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  1. Bambi II
  2. Speed modeling session : theme : Warriors of the Antique Age !
  3. Meet the inventor of 'CtrlAltDelete'
  4. USATODAY:Battle over violent video games heating up
  5. Mars Spirit rover on way to full recovery!!
  6. CNN: Apple to possibly distribute Pixar films?
  7. Hasbro's version of Pixar's "The Incredibles"
  8. Live-action Transformers Movie Producer Interviewed
  9. Set Visit: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  10. New Galactica greenlighted...
  11. Tickets on Sale for Annie Awards on February 7
  12. The Tyranny of Copyright?
  13. VFXChallenge VFX009 - Win a FULL SET of cmiStudios Training DVDs
  14. Viggo Mortensen' S HIDALGO: TRAILER B
  15. TROY: SupreBowl Trailer!
  16. Van Helsing Super Bowl spot
  17. 'Rings' digital dailies circled globe via iPod
  18. James Cameron's REAL LIFE Manned Mars exploration Proposal!
  19. 3D Art to Part is starting our latest contest.
  20. Curvy3D a revolutionary modeling tool available for download
  21. Xbox 2 Hardware Details Leaked
  22. Aftereffects on Gridiron?
  23. Avid Free Dv
  24. NEW Speed modeling session : theme : hands and feet
  25. Pixar's Boundin'- no one talking about this? Or did I miss the thread...?
  26. Totally awesome Gnomon DVDs coming next week!
  27. Superbowl ADS extravaganza:
  28. New Onimusha 3 trailer [gotta see this]
  29. Iguana - a new global illumination rendering engine for Maya
  30. DreamWorks mulls animation unit spin off - report
  31. Prince of Persia - Breathing New Life!
  32. Discreet Announces SP1 for Max 6
  33. Blender 2.32 released
  34. EXPOSE' 2 Entries Close. Over 4300 submissions
  35. Would Pixar Bring Marvel's Characters to Life?
  36. XP 64 now available
  37. FREE Psudo HDRI Panorama's of Mars landing sites
  38. dreamworks selling off animation unit?
  39. There will be a Toy Story 3 but not by Pixar
  40. new filmax film nocturna
  41. All cg Appleseed trailer
  42. In regards to the recent Disney acquiring C.O.R.E thread
  43. Dreamworks "The Unprofessionals"CG movie
  44. MotionBuilder DEAL Extended!
  45. Rodriguez Returns To 3-D
  46. Halo 2 Delay Confirmed
  47. NASA using space technology to help find kidnapping victim
  48. Legacy Animation Studios Launch Website
  49. Jobs disses Disney & Steve Jobs discusses Disney/Pixar in detail today (RealAudio)
  50. VAN HELSING Sneak Peak!
  51. CmiStudios is having a HALF PRICE SALE on its current line of shake DVD's
  52. ChubbChubbs" Land on YTV
  53. Xtracurricular heads to AFMA
  54. XSI EXP for HL2
  55. Disney Legend John Hench dead at age 95
  56. CGI Filmmaking: The Creation of Ghost Warrior
  57. CNN:Video games see 2003 slump
  58. CBS News Sunday Morning Looks At the State of Animation (Feb. 8, 2004)
  59. Marvel & EA Games Deal
  60. EU supports Blender and Verse development
  61. Onimusha 3 full intro
  62. Richard Taylor interviewed
  63. "The Zen of the Professional Artist" in Game Developer Magazine
  64. D-War - A Korean movie with CG dragons!
  65. Blizzard Job Openings...
  66. Project Dogwaffle 2.0 demo now available
  67. Jobs should be CEO of Disney?
  68. Amiga Video Toaster goes Open Source
  69. Finding Nemo" Sweeps Annies
  70. A Moebius Animated Feature Film, First 3-D CGI Feature Made in China
  71. Disney and Microsoft agree alliance
  72. Seeking Student Volunteers at SIGGRAPH 2004
  73. Early review of Shrek 2
  74. Keana Movie (Beautiful CG)
  75. Nintendo Won't Release New Video Game Console
  76. Seven new Gnomon Workshop DVD titles available: Feng, Carlos Huante and Harald Belker
  77. SIGGRAPH Hosts What’s Coming Next in Visual Effects?
  78. Legacy Animation announce first short film
  79. Softimage in Kansas City
  80. CGN Reader Project: The Joker, by Francis Tsai
  81. SW on DVD: Official Press Release
  82. OT: Simpsons Producer Mike Reiss talks Movie
  83. Sitting ducks now on DVD
  84. It is official SCI FI Green-Lights Battlestar Galactica!
  85. Patch for current Dogwaffle 2.0 users
  86. New Batman cartoon WB
  87. Invader Zim DVD and action figures are a go!
  88. Pics from Chicken Little, Boundin', and prep work for Rapunzel Unbraided
  89. Weta Digital: From Gollum to Kong
  90. Verse
  91. Unreal Tournament 2004 Movie
  92. Alias Maya PLE Contest
  93. Syflex Cloth - now for Houdini
  94. The Art of Harald Belker
  95. New Appleseed Trailer
  96. Interview with Brett Feeney of Animal Logic
  97. Sillent hill 4 trailer
  98. Comcast bids for Disney
  99. Devilman
  100. Comcast Proposes to Buy Walt Disney
  101. Does everyone know that Alis is holding a contest with the learning eition
  102. CNN:Xbox for $99? Xbox2 in 05?
  103. AOL: Women 40+ biggest Web gamers
  104. Alias in Acquisition Talks with Private Equity Firm
  105. Cinelerra 1.1.9 is out....
  106. Alias up for sale
  107. CNN:Silicon discovery could speed up PCs
  108. CNN:Digital evidence raises doubts
  109. CNN:Firm launches game copying software
  110. Intel Scientists Create World's Fastest Silicon Photonics Device
  111. Sims Creator To Speak At "Legends Of The Game Industry" Series
  112. Pixar, Viacom, TimeWarner may join hunt for Disney takeover
  113. Disney set to make ToyStory3 & Monsters Inc. 2 without PIXAR
  114. Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo released
  115. King Kong in Black and White?
  116. VFX Soup launches!
  117. Microsoft Confirms Windows Code Leak
  118. ATI's plans for 2004
  119. AvP Featurette
  120. Radical being bought?
  121. Cinesite Hitches Ride on 'Guide to The Galaxy'
  122. Discreet & Mobile Game Launch 3D Mobile Gaming Competition
  123. Live action doc on new Evangelion DVD...
  124. ESC: 'Making The Matrix Superpunch'
  125. OT: /UK only/ Galactica 2003 Feb 16 on Skymovies
  126. GarageGames' Torque Game Engine (TGE) announced a full data exporter from Blender 3D
  127. MAryland Short Animation Festivle
  128. Miramax seeks divorce from Disney
  129. 'Illuminating' article on Go-L
  130. Magic Roundabout new British film
  131. PainKiller Demo Due Tomorrow Monday.
  132. The history of SNK
  133. Weta wins BAFTA!
  134. LOR wins Baftas for best film and sfx
  135. New Shrek2 Trailer
  136. Disney Animators Form New Company
  137. Torque Game Engine adds Blender support
  138. Back to gaya ::Trailer::
  139. CmiStudios cut Learning Digital Fusion DVD prices in half!
  140. Nike GridIron Commercial
  141. Disney Rejects Comcast Offer!
  142. New 3-D effect could be a bright spot for Sun
  143. Curious . . . 2D is NOT Dead
  144. DC_SIGGRAPH's Second Annual Demo Reel Night February 26
  145. The state of the Arcade Industry...(2004)
  146. Lord of the Rings -the journey
  147. Disney to Buy Muppets From Jim Henson
  148. Brazil Rio Beta release
  149. The Academy honors its technical geeks
  150. Intel reveals new 64 bit chip
  151. Web deliverable realtime 3D
  152. RUMOR: Sneak Peek at Disney’s CHICKEN LITTLE, THE WILD, and Pixar’s THE INCREDIBLES!!
  153. New Netsky.B Worm Spreading on Internet
  154. 3dtotal challenge
  155. Vancouver, BC - Next Vancouver Siggraph Event - Feb 25th - The Art of SSX3
  156. Budget Visual FX and Independent Filmmaking
  157. Informative interview with VFX Supervisor...
  158. Indiana Jones 4 Pushed Back to 2006
  159. Danish 3d feature/Terkel i knibe
  160. James Cameron & Kevin Smith next projects
  161. Inside CG's professional review of the Realism Human Anatomy textbook
  162. Pixar shares jump on Sony buyout talk.
  163. Jet Li Rise to Honor, KeyFrame Bashing
  164. MGM discloses talks with Pixar
  165. VES 2003 Winners
  166. Cool Article about George Lucas
  167. eyeon Interview with Nicolas Valencia of Odeon Film Studios.
  168. Sony greenlights first animated film
  169. 3D virtual reality as tool for therapists
  170. The Mars Rover Visualization of Daniel Maas @ Cgnetworks
  171. Best animated movie of all time.
  172. What is next for Luc Besson
  173. Phantom console maker 'initiates legal action' against game news site
  174. Michael Eisner on Larry King Live(CNN) TONIGHT! February 20
  175. Interview with director of R&D at ILM
  176. Looking for animated shorts for " World's Best Independent Animated shorts " DVD
  177. Interesting: Interview with AutoDesk CEO Carol Bartz
  178. New Animated Projects at DreamWorks?
  179. Casshern Anyone?
  180. Hellboy featurette
  181. First look at Robots
  182. Sachform Technology releases HDRIbase Vol.3 and HDRview V 1.0
  183. "Clone Wars" Chapters 11-20 Premiere March 20; New Villain Introduced
  184. OT: See 1953's "War of the Worlds" at Washington DC
  185. "DreamWorks playing "stand off" with Disney/Pixar again?"
  186. cars & Madagascar tidbits
  187. Calvez vs. Disney/Pixar: Update on the Lawsuit
  188. NEW Speed modeling session : theme : Cars !
  189. New record for LOTR
  190. EA Closes Origin Systems Austin Doors...
  191. Nokia Admits N-Gage Sales Below Expectations
  192. The Walt Disney Company is America's Most Admired Entertainment Company
  193. Andrew Stanton(Finding Nemo) named "Animation Director of the Year" by ShoWest
  194. Interview with Stefan Andersson, Character Animator at The Mill
  195. WinXP SP2 to include anti-virus software
  196. On the Sunny Side of the Street
  197. The Bugs Are Back...
  198. Casshern trailer
  199. USAToday: Rich media enriching PC ads
  200. CNN:Sony Delays PSP To 2005
  201. Behind the scenes with Weta
  202. Windows XP: Reloaded
  203. Discreet, Softimage and Alias executives say corporate changes won't harm 3D software
  204. CNN: Fund wants Eisner out of Disney
  205. The War for Disney
  206. BBC:3D Mars Scenes Recreated From Photos
  207. USATODAY: Low-budget digital filmmaking tools so good it's scary.
  208. Save Eisner
  209. Britney Spears, Outkast and Missy Elliott Go CG
  210. CASSHERN - New Japanese movie trailer (think live action anime)
  211. Post-REVOLUTIONS plans still in store for THE MATRIX ONLINE
  212. Shot Film Festival (mexico)
  213. Star Wars: KoToR wins coveted BAFTA
  214. Making of Triplets of Belleville
  215. New "Save Disney" commercial
  216. A True "Space Opera" in 3D
  217. More Doom 3 Spoilers in GamePro Preview
  218. Game Development: Harder Than You Think
  219. Xbox 2 SDK released on cool Apple Power Mac G5s
  220. New HellBoy TV Spot
  221. Inspector Gadget Goes 3D
  222. Computer Characters Want Respect
  223. Barbara Walters interviews Shrek
  224. Lord of the Rings Oscar Wins!11 OSCARS!
  225. Finding Nemo Wins Best Animated Movie!
  226. FF7 Advent Children Trailer 2 (tranlated version)
  227. Bouding and Disney's Destino LOSE Animated short film Oscar!
  228. OT:The Family Guy To Return!!!It has been GREENLIGHTED!
  229. Innocence Full Trailor -Final Version-
  230. 3D holograms for real
  231. Finding Nemo: The Making of the Blockbuster Animated Film:At the Smitsonian in DC!
  232. Bring Your Own Animation Night @ New York SIGGRAPH! :March 2, 2004
  233. Rockstar Games Announces Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  234. Pixologic's ZBrush: A Key Component of Weta Digital's Modeling Pipeline
  235. Finding NEMO
  236. Disney Animators Launch New Studio: Funnypages Productions
  237. GoldenEye 2 On The Way
  238. OT: RUMOR Robert Rodriguez to do "PRINCESS OF MARS"
  239. ALIENWARE Winner Announced
  240. New free update to Project Dogwaffle 2.0 released
  241. Disney Chronicles Narnia
  242. PSP to PS2 Connectivity
  243. Rapscallion Collaborative's Animated Short CONTEST
  244. Shrek 2 interview with Barbara Walters
  245. Last Hellboy Trailer
  246. 3impact v3 is out.
  247. Roy vs. Eisner Round 2!
  248. Cars Teaser read for The Increadibles!?
  249. Disney's new animated movie...
  250. Don't forget! The Disney Shareholders' Meeting online March 3!