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  1. Blu Ray video recorders in 2004
  2. New Reader Feature on CGNetworks...
  3. Rumor: Infinium Labs to Miss Release Date
  4. The Mill - two "crowd" based commercials
  5. Nintendo, Sony Make Pushes Before Holidays
  6. Interview with Luxology's Brad Peebler
  7. More "Incredible" promotion art for PIXAR'S The Incredibles!
  8. Fantastic Four : High Reso Images
  9. animated short film trailer- The Friendly Atom
  10. New Polar Express Trailer...
  11. Freeware Video Editor (windows)
  12. KCAGA event: 3ds max 7 show in Kansas City Oct 21
  13. Four new elite artists join Wicked RGB
  14. pyrocluster 3.0 Shipping Now
  15. Matrix Online ship date announced
  16. Event Sept 23: ACM Vancouver SIGGRAPH chapter
  17. More than 20 publishers to provide games for Infinium Labs Phantom Gaming service
  18. Lionhead Logo Competition
  19. Mainframe Entertainment and Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawk to Produce Animated Film
  20. Seems like Google is cooking a browser.
  21. Hitchhiker's Guide 1st Radio Episode Online
  22. ICO creators make Wanda and the Collosus.
  23. Selick And Vinton Adapting Neil Gaiman's Coraline
  24. 10 new SharkTale Clips
  25. New RE4 trailer
  26. Leisure Suit Larry MCL
  27. "The Art of Noise" 1.0 is released!
  28. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Tokyo Gameshow Trailer
  29. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Trailer
  30. Virtual Reality Book Overlays
  31. Japan Game Makers Count on Mobile Gear for Growth
  32. Subdo
  33. HP to stop making Itanium workstations
  34. Kim Possible Director Chris Bailey Introduces Major Damage Graphic Novel, Dvd In Dece
  35. Official Specs for LOTR:ROTK DVD
  36. Adobe proposes .DNG image format
  37. new UnrealEngine 3 pictures have been released
  38. Interview with Kim Aldis
  39. Alternate ending to "Lilo & Stitch" to possibly be on new DVD set
  40. 3D|VfX relaunches site -
  41. Blender new tools, Face, edge, f-gons, select
  42. Chicago Sun-Times Interviews Genndy Tartakovsky
  43. Independent Games Festival 2005 Entries Announced
  44. Metal Gear Solid 3 and Final Fantasy XII TGS Trailer
  45. Family Guy 2005 Episode List
  46. Spike Lee and Framestore CFC Team Up for Telecom Italia Spot
  47. ART VPS supports two PURE cards in one system
  48. Alias Acquisition of Kaydara Completed
  49. Return of the King Extended DVD on 14th of December
  50. First JPEG Virus Posted To Usenet
  51. AWN: Will Vinton Drawn to The Art Institute of Portland as Artist-in-Residence
  52. Stan Winston working on DOOM movie.
  53. The Twelve Months of 3D
  54. ASIFA-Hollywood Free Shark Tale Screening
  55. User meeting with Taron, Bay Raitt, Meats Meier, Gnomon, and Zbrush.
  56. Space Balls 2 in the making.
  57. Alexander- The Great, TRAILER's
  58. New Pixar's "The Incredible" TV Spot
  59. IBM says Blue Gene breaks speed record
  60. Futuremark releases 3DMark05!
  61. Animators in England...Free Money!
  62. Update on Star Wars Tv Show..
  63. Two new DVD series from CG Academy
  64. Disney President Nixes New Pixar Deal
  65. DreamWorks Executives To Share $45 Million
  66. Eleven new Pixar's The Incredible posters
  67. Maya Reel 2004-2005
  68. New - ACDSee 7.0
  69. Dreamworks' Madagascar Trailer
  70. Blue Sky's Robots New trailer!
  71. Sony to announce 200GB 8-Layer version of Blu-Ray disc
  72. Macs help Sky Captain save the day...
  73. Experts Fight Crime With 3D Technology
  74. Update on Berkeley Breathed's Opus Cg movie
  75. More "Sharktale" reviews
  76. release of the PnP TerrainCreator
  77. Home on the Range Review (the last traditional animated Disney film)
  78. flat screen SED--Canon+toshiba
  79. would you be happy with video games if they were shorter?
  80. Sony Shows High-Def Camcorder
  81. urgent patch: Discreet Advanced Systems Customers:
  82. Sam and Max team forms new studio
  83. DrapeFX updated
  84. Pixar's "Les Indestructibles" Trailer!
  85. is proud to announce Series 2 of the VFXChallenges
  86. The 2nd TGSNT Storytelling Competition Call For Entries
  87. Sharktale's record take for October
  88. New Incredibles Profile - Edna Mode + new pictures!
  89. 'Shark Tale' tops box office with $49M
  90. walk of game!
  91. "LOTR - The Return of the King" SE, CE, & 3-DVD SE Available for pre-order @ Amazon.
  92. San Francisco ACM Siggraph Event
  93. Disney's Dimension Films to make 3D Animated Films
  94. Fox Hops On the Blu-Ray Bandwagon
  95. Blue Sky Robots poster!
  96. The "Branding" of Pixar :(
  97. MYST IV Raises the CGI Bar In Games
  98. Discreet 3ds max 7 Review on CGNetworks
  99. Interview with David Gallagher of Blue Sky Studios
  100. Souleage's Finding Fire Temple on CGN
  101. CNET: Bye-bye, blueprint: 3D modeling catches on
  102. high risk for psp delay
  103. Aladdin Special Edition out on DVD!!
  104. Sony's PSP Delayed Into 2005?
  105. "He-Man" Movie by John Woo
  106. Alexander - Final Trailer
  107. A Visit to Pixar
  108. Microsoft's Xbox Live Usage Takes Off in Asia
  109. Another X-Men Movie and a Wolverine Movie in the works: Perhaps "Storm" movie
  110. Robots trailer / Quicktime version
  111. ToyStory 3 & 4 in works at Disney
  112. Marvel to Produce Fantasic Four Animation for TV
  113. 400 Seamless Textures collection @ Exchange3D Media Store
  114. AWN:Aardman Announces First CGI TV Series with Decode
  115. "Robots" trailer finally out
  116. USATODAY:Hands-on preview: Nintendo DS is ready to play
  117. Details emerge in Honeywell's suit against Apple
  118. Incredibles - Japanese Trailer - SEE THIS NOW!!
  119. Semantic Web to replace www???
  120. Mirrormask Trailer
  121. Zbrush 2 lands on the Mac
  122. World of Warcraft: Open Beta Soon
  123. IEEE VR2005 goes to Europe!
  124. Snapshots from THE POLAR EXPRESS
  125. Sony CE CTO reveals new PSP details, reassures on release dates
  126. The Science Of GI Reflection
  127. Robots Documentary Exclusive
  128. Madagascar updates site
  129. Star Wars Headed To TV By .......
  130. The Shorts Drawer DVD
  131. Oddworld - Stranger - Intro Movie
  132. Sharktale top fish with 32$million
  133. Curious Labs Releases MagicalSketch 2
  134. Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Teaser Description
  135. Cat - Making of on CGNetworks
  136. New SGI Workstation - Prism
  137. Halo 2 goes gold!
  138. "Most aggressive assault" on piracy in US history
  139. The first Virtual school of Graphics coming soon
  140. Leisure Suit Larry 8 - Interview with creators on CGNetworks!
  141. Disney To Webcast Fiscal Results Nov. 18
  142. Red vs. Blue Season 3 Begins
  143. Microsoft Releases New 'Critical' Patches
  144. Christopher Reeve Animated Film out in 2006
  145. Interview with 2D&3D Awarded artist Daryl Mandryk
  146. Ren & Stimpy Uncut on DVD
  147. Event Oct 20: ACM SIGGRAPH Vancouver chapter - HDRI
  148. ACM SIGGRAPH Student Chapter Event - CG Career Night in San Francisco, Oct. 15
  149. DC Cgtalk meetup (Lets see SharkTale on Saturday)
  150. Turtle 1.0.2 Review in Deathfall
  151. Running Away short
  152. Graphics for hitchhiker's guide...
  153. Halo 2 leaked...
  154. Polar Express (More images)
  155. Nintendo To Enter CG Movie Business
  156. Audio Interview: Tim Albee, Kaze Ghost Warrior
  157. MojoWorld 3 available for pre-order
  158. Puppetshop 1.0 is up (AWESOME and FREE)
  159. The Ring 2 Trailer is up!
  160. L.A. SIGGRAPH : The VFX of "Spider-Man 2" Tuesday, October 19
  161. Corel bought out Jasc, makers of Paint Shop Pro!
  162. San Francisco - Luxology to make announcment tomorrow @ Career Night.
  163. Google Desktop
  164. CNN: manga censorship
  165. More images from Pixar's The Incredibles!
  166. CNN:Bill Gates talks about his vision of communication media and mass entertainment
  167. Intel pulls plug on 4-gigahertz chip
  168. Faith-based Animation on the Rise
  169. Dali-Disney Collaboration Premieres
  170. New Instructor Joins CG Academy
  171. Mega Roundup: Belker, Church, Dusso DVD's Reviewed
  172. New!!ROBOTS Trailer!!
  173. Bryce 6 potentially version
  174. Kai Krause (The maker of KPT, Bryce etc.)
  175. Julia Roberts is an Ant Bully
  176. Ray Bradbury's A SOUND OF THUNDER is finished
  177. Yet another glowing incredibles review (no spoilers)
  178. Sharktale #1 for third strait week 22$million
  179. New Cinema 4D training DVDs
  180. Modeling Omega Tropic Tutorial
  181. CG Challenge XVI - GRAND SPACE OPERA
  182. Kong maquette!
  183. Storm Tracer 1.1
  184. WIRED:Girl Gamers Tackle Male Field
  185. The Making of Leon - 3DVD tutorial set for Maya
  186. Half Life 2 November 16 2004
  187. MODO Educational Pricing!
  188. Half life 2. November 17.
  189. (EPISODE III TEASER)Star Wars ROTS Trailer Coming to Access Hollywood Nov 4th and 5th
  190. In-Game Advertising Moves Towards Testing
  191. George Lucas to Receive AFI Life Achievement Award
  192. Popular Science Top 10: Profile of Henrik Jensen (Computer Light Researcher)
  193. NEW Madagascar International Trailer
  194. Terrible news: Paul W.S. Anderson to write "Alien 6" script
  195. RSS feeds
  196. Time Magazine: Profile of Pixar's the Incredibles:
  197. The Wars of the Virtual Worlds
  198. Disney's Chicken Little plot revealed
  199. gta san andreas leaked
  200. Disney Board Faces Trial from Shareholders
  201. USATODAY: Incredible Clips from "The Incredibles!"" [SPOILER]
  202. Japanese tetsujin28 (Gigantor) trailer
  203. Fantastic 4 - First Look
  204. new 3d tracking video worth looking at
  205. Radio Interview with Pixar's Brad Byrd
  206. Iain McCaig to Judge Grand Space Opera Challenge
  207. VRMesh 1.1 release Smart form & Digital clay
  208. Pixar Releases RenderMan Pro Server 12.0
  209. USATODAY: Motion researchers want to know what throws pitchers(Motion Capture)
  210. 7 Parts of new free concept art Video Tutorials live
  211. Adware Companies Buying Game Developers
  212. Maxwell Render (from RealFlow guys....Amazing..)
  213. CG Academy to support PuppetShop
  214. PnP TerrainCreator 1.1.2 available
  215. More INCREDIBLES stuff
  216. The Blender conference.
  217. Cinema4D r9 student version available
  218. Rich Photorealistic Content for Cinema4D r9
  219. Gnomon DVD Academic Discount with AnimationMentor
  220. Interview - Jean-Francois Bruckner
  221. G5 Macs restore original Star Wars
  222. Uppsala International Short Film Festival- "Ryan"
  223. Making of Doomed Escape
  224. INXILE ENTERTAINMENT considers leaking "THE BARD'S TALE"
  225. 3D Art Contest: Win up to $1,800 worth of prizes!
  226. Jonathan Boakes Interview - independent adventure game developer
  227. CgTalk:FXWars! Roller Coaster Challenge:3
  228. San Francisco ACM Siggraph: Electronic Theater Screening
  229. image to 3D model beta test
  230. Pixar's Incredibles new behind the scene movie
  231. New FREE Shake Training Video: How to build the apple iPod Commercials
  232. Here Come the CG Features!!
  233. 'Grand Theft Auto' seen setting sales record
  234. Nitendo DS Preorders Outsell PS2 in Japan
  235. Tom Hanks talks about "THE POLAR EXPRESS"
  236. 3D|VfX Auditorials: Incredibles Interviews
  237. new Challenge
  238. touching is good. Nintendo DS
  239. LEGO Star Wars.....
  240. Disney sequels could damage Pixar
  241. Interview with the Incredible's Brad Bird
  242. Day Off The Dead on Atom Films!
  243. Nextgen Flash Player Demo In Tokyo
  244. Jeff Unay's Hyper-Realistic Modeling DVD!
  246. SGI Demos Hardware Ray Tracing
  247. apple ipod photo
  248. Sony Japan Announces PSP Price, Availability
  249. PSP release date and price set!
  250. "Father of the Pride" nominee for People's Choice Awards (New Comedy Award)