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  1. Bringing your models to life... literally
  2. Newtek releasing 4th texture collection
  3. European software patents protest
  4. artoonic... pilot fot cg serie
  5. REUTERS:Pixar may have outgrown Disney
  6. USATODAY: Video games now draw more women than boys
  7. Hi-Rez pictures of Matrix Revolutions...
  8. FOR REAL: Walking Dinosaur at Disney Parks
  9. Reaches 50,000 Members
  10. SGI to cut 600 more jobs -SJ Mercury
  11. - Online Model Library revamp
  12. Big Apple Anime Fest 2003 Aug 29-31
  13. Kingdom Hearts 2 is confirmed, as well as a television show?
  14. Alienware's New Laptop Flash Teaser
  15. Terry Jones and Björk to star in Anna and the Moods
  16. Maya Tutorial : Spline IK Soft Body Setup
  17. CNN: NVidia eyes PlayStation 3
  18. Wonderful Days bombed, state of Korea animation
  19. Lightwave Discovery Edition
  20. CNN Review: The scariest video game around
  21. THEONION: An interview with Robert Rodriguez
  22. phantom new game machine Infinium Lab
  23. Competition "House of the Future"
  24. NEW Lightwave-Tutorial-DVD ...released!!
  25. (a bit OFF-TOPIC) FREE pre-issue of RenderNode Magazine finally available!!!
  26. Disney in Orlando lays off some more animators
  27. kaydara motionbuilder 5 DEMO
  28. Kaena bombed
  29. RUMOR: Predator 3 bits..Including who will be cast as "Dutch"
  30. Polar Express teaser poster
  31. WIRED: Micro-face expressions explained
  32. NBC Wins Auction for Vivendi Assets (Among them Universal Studios)
  33. PBS:The Monster that ate Hollywood...(or why films now suck)
  34. George Lucas Japanese TV Commercial
  35. How to get a job in the CG industry
  36. Interview with Michel Koiter & Rene Koiter (aka Twincruiser)
  37. Discreet Evolve Tour showcasing 3ds max® 6
  38. MTV Special FX Award Winner - 'Go with the Flow'
  39. Softimage September Gallery Online
  40. AWN:CGI Commercial Production, what it takes...
  41. Did Disney Try to Sabotage Spirited Away's Release?
  42. Toronto Lightwave User Group
  43. Windows 2K and SP4 Update
  44. Interview with Helge Mathee, great XSI plugin writer
  45. HollywoodReporter: 'FIREFLY' The Movie
  46. Disney's Brother Bear:Gorgeous shots from the Movie
  47. New Interview - Enrique Gato (Praetorians, Commandos, Tadeo Jones...)
  48. CGNetworks and 3DVF Enter Content Partnership
  49. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra - The lost manuscript of Ed Wood?
  50. AWN:The Best in Animated & VFX Commercials
  51. Full Sail interviews Joe Harkins
  52. artist Freelance Looking to one Opportunity
  53. Big Idea bought out
  54. Console Market: Its all downhill from here?
  55. TV Movie with messiah & LightWave FX!
  56. SOMA-CG - Sydney
  57. Discreet moves discretly to Linux
  58. Stan Lee, Activision Play Together on Video Games
  59. Turn your 3D models into paper craft models
  60. Family Guy DVD Movie!
  61. Starship Troopers 2: In depth interview with VFX Supervisor Eric Leven
  62. Nations to Develop Non-Windows Software
  63. Stan Winston's 'TRAKK' Trailer
  64. SCO's next target: SGI?
  65. Short Film Distribution: Internet Style
  66. Deep Angel Web Series__"Top Gun meets Crimson Tide’"
  67. Videogames: The Biggest Game In Town
  68. Kansas City area 3D User Group
  69. Universal cuts CD prices
  70. BBC: Next gen consoles spark concern
  71. Sony Pictures Imageworks - Early Bloomer
  72. upcoming cg films
  73. WIRED: Woz OK's Apple I Resurrection
  74. New spiderman 2 vilain
  75. Intel unveils new chips
  76. Report on Disney's Animation event with Michael Eisner, Glen Keane and Andreas Deja
  77. Silo Update 1.02
  78. Combustion 3 Info !!!
  79. Book review: Concept Design
  80. USATODAY:Video game graphics invigorate computer, microchip sales
  81. ILM Pirates Animator Interviewed
  82. Wash Post: Opus the Penguin Back In the Funny Business
  83. Introductory contest winners of the Realism anatomy textbook.
  84. New info on the Tapwave handheld
  85. SCO CEO fires off letter to open-source community
  86. WIRED: Commodore 64 prototype for sale
  87. Review Of Doug Chiang's Robata
  88. IBC2003 12-16.Sept in Amsterdam
  89. PFTrack 1.0 review in french
  90. new game: Call of Duty
  91. Aztec 2.0 now available
  92. CINEMA 4D 8.2 available
  93. Amapi Designer 7 for $149!!!
  94. New XSI Modeling Training Videos
  95. *CGTalker Malducin's TOUR OF ILM*
  96. Half Life 2 benchmarks
  97. LATIMES: Update on PIXAR and Disney negotiations
  98. REUTERS: Computer with 3-D Display Planned by Japan's Sharp
  99. MIT Tech Review: Selling Online Content—25 Cents at a Time
  100. Yeah! It's Final Bale is Batman!
  101. Who needs overtime!
  102. Softimage New Show Reel and Testimonial Reel
  103. EA chooses Softimage XSI for Fifa Soccer 2004
  104. CGTalk related Maya user's group meeting
  105. Half-Life 2 Technology Trailer
  106. $521 Million Verdict against Microsoft!
  107. RenderMan Pro Server for Mac
  108. Dave Tracey Interview
  109. "Apple Computer as a whole was a massive failure"
  110. Sosumi: Apple vs Apple: Beatles vs. Apple Computer
  111. Death of two cartoon voices
  112. Disney animates Dali's flick
  113. GameSpace: 3d Modeling Tool.
  114. Disney's atlantis.....?
  115. CNN: Nintendo Game Boy works as videophone
  116. Micael Jackson Visits Montreal Production House Cinegroupe
  117. MIT:Auto Animation software
  118. WIRED: Intel and the 64-Bit Question
  119. Blue Sky's The Iguana Brothers!
  120. Wash Post Profile:Robert Rodriguez
  121. Motorola Unveils First Microsoft Phone
  122. 15" ALPBs finally here!
  123. First LEGO Bionicle Film released first On DVD
  124. DPS aquires interest in Mainframe Entertainment
  125. Interview with Newell from Valve
  126. MP3's are not the devil by Orson Scott Card
  127. Networking, good way to score an animation job
  128. Intel to Release Processor for PC Gaming
  129. Interview: Liam Kemp - This Wonderful Life
  130. EXPOSE' 1 Limited Editions Sold Out - and more news
  131. Tron 2.0 Movie update
  132. Wonderful Days DVD is out
  133. Children Of Dune Wins VFX Emmy
  134. SFChron Story:The secret of Pixar's magic can be found at CalArts
  135. Conceptual artist Feng Zhu joins Gnomon
  136. Los Angeles residents - EXPOSE' available at Gnomon
  137. Star Wars Episode III Production
  138. SEE IT FAST: The New Look of Anakin (Darth Vader)
  140. Return of the King Trailer
  141. Bill Gates Gives $51 Million to New York Schools
  142. Wacom Introduces New Graphire3 with a 6x8 Configuration
  143. Eden FX Announces Fall Projects
  144. Final Fantasy X-2 Preview
  145. New Jimmy Neutron TV special and video game
  146. New unreleased "Matrix Revolutions" trailers!!!
  147. New reference site for artists
  148. 'Jonh and his Dog' begins production
  149. Star Wars Episode III Status
  150. The Art of Meats Meier
  151. Interview with Greg "T.Rex" Glezakos
  152. "I can't believe I said that"
  153. RUMOR: NEW Original SW Trilogy Special Editions
  154. New 3D animated television series
  155. New Contest Starting
  156. Underworld Hits Theaters
  157. Juggernautt Online Fantasy Art Gallery - Lot's of eye candy
  158. CGTalk and Your site: How the Web was Broken
  159. Creating the 'MAD SCIENTIST' trading card illustration
  160. Download Full SW Clone Wars Cartoon Promo
  161. Boxx Technologies $200 off Opteron RenderBoxx
  162. Disney Animation in Tokyo is no more
  163. CNN: DNA computing: The next breed of tech
  164. C/NET: Intel, Sony prep digital content standard
  165. AMD Unveils Athlon 64 Chip, Beating Intel
  166. Resident Evil 2
  167. Ron Thornton joins The DAVE School Staff
  168. Matrix Revolutions preview!
  169. new products at
  170. Spectrum 10 Hits the stands!
  171. Reuters:Nvidia Launches First Chip for Handheld Gadgets
  172. Vanguard Opens 3D Studio at Ealing for Valiant
  173. Pile of Junk?
  174. Athlon64 Reviews up
  175. AMD Athlon 64 Ani Contest Winners
  176. Pictures/tour of inside of Valve
  177. Game Dev introduction site
  178. Half Life 2 'offically' delayed - confirmed by Valve
  179. NOW I want a GameCube too.....
  180. SIGGRAPH 2004 Calls for Participation
  181. AWN:Commercial House Z Animation Starts Up
  182. Reuters: New E-Paper Could Show Moving Images Too
  183. Robota: Doug Chiang interview
  184. Bay Raitt on Gollum facial animation - fantastic read!
  185. Alias ships three new design products
  186. The Art of Feng Zhu
  187. Cartoon Network to air 'GI Joe: Spy Troops'
  188. Final Fantasy VII sequel pics
  189. Kingdom Heart sequels pics
  190. Lightwave 8 in Toronto Canada
  191. CINESCAPE: UNDERWORLD 2 is a go
  192. CNN: Nintendo targets China, cuts U.S. price
  193. WASH POST: Company Develops System To Thwart Movie Pirates
  194. HL2 Story False: Half Life 2 has gone Gold
  195. RUMOR: ROTK Trailer description
  196. Full Theatrical Matrix Revolutions Trailer
  197. Max 6 Evolve Tour
  198. Reader Project: Creating "Artizel"
  199. BBC: Doctor Who returns to TV
  200. Ubi Soft tries to force ex-employees to quit EA.
  201. Interiview with Michael Arias
  202. CNN: GameBoy Advance users may go wireless
  203. ROTK- Trailer.
  204. WIRED: Apple logo is getting a new look
  205. Thanks Feng!
  206. New Metal Gear Solid 3 images. Crocodile suit is In!
  207. Final Fantasy XII is comming.
  208. LucasArts cancels Full Throttle 2
  209. New "Creature Comforts" episodes (UK TV)
  210. A new Final Fantasy XI PC Benchmark test
  211. The Fanimatrix - The Matrix created by fans
  212. FORBES: Top-Earning Fictional Characters
  213. Sun, Computers 100 Times Faster
  214. Ultra High Definition Video (UHDV)
  215. A High res Final Fantasy 12 poster and FF7 movie trailer
  216. Photoshop CS (v8) looks cool!
  217. Official Site for Madagascar Now Online
  218. CNN:Want a PC this Xmas? Then print it (Advances in 3D printers)
  219. REUTERS: Adobe to launch suite for design, publishing
  220. Modo preview
  221. The Matrix RevolutionsTrailer 1024x768 Hi Rez
  222. First picture of Catwoman
  223. Houdini 6.1.149 available
  224. 1gb=>64kb
  225. Cartoon Network Open Call for concepts from Aspiring Animators
  226. Carmaker unveils Online Cardriving game.
  227. Returner in American theatres
  228. Reference Site Back Up
  229. Panasonic Announces Digital Filmmakers Grant
  230. Creating 'Aviator's Wife'
  231. August/September 2003 public voting now live!
  232. 3D Rendering History
  233. GVFX Studios . Closed!?
  234. Film Compilation Requesting Artist Submissions
  235. Huge Computing Power Goes Online
  236. 3D Festival 2004 Announced
  237. Carrara Studio 3.0 Free Trial Download Available
  238. Learn shake fast (dvd's)
  239. Matrix Revolutions Posters
  240. AWN:Sharkslayer Title Changed
  241. Pixar's 2006 film is called 'RATATOUILLE'
  242. New Cartoon Series
  243. CINESCAPE: Lucas To Get Lifetime F/X Prize
  244. Softimage October gallery now up
  245. SFSIG Event: Pirate Booty Bash with ILM!
  246. Siggraph Costume Party!!!!
  247. Half-Life 2 free with Radeon 9800 XT
  248. The making of DBT Café by Juan Siquier
  249. Tutorial: Basic Car Rendering setup with Brazil r/s
  250. Full CG New York in Down By Love