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  1. Starship Troopers 2 Screening with Phil Tippett
  2. Blender 2.33 released
  3. Great weather effects, must see
  4. SHREK 3-D out May on DVD?!!?
  5. Animation Master v11 released
  6. Ulead VideoStudio 8 for $100
  7. Internet2: File Swapping Haven?
  8. Web portal for sale, slightly used
  9. Greed: Sobig and MyDoom’s “success”
  10. Doom3 and... The XBox
  11. Some tech jobs best done in U.S.
  12. Saturn: Getting Closer
  13. Talking Credit Cards
  14. to all australians....are you going to free-play on the 21 of may?
  15. Crazy Crash N Burn promo video
  16. WETA in milan: the making of ROTK
  17. GearBox Releases Halo Custom Edition(C.E)
  18. Worm Alert - SASSER.A >>Removal Solution on Thread<<
  19. Animation goes Beyund Hollywood
  20. Discreet closed most european offices
  22. 3D Art feature - animated explosion tutorial
  23. Dreamworks's Shark Tale at the NY Tribeca Film Festival
  24. XSI for free!
  25. USNews: Electronic Arts - Resistance Is Futile?
  26. ACM: What to expect from the next generation graphics systems.
  27. Blender 2.33 Released
  28. Hot Spots Showcase 2: The Best in Animated & VFX Commercials
  29. BET: CG Animatic of Catwoman movie
  30. Father of the Pride
  31. Houdini 6.5 Feature list
  32. New Day After Tomorrow Trailer
  33. New aardman animation "Robinson's 'Boogie'"
  34. SIGGRAPH 2004 Winners
  35. SOFTIMAGE|XSI 4.0 Software preview
  36. CNN:Katzenberg talks Father Of The Pride
  37. Ray Harryhausen presents Jason And The Argonauts on May 14 @ New Jersey!
  38. New ATI X800 Demo
  39. Doom 3 E3 2004 Preshow Impressions
  40. Galactica 2003- Concept Art
  41. Info: Natural Motion
  42. Art director interview on 3D Artist ...
  43. Zoom from space to anywhere on the globe
  44. How To Break Into The Game Industry: Los Angeles - May 8, 2004
  45. Legacy Animation Studios: RIP
  46. Cult3D mini game
  47. Disney may block anti-Bush film
  48. IGDA: Report of Quality of Life of Video Game Pros (Survey Results)
  49. Q&A with Weta Digital (ZBrush)
  50. Legacy studio closes their doors
  51. Hash, Inc. Launches A:M Films Web Site
  52. Blizzard Sneak-peek of WoW intro
  53. Sony Cancels Many Sports Video Games for '04
  54. CGTalk Restored - Data lost between 6-14 May
  55. The Incredibles - new trailer
  56. 42 trillion polygons in a few minutes
  57. Interview with Jason Brynford-Jones, Softimage XSI Product Manager
  58. Unreal Engine 3 info
  59. Unreal Tech 3.0 Page
  60. WarDevil goes live.
  61. Sony | IBM Cell workstation
  62. MGS: Acid videos
  63. Shrek special on VH1, 10 p.m. EST
  64. Gates: 64-Bit PCs Mainstream In Two Years
  65. - WoW Trailer
  66. SharkTale trailer - NOW ONLINE !
  67. Sony and Nintendo unveil new portables.
  68. Apple claims patent on translucency for windows
  69. Half Life 2 - E3 Trailer
  70. Metal Gear Solid 3: Direct-Feed 15 minute Trailer
  71. Shrek 2' Among Films Competing in Cannes
  72. CNN: Video games get raunchy
  73. AICN: Genndy Tartakovsky to do an animated Stephen King Animated show?
  74. EALA Interviews Part 2 : Lead Animator Adam McCarthy
  75. "Rise of the Kasai" for the PS2
  76. Wal*Mart lets slip Half Life 2 shipping date.
  77. Server issues being resolved
  78. Project Dogwaffle 2.1 anounced
  79. Phantom console shows its substance
  80. Constantine Movie Teaser
  81. New Zbrush movie!
  82. Interview with Pasozebra on Cuetara Flakes spots
  83. South Florida XSI User Group
  84. Now A Quad Core on a Single CPU
  85. New ZBrush Modeling Movie: Angler Fish By Pixolator
  86. E3: MGS3 trailor
  87. Call for Animation Entries: San Diego Asian Film Festival 2004 (deadline 5/30).....
  88. Boujou Bullet Released
  89. Shrek 2: A Visual Development Gallery
  90. WIRED:Video Game graphics used For TV Show On Epic Roman Battles
  91. AMD Readies Dual-Core CPU
  92. Two thieves stole the new Metal gear Solid game Code from e3!!
  93. Shrek 2 Making Of
  94. Editorial: The gap between science and the arts in videogame creation
  95. Reminder: An Evening with Syd Mead, 20 May, Los Angeles
  96. Weta in Chicago at CINEME 2004
  97. Shrek 2: first 5 mins viewable online
  98. Samsung Says Computer Memory Shortage to Continue
  99. RESIDENT EVIL: Apocalypse Poster Contest
  100. Sega, Sammy to Join Their Operations
  101. CINEME International Animation Film Festival Call for Entries
  102. Princeton University’s 3D Model Search Engine online!
  103. Holy Cow!!! Gmail's Gonna Be A Tb, Not A Gb
  104. I´Robot Trailer
  105. Disney Feature Animation's plans to catch up with the Shrek
  106. Shrek 3 & 4; Pirates 2 & 3
  107. Shrek2 Presentation/Screening at L.A. SIGGRAPH
  108. KCAGA presents Blizzard Cinematics at meeting May 24
  109. VFXSoup Interviews VFX Supervisor, John Gajdecki.
  110. So, Rodriguez want to shoot Sin City entirely on Green screen
  111. Pricey Parts Threaten Profits of New Game Machines
  112. Microsoft's Real Plan For XNA Gaming Domination? (Interview with J Allard)
  113. New CG film from WB "Measle and Wrathmonk."
  114. RUMMOR: A SW TV show?
  115. Wild Brain & Universal to develop a CG retelling of "Red Riding Hood"
  116. SONY is working on a PVR that can record 7 channels at once!!!
  117. Alias Developer Conference 2004
  118. SUPERMAN special effects team?
  119. 2nd trailer for Final Fantasy Advent Children!
  120. 'Shrek 2' Earns Record $11.8 Million in First Day!
  121. The Mill - Sony Mountain Commercial on CGFilms
  122. e3 Area 51 trailer-our latest work
  123. New stuff at Sky Captain
  124. 'Medusa House' by Christophe Baliko - Alienware Challenge making-of
  125. Catwoman Animatic
  126. RAY HARRYHAUSEN Interview!
  127. Interview with Nitendo president Satoru Iwata
  128. PIXAR might leave Emeryville headquaters!
  129. Network Render management software
  130. BBC: Game makers outsource to the world
  131. Lucas now "enhancing" THX-1138
  132. Smurfs back in 3d?
  133. Disney's Lorenzo Teaser
  134. Dogwaffle Demo Videos
  135. Mo Money for "Shrek 2"
  136. Silent Hill 4 9 min trailer (E3)
  137. Walt Disney - On The Front Lines DVD is out
  138. comparison between DISCover console and the Phantom console by Toms Hardware
  139. AWN:Behind the scenes of Shrek 2
  140. WIRED:Don't Just Look, Play With It (Digital art)
  141. CNN:Will Pixar revive Disney deal?
  142. unreal 3 engine previews
  143. 'Shrek 2' success to spawn more sequels
  144. Concept Art Production for the Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions on CGNetworks
  145. Making Of AppleSeed
  146. TROY VFX: Cloth simulation
  147. AWN:Disney Animation @ Orlando: The aftermath
  148. OT but cool:DVD Player Displays 2D Movies in 3D
  149. "THE RED STAR" game cinematic
  150. Wired Article: Welcome to Planet Pixar
  151. Kaena ...
  152. Miyamoto Lecture At Smithsonian Documented
  153. Electric Image is Back
  154. CreatureTD.com Launches
  155. Fedora Core 2 and nVidia issues.
  156. VFXTalk.com Interview Invitation - Framestore CFC and their work on Troy
  157. VFXWorld.com, Troy: creating the CG armies!!
  158. internet2 breaks speed records
  159. Disney's Lorenzo "Making Of" article
  160. USATODAY:First look: 'Polar Express'
  161. 3Impact Game Engine now has MULTIPLAYER POWER!
  162. Alexander
  163. CNN:Nokia's N-Gage may sell cheaper than announced
  164. animwatch update!
  165. Videogame developer BottleRocket story in Hollywood Reporter
  166. 3D total hacked
  167. StrataCX
  168. Cult3D : 11 free video training from beginner to expert
  169. DC_SIGGRAPH June 8 meeting (Kaydara Demo)
  170. Making-of "FURET" by SĂ©bastien Gaucher
  171. Nintendo to showcase console successor to GameCube next year
  172. New Behind the screenz at Alias community page
  173. Dutch members > Shrek 2 making off on TV
  174. Doug Chiang's ROBOTA Images and Clips (Interview)
  175. Carlos Baena Interview(Incredibles - Pixar)
  176. Xbox Next to be part PC?
  177. Troy - Who did what?
  178. Stealth mode silent fans
  179. Xfrog4 for Maya Beta
  180. Eisner says "yes" to Pixar sequels
  181. OT: Sneak Peek of Paul Allen's Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
  182. Walt Disney and American Culture NPR Odyssey
  183. New Adobe Software Releases
  184. Screenwriter Interviews Himself on Hitchhiker's Guide
  185. Ray Harryhausen tid bit
  186. WIRED article about PIXAR's Magic...
  187. rebelThink NEWS & ANNOUNCEMENTS
  188. RenderPal 2004 Server Update
  189. Halo 2: 3D Screenshot
  190. Pfffirate on CGNetworks
  191. SONY : PSP Revealed
  192. VFXPRO: Visual Effects in Italy:Videa Digital Effects
  193. Crack Creative and NVIDIA Team for Day After Tomorrow Previs
  194. AWN: Discreet participation in "THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW"
  195. ACM "Int. Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality" is looking for Student Volunteers
  196. is Adobe jumping on the 3D bandwagon?
  197. Fantasy Worlds (Profile of artist DAN SCOTT)
  198. CGTALK New Daily Sketch Group
  199. The Chronicles Of Riddick: Dark Fury
  200. Iwill launches dual Opteron SFF workstation
  201. FOUR new Galactica 2003 ZOIC renderings
  202. Disposable DVD's hit the market
  203. Interview with Wolfgang Emmrich of VCC Perfect Pictures
  204. New Polar express trailer
  205. CNN: Bad buzz on "Father of the Pride"
  206. Enhance:DT For Darktree - New Release
  207. Shrek 3 Coming Xmas 2006
  208. Academy Mails Sci-Tech Applications for 77th Academy Awards
  209. OT FOR REAL: Historic Manned Private Space Launch Attempt Scheduled for June 21
  210. Buffy Re-Animated
  211. Deadline Render Management System - Public Beta Download
  212. Microsoft patents the mouse double-click
  213. Everquest 2 CG trailer
  214. EXPOSE' 2 Proofs are here!
  215. Bye Bye Interplay
  216. blastcode's extreme Dynamic Plugin
  217. The State of the Japanese Animation Industry (Gloom and Doom)
  218. Disney CEO Sees Chance of Pixar Deal and no more 2D
  219. CNN:Virtual real estate draws real dollars
  220. Alias Sketchbook pro now available for OS X
  221. short film screening series in NYC
  222. First "Machimina" Feature Film Released
  223. Microsoft Adds DRM To Windows Player Beta
  224. CG ARTIST DVDs now with engl. shop & intern. shipping
  225. Genndy To Write/Direct Live Action Astroboy
  226. E3 Movie Cache Highlights Microsoft's Apprentice Spoof
  227. Harry Potter virus
  228. Wired:The Maestro of the Title Sequence
  229. Korgo virus alert!
  230. Motionbuilder 5 Review
  231. Microsoft Cancels Development of Japan Xbox Online Game 'True Fantasy'
  232. Lemony Snickets Trailer
  233. News Hardware Apple readying new Power Macs? (ZDNet)
  234. Pixar announces PRMan 12
  235. London XSI User Group Meeting Photos
  236. visions of speed through a Nike lens
  237. Massive XSI 4.0 Feature Review
  238. Softimage 4.0 is released
  239. Interview with La Huella Efectos Digitales
  240. Digital Photography Composition 101
  241. Godzilla "Final Wars" web site
  242. Digimation Library Included in XSI 4
  243. Get Your Manga Printed from TOKYOPOP
  244. Muscle system for Maya
  245. Nike 'Magnet' (A52) on CGNetworks
  246. Worlds first completly ray traced 3D Shooter.
  247. Audi "Illusions" ad on CGNetworks
  248. Expose 2 book cracks a mention...
  249. EA deflects takeover from Viacom
  250. EA studio reshuffles lead to up to 117 layoffs