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  1. Wildcat for the Mac?
  2. Half-Life 2 Source Code Stolen/Leaked
  3. New Interview - Double Negative ('Tomb Raider II' and 'LXG')
  4. Why Pixar Altered Knick Knack
  5. VH1 goes inside Primetime Cartoons
  6. Reuters:Graphics Chip Makers Scrap Over Half-Life
  7. Reuters:Sony to Unveil All-In-One PSX Game Device Next Week
  8. New 'Clone Wars' Images
  9. UT2004 Preview
  10. William Steig, creator of Shrek, passes away at 95
  11. CNN:Military Training Is Just a video Game
  12. Big Idea on the Auction Block
  13. H-1B Visa Cap Falls to 65,000
  14. Unfortunate Coincidence for Father of the Pride
  15. ACDSee 6 is out there
  16. Awsome video from
  17. Hitchhiker's Guide Movie Greenlighted
  18. Halloween update for Project Dogwaffle
  19. New interview with the creator of sahari!
  20. Full Review of Disney's Home on the Range:"2-D Animation Is Not Dead!"
  21. REUTERS: Nokia Sets Ambitious Targets for New Game Phone
  22. Royal Render v4.0 released
  23. Kansas City area 3D User Group - Meeting on Oct 23
  24. MAX PAYNE 2 goes gold
  25. Rustboy Book
  26. Avid releases Avid Free DV
  27. Warner's Wooing Pixar
  28. Datacasting' Refuses to Die
  29. Vintage PCs Evoke Sweet Memories
  31. HalfLife 2 delayed due to code leak
  32. Half-Life 2 Pre-Release Hits the Scene
  33. CMI studios releases the 3rd DVD for shake training!
  34. Great Warriors Contest
  35. IGN: Behind the Scenes Videos of Matrix Revolutions
  36. Previsualization on the Star Wars Prequels
  37. Doug Chiang To Appear at Anime Festival
  38. Animation Employment Trick & Treats
  39. Voice Acting From the Inside
  40. Yahoo:Apple Announces Mac OS X 'Panther'
  41. Spielberg, Bohem Back On SCI FI Channel
  42. Original Star Wars screening in L.A.
  43. Book Review: How To Get A Job In Computer Animation
  44. Phantom Console: Fraud with Serious Backing?
  45. New Character Animation Tutorials
  46. 3d movie trailer "L'Uovo" by Dario Picciau
  47. 15 images from ROTK
  48. THX to certify sound of video games
  49. Resident Evil : Apocalypse/2PAC Resurrection
  50. Reuters:Disney may be ready to change current Pixar deal
  51. Finding Nemo DVD details...
  52. Reader Project: 'Landing Force' by Xavier Marquis.
  53. reviews: How to Get a Job in Computer Animation
  54. Dreamworks 'Pride' is still alive, it seems...
  55. Looney Tunes - BIA Trailer
  56. REUTERS: Disney Aims to Scare Pirates, Profit from Technology
  57. Controversy over HL2: The Gloves are off now
  58. Blizzard Halloween Art Contest
  59. Dreamwork's "Pride" must go on...
  60. Spanish Aurigafilms, where is it ?
  61. A Free Icarus Replacement ?
  62. FORBES:Disney's 3d visualization used to build new roller coasters
  63. New MOD tools for TRON 2.0
  64. Silo 1.1, Free Version, and Character Plugin Released
  65. New Interview - CafeFX ('LXG')
  66. gameSpace on it's way.
  67. Wash Post: Intel Chairman Says U.S. Is Losing Tech Edge
  68. IGN:GameCube outsells PS2 and Xbox
  69. BonusTools for Maya 5 ready for download!
  70. Sneak Peek of PIXAR's "The Incredibles" on Saturday October 11!
  71. ANANOVA: Live Action Movies for Pixar?!
  72. Anti-piracy technique makes videogames characters jump less higher.
  73. Matrix Revolutions International Poster
  74. Entertainment Weekly Talks Clone Wars Cartoon
  75. IGN: Sony to Drop PS2 to $99?
  76. Interview: Ed Catmull, president of Pixar
  77. Do u have place on your desktop to a 92" screen??
  78. The Incredibles movies site is up!
  79. messiah:animate 4.0 DEMO AVAILABLE!
  80. If your in Dallas this weekend!
  81. Bay Area Maya users Group meeting at PIXAR!!!
  82. Animanium to be launched this month
  83. The making of a Pop star: Tara Bonbon
  84. Moray 3.5 released
  85. NEW Jimmy Neutron Special Monday October 13
  86. Finding Nemo Video: 5-step progression of the "Turtle Dive" scene
  87. Jahshaka!!! Open Source compositing and editing app
  88. NEW Final Fantasy Movie: Advent Children
  89. WIRED: Sharp Debuts 3-D Display Laptop
  90. Jimmy Neutron:Rescue Jet Fusion airs tonight
  91. Caligari "Big break" animation contest winners...
  92. Tattoo!!! An affordable 3d painting package (40$!!!)
  93. GPU Accelerated photon mapping!
  94. Lightwave Water Surfaces
  95. Cinema 4D Mesh Surgery Now Available
  96. Turn That PC Into a Supercomputer
  97. 12 Million Historic Photos Scanned to Web
  98. Warner Bros. Invites Fans to Special "Batwoman" Screening Tuesday, October 14 in LA
  99. Barrons: Pixar Stock Overvalued?
  100. Matrix Reloaded DVD Released!
  101. Combustion v3 --> NOW SHIPPING !!
  102. VRAY video tutorials
  103. Optical DSP capable of up to 8,000 Giga MAC operations per second
  104. IGN: Crimson Skies goes GOLD
  105. finalRender Stage-1 Service Pack1 Announced!
  106. CNN:China claims its place in space
  107. Clone Wars Cartoon Screening at Dallas Comic Con October 25-26
  108. Pixar's The Incredibles preview
  109. MAXON CINEBENCH 2003 optimized for G5
  110. Benchmarks: Athlon 64 vs. Apple G5
  111. Maya 5 PLE Now Available for Download
  112. Jimmy Neutron:Jet Fusion :Tonight! Octobet 15, 2003
  113. Matrix Revolutions: 35 shots from the final film
  114. AWN:Studio Uses 3D Software to Create 2D Inbetweens
  115. AWN: Disney - Pixar Compromise Offered...
  116. Trailer: Tim Burtons Big Fish
  117. X2 : "The Sentinels" lost movie designs
  118. R!OT provide effects for Broadway musical TVC
  119. Clone Wars Cartoon US Schedule Announced
  120. Click 3x coughs up the goods
  121. 3ds max 6 - in-depth preview exclusive
  122. Alias has released mr 3.2.6(stand-alone) for Maya
  123. STAR WARS UPDATE: Spoilers Revealed(Move Along, Move Along)
  124. Digital Fusion Case Study: Good Boy
  125. NewTek and eyeon Software Extend LightWave 3D/DFX+(TM) Professional Graphics Bundle
  126. Apple unveils iTunes, Music Store for Windows
  127. Maya 5.0 Bonus Tools Available Now!!!
  128. NYPost: Stan Lee Media investigated by SEC for fraud
  129. Tim Burton The Nightmare Before Christmas Q & A Tonight Thursday, October 16
  130. The Guardian: Article about Hayao Miyazaki
  131. All Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-ins now compliant with 3ds max 6
  132. Facelift: The Radeon 9600 XT
  133. Half-Life 2: Updated Details
  134. Happy Ship question Don Diablo
  135. Rainmaker Vancouver on 'Good Boy'
  136. Perfect Solution, open sp4 max files in sp3 systems
  137. Artbeats offers several new royalty free stock footage collections
  138. New Dawn of the Dead teaser online
  139. Maya 5 PLE is out
  140. Pixar and Digital Domain at The Pipeline
  141. Byrons Poly Tools released
  142. Clone Wars press materials (Sketches, Bios, Interview with Genndy Tartakovsk)
  143. RUMOR:Nausicaa dub to be released in theaters?!!(With the help of FinalCutPro)
  144. Garfield Movie site up!
  145. Softimage User Group in Atlanta
  146. HALO PC demo now available
  147. The PlayStation 3: An Introduction Click Here The PlayStation 3: An Introduction
  148. Download UK Clone Wars Cartoon Footage
  149. Download this: Nina from Tekken in her own game
  150. Update: Halloween Pirate Booty Bash and Costume Party!
  151. 3D-Palace Tutorial Release
  152. Catalyst 3.8's Overheating Radeon 9800's
  153. New Lightwave promotion: half price!
  154. HP Alpha's Going Going Gone!
  155. Indepth tutorial on how to create a procedural canyon material at CGWorks
  156. Mirage Pre Release - Only A Few Days Left
  157. Texture CD!!! Beautiful stuff......
  158. "Sneaker Dreams" animation online
  159. The World of the Dark Crystal Collector's Edition in reprint
  160. "Clone Wars" Screen Shots and Production Images
  161. WIRED: John Gaeta ("The Matrix") talks about the future of film
  162. R.I.P Animated Movies....
  163. Download 2nd US "SW:Clone Wars" Cartoon Promo
  164. mental images Accelerates Development of RealityServer with $6 Million Investment
  165. PopScience:The Gallery of Future Aircraft
  166. cineme 2003 festival
  167. Sony May Slash 20,000 Jobs
  168. SGI continues to bleed........43.6 million first quarter loss
  169. GFX Artist: Mythical Women Contest Results
  170. REUTERS:THQ Says It Starts Work on Next-Generation Systems
  171. The best action movie ever made is released on DVD (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
  172. Here's that first look at Disney's Home On The Range!"
  173. Discreet: "free" 3dsmax6 video tutorials
  174. CAT Public Beta now available
  175. WIRED: Men Behind the Matrix: An FAQ
  176. "Could Your CD Contain Corn?"<--Now this is something really cool and positive
  177. Star Wars Episodes VII-IX Possible?
  178. 3D Rendering History - Pt.2
  179. Promising MATRIX REVOLUTIONS Reviews
  180. Mental RAY DVD TUTORIAL Presale
  181. DPS To Animate New "Shrek"-like CG Film
  182. Unreal University 2003
  183. interview with Harryhausen
  184. Apple releses new IBooks!
  185. New Content site for 3D artists
  186. New Website for Messiah:Studio and Messiah:Animate Users
  187. "Clone Wars" Official site is up!
  188. CNN: Study: Video games fight phobias
  189. "The Animal Motion Show" now available
  190. BOXX Unleashes GameBOXX Series of Workstation-Class Gaming Systems
  191. Indy Toon Feature "Firedog" Goes Into Production
  192. Sony Pic planning 300 layoff to cut costs
  193. WSJ Profiles Disney's Move Into CG
  194. George lucas gets animated
  195. Variety:Sony Moving Ahead with Chubbchubbs Feature Film
  196. The New Poster for Viggo Mortensen's Hidalgo
  197. New Geforce FX and 52.16 detonator drivers
  198. Vivendi 'Half-Life 2' Game Release Date Uncertain
  199. Antropus Reader Project
  200. Square Enix announces Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  201. Interview with Nathan Walpole, Bungie
  202. New Effects and Game Art Studio....Massive Black Inc.
  203. SHREK 2 new character Image: PUSS IN BOOTS
  204. New NVIDIA GeForce FX GPU's
  205. Computer Graphics World Rigging Article by Joe Harkins
  206. buy a new ATI card and get Halflife2 FREE!?
  207. WSJ: Disney Decides It Must Draw Artists Into the Computer Age
  208. Interview with Matt Gorner
  209. "Doom 3 to be capped at 60 FPS "
  210. El CID, LA LEYENDA. Soon on Theaters.
  211. Wired: Copyright Catch-Up in E. Europe
  212. EXPOSE' - Pixel Magazine's Book of the Month
  213. A 7-Minute Look at The Matrix Revolutions!
  214. IGN: NVIDIA unveils the 5700 and 5950 in the heart of San Francisco.
  215. Dali & Walt Disney - Destino Short clips
  216. Mac OS 10.3 Panther Arrives
  217. Interview with Bradley Gabe of ILM
  218. Phantom Game Console Presentation
  219. Softimage super promotions: getting XSI cheaper
  220. Bad Revolutions Review & Massive Spoiler
  221. DigArts Announces Release of Palm Paints
  222. Bauhaus Software's Mirage 1.0 is shipping
  223. Decoded: The Making of Matrix Revolutions *TONIGHT*
  224. Video-Tutorials from Polish CG Vortal -
  225. Download 3rd Clone Wars Cartoon Promo
  226. 'Peter Pan' Full Theatrical Trailer
  227. New French publication; "Femmes 3D"
  228. New updates done to "STAR WARS SPECIAL EDITION"
  229. CNN:GTA Lawsuit (Video game caused death?)
  230. LucasArts President Resigns Abruptly
  231. New Miyazaki and "Ghost in the Shell" Films Release Dates for Japan
  232. Linux-Crossover Office 2.1
  233. Photoshop 8 is finally released today
  234. Interview with Ray Harryhausen
  235. Atkin to Step Down as Executive Director of VES
  236. GALACTICA game gone gold
  237. Sneak a Peek at the Next Windows
  238. Wired:Wish You Were Here(New Online World online 3-D world called There)
  239. Red vs Blue Sweeps Machinima Awards
  240. Garfield: The first one-sheet poster.
  241. The first image from Miyazaki's next animated epic
  242. Intel Cuts Prices Up To 35 Percent
  243. SF Chronicle:Digital Art For Your Wall-Mounted TV
  244. Website: CG Aliens/Live Action Nickelodeon show
  245. New graphic CZECH web...
  246. Newest Metal Gear Solid 3 trailer
  247. CN Pledges Half a Billion to European Programming
  248. REUTERS: Sony to Cut 20,000 Jobs Over Three Years
  249. DPS and Vanguard Animation partnership
  250. WIRED: Product Review Apple's latest update to OS X, code-named Panther