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  1. KALUOKA'HINA, The enchanted reef
  2. Maxon Sponsors Cg Contest at 3DTotal
  3. New LW8 Review
  4. Animated nominations for the 56th Annual Primetime Emmys
  5. Machineflesh voting closing soon!
  6. Films 'fuel online file-sharing'
  7. Virtual tour of 3000 year old Mummy Tour at The British Museum
  8. "Courts Rule In Favor Of Videogames"
  9. Editorial IGDA: Videogame Graphic Advances - Not That Important?
  10. Interview with Mike Chambers on 'The Day after Tomorrow'
  11. Demo Reel From Sheridan College
  12. Direct captures of FFVII Advent Children
  13. WIRED:Online Games a Massive Pain
  14. review of Experience xsi 4 book by Aaron Sims and Michael Isner
  15. Pictures of Inside Stan Winston Studios
  16. cmiStudios launches their new SpeedSix DVD initiative
  17. Big Bug Man - Marlon Brandos last role
  18. face2face
  19. Alex Ross Spiderman 2 Artwork
  20. Bill Plymptons - Hair High
  21. Opens its door
  22. Marvel Sues Disney
  23. Superman Returns: Singer and X2 Team to bring the Man of Steel back...?
  24. I, Robot VFX Article
  25. Newsweek cover reveals next iPod
  26. Awesome LOTR "Battle for Middle earth" Making-Of
  27. Halo 2 Film trailer!
  28. ZOIC effects team garners Emmy nomination for Galactica
  29. NYC ACM SIGGRAPH Special Update!! - SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater Pre-Show Test July 24
  30. Barbie Beats The Terminator
  31. Game Company 'Confounding Factor' closes their doors
  32. Interviews Framestore-CFC Compositors & TD's for 'Troy'
  33. EDITORIAL: The decline of the Japanese video game industry
  34. I, Robot - Production Paintings
  35. U.E.G - Robotech Movie Project
  36. NEW CG Tools Service / Library..!
  37. The Gnomon Workshop Releases 6 DVD's and 3 New Bundles
  38. Nicktoons TV Film Festival
  39. PC Game Sales Trending Downwards
  40. Doom 3 System Requirements Revealed
  41. More "Performance Capture" (like Polar Express) movies coming!
  42. EDITORIAL:The Emergence of Counterfeit Reality
  43. Brainball : Game controlled by Brainwaves
  44. Canny Lads Animation Site Open
  45. Pixar to Comics: Enrico Casarosa talks "Mia"
  46. Head modelling video collection
  47. Disney and Pixar Make Up?
  48. DreamWorks Plans $650 Million Animation Spin-Off
  49. Dykstra: Story Trumps F/X
  50. Wake Up Baby!!
  51. Uk bans PS2 Chipping
  52. Dreamworks spins off animation division in to another publicly traded company
  53. (PIXAR VS Emeryville City Council ROUND 2) : Pixar expansion will go to voters
  54. New video DVD of Maya in Spanish
  55. Dragon Booster
  56. Electric Rain Announces New Version of Animation Application, Swift 3D
  57. The V-Ray.exe project
  58. Preview Night at San Diego Comic Con
  59. "Transformers" movie in works
  60. rebelThink Siggraph announcements
  61. 3D Printing set in stone (And I mean REAL Stones)
  62. Shark Tale to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival
  63. Ex-Disney workers go to new firm (yes another one)
  64. Gates gives $36Billion, to Shareholders (Guardian)
  65. RUMOR: Animal Logic's "Happy Feet" not so Happy?
  66. Xbox Sees Earnings Lag, Stronger Sales
  67. Ray Bradbury's A SOUND OF THUNDER Trailer
  68. History Of Doom Movie Debuts
  69. Star Wars Episode III Title revealed!
  70. Bill Plympton Interview
  71. Ghost in the Shell2:Innocence - Website+Trailer
  72. Star Wars fans may be interested in this!!!
  73. Dragon Booster Trailer and Website
  74. EDITORIAL: Why Haven't 3D Graphics Surpassed 2D Game Art
  75. WIRED: The Incredible Shrinking Comic (Mobile device distribution))
  76. Interview – eyeon talks with Charlex’s Bryan Godwin!
  77. Average Cost of Deskjet ink $8,000 per gallon?
  78. Syflex 3.0!
  80. CGN Artist Profile - JAMES CLYNE
  81. Rare employees walk out?
  82. ROTK Extended Edition new scenes revealed
  83. Captain scarlet trailer
  84. new collision detection algorithm
  85. cmiVFX announcing a new era of VFX training!
  86. "Song of the South" airing in the UK
  87. New Trailer: Ghost In The Shell 2
  88. SDCC: Writing for Animated Films Panel Summary
  89. Advanced Visual Effects DVD
  90. mass production edition Nintendo DS
  91. EA buys Criterion; deal includes game studio and RenderWare
  92. New Trailor: MIND GAME
  93. Softimage Siggraph 2004 Events
  94. Rhino 4.0 and Brazil!?!
  95. Win XP-64 delayed until first half of 2005
  96. BATMAN Trailer and website goes live!
  97. Clear Shot of the Batsuit
  98. 1.6 TB EXTERNAL DRIVES now exist!!!
  99. Manhunt blamed!
  100. Half Life 2 release status
  101. AICN speaks to PIXAR's Brad Bird
  102. Gizmondo Hand Held Game Device
  103. Blender Demo Reel at Siggragh
  104. "Three Musketeers" screenshots
  105. Microsoft + Nvidia updates july2004
  106. Atari and THQ Show Mixed Financials First on first Quarter Results
  107. Mac osX emulator for windows
  108. Plastic Animation Paper Review (2D Animation Software)
  109. New Andrew Silke Interview
  110. Disneys Hiring for upcoming projects.
  111. Intel delays next Pentium 4 chip until 2005
  112. The Magic Roundabout Trailer
  113. IT: Longhorn's Windows Graphics Foundation Examined
  114. CGTalk Hosted Gallery Forums
  115. Motley Fool Negative on DreamWorks Animation
  116. Team America
  117. Visual Storytelling Discount Code for Artists of Honor
  118. 'Degrees for sale' at UK universities (bournemouth)
  119. New 3D World Atlas
  120. VFXSoup interviews CG Supervisor
  121. 3D-Palace first to release official 3D Studio Max 7 information
  122. 3d Studio Max 7.0 Is Here!
  123. USATODAY: Wait ends, carnage begins: 'Doom 3' on sale Tuesday
  124. For AE Users
  125. Maya and Spiderman 2
  126. FOR REAL: Military readies directed-energy weapons
  127. Pixar Chief Steve Jobs Recovering from Cancer Surgery
  128. Fusion 5
  129. Lucasfilm Ltd. Announces Creation of Lucasfilm Animation Singapore
  130. The Early History of Lucasfilm Games
  131. See Fusion 5 at Siggraph 2004
  132. Inside G-Phoria (What happened at the G4-TECH TV award show)
  133. LucasFilms toons to Singapore:
  134. Alt Pick Awards Competion
  135. Take part of the Explosive Computer Graphics Revolution with “Shaders for Game Progra
  136. Confesions of a former Disney animator
  137. Arrests in piracy crackdown raids
  138. The Muppets maker grows up (What going on with Jim Henson Co.)
  139. The DALEKS are back!!!
  140. Meats Meier's & Gnomon School
  141. Gates interested in buying Nintendo
  142. Wired: 321 Studios Out of Business...
  143. Manhunt Blamed erroneously!
  144. Tokyo Art University Establishes Anime Graduate School
  145. Ps3 to use blu-ray disc
  146. Singer wants 'Welling' for superman
  147. Spider Man2 and Maya
  148. New CG link archive!
  149. EXPOSE' 2, D'artiste and ELEMENTAL have landed!
  150. Henri Cartier-Bresson dies at 95
  151. Manhunt: No such thing as bad publicity...
  152. ALIEN VS PREDATOR knockdown drag out fight scene!
  153. CG Academy Launches!!
  154. Gnomon and Ballistic Media Strengthen Partnership at SIGGRAPH 2004
  155. E-on announces Vue5 Esprit
  156. Blender 2.34 Released
  157. Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas screen shots"
  158. New Polar Express pics
  159. Free Zbrush video's
  160. Announcing the Serious Games Summit D.C., October 18-19
  161. RawKee - an Open Source X3D plug-in for Maya
  162. Pixar Profits Jump in Second Quarter
  163. ELEMENTAL - The World's Best Discreet Art - book
  164. XSI Production Series DVDs Review
  165. [Ann] POV-Ray Copetition 2004
  166. CGI Popeye trailer online
  167. Doom Movie for 2006
  168. Architectural Wonder Contest
  169. Microsoft releases Windows XP Service Pack 2
  170. Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds max 6 at Siggraph
  171. next BPO break!!
  172. Blender Siggraph Live Software Demo
  173. Paint sho pro 9 beta!
  174. One Hundred Thousand Members!
  175. SIGGRAPH AGUA Bombshell: Alias purchases Kaydara (UPDATE!: Press Release)
  176. - Alias To Acquire Kaydara
  177. Announcement: "9-volt"
  178. Virtual Mimic records/plays mouse & keyboard activity with any application
  179. ambientLight Texture Packs
  180. Phil Tippett Interview for San Francisco ACM Siggraph
  181. Exorcist: The Beginning, redone cuz the kids need more blood in their diet.
  182. Team America: World Police trailer......this looks good!
  183. Feedback: the First Full Length CGI Feature from South Africa
  184. Maya 6.0.1
  185. Softimage drops price of XSI
  186. NVIDIA Gives Details On New GeForce 6
  187. G.I.R.L by Kim Goossen is released!!!
  188. Silo 1.3 annouces a great new tool!
  189. Interview with Michael Girard and Dan Prochazka about Character Studio/discreet union
  190. PIXAR RenderMan for Maya 1.0 Unveiled
  191. King Kongs Fay Wray Dies!
  192. Apple releases Motion for 300$
  193. Bitboys introduces 3 new graphics processors
  194. Screens from movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children
  195. CINEMA 4D R9 announced
  196. Sharp brings 3D to the desktop without goggles
  197. OpenGL 2.0 Formally Launched
  198. Kaydara and Alias Announce MOTIONBUILDER 6
  199. SCTV's ShortCuts Film Festival Winners Announced!
  200. USATODAY: Meet PIXAR's Bob, a Homer-inspired hero
  201. Maya 6.0 PLE with "improved watermarks" and mentalray
  202. free textures
  203. Machineflesh Challenge: And the winner is...
  204. NEW XSI tutorials from EVERMOTION
  205. Fight Club Video Game Trailer
  206. Omation uses XSI (100 seats) for their film "The Barnyard"
  207. nVidia announces Mango: Maya->Gelato connection
  208. 3D Painting & Texturing - DigitalInnovator DVD Vol. 2
  209. Ben Kingsley in "BloodRayne Game Movie" according to slashdot.
  210. SKY CAPTAIN behind the scenes vid
  211. Houdini Halo Image Based Glow Session
  212. VRMesh 1.0 – a new style of sketch-based 3D modeling tool
  213. Shifty tiles bring walking to VR.
  214. 3dresources releases texture/models collections.
  215. Dick Van Dyke: CGI artist for hire
  216. Apple: Speculation About An Apple Tablet
  217. AICN: SKY CAPTAIN & THE WORLD OF TOMORROW behind the scenes look !
  218. Siggraph 2004 Report and Pictures at XSI Base
  219. LucasArts Restructures, Moves More Development Off-Site
  220. Twice Upon A Christmas trailer (Portugese version)
  221. ILM Reporting for War of the Worlds VFX Duty?
  222. New Facial Animation Trainng CD!
  223. Half-Life 2 World Design at Siggraph
  224. PIXAR'S 'THE INCREDIBLES' New poster!
  225. QuakeCon id Software Keynote Coverage
  226. Resfest 2004- Jonathan Glazer & Shynola & many more!
  227. AICN: Photos from Disney's SIGGRAPH Booth (Tons of upcoming projects)
  228. Kong 2005 - Poster 1 Online
  229. "The Notebook" special FX
  230. Shrek2 Passes E.T. and Snags 3rd Domestic Top Spot!
  231. New ATI Catalyst Driver available (version 4.8)
  232. Alias and Kaydara: Behind the Scenes
  233. AICN reviews "Father of the Pride"
  234. NewTek Announces LightWave [8] Training Edition
  235. Water that isn't wet
  236. HALO 2 !!!!!! Try it out in Toronto, TODAY!!!
  237. Father of the Pride Images
  238. South Park RIP: creators talk about the end of the show (Warning Mature Content!)
  239. SIGGRAPH 2004 Awards
  240. Jaws in 30 seconds re-enacted by bunnies
  241. History Channel's Decisive Battles(Game engine used for TV show visualization)
  242. L.A. cracks down on online game parlors
  243. USATODAY:'Star Wars' trilogy heads for DVD; fans fan controversy
  244. Prince of Persia 2 - Trailer
  245. LIFE AQUATIC Trailer !! (Bill Murray, Wes Anderson &Henry Selick! )
  246. Half Life 2, Counter Strike concept art
  247. VARIETY: Disney's Chicken Little: expectations big
  248. UPDATE! :Surf's Up:Sony Greenlights CGI Animated Surfing Movie
  249. Vicon MX Shows Dramatic Improvement for MoCap Technology
  250. PS 2 and XBOX - New prices