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  1. Sasquatch Tutorials in PDF form
  2. *Free* VirtualMirror v1.0 has been released!
  3. UV Transparency Map for human
  4. Aligning multiple objects...
  5. Lw/point Oven/max Workflow?
  6. Best Modeling Books for LW
  7. Explosion explosive
  8. Demo Help
  9. LW FXWARS Entries: Post here if your r going to join the challenge!
  10. Independent Game Developer Seeking 3D Contractors
  11. Confused: LW8 to LW9
  12. Fprime and Follower
  13. LW plugins
  14. "Atlas" isn't so bad...
  15. Q: Points in Texture Wire Mode
  16. What now?
  17. Wasp: Again!
  18. WHAT would you model with polygons; non planar q:
  19. Evaluation of Lightwave 3d Marketing Material
  20. HV-Pro Collection (200 Hypervoxel Presets)
  21. NEED HELP: How To Model A Snail Shell?
  22. OpenGL Disparity
  23. Milky / frosty glass?
  24. Is transfering weight maps possible?
  25. Q Load into Layer
  26. objects for visualitation?
  27. Unreal toontracer
  28. Help with my holiday scene
  29. Need some help with scene, heres something for texturers and lighters
  30. Quick question: Lighting: Multiple layers
  31. Need help with an evil texture
  32. Need help with an evil texture
  33. NewTek Releases Eighth Free Texture Collection
  34. New Profile - Henk Dawson
  35. LightWave Newsletter - November 2005
  36. Detailing Techniques? - Circular Detail on Rounded Contour
  37. End Preview Button Crashes LW
  38. Lightwave 8.5 crashes when using HDRI in Imageworld?
  39. Phone cord problems
  40. Simple script/plugin request
  41. can you do this in LW: Select by weight?
  42. Grrrrrr Layer problem
  43. Particel Emitter Randomize
  44. Hi-res architecture reference images.
  45. LW TD Artists needed
  47. SASQUATCH reflection problem!!!
  48. Morph Maps: Sub-D vs. Poly ...strange?
  49. Direct X Exporter For Lightwave
  50. What is the easiest way to.....
  51. having trouble with something REALLY basic...
  52. Victorian Antique bathtub feet / paws
  53. need help with export to OBj
  54. looking to buy "simply lightwave" tutorial
  55. My latest work in LW, using Motion Builder...
  56. Scanline Flowline..Amazing fluid effects! But not for Lightwave?
  57. Meta primitives use - some sugestions ?
  58. What is a real good DVD on texturing?
  59. Which file format?
  60. I'm quite possibly an idiot for looking for this, but...
  61. Rendering out images in film strip style?
  62. Skyland: Original animated sci-fi series
  63. what's the point in freezing models
  64. the whole image texture thing a little confusing
  65. OGL Troubles LW 8.3
  66. Hornbill
  67. Wip...
  68. Record Pivot Rotation
  69. How to convert multiple complex curves into only one curve?
  70. FPrime alpha channels?
  71. I need to make this skin more realistic
  72. im starting a newbie lightwave project...
  73. Realistic Furniture
  74. I have figured out .x bone animation
  75. Lightwave Questions
  76. Question about Worley Labs product - G2
  77. Spinning top in LW
  78. How do I make models to use a lot of times......
  79. "Add Edges" In Symmetry Mode?
  80. Making rain in Lightwave
  81. "Use background image" for Fog effect in Maya?
  82. Open EXR for LW?
  83. Does 8.5 break Lightwave Viewer in Aura?
  84. Sasquatch how: to grow colored fur from UV color map
  85. Particles emit from animated texture map?
  86. Lost Pivot Tool
  87. creating a glittery surface?
  88. Just wanted to check something
  89. Advanced Lightwave Training:Atmospheres ?
  90. 'Not Enough Memory for Buffers' - suggestions?
  91. Looking for All rounded Lightwave 3D Artists
  92. Can anyone recommend a good laptop
  93. Render Question?
  94. Shaders request
  95. Point weighting nightmare
  96. Great news! EasySplit v2.1 for Macintosh with discount!
  97. kong
  98. Morphing with Normal Maps?
  99. Sasquatch and Radiosity/HDRI
  100. Starting an HD project - any advice
  101. uv maping using 2 maps
  102. Lighting Using Particles
  103. fprime question
  104. Help with Modeling Cell Phone...
  105. Eyeballing in layout
  106. Messiah:Studio workstation for sale (UK)
  107. Effectors
  108. Help With ClothFX
  109. Camera Referencing Lscript
  110. Rail Extrude problems
  111. Truespace to Lightwave model import
  112. Goofy (probably simple) layer question in Layout
  113. Boujou Track into LW: Frame Ajustment?
  114. Creating glass with Fast Fresnel shader and Ray trace Shadows+reflection
  115. Lightwave & Vue5I Volcano Wip
  116. Bad Focus Pulls
  117. How to vary FXlinked objects
  118. Motion Referencing Lscript
  119. LW to DVD workflow
  120. Copying UV's from one object to another
  121. Rendering just the shadow
  122. Smooth Shift
  123. Experimental support for Symmetry in EasySplit..
  124. 3D Painting question
  125. ignore - double post
  126. Making of tutorial..
  127. DOF using fog question
  128. Grouping is driving me NUTS!
  129. Video Modeling for the head
  130. LW animated short that ships with Xmen toys
  131. 2 complete lightwave commercials
  132. rail extrusion help
  133. Off-topic, but...
  134. Maestro
  135. LIGHTING A SCENE: How do you replicate a LIGHT PROBE prom ONE picture?
  136. Matrix gun exlposions
  137. "instant message" quickie peice now in 3d
  138. Targeting issues
  139. Random question - CPU Temps...
  140. CHEAP GLOBAL ILLUMINATION: Any TIPS & TRICKS to speed up radiosity renders?
  141. Glow and Alpha Channel
  142. Lightwave 8.3 Upgrade For Sale Europe
  143. Modelling a human?
  144. Modelling a car.
  145. 3DWorld mag - Qs needed for LightWave Q&A
  146. Artifacts (FPrime)
  147. Pictrix C_Worm Demo movie.
  148. Captain Scarlet FX reel
  149. Error message from drawing points
  150. FPrime and white border pixels?
  151. Colin Cohen plugins
  152. what will happen when nexus comes out?
  153. OpenGL and Weightmaps
  154. Batch Morph to OBJ script...?
  155. Which one should you do first....
  156. Lightwave 7.0
  157. WIP Character: Robot
  158. Newest lightwave trial version
  159. Character: (wip) Soldier
  160. Quick question
  161. HowTo? <<Bathfoam>>
  162. PSD EXPORT- ObjectID/ID Matte
  163. *FREE* ShowWeights v1.0 has been released!
  164. Goosh...
  165. My night sky scene looks so stupid....
  166. How to change tar get during animation?
  167. Upgrade / Licensing Question
  168. hiding a seam
  169. Rigging alignment problems...
  170. Any Free Christmas Objects?
  171. Captain Scarlet Models
  172. some Lw work
  173. Character Rig
  174. Lightwave blendshapes to Maya and back
  175. HELP- Sasquatch doesn't cast shadows
  176. Hypervoxel "Surface" screamernet problem....
  177. Lightwave blendshapes to Maya and back
  178. Working between Lightwave and Maya
  179. Bauhaus Mirage Holiday Special
  180. Lightwave 8 & FPrime FOR SALE
  181. New voxels engine for LW
  182. Playing around with LW
  183. Sasquatch dynamics
  184. WIP... Money Frog
  185. Any Hampton Roads, VA LW users here?
  186. How do you cache a Hypervoxels solution for screamernet?
  187. Vertex Maps or Weight Maps
  188. Can anyone help with newbie rig
  189. Changing Surface value over Time
  190. A couple of rendering questions
  191. Lightwave to maya Free Plugin
  192. Skelegon Tutuorial
  193. Render Times
  194. Ship trails
  195. Kray V1.6 is out!
  196. Rigging question?
  197. Quest: Howto resize a LW scene ?
  198. Shadow problem driving me CRAZY!!
  199. LightWave 9 Features demo videos released
  200. Portfolio Reworked
  201. christmas give away Hv flame
  202. my christmas gift to the comunity ...
  203. NewTek is migrating servers today...
  204. No Ligntwave 9 Books MOD EDIT: DAN ABLAN makes Announcement!
  205. render hypervoxel with alpha
  206. Saslite Missing
  207. (Easy)Spline modeling, your ideas might come true!
  208. Batch apply clip-maps?
  209. Can I choose polys based on surface name?
  210. LightWave: animating rocks with MotionDesigner
  211. LightWave v9 Status Update from Jay Roth, 12/21/05
  212. Somehow I find this (a simple heart) SO hard to model
  213. loss of spreadsheet functionality in 8.5?
  214. Website update,finally...especially cool for stargate fans
  215. Video Backdrop
  216. Render times
  217. New Nvidia drivers work with Dual Core/7800 gtx
  218. Training vids?
  219. Looking for solid head geometry: squid? DVD? upgrade?
  220. Free Shot Gun
  221. Cube and Cup problem
  222. Automatizing a LW Prject??
  223. free fluids solution for LW (in blender):
  224. is there any lightwave promo videos?
  225. Christmas gifts from TrueArt (only to 1.1.2006!)
  226. Future fighter jets
  227. just ordered the upgrade to 8.5 + 9 pre-order thingy
  228. Public Beta of Dynamite
  229. saving new surface to preset
  230. EPS to Lightwave tutorial
  231. dynamics help for tail animation
  232. How do I make my points like these? Just curious...
  233. Bullethole
  234. SSS: InterZOLT and G2
  235. Free Programs Better Than LW???
  236. Amd-Intel mixed rendering
  237. My last Project (Architectural)
  238. Index of refraction calculations in LW
  239. Gnomon video approach for Lightwave? yes or no
  240. Stop Staring - or is there a BETTER book?
  241. Sp_Move2 was opened to the public.
  242. Shekinah Studios announce Vertibevel 2.0
  243. 1st Time Character Rigging! Aaaargh!
  244. Any way to speed up OpenGL weightmaps in Modeler?
  245. Switching between two cameras?
  246. Does LW suck at shadow maps?
  247. more character rigging help please!!!
  248. Black objects
  249. Q: Camera View in Model
  250. Cloth problem and a little whinning