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  1. Smart floor tiles for walking in virtual spaces
  2. Oddworld: Stranger preview
  3. New powerbooks to sport dual core G4 processors?
  4. Paul Anderson on AvP
  5. Siggraph 2004 papers are now online
  6. 3 new books at Design Studio Press
  7. Official SOFTIMAGE|XSI Foundation v.4.0 FAQ
  8. ZOIC VFX: 7 Brand New GALACTICA 2003 Cylon Raider Renders
  9. Mainframe Restates Earnings Report
  10. An Interview with Seth MacFarlane(Family Guy)
  11. John Carmack on Doom 3. Keynote videos
  12. POV-Ray 10th Anniversary Contest
  13. New 8.2 megapixel canon camera
  14. P2P Services in the Clear
  15. Alias releases Maya PLE 6
  16. Apple to Recall 28,000 Laptop Batteries
  17. Nintendo Patents Online Console Gaming
  18. ESC Cuts Staff and Goes on Hiatus
  19. StarWars Episode III : Promo Posters
  20. 'Doom 3' Game Unlikely for Xbox This Year - Id CEO
  21. China Opens Cartoon Industry to Private Investors
  22. SIGGRAPH 2005 logo contest...Animate the Logo and get exposure.
  23. The Incredibles : New Stills
  24. GTA : San Andreas website and trailer!!!
  25. New Maya Training DVD's!!
  26. Intro 3D Modeling Class - Sept 5, 2004
  27. Phantom game console works, but does the company's business plan?
  28. Aqsis Movie Project - Free "RenderMan"-compliant renderer
  29. The Scream' stolen from museum
  30. AWN: Exorcist: The Beginning Has Scary Effects
  31. RealFlow 3 sneak preview videos.
  32. BBC:Virtual Reality Helps to Treat Babies' Hearts
  33. Blue Sky's Ice Age's Scrat copyright case (Read a summary of the Judge judgement)
  34. Watch VRMesh in action - revolutionary 3d modeling techniques
  35. Curious Labs Shade 7?
  36. Silo Mac released
  37. Stanford Computer Science Teacher cashes in 29 million
  38. Interview with Gareth Morgan, Senior Product Manager of Softimage
  39. Meet Star Wars EP III - Art Department
  40. StarWars after StarWars?
  41. 'Ultimate Matrix Collection' Trailer
  42. CGI Festival in London and Leeds!
  43. The London International Animation Festival starts today!(August 24)
  44. I, robot
  45. Lifemode Interactive launches new Facial Animation for Maya
  46. No more lonely nights with your own virtual girlfriend
  47. Siggraph 2004 DVD's AT and ET?
  48. Win a copy of the AnimWatch DVD!
  49. Microsoft laying off 76
  50. Digimation President Recieves Criminal Indictment from Department of Justice
  51. holographic recording hvd
  52. Sony Imageworks to produce CGI sci-fi musical movie : "Big Nasty"
  53. Interview with the producers of "Father of the Pride"
  54. MSNBC:New technology tracks in-game ads
  55. GHOST IN THE SHELL 2 at the Toronto Film Festival
  56. Farscape miniseries trailer online
  57. "The Barnyard" cast grows
  58. "Frazetta: Painting With Fire" IFC Airing
  59. Kermit and Tarantino to take on 'OZ'
  60. Softimage|XSI India Launch Tour
  61. Ottawa Animation Festival Posts Schedule
  62. BloodRayne video game character to "pose" nude in Playboy magazine
  63. Update on Aardman /DreamWorks animated movie: " Flushed Away"
  64. AICN: GODZILLA (AMan In Suit) to fight 1998 CG GODZILLA in GODZILLA: FINAL WARS!
  65. Contest: "Dreams" - 3D/2D stills.
  66. Afterburn Masters Boxed Set Available
  67. "The Barnyard" new CGI movie by Paramount Pictures is announced
  69. New Digital Fusion DVD
  70. AICN: Intervirew with Sky Captain director
  71. Weather gets 3D gaming makeover
  72. Indian Animation Industry News Weekly
  73. New Chris Landreth "Ryan" Interview...
  74. Next Superhero Movie: 'Aquaman'
  75. CGI feature Dragons: Fire and Ice Trailer
  76. HL2 Preloading Begins
  77. WIRED: Exhibit Features Computer Viruses as Art
  78. WindowsXP SP2 + AMD = conflict
  79. SIGGRAPH and Open Source
  80. Microsoft Sets 2006 Target for Next Windows Version
  81. Half-Life 2 going gold Monday, August 28th
  82. Xfrog 4 Final for Maya Now Available
  83. Animated Short Film Website!
  84. The Incredibles - Tv Spots
  85. Cartoon Network Lures Young, Hip Viewers
  86. Video Games Hit The Big Screen
  87. LA Times on Problem-Plagued "Pride"
  88. Halo art book!!! possibly
  89. How's 96 Processors Under Your Desk Sound?
  90. After Delays, Intel Points to Chip-Making Advance
  91. VRMesh version 1.0.1 is available – Welcome price $105
  92. New Sharktale trailer...
  93. fyi, women's gaming scholarship (U.S.)
  94. Call for participation for Annie Award Judges(ASIFA Hollywood)
  95. USATODAY: Technology unravels new views of mummies
  96. Philip Straub Interview on CGNetworks
  97. Doom 3 video tutorials now available on
  98. New iMac unveiled
  99. Apple Introduces New G5 iMac
  100. Eovia announces Carrara Studio 4
  101. New Sky Captain clips
  102. Oddworld president, talks about latest in real-time 3D technologies and Machinima.
  103. 3rd Peugeot Design Contest
  104. Modo Demo at Apple Expo
  105. STEAM BOY (Katsuhiro Otomo's, AKIRA) @ Toronto Film Festival
  106. NewTek Announces First Maintenance Update to LightWave [8]
  107. 3-D scan reconstructs face of a mummy
  108. The Making-of Bagel 2
  109. Acclaim Entertainment Files for Bankruptcy
  110. Siggraph 2004 videos!
  111. Screen shots from Disney's "A Dairy Tale: The Three Little Pigs "
  112. Vue 5 Esprit Announced
  113. RenderPal 2004 V1.30 - network rendering, a few steps ahead
  114. Come and join the CgTalk:FXWars! Snow Avalanche Challenge
  115. Dusso: Digital Matte Painting DVDs
  116. Filmtecknarna F. Animation, BMW commercial (2D Post animation)
  117. *NEW* 3DBuzz FREE Video Tutorials Released!
  118. BBC: What actually happens when you play computer games
  119. Shrek 2 to be awarded "Hollywood Animation Award" at this year's Hollywood Film Festi
  120. Nvidia GPU for real time audio effects
  121. New Open-Source Graphic Novel Style Renderer
  122. HP se3d Utility Rendering Service
  124. AWN: Preview of Disney's One by One short
  125. Apple VP discusses iMac G5 Hardware Design
  126. interview with id's Seneca Menard on NewTek's webpage:
  127. Biography of Will Wright - Sims Creator
  128. Robota trailer III
  129. More information on Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  130. Toy Story III starts pre-production
  131. AWN:Comicbook Publishers Dip Their Toes Into Digital Delivery
  132. id software: Seneca Menard Interview
  133. fewer games for next gen of consoles? BBC
  134. Disney's Eisner Sees Iger as Successor
  135. Peugeot Concept Car Design Contest
  136. WIRED: Thx 1138
  137. New poster for PIXAR's "The Incredibles"
  138. Weta Supercomputer for Hire
  139. Intel, AMD Pack Dual Processing Cores on Single Chip
  140. CNN:California passes video game bill
  141. WIRED:City Survives Art Geek Invasion
  142. New CGI animation feature film: IGOR
  143. Open Benefit at Pixar's Emeryville Campus, Oct 2 (Expensive Show At Pixar)
  144. ESC FX gets plug pulled?
  145. Nvidia at root of 30-inch Apple Cinema Display delays
  146. Chrono Trigger 3D canceled
  147. New Texture Packs released
  148. VFXWORLD:Father of the Pride: Trans-Pacific CGI
  149. MTV/Playboy/Stan Lee => Superbunnies
  150. Article on the Successful Growth of the Global Animation Industry
  151. Chaos Group AURA Beta released for public download
  152. Robota: New Trailer
  153. Infinium Labs (Phantom Console) Owes $4 Million, Requires $68 Million to Stay Afloat
  154. Apple Releases Patches For Mac OS X
  155. OpenGL 2.0 is (finally) released...
  156. Large Format Paintings
  157. Frank Thomas passes away
  158. OpenGL 2.0 Released
  159. Birth and Death of Hurricane Isabel animation
  160. CNN: John Carmack weighs his future as a video game superstar
  161. Kong is King
  162. update
  163. CNN: Women gamers making small inroads
  164. US PBS: George Lucas on Charlie Rose Tonight(Sep/9/2004)
  165. US A&E: Star Wars: Empire of Dreams Doc (Sep 12,2004)
  166. A Glimpse into the World of Japanese Animation
  167. Free Maya Video Tutorial
  168. TURTLE Review
  169. "first to fight" site launch
  170. MSNBC Report: Eisner to leave Disney in 2006
  171. Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez SIN CITY screencaps
  172. C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures Buys Stake in Radar Pictures
  173. High Resolution Stills from Shark Tale
  174. Go behind the scenes at Pixar... live and in person
  175. Howl's Moving Castle: a winner in Venice Film Festival (Japanese Trailer)
  176. Wacom Intuos 3
  178. USATODAY:Video game pioneer shoots for next level with cell phones
  179. 1er Fête du cinéma d'animation à Dubai | submit your work
  180. Polar Express Unveiled at Press Event
  181. OT: Samurai Jack and Clone Wars score an Emmy
  182. CG Care Bears film
  183. Universal Emulator with very small performance Hit
  184. Xbox launch in india
  185. Max 7 Pre-Launch Show in Santa Monica/LA
  186. CNN: Sony to buy MGM for $5B after Warner drops out of bidding war
  187. Interview with Todd Akita of Psyop
  188. CNN: Sony nabs MGM for $5B, source says
  189. The Art of Oddworld Inhabitants : The first 10 Years 1994 - 2004
  190. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow:Production Art Slideshow
  191. Interview – eyeon talks with Digital Dimension’s Leandro Visconte
  192. RenderMan for Maya FAQ
  193. GI-JOE Valor vs Venom CG movie Website and Trailer
  194. UPDATE! Explore Maya/Mental Ray DVD
  195. Microsoft patch for JPEG-handling flaw
  196. BBC Offers "Essential Tips" For New Animators
  197. Flaw in Microsoft JPEG Parsing
  198. MotionBuilder New Features
  199. first shots of elder scrolls 4 on xenon [XBOX2]
  200. Fox 2000 Announces Live-Action/CGI "Alvin and the Chipmunks"
  201. Annie and Boo on CGNetworks
  202. First fully animated Indian movie on Buddha set for release
  203. "Alvin and the Chhipmunks" in 3D
  204. Studio kirylo DVD's at
  205. Jo Jo in the Stars - Interview with Director
  206. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - New images
  207. DreamWorks' "Shark Tale" Condemned for Prejudice; DreamWorks Denies Ethnic Slurs
  208. Jim Hill:Animation vet Dale Baer talks on how he transitioned from 2d to 3d
  209. USATODAY: 'Sky Captain' takes CGI to the limit
  210. USATODAY: Play a larger game of artificial life in the new 'Sims 2'
  211. More from Sincity...
  212. Exclusivity : Interview with Tony Tseng on VOCMAG
  213. Interview with Ed Sine, a real architecture enthusiast !
  214. Curvy 3D Pro Beta
  215. Eovia is looking for Amapi Beta testers
  216. Free LCSM to UV tool
  217. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus
  218. CNET:Interview with The Sims Creator
  219. Games for Health 2004 Conference
  220. GHOST IN THE SHELL II: Parade sequence! (As seen in SIGGRAPH 2004)
  221. New Bioware title to use Unreal 3 Engine
  222. Hollywood Reporter: CGI: changing the way students learn about filmmaking
  223. Half-Life 2 submitted to VU "the long-delayed shooter is close to gold status"
  224. USATODAY: Spielberg, Zemeckis say games, films could merge
  225. Blade Trinity New Trailer and Website...
  226. Interview with George Lucas regarding the new DVD's and the future of Star Wars.
  227. Sony to release smaller scale PS2 dubbed "PStwo"
  228. BionicFX to turn Nvidia's GPUs into audio processor
  229. DC SIGGRAPH: Watch the Electronic Theater 2004 on September 30
  230. First images from "The Barnyard"
  231. NEW "Incredibles" Trailer...
  232. Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence Director Interview
  233. CELL for PS3 development is nearing completion
  234. EmpireOnline: Reviews some "The Polar Express footage" and "Aerosmith work in it"
  235. Film animation business takes off in Vancouver
  236. Making of "Floating Drydock" by Alessandro Baldasseroni (for "Code Guardian" project)
  237. OT:Jack's Back: Nightmare Before Christmas screenings
  238. Drew Struzan (movie poster artist) appearing in Pasadena!
  239. Image Based Modeling Tutorial
  240. AnimWatch exclusive interview with Timothy Albee "Ghost Warrior"
  241. Corel Painter IX is out!
  242. Houdini 7.0 has gone gold.
  243. New PlayStation® 2
  244. AWN: New Book Chronicles Animation Art from it Inception
  245. Multiplayer games coming to cell phones
  246. IGDA Video Game Developers Summit in Chicago THIS WEEKEND 09-25-04
  247. CNN:'Sky Captain' and the amazing blue screen
  248. Tekken Movie In Early Stages
  249. ALIAS Out Of SGI
  250. PlayStation 3 will use Blu-ray Disc format