darktree
  218. CNN: Software to hunt down faked art masterpieces
  219. USATODAY:Are we in a golden age of videogaming?
  220. "Howl" Breaks Japanese Weekend Box Office Record
  221. Head Modelling DVD
  222. EXPOSE' 2 standard editions sold out
  223. Making of Exhausted Spaceman
  224. New music video and comercial
  225. Review: 'Alexander' the dud
  226. "Chicken Little" up for a big fall?
  227. Valve shuts down 20,000 Half Life 2 accounts (
  228. Pirated software used to create help content in Microsoft's Windows XP
  229. 180-degree gaming theater centers!
  230. Valve suspends 20,000 Steam accounts for attempted piracy
  231. Brand new Legend of Zelda screens
  232. Researchers Develop 3-D Phone Technology
  233. Pharoah animated background
  234. Upcoming Nintendo Games
  235. Pretty Amusing Star Wars ESPN SportsCenter ad
  236. New pictures of the new CRYTEC engine!
  237. New Pics from Hitchhicker's Guide to The Galaxy
  238. Grand Space Opera Challenge - Updates and Reminder
  239. Truespace 7
  240. Sneak Peek: The Return of the King Special Edition Trailer
  241. The Making of "Olympic Runner" by Bobby Chiu
  242. New Batman Begins Images!!
  243. BusinessWeek: Is the Mouse Out of Its Hole?
  244. "Valiant" Trailer
  245. Whack around the Havok Skeleton (Web 3D Skeleton)
  246. WIRED: Whatever Happened to SGI?
  247. Artxilla and Gamexilla present The Batman Art contest!
  248. A Tribute to Frank Thomas
  249. Toy Story 3 gets a possible green light
  250. News Corp. Exec Could Go to Disney