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  1. Wishing to buy Swift 3D for LW or Polytrans
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  22. Best Workstation for LW 9?
  23. SIGGRAPH LW Videos: GMD, Ron Thorton and More
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  25. Galactica wins VFX Emmy
  26. Expressions can't talk to motion modifers?
  27. Buy LW Academic version
  28. Camera Edits
  29. How to create this...?
  30. Video's uploaded
  31. Lighting advice for interiors
  32. What could be wrong?
  33. transfert data (camera path or null position)
  34. Deformation vs. bones
  35. Targa Compression output
  36. Dynamics memory allocation problem...HELP
  37. Poser 7 question
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  39. Fprime and AA
  40. render nodes & OS
  41. Meni talks about Terra
  42. Lightwave Production Pipeline
  43. [LW]Network Rendering - Ease of Use Assessment
  44. Modeler vs Layout Performance
  45. Displacement using nodes screwed up
  46. Some architecture and fiction images made with Lighwave
  47. Scene Editor Question
  48. lwsn.exe and wine
  49. limited region and masking supported in command line?
  50. Selling LW 9.x + Vue 5 Infinite
  51. Saving Out Chunks of Animation
  52. LW ver. 8 with dongle & documentation
  53. light & volumetrics problems
  54. Color animation
  55. Modeler: Rail Clone
  56. Any ideas when version 10 is out?
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  58. Jump in now or wait..
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  62. Hypervoxels unseen by camera.
  63. Combing Hair (splines)
  64. Lw MUle messuah animate=headache......
  65. modo displacement in lightwave
  66. can anybody explain me why I cant see that windows UV in render?
  67. Lightwave 9.3 Render Crash
  68. DStorm Trailer with Morphs
  69. Maestro 2.3 is now available
  70. Zombie Dearest Pix
  71. HELP Quick Q...
  72. Exporting A Scene animation as a Model? Exporting a Volume?
  73. Rigging: Help with bones and skelegons please.
  74. Method for Global Illumination?
  75. Graph editor help...
  76. Halloween Ghost Tutorial...
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  78. Kray 1.7 OB 4 available
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  80. see that real thing
  81. Transparency in Textures and Video textures
  82. Network rendering software
  83. Lumanosity objects instead of lights
  84. How To Question.
  85. save lightwave scene in 9 format
  86. PassPort (pass rendering for LightWave)
  87. using bones from another layer
  88. Sasquatch Outline Issue
  89. Measurements in layout?
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  92. Lightwave Artists in Australia?
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  98. Lightwave Artists in Australia?
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  100. fprime errors / problems URGENT
  101. Teaser online!
  102. Polygon reduction whilst mainting UV data
  103. From Scratch: Rethinking character RIGGING in Lightwave.
  104. Best Graphics card for Lightwave (For < $1K and for > $1K)
  105. lw-pmg-lw/syflex?
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  107. chinese dragon rig
  108. Render or camera question
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  110. Free LightWave Training by Taron
  111. FX Linker Question
  112. New modeling tool SwiftEdgeLoop v1.0 has been released!
  114. free misaki
  115. wireframe grey
  116. Zombie Dearest Animated Short Discussion Thread. (Tofu The Vegan Zombie Short)
  117. lightwave export
  118. back up and running!
  119. How to use DStorms DirectX Exporter -- Plugin
  120. problems with Fprime & G2 in Mac OSX Leopard
  121. 64bit installation problem
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  123. UV map export plugin
  124. bone to pick
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  127. Lightwave Baking Seems
  128. Fprime won't let me save render
  129. freeze subpatch and retain morph maps?
  130. Particles and Collision Troubles
  131. Are People Getting Much Into the Nodes?
  132. Network Rendering and 3rd Party Plugins
  133. Would You Use the Dielectric Shader for This?
  134. Question regarding ZBrush displacement nodes...
  135. Basic Question: How do I Extend This?
  136. ...Can Swift 3D outputing Hyper Voxels...
  137. Anime WIP videos
  138. Cutting an surface according to applied pattern
  139. "Preview" in 8.5 (mac)
  140. ''Dynamic Occlusion'' and nodes
  141. Network Rendering
  142. many uvs are a problem?
  143. Rig Flat eyes??...
  144. wheels? script?
  145. Help with Universal Studio Effect
  146. All in Lightwave 3D
  147. All in Lightwave 3D
  148. All in Lightwave 3D
  149. How do I make a Line thicker
  150. PC or Mac?
  151. HD Instance update 1.8.1 - LW9.3 + node support
  152. Rendering Videos?
  153. Light Bitch
  154. Lightwave 10?
  155. Dongle Question(s)
  156. Virtual Mirror... built in?
  157. New modeling tool EasyMesh v1.0 has been released!
  158. New Free demo from the Pixel Farm
  159. LightWave v9.3.1 Now Available
  160. Booleans vs Speed Booleans
  161. Distance to Object gradient in the Node Editor
  162. Bone rigging for Actual Bones.
  163. Vista suckness
  164. Terminus Short Discussion Thread. (Lightwave Rendered FX Short)
  165. Transparent surfaces when using Shadow Maps
  166. Using Endomorphs for Modeling- Video
  167. Spiderman Suit Webbing Technique
  168. Enviroment question
  169. Video: Animate a page turning. Multiple Solutions
  170. Graph Editor Help
  171. Smokey Give Away!
  172. Plam Growing Effect
  173. 3D Models to Real Models
  174. Exporting camera from Maya to Ligthwave with PointOven
  175. Finished Work: Medical Illustration
  176. SoftFX and Cloth FX Tutorial: Flag Roll
  177. 3 Particle Video Tutorials
  178. Compositing inside of LightWave (Video Tutorial)
  179. Animating carpet rolling and unrolling
  180. Star Trek fan film beats pro entries on first TV Guide Web Award
  181. Frame Cycling on Save or Render
  182. Adding a Decal to Glass or Transparent Objects?
  183. Redraw problem...
  184. Grass...
  185. Setting up an animation rig for window blinds
  186. Creating a curved metal weaved mesh
  187. Problem with bone setup
  188. Freezing rotation on bones
  189. Special Screening of Zombie Dearest in LA
  190. Link a Weightmap to a Null
  191. multiple pins driven by a displacement map
  192. Buttons on a Shirt that uses Cloth FX
  193. Realflow and Network Render
  194. LW 9.3 Texturing addendum
  195. Introduction to texturing with image maps
  196. Introduction of myself to the forum and some questions about Lightwave.
  197. spinning light trick and an introduction to Luxigons
  198. How to setup a cartoon oval eye for animation
  199. Using Effector to displace a tube
  200. Introduction to Color Vertex Maps
  201. Introduction to Texture Guide
  202. Point2null
  203. Model goes haywire during rigging
  204. propeller effect
  205. Spinning propellers
  206. Viewing an Unwrapped Object?
  207. 1 Weight Map, 1 Surface = Multi-Surfaces
  208. Lightwave 9 and extras for sale
  209. Lightwave to XNA problems
  210. IFW2 Textures/Nodal Upgrade Offer
  211. Animating a train or roller coaster
  212. Techniques for animating a spiral motion
  213. Introduction to Cyclist
  214. How limit movement between 2 values?
  215. Isolate Mode on Steriods:unifying LW/Modeler
  216. Creating Foot prints in the ground using Cloth FX
  217. Fireworks Video Tutorial (Fun with particles!)
  218. Modeling a Texas star
  219. Using Cloth FX to Tear/Rip Material
  220. Pixels to dpi format?
  221. IFW2 Package Offer
  222. getting an FBX Import to work with Bones
  223. saslite tutorials anywhere?
  224. Advance lightwave question
  225. First model - tough and kinda bad I know
  226. Rendering/GI Tutorials?
  227. Quickly change between surface appearances
  228. HELP::: Displacement maps Zbrush 2 LW::: HELP
  229. HOW WOULD YOU IMPLEMENT THIS? Stereoscopic Rendering (3D)
  230. 2 Methods for creating a PaperClip
  231. Node Editor: Creating Stitches with Procedural Textures
  232. Introduction to the Create Skin tool
  233. Creating Multiple Pivot Points for one Object
  234. 3D Creative December 2007
  235. PG_Melt
  236. Intro to Hard Surface Subpatch Modeling Videos
  237. Profile: Darren Lutz, Balance Studios
  238. Creating seams in a football model
  239. Using Multiple Weight Maps on 1 Surface
  240. Introduction to the interactive Paste Tool
  241. xyzrgb dragon
  242. Multiple Bumps on one Surface in the Node Editor
  243. Creating Texture Displacement and more in the Node Editor
  244. Free LW Video Training: 7+ Hours and growing
  245. Modeling a Tennis Ball
  246. Custom Character Picker
  247. Creating a “Slinky-Style” spring animation
  248. Creating a rope and pulley animation
  249. xmas holliday at SQ chalange - but as a test on my new mac system!
  250. Lightwave not starting...