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  1. Vanguard Animation to work on CG movie called "The Zabajaba Jungle"
  2. Nike Stickman...
  3. How To Break Into The Game Industry DC VA
  4. Light-R 0.2, LightWave to RenderMan exporter
  5. Call of Duty CG cinematic trailer on CGNetworks
  6. Three new CG Films on CGNetworks
  7. Warcraft: Magic & Mayhem Contest
  8. 3Delight 2.1 Released
  9. DigitalSnapshot German Award Winning Movie
  10. The Clone Wars Micro-Series Continues
  11. Henry Selick to work on Vinton Studios "Moongirl".
  12. New PowerMacs - 2.5 ghz and liquid cooled
  13. Apple releases new Power Mac G5s
  14. OT:Donald Duck Turns 70!
  15. Nvidia: 6800 Retail Cards Will Ship In June
  16. MSN:Why realistic graphics make humans look creepy.
  17. Realistic Human Graphics in games article (Interesting read)
  18. 'Exorcist: The Beginning' trailer
  19. BlueSky Robots preview
  20. Half-Life 2 Source Theft Arrests
  21. Oddworld: The First Ten Years Book by Ballistic
  22. State Officials Close Interplay Offices
  23. FOR REAL: Playing Games With One's Brainwaves
  24. PIXAR's "The Incredibles" French web site
  25. New Alien Vs Predator trailer online
  26. Melbourne International Animation Festival - 22-27 June @ ACMI, Melbourne
  27. Chronicles of Narnia Film Site
  28. Japanese already choosing DS over PSP
  29. Andy Serkis is "Kong" and cook
  30. USATODAY:Buckbeak's fame soars with 'Harry Potter'
  31. OT:Special Effects Master Trumbull Dead at 95
  32. New Blizzard Stuff (WoW & Fanart)
  33. The Fool on Disney and Pixar's futures
  34. Sick of all the crap that ends up on TV... Animation Magazine's Pitch Party
  35. 3D-Palace APU Tutorial Set Released!
  36. Shrek 2 is the #1 toon of "All Time"
  37. Intro to 3D Modeling Class
  38. interview on Newtek with makers of Fido Dido new commercials
  39. Disney's Lorenzo takes Grand Prix at Annecy Festival (Also listed the other winners)
  40. Professional Unreal Class - June 29th - July 2nd
  41. VFXSoup debuts Lunaplast™ Green Screen Technology
  42. what online games have done to us
  43. Half-Life 2 Arrests
  44. Japanese :I Robot trailer
  45. Cartoon Network "bumpers"
  46. Miller, Wright, Mechner Discuss Videogame Graphics
  47. Fahrenheit 9/11 given 'R' rating
  48. Lemmings, Rex Steele, and Rock among recipients of Student Academy Awards
  49. Acquisition of Alias Completed
  50. Attack hits major websites
  51. Run, Dragon, Run!!! on CGNetworks
  52. Mia 3.0 Release (Memco Interactive Atmosphere 3.0)
  53. New AVP trailer doesn't look nearly as bad as the RAWK!!! one
  54. 3dlabs new Graphics cards
  55. Delgo Lands Kamins
  56. AWN:The Chronicles of 800 Effects in Riddick
  57. Game Companies Sue makers of "Games X Copy"
  58. Apple Marches to Own Tune in Shunning Video iPod
  59. iROBOT Japanese trailer
  60. BUF Co. On Board for Aeon Flux F/X
  61. Summer Term Courses Revamped at Gnomon
  62. Ballistic Publishing Announces EXPOSÉ 2 Grand Master
  63. Audio Interview with Ray Harryhausen
  64. New "Mesh" Compression for 3d Graphics
  65. .werkkzeug1 released
  66. World Laments SW III Final Movie Episode
  67. the Time Has Come:
  68. Intel's new Grantsdale chipsets to improve audio, video
  69. Finding Nemo among top finalists for the 2004 Humanitas Prize
  70. Father of the Pride | First Peek
  71. "The Polar Express" new Trailer
  72. NY Times: 3-D Gaming on Your Cellphone
  73. EA to publish next Oddworld title
  74. Monkey Exec-Michael Eisner
  75. Meet Pixar Animators
  76. New Oddworld Game is going multiplatform...
  77. XSI 4.0 Launch in NYC, June 28
  78. Page Dedicated to Muscle System in Maya
  79. NYC XSI v4.0 Launch Party
  80. Quote: Comment: Microsoft's rush to next-gen could see the Xbox take a tumble
  81. Houdini Meeting - SIGGRAPH 2004
  82. New New Alien vs Predator Trailer Makes The Movie Look Pretty Good
  83. New CG shorts DVD in the making :)
  84. Discreet releases 2004 Showreel
  85. 3D Community loses a big one.....
  86. Side Effects Software Announces Public Beta Of Houdini 7
  87. MSNBC: Recruit More Women Developers, Attract Women Gamers?
  88. South Park creators next Animated movie "TEAM AMERICA"!
  89. Interview with Liam Kemp
  90. New P3k Trailer!!!!
  91. Hash releases Animation:Master for Mac OS X
  92. "Frantic Films and NVIDIA"
  93. No backward compatibility in Xbox 2
  94. The VFX of TROY Part 1 on CGNetworks
  95. Valve (Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike) sues Cheaters
  96. CNN: Vivendi Games Lays Off 350, To Close Sierra Offices
  97. ASIFA-Hollywood presents 2-D EXPO Saturday June 26, 2004
  99. Star Wars General Grievous Rendered Pic!!!
  100. Dennis Allain's 'Bluebeard's Demise' on CGNetworks
  101. Pinocchio 3000 Trailer
  102. XSI 4.0 Launch in Los Angeles, July 13
  103. Pixar's "The Incredibles" Stills and Artwork!
  104. Comdex Canceled For 2004
  105. Kansas City Animator's Group Meeting June 29!
  106. Red Vs Blue Gets IMAX Treatment
  107. Hot Xbox Spec Info Business!
  108. The Mill - Mercedes 'Clouds' Commercial on CGNetworks
  109. House of kick ass daggers
  110. First picture from upcoming *2D* Animated Film: Curious George
  111. Critical breach in Unreal based games
  112. New making-of on VOCMAG
  113. Corel Sell's Bryce 3D to DAZ 3D
  114. Spider Man Indian Style :-)
  115. Big Digit Animation Film Festival (for Mob devices) call for participation
  116. Ghost in the Shell 2 in Theaters Late This Summer(US): Web Site
  117. toyota redrover ad
  118. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow- New Trailer!
  119. WoW june 24 trailor from
  120. Intel Recalls PC Chips from Manufacturers
  121. Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children Scans
  122. H2 and Star Trek?
  123. Final Fantasy XII- E3 Trailer
  124. Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle Trailer
  125. Java3D Source Code Released
  126. N-Gage QD improves on flawed predecessor
  127. Framestore CFC - Buckbeak, the Hippogriff (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)
  128. Interviews Katrina Salicrup; Apprentice Flame Compositor at Method Studio
  129. Zhang Yimou's new Film "Lovers"....Trailer inside.
  130. Chronicles Of Riddick
  131. Industry Giants 2004 - Dallas Texas
  132. CompCG 2004, LightWave 3D Animation & Modeling Competition
  133. Sun to GPL Looking Glass (TheRegister)
  134. BBC Motion Gallery...Great reference resource
  135. New Kaena: The Prophecy pictures
  136. Nvidia Reintroduces SLI with GeForce 6800 Series
  137. Apple keynote announcement: Maya Unlimited coming to Mac OS X
  138. Video Interview - Tim Miller
  139. Apple releases new 30" Cinema Displays
  140. Interview with Alain Laferrière of Softimage Japan
  141. Review of Nokia N-Gage QD: Still Needs Work
  142. Cinefex 98 is out at last
  143. Japanese Videogame Market Declines Further
  144. Blade: Trinity Trailer
  145. ToonBoom OPUS and Concerto Digital 2D Animation Tools announced for Mac OS XT
  146. ToonBoom OPUS and Concerto Digital 2D Animation Tools announced for Mac OS X
  147. Le Prince Bleu
  148. Iron Giant Special Edition DVD: Coming Sept 7
  149. LightWave [8] Is Now Official!
  150. Disney/Pixar update: Chicken Little, amends big
  151. Reuters: Programmer Sues VU Games for Overtime Pay
  152. over 60 great Character Animator's sites
  153. Trailer for Thru the Moebius Strip
  154. SIGGRAPH 2004 Computer Animation Festival Program Trailer
  155. NewTek Releases LightWave [8] June 30, 2004
  156. Time Magazine: Animé Goes Live
  157. Ultima X - Odyssey Development Cancelled
  158. OT: Remember Commodore? They're back!
  159. Animation Mentor Interview at CG|Networks
  160. "Industry Giants" Meeting July 10, 2004 in Dallas (DAWGUA)
  161. Ron Thornton Interview (Captain Scarlet)
  162. New Details on Return of the King Extended DVD
  163. Gnomon Workshop 6 new Analog DVDs to be released July 19th!
  164. "Jimmy Neutron" Eps Available on Game Boy Video
  165. Playmates Toys to create Delgo Toys
  166. CASSHERN Trailer
  167. Ghost In The Shell II featurette
  168. Analysts Predict Tough Christmas For Game Publishers
  169. glassworks new website
  170. The new free vesion of Progect Dogwaffle
  171. CASSHERN Trailer
  172. VFXTalk case study: Eddie Robison and his short film "Paxx-iLL and the Suffer-Ring"
  173. Disney Board votes to give itself a 300% raise!
  174. Info about Pixar's cars
  175. Appleseed production stills.
  176. cgFROMbrazil - new online magazine about cg
  177. Apple previews Rendezvous for Windows
  178. Acclaim Entertainment May Face Bankruptcy
  179. DRIV3R Scandal
  180. Video Interview – eyeon talks with Blur’s Dave Wilson
  181. Sierra Gets Shutdown
  182. Rumour: 10 DVD boxset for 'The Matrix Trilogy'
  183. d’artiste: Digital Painting tutorial book by Ballistic Publishing
  184. iPods are security risk
  185. 3D game phone
  186. Kaze: Ghost Warrior now shipping on DVD
  187. Machineflesh Challenge: Vote Now for Your Favourite Entries!
  188. Spiderman Photography
  189. IRobot Special FX clip
  190. Indian Animation CEO Expects Eightfold Swell in Subcontracting
  191. Japanese Piracy Crackdown
  192. BBC: The History of Celebrity Voice Acting
  193. Animation technology helps a boy walk
  194. Disney Japan will invest in the CGI feature, BRAVE STORY
  195. interview with DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg
  196. DC_SIGGRAPH is California Dreamin' - July 14
  197. Dogwaffer -free 2d paint/anim program
  198. earth + space in 3d
  199. CNN:Software piracy losses up to $29 billion
  200. New Alias Maya and Photoshop book
  201. nVidia 8x smp nForce4 is coming!
  202. messiah:studio2 and messiah:animate5 AVAILABLE NOW!
  203. ANN: PaxRendus 1.0.1
  204. Lucas THX-1138 The (Digitally Enhanced) Director's Cut
  205. Quick clip of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas now available (The Mouse in 3D)
  206. ANN: i-display for 3Delight.
  207. Blender Pre-viz tool for Spiderman Film
  208. Does mass media have an effect on kids?
  209. FOR REAL:Wearable Customizable Displays
  210. Resident Evil 2 : New Trailer.
  211. RPManager 3.1 update (3dsmax)
  212. Character animation contest at Second Life.
  213. Interview with Matrix animation supervisor Barrois and independent animator Sawadogo
  214. DAZ® Advances Character Animation Capabilities in LightWave® [8]
  215. .blue on uComics
  216. Alien in 30 seconds reenacted by Bunnies!
  217. An international trailer for ALIEN VS. PREDATOR
  218. Spiderman 2 VFX challenges.
  219. Masterminds of Scientific Art and Rover Movement on Mars
  220. Game Analysts See Blockbuster Months Ahead
  221. Data Mining Goes 3D
  222. PSP Launch May Be Hurt By Lack Of Games?
  223. Kaena: The Prophecy — First 3D CGI Feature-Length Film from Europe
  224. NMC- Student 3d Work
  225. If you ordered messiah within the last week, PLEASE READ
  226. Tugger: The Jeep® 4x4 Who Wanted to Fly
  227. Father Of The Pride Update
  228. BBC:PlayStation 3 To Debut at E3 2005
  229. Bitboys to Unveil its next-generation GP Product Line at SIGGRAPH
  230. Blue Sky Studios Eyeing Chili Wanton Willie?
  231. Video Interview – eyeon talks with Digital Dimension’s Benoit Girard
  232. UNFOLD 3d
  233. Interview with Greg Punchatz of Janimation
  234. First PlayStation 3 Appearance Due In 2004
  235. A.g.u.a. 2004!
  236. Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars Teaser Trailer #1,
  237. New TD challenge @ Cgtalk: Catapult! (Trebuchet):1
  238. Macworld Boston Opens Loudly
  239. Doom 3 Gone Gold ( Officially )
  240. Doom 3 Review
  241. G5 to power new iMac!
  242. Cool Spy vs. Spy Commercial
  243. New Sky Captain Trailer and First Clip!
  244. Dike Van Dyke Lightwave animation (on CBS)
  246. The VFX of Troy part II: CG Armies on CGNetworks
  247. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe stars finally revealed
  248. new sharktale website, with tons of new footage
  249. Steam Boy, Otomo's(the director of AKIRA) new film Airs tomorrow in Japan.
  250. OT: New Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy radio series coming Sept. 21!