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  1. Hellboy Review on
  2. The Chronicles of RIDDICK trailer
  3. Robert Zemekis to direct CG Transformers movie (?)
  4. Xbox for $149.82
  5. Layoffs Bring Hard Times to Animators
  6. Miyamoto, Garfield, Church To Talk At Smithsonian (Wash DC)
  7. 3 new Total Texture CD's available. +
  8. Amber Forest on
  9. 20 minute zbrush 2 preview.
  10. Film. Nightwatch
  11. Quaker "Three Bears" Spot
  12. Allegorithmic MapZone Plugin
  13. Batman Begins Batmobile Pics online
  14. nVidia Forceware 56.72 drivers released
  15. "Uniform Used To Mean Something" New Seinfeld & Superman short!
  16. RUMOR!: Two Disney's Pinocchio CG sequels in the works!!
  17. Home on the Range Last Hurrah for Hand-Drawn Theatrical Features at Disney
  18. New version of open source GI renderer toxic released!
  19. 1 GB Email from Google FREE!
  20. doraemon robot
  21. 3D Art to Part is starting our latest contest.
  22. Growing Possibilities: Mobile Gaming 2004
  23. Hellboy Production Art!
  24. Chaos Group release more details on AURA
  25. "Shark Tale" site updated with looks at some of the characters
  26. Video Tutorials: Creating Characters For Half Life 2
  27. The123d speaks to Pascal Beeckmans
  28. George Lucas Premiers on Millimeter Magazine
  29. Quake 2 AbSIRD (Magic Eye)
  30. Natural:shaders plug-in UPDATE
  31. filmax animation
  32. CameraPOV Simulator Plug-Ins Let You Go Behind The Lens
  33. Free video Tutorial, 3d compositing in NUKE
  34. Sony PSP, PSX3 and PS Two Coming Soon
  35. New Interview - Eric Durst ('Torque')
  36. When game development fails
  37. Kaze: Ghost Warrior coming to DVD this month (Timothy Albee's indie CG movie)
  38. AWN: The Adverse Effects of Cartoons on the Minds of our Children
  39. SW: Clone Wars Microseries (Episodes 11 - 15) Sorry US only!
  40. Stephane Marty's MetropoLight Renderer
  41. Dark Sector
  42. Next Generation Console Video (With A Catch)
  43. Macworld Expo Boston registration opens
  44. Stanford conference looks into game industry's crystal ball
  45. Rhythm & Hues outsource to India
  46. Motion Builder 5.5 released
  47. Kill Bill prequel to be animated
  48. MTV Animation Contest
  49. The Mill - 'The Other Game' commercial on
  50. Kill Bill - Volume 2 Trailer is OUT!
  51. OT: AVP Making of the Creatures video
  52. Did cheap sequels kill Disney Animation?
  53. Interview: Richard Taylor, Cinematics Director for LOTR: Battle For Middle Earth (EA)
  54. John Woo has optioned "Metroid" for the big screen
  55. Di-O-Matic Releases Hercules
  56. New Gnomon Analog DVDs April 14th
  57. Interview with Scott Robertson on
  58. HELLBOY 2 Greenlit
  59. New Harry Potter Trailor!
  60. RAVE HD - Linux video editor
  61. Melbourne AEAF
  62. 1 gb email from Spymac
  63. Exposure Sheet released for Project Dogwaffle
  64. Disney shuts down another animation studio
  65. Donkey Xote teaser (Spanish CG movie)
  66. 'Game' Over at UPN
  67. Disney 3D dead also?
  68. NEW!!! Spiderman Trailer in Quicktime
  69. Protest against software patents in Europe!
  70. XNA unveiled at GDC 2004
  71. Hanggies - Desktop Virtual Toy
  72. New Pixar's Incredibles Picture!
  73. Bill Gates Richest man no longer
  74. Oscillation: Digital Media Exhibition
  75. Steve Jobs holding out for an Eisner oust
  76. Roy Disney sues Walt Disney Company for Shareholders Vote Results
  77. File Swappers Rejoice!
  78. Donkey Xote - Filmax
  79. Discreet Ships smoke 6 on Intel-based IBM Linux Workstation
  80. Privacy & Google's Gmail
  81. "Cutey Honey" trailer
  82. N-Gage 2 prototype?
  83. xbox2 [damn cool rumor]
  84. "Paul and His Bananas" on Animated-News
  85. E3 2004
  86. Bauhaus Mirage 7 video tutorials
  87. MGS3 new gameplay Demo video
  88. Chicken Little Trailer
  89. Download DrapeFX Beta
  90. Giant Killer Robots Tackles Blade: Trinity and Son of the Mask
  91. Download and watch four new video previews of HALF-LIFE 2
  92. Moebius Animated Film Web Site Update!- CGI Feature Made in China
  93. Free seminar on "How to get a job in CG"
  94. New Rigging Videos at
  95. ZBrush 2 Practical Guide
  96. McCartney wants to follow in Disney's footsteps
  97. Clone Wars International Official Direct Links...
  98. Disney's CG sequel satellite studio?
  99. Molly Star Racer Production art !(Cool French CG Anime)
  100. 2004 Hugo Nominations
  101. Weta Digital Talk in Singapore
  102. Interview with Randy Cook (Weta Digital) on ROTK visual effects
  103. Wacom Cintiq - $1000 Price Drop
  104. First look at Popeye 3d Cartoon!
  105. catwoman trailer
  106. CG Popeye Special... first look
  107. New "I ROBOT " Trailer
  108. 2D Design Micro-Challenge: Captain Hook!
  109. CGI Library
  110. Tribes And Tribes 2 Free Giveaway
  111. Unreal Engine 3.0 Video
  112. 2D Animation Software Prize (Plastic Animation Paper)
  113. luCid
  114. Nokia Offers New, Leaner N-Gage Game
  115. cmiStudios Learning Flame DVD's on sale today!
  116. Nvidia nv40 launched (Geforce 6800)
  117. Lightwave 8 News
  118. Imortel ad vitam
  119. Algolith Announces Frame Rate Converter (FRC) Plug-in for AE
  120. Power Presets V1.1 for Mirage
  121. Alias acquired by Accel-KKR
  122. Daz Studio Now In beta.
  123. Nexus to Provide New 3D Pink Panther Makeover
  124. Researchers Develop 3-D Search Engine
  125. Ken Musgrave Presents MojoWorld @ DC SIGGRAPH on April 28
  126. Project Dogwaffle SDK Fully Updated
  127. Killzone PS2 Teaser.
  128. Cybernetics becoming a reality
  129. Fallout 3 Back From the Dead?
  130. Alias sold!
  131. 3-D Search Engine being developed
  132. Fallout homeless? Interplay evicted!
  133. Houdini 6.5 Early Access
  134. (Rhythm & Hues)-Interview with Caleb J. Howard
  135. Maya 6 comming soon details at deathfall
  136. Revenge? SCO Rocked by BayStar Charges
  137. First Look Jak3 and New Ratchet and Clank
  138. I-Robot Featurette, ALEX PROYAS interview
  139. First 'In Movie' Shark Tale shot
  140. Kinetta HD: Homebrew HD Cam unveiled at NAB
  141. Apple updates Shake and DVD pro, adds motion
  142. Halo 2 screenshots
  143. Motion=New product
  144. Maya 6 announced
  145. Nvidia to announce results of Exluna acquisition....a NEW RENDERER!
  146. cool videos
  147. A look inside Namco:
  148. XSI v.4.0 Defines New Standards for 3-D Content Creation
  149. Adobe Updates Pro Video Suite
  150. Avid Announces Xpress Studio
  151. OpenGL Shader Designer 2.0
  152. NVIDIA Unveils Gelato - Hardware Accelerated Film Renderer
  153. Epic Announces Unreal Contest Machinima Finalists
  154. Ray Harryhausen lecture on April 27 in California!
  155. mental images Takes Realistic Graphics to New Level
  156. Sony develops paper DVD
  157. Live Stream from the NewTek Booth at NAB
  158. - NEW Search Engine by Amazon
  159. Garfield poster
  160. Eisner gets 72.5% No Confidence Vote from Disney 401K Plan Participants
  161. Meet Pixar's Andrew Gordon at NYU!
  162. New 10.5 advertisement
  163. RUMOR: Lightwave 8 ships??!
  164. Star Wars Classic DVD's will pack a Punch
  165. IPR rendering with mental ray
  166. WIRED: Hewlett Packard Goes Hollywood
  167. Macworld Expo 'Geeks & Gadgets' info posted
  168. Adobe Ships After Effects 6.5 and Premiere pro 1.5
  169. "Shrek 2" article on MSNBC, complete with video and images
  170. Update on indie animated movie: Delgo!
  171. Mental Ray 3.3 with Nvidia GPU support
  172. TDT3D release 2 new video training for Cult3D 5.3
  173. Submission Date for ELEMENTAL Pushed Back
  174. Peter Jackson Interview -
  175. Discreet announces Flint for Linux
  176. Syflex to be Integrated into XSI 4.0
  177. WIRED: Virtual Reality the World Over
  178. Trailer for Jet Li's HERO
  179. Drape FX
  180. New Labor Law affects CG pros?
  181. Introducing... the 3D file format
  182. Spielbergs with a joystick: The growing popularity of machinima
  183. Liquid+ Released NOW!
  184. Sky Captain Release Date Pushed Back
  185. Sony, Others Eye $5 Billion Bid for MGM
  186. First look at Peter Chung's Riddick: Dark Fury"
  187. Interview with Sebastian Faber of Liga01 Computerfilm
  188. AWN: Two Toons Make Cannes Official Competion
  189. new Ray Harryhausen Book, wow!
  190. The Orphanage to release Elin
  191. Hard Drive Speed Barrier Found
  192. EXPOSÉ 2 Launch!
  193. Sony Launches First Commercial E-Paper Display Reader
  194. Vinton Studios Launches Project Backpocket
  195. Apple demos new HD video codec
  196. cmiStudios announce 6 new products!
  197. An event with Shawn Dunn animation technical lead at Weta
  198. Unreal 3 game engine
  199. Apple announces new PowerBook's/iBook's: 1.5Ghz-128mb Graphics
  200. CALL FOR ENTRIES - CINEME International Animation Festival
  201. EXPOSÉ 1 Box Set Auction
  202. BBC:Games make for awkward films
  203. 'Revolutions' DVD May See Change
  204. WIRED:Supercomputers Speed Car Design
  205. AWN:Producer Steve Bing Puts $80M Into Polar Express
  206. New French website for maya community users
  207. Disney & Dali's Destino: Screening May 11, 2004 in LA
  208. Postmortem of a failed INDIE video game (ex ID Programmer)
  209. Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher Trailer & Site
  210. US Ghost in the Shell II: Innocence Site Launches!
  211. Nike Evolution
  212. BLUR's Full ROCKFISH Short is Online!
  213. Design Micro-Challenge: Bond movie henchman
  214. Worst Case Scenario- very cool Indie movie
  215. Fresh out the oven, Houdini 6.5.51
  216. Microsoft’s Xbox 2 Architecture Unveiled
  217. Your next monitor
  218. BBC:Images Displayed directly into your retina
  219. New York Times Profiles Pixar
  220. TARANTINO Animated Prequel to Kill Bill Coming Soon
  221. New Split Off Company From Bungie
  222. BBC:Sony Hit by Drop in PS2 Sales
  223. Hellboy Article
  224. The MOvies Game
  225. Interview with Michael Donovan of Quiet Man
  226. Big RenderPal update!
  227. EmbassyVFX clip
  228. BBC:Computer helps map ancient Rome
  229. Smoke Experience Class
  230. Commodore 64 To Get 30-In-1 TV Game
  231. Klasky Csupo a Mature Content Animation Company
  232. To Erilaz: Green Tea Good for Hard Drives
  233. MSNBC:Video games that get lost in translation
  234. Delgo on
  235. 'Hellboy' Visits AEAF Convention in Oz on June 1
  236. Garfield "Making of video" online
  237. Peter Chung's Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury Trailer
  238. 'Tron,' Returns to the El Capitan Theatre (LA) May 6 - 16
  239. Toyzz
  240. 90 page report=>"Quality of Life in the Game Industry: Challenges and Best Practices"
  241. Drew Struzan Oeuvre books
  242. Pixar's The Incredibles Teaser web site
  243. LucasArts Reduces Staff After Cancellations
  244. Dreamation opens new studio near Chicago
  245. University develops improvements in computer animation using AI
  246. New Disney Short Released in Theatres
  247. first look sharkTale trailer impression
  248. FIREFLY FX team flies to SERENITY
  249. Maya 6 BonusTool Release
  250. BBC: LOTR When hi-tech meets high fantasy