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  1. 'Grand Theft Auto' Maker May Face Charges
  2. Spiderman 2 in Quicktime!
  3. Update on CS Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia"!
  4. Sons of the Storm
  5. Has the Oscar for Animated Feature Affected the Industry?
  6. 2003 Oscar FX contenders announced
  7. The Art of National Geographic: Christopher Sloan
  8. Students: Softimage Animation Contest
  9. 7 minutes of
  10. very intense Mecha Battle CG animation
  11. VFXWorld interviews Peter Jackson
  12. 'The Village' Trailer - New film by M Night
  13. 'Grand Theft Auto' Maker May Face Charges
  14. 2D Mid-Air Projection
  15. A new site about the creation of The lord of the Rings
  16. Retro Games, Devices, Recall Electronic Youth (Reuters)
  17. new FFVII Children movie clip
  18. Xmas Wishes from the Fallen Art characters.
  19. SCO sends second letter to linux user's
  20. The Art of Ryan Church - CGNetworks article
  21. Return of the King Makes $246.1M Worldwide Debut!
  22. "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" Movie Trailer
  23. Ryan Church Concept Art Training DVD's
  24. $1,000,000 Make Something Unreal Contest Phase 1 Winners
  25. Matrix Re-encoded trailers
  26. Disney to Develop Three Pigs Animated Feature
  27. Softimage Launches 'Be the Hero' Student Animation Contest
  28. Driv3r (Driver 3)
  29. Battlestar Galactica Series Greenlighted
  30. Dreamworks Shark Slayer Stills
  31. Lord of the Rings at L.A. SIGGRAPH
  32. Activision Game For Shrek 2; Terminates TDK Deal
  33. Star Wars maker looks to India
  34. Alias’ Maya Provides Core 3D Animation Software for Lord of the Rings: ROTK
  35. Down and Out in Orlando: Impending Disney Layoffs Hit Hard
  36. king Arthur teaser
  37. Appleseed Trailer
  38. Alias Snag
  39. Coming to a Theater Near You: Digital Films
  40. FFVII:AC Official Trailor
  41. Animex Game
  42. Doom 3 Website + Trailer
  43. Disney sued in France over Nemo
  44. 3D Animation Academy set to Launch in India
  45. Press Release - The RenderMan Academy Opens Its Doors Tomorrow
  46. Pixar: The Incredibles Clips Online
  47. Lightworks to release 'real time' rendering solution
  48. New Pic's of Garfield
  49. Metal Gear Solid fans
  50. Renderman Academy
  51. AFLAC Duck Gets Animated with the Looney Tunes
  52. Awesome Galactica Video Game Renders!
  53. gamer geezers?
  54. Yeah the Movie Update !!!
  55. Creating a Storm Scene-Simple method in Rustboy Forum
  56. Call for Submissions
  57. New Bark textures... on the 3dTextures
  58. Indi Film : oSama
  59. King Arthur trailer
  60. The Gnomon Workshop and Design Studio Press partner - New DVD's Coming!
  61. RETURNER - coming to DVD February 10
  62. Source code for ShaderWorks and Mad F/X are up for grabs!
  63. Maas Digital animates Spirit Mars rover
  64. cmiStudios released its Digital Fusion Basic's DVD
  65. New links site just lauched
  66. Yet Another Mars Rover Thread (was 'We're Baaack!')
  67. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) SIGGRAPH Chapter Meeting - EXPOSE'
  68. Combustion 3 for Mac announced
  69. Slinky : The Movie
  70. Remarkable colour image of Mars
  71. LA SIGGRAPH making of ROTK
  72. NewTek's LightWave 3D to Migrate to Apple's Xcode Development Environment
  73. EXPOSE' 2 Entries - see them here
  74. Eisner's Remarks at Smith Barney Conference
  75. The techniques of Ryan Church Now Available on DVD
  76. TOP Gallery & 3D Contest
  77. Silent Hill 4: The Room
  78. More Macs used for Visual Effects Production
  79. --:: Evermotion Challenge 3 ::--
  80. "interfaces" Graphite 2004 Singapore - Call For Entries
  81. New SpiderMan trailer
  82. mars animation from MAAS Digital
  83. Digital "Fine" Art selling for big bucks:
  84. Contest - Shaw Brothers -one Armed Man Contest!
  85. GDC 2004: Developer's Choice Award Nomination Ballot
  86. 3D Awards 2004 Announced!
  87. The VFX of Return of the King on
  88. ShortFilm Festival
  89. Dreamworks To Partner With Hong Kong Studio
  90. Ex-Disney Artists Open New Cartoon Studio
  91. Former Disney Animators to Form New Studio
  92. MODO: Q&A with Brad Peebler
  93. Plasitc Surgeons using 3D software
  94. Variety Reviews "El Cid"
  95. New 3D CG Prints Website: VR-FX Galleries
  96. Toto Sapore
  97. Brazil r/s 1.2 review/ 2.0 preview
  98. Adobe secretly adds anti-counterfieting technology into its software
  99. 3rd material collection at - walls
  100. Movie from "I, robot"
  101. Archlord Korean game
  102. news article of small canadian firm
  103. Anyone in the San Francisco Area interested in the Video Game industry?
  104. Blade Runner City FOR REAL: Tokyo's Sky City!
  105. Disney and Fox merge for new Toon channel
  106. PIXAR's Boundin Images and article!
  107. Disney's "Day With Wilbur Robinson" (new animated film)
  108. Phantom is unveiled at CES - sort of
  109. A&E 'Journey To Middle-earth
  110. AICN:Free Jimmy (Slipp Jimmy Fri) - The Greatest CG Film Ever Produced?
  111. Back to the Future?
  112. PSP Launch
  113. 3D Human anatomy recognized by Leading fitness expert!
  114. 3d Cartoon Strip
  115. Simmons` ILIUM becomes Digital Domain`s
  116. Fox Close To Renewing "Family Guy"
  117. NASA Releases 360-Degree Mars Panorama
  118. Lightwave 8 New features and Videos
  119. 2003 Ocsar Sci-Tech winners
  120. Disney FL Dead
  121. GIMP v2.0 pre1 released
  122. Garfield: Two new hi-res promo pics
  123. Latest in Disney Florida Layoffs:Meeting with David Stainton
  124. The Wormtrix Has You... (new website)
  125. EPISODE III FX switch into hyperdrive
  126. The next 100 years of flight (With concepts like folding wings)
  127. The End is Near: Matrix Revolutions Comes to DVD
  128. Gollum and Me: Jason Schleifer Article
  129. CNN:Nintendo's GameCube gets new life
  130. Blue Sky's The Iguana Brothers Info!
  131. Digital Secrets: How the Mars Probe Makes Great Photos
  132. New Innocence Ghost in the Shell 2 Trailer
  133. Visual Effects Society Nominations are out
  134. KL SIGGRAPH - EXPOSE' Launch Event Report
  135. sony psp spec Rumours
  136. Brazilian Beauty goes Digital because of Pregnancy
  137. John Lasseter to receive Art Directors Guild Award
  138. CNN:Mr. Xbox says game over
  139. Burton's Rotting "Corpse"
  140. Syntax Media Creative Department Opens
  141. Star Wars: Episodes Vii - Ix?
  142. Eden FX- Steve Pugh Interview
  143. Roy Disney wants YOU!
  144. FREE HDRI Panorama of MARS
  145. Van Helsing Trailer
  146. 3D Buzz Announces the Release of the Largest Collection of 3D Training Videos Ever!
  147. warner bros opens games studio
  148. Info on PIXAR's The Incredibles!
  149. 27 Weta Workshop Produced Designs For EVANGELION
  150. A Real-Life Debate on Free Expression in a Cyberspace City
  151. Good article on the VFX for Peter Pan.
  152. New Eva Concept Art
  153. Star Wars Episode III: ILM "space battle"!
  154. Lord of the Rings' Jim Rygiel: VFX Article
  155. Freeware 3d Modeller marbleCLAY
  156. New "Shark Tale" poster
  157. Shade 7 released!
  158. 1,000,000 Post's!!! Congrats CGTalk!!!
  159. Digital Compositor Interview at
  160. Bad opening weekend for Disney's Teachers Pet
  161. CG Chicks - What's up with that?
  162. BAFTA Nominations in...
  163. Atari closes Legend Entertainment
  164. WW2 aerial pictures go online
  165. BAFTA animation and FX nominees
  166. Save Disney! Roy Ramps It Up!
  167. Invader Zim on DVD!
  168. Sneak Peek of Pixar's Boundin'
  169. Review: EXPOSÉ 1
  170. FBI raid suspected Half Life code thief
  171. Writers Guild Awards Nominations!
  172. Savannah College’s Beckmann named Education Chair for SIGGRAPH 2005
  173. Stargate Digital Launches Visual Effects Facility at London's Pinewood Studios
  174. 3d competition
  175. Threedy Forums, bigger, better, faster
  176. An art contest
  177. Contest for Celshaders Win up to $100
  178. Warner Bros Creates New Videogame Division
  179. USATODAY: Word on the Upcoming Fantasy Films
  180. - OT: Nintendo DS is Coming & (Nintendo's New Machine! Nintendo DS! )
  181. BODYpaint2 to XSI for FREE!!
  182. WASHINGTON DC - Come and see SIGGRAPH's 2003 Electronic Theater on Jan. 29!
  183. Far Cry demo
  184. New Raven Animation to Target Former Disney Orlando Animators
  185. OT: 5ghz cpu up and running using liq. nitrogen
  186. Garfield Trailer
  187. Silo update
  188. Cheap Match Moving Software
  189. CNN: Gollum in his own words. (Gollum writes his bio!)
  190. Udder Madness at the Mouse House (Town hall meeting at Glendale)
  191. Galactica that never was (Foundation Imaging Demo)
  192. Article: Does a good sleep make you smarter?
  193. James Cameron Returning To SF?
  194. Tokyo Godfathers trailer
  196. WTC Transit Hub Desing Features Open-Air Design (Architectural Renderings)
  197. New Cell Phone Technology for the City Dweller
  198. RUMOR:STAR WARS - the television series?
  199. Possible Defective Motherboards on Dell Servers
  200. Blur Studio's Rockfish preview clip
  201. Shrek 3 & Shark Tale 2 Already in the Works
  202. Softimage is offering Mental Ray for half the price
  203. PROVIDE3D releases products for Maya LINUX
  204. CNN: Drive the Mars Rover (Interactive 3d Animation)
  205. 3D images from MARS! on Friday, January 23 at 10 p.m on CNN
  206. Disney Fires John Musker, Ron Clements
  207. Tax Credits Help Support Digital Animation (Canada)
  208. Mac turns 20
  209. gates promises spam will be no more in 2006
  210. Handheld devices to get PowerVR chips (same 3d chip as the dreamcast)
  211. StarWars III: Footage Online
  212. Shrek 3?
  213. New Alias Customer Stories: WETA and RotK
  214. 'Rings' Wins FOUR Golden Globe Trophies
  215. Update on Stuart Little 3
  216. Steamboy
  217. CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 12 has been announced
  218. Avid buys NXN Software, Developer of Alienbrain
  219. Alias and House of Moves Form Strategic Alliance
  220. Starship Troopers 2 - Teaser Trailer!!!
  221. MAC game developers discuss piracy
  222. Rockstar gives away classic games for free
  223. Digital Fusion: 2hrs of Free Training Material
  224. Bruckheimer, Disney visit American McGee 'Oz'
  225. Philips Creates Foldable Screens for E-Newspapers
  226. And The Winner Is (3D Art to Part Modeling Contest)
  227. Brit 50's Icon Dan Dare To Make U.S. Television Debut In High-Definition On Animania
  228. Voting Started for the Alienware Challenge
  229. EXPOSÉ 2 Deadline Extended to 2 February 2004
  230. NPR shader plugin Pencil+ 1.1 for 3ds max released!
  231. Great 'Dobby' Tutorial
  232. Lord of The Rings: Gets 11 Oscar Nominations(and the full oscar nomination list)
  233. UK:Animex Festival Opens This Week (Ray Harryhausen featured speaker!)
  234. Tutorial Links Site
  235. Oscar Nominations are out!
  236. New Appleseed
  237. Disney & Pixar Announce the Cars Voice Cast
  238. Kill Bill 2 Teaser
  239. Logo Design contest, prizes and logo design in comic to be awarded!
  240. NY Times article on Stefen Fangmeier (registration required)
  241. Interview with Habib Zargarpour
  242. USATODAY: Apple's '1984' Ad by Ridley Scott 20 years later
  243. Violence Doesn't Sell
  244. UPN's CG-Animated series Game Over Ready for Prime Time
  245. 17 new cmiStudios products announced!
  246. Virtual dummy to try on clothes
  247. Yoda Stolen
  248. $200 Contest at Epilogue
  249. PIXAR and DISNEY - The Deal is Done!
  250. Apple Seed new full 3dcg anime based in the classic of masamuen shirou