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  1. tris to quads help, mergetrigon?
  2. Dope sheet plug in?
  3. which gfx card?
  4. difference keying?
  5. ~~~Saslite~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. Art Degree? Individual classes good enough?
  7. Some tips to give renders a 'professional' look?
  8. Quadro and Lightwave Users
  9. Those of you who bought the Todd Grimes Training DVD set...
  10. ))** Character Animation **((
  11. LightWave Benchmarks
  12. how to make a tree swing with wind ?
  13. Morph Motion Path?
  14. stupid nulls
  15. LightWave/DFX+ Specials page coming down soon!
  16. How can i do a realistic natural soil and sand? :rolleyes:
  17. i need script record funcion in lw
  18. errr...animation attempting help
  19. Bezier Bend over Renderfarm
  20. Free rig and model!
  21. What is the cost of upgrading a student license?
  22. Untriple?
  23. Facial Morph rig
  24. Question about "Essential Lightwave"
  25. is that true
  26. Re-render for tweaking a post process??
  27. Hypervoxels Smoke
  28. sasq and shadows
  29. Headset
  30. Examples of Photoreal work.
  31. Polygon Edges fade in fog?
  32. My new Lightwave portfolio site is up!
  33. Any Fan in here of tajino works???
  34. Apc
  35. WIP: Fishy
  36. WIP: Characters and Anim. Test
  37. funky fast LW motion troubleshoot question
  38. Music Sync!
  39. ParticleFX: Collisions
  40. Per surface ray-recursion?
  41. lightwave->maya conversion
  42. Fixed Property Panel updated problem
  43. LightWave gallery facelift
  44. Rigging question...
  45. Going to Siggraph??
  46. Parent/Child Emitter Problem
  47. Show Axis
  48. Thick Lines for Real-Time Cel Shading
  49. UV Question (clean unwraping)
  50. MOTION DESIGNER: Rigid Body Dynamics Trick
  51. How can I arrange the Lightwave drop down menus in alphabetic order
  52. Cell Shading question
  53. What is the preferred compositing software?
  54. looking for a plug
  55. texturing tutorial
  56. 88mb lw help thing.. where??
  57. U drink coffee ?
  58. How can I speed up layout for audio?
  59. Yet another free rig from me
  60. how i can delete all the weights at once?
  61. Looking for tree textures...
  62. Alpha channel with ray-trace transparency
  63. Proton - please interview Fujio Ichikawa!!
  64. Hey Morbios, read in, PLEASE
  65. the skeleton run
  66. Camera movement in 3D, are there rules ???
  67. please help my expression question
  68. A question about Merging Polygons
  69. Is there this software?
  70. Mac: inter-layered floating menu window things BAHH
  71. Uvmaps
  72. wavey render
  73. seeking advise about inside lightwave
  74. expression help
  75. Faceted texture
  76. Morph problem (Kretin, please read)
  77. render farm setup? (not screamernet related)
  78. Spiderman Animated
  79. Weird shadows on cell character
  80. Proton's Characters get around... wink wink
  81. Playhouse for a commercial…Need Suggestions
  82. re-install/program curiosity question?
  83. Little wishlist of xsi
  84. What are these rig cubes and circles
  85. arcing bolts of electricity
  86. i'm sure you knew this...
  87. WIP- LW Short "Much Ado About Breakfast"
  88. WIP:old tree scene advise needed.
  89. volumetric banding
  90. Can celshader use with HyperVoxel....
  91. lightwave is not working need help!
  92. Lightwave Edge Selection?
  93. Royalties matter
  94. Difference between smooth shift and bevel?
  95. clonez plugin
  96. Art from Italy
  97. making an alpha from difference
  98. Need advice : Underwater test
  99. Box -> Twisted Box
  100. Motion Mixer question
  101. Looking for help with extremely large renders
  102. Image World Reflections
  103. PLEASE, Needing help on Rail extrude.
  104. Problems with gradients.
  105. i need a file transfer prog between MAX and LW
  106. Buying Lightwave?
  107. Best reflection methods
  108. Rigging
  109. I'm going to go insane. Insane! Hah! (Weightmaps, Rigging, Futility. )
  110. Saving Previews?? High Quality
  111. Texture to Wireframe effect
  112. For Chuck - status of Dealer upgrades w/DFX+?
  113. Free models from Proton?
  114. Stranahan's Lightwave Tour: Be Aware!
  115. Questions on my weightmaps
  116. animation question : reveal texture
  117. Character: Captain Kickass
  118. wohoo DFX+ package arrived + question about upgrade to LW8
  119. Lwg3D Offline?
  120. Lightwave is having problems refreshing for me
  121. modeling "spherized" mesh?
  122. local coord system is messed up- help please
  123. Review of Pawel Olas' Fire&Smoke now online
  124. Trouble with SplitRender Step2 script
  125. Work in progress contest entry: Cow Heaven
  126. Wip: Ronny the Space Rodant
  127. I want LScript Commander for Modeler!
  128. A new character. Is that made out of... Wood?
  129. Try this rig out.
  130. clone items in layout
  131. Motion Mixer......!!
  132. Child emitter for Object-Surface emitters impossible?
  133. panoramic/rounded camera angle?
  134. lw splines question
  135. the adventures of a directx exporter...
  136. how might one go about making wings in LW?
  137. deep paint 3d
  138. Help with walkcycle loop
  139. Subdivide problem
  140. Jimmy Neutron Textures?
  141. Sasqyatch problem
  142. need a move pivot plugin
  143. Image Mapping
  144. Bachelorette's 8 Lightwave Characters
  145. lightwave and .psd's
  146. Can barely give away DFX+
  147. .AI files from Flash into LW
  148. Good deal or...?
  149. multiple instances of cycler in same channel ?
  150. GIF and Text problems
  151. My LW short film (link to gallery/finished forum).
  152. Forgotten plugin name
  153. lw+mb export help
  154. Book: "Makin' Toons"
  155. Character: Troll
  156. Saslite render error? (eg included)
  157. 3d daves skeleton wieghtmap problems...
  158. Character Rigging Tutorial?
  159. Realtime SmoothScale?
  160. animation done with LW
  161. how to animate noise surface ?
  162. spotlight cone on black surface?
  163. Is Possible to use "W" in a Subd model???
  164. surface won't show up in render!
  165. Broadcast Render Setting
  166. CellShade Modeling Techniques
  167. Need help on my Vehicle Render.
  168. Weird selection problem
  169. how to change default surface colo(u)r?
  170. Importing DXF/IGS issues...
  171. searching for an older tut
  172. LW7.5c problems?
  173. Trouble rigging eyes
  174. USGS topographical maps? Any tuts?
  175. WIP- Help me color Tiko
  176. NewTek Releases 3rd Free Texture Collection
  177. Celshaded elf + Motion Designer; taekwondo kicks
  178. Deversifying application knowledge? survey
  179. Deform one object with another?
  180. Refraction Chart
  181. LIghtwave is FUBAR!
  182. particle issues
  183. Magic hour trees...
  184. maybe stupid?? but how do I....
  185. Got Lightwave? Got a Mac? Got iChat AV? Read on.
  186. If Lightwave didn't exist, what 3d package would you go to?
  187. Symmetry help
  188. Lw experimental features cause rendering artefacts??
  189. Trying to find a MD tutorial
  190. Tiger stripes??
  191. Motion Designer Tests
  192. Dynamic Parenting
  193. lapin rose decadant
  194. Expose - but now for LW only
  195. DOF stupidity, looking for help
  196. Policarpo Profile at Newtek
  197. [WIP]Cartoon Mutant Seagull
  198. CelShade Preset??
  199. What is the best book for animation technique?
  200. AlienZ characters created in LW
  201. 3DBuzz Free LW Video Tutorials
  202. Besides Alt LMB, gimbal lock expression?
  203. free LW rig qiuck to set up and animate using selection sets
  204. Best and Fastest Sub-D modeling software for hard surfacing and product design
  205. 3D Buzz LW VTM (free video training)
  206. LW is still screwed up!!!???
  207. Have Comcast Internet? LW screwed up recently?
  208. Animation: "Ghost Warrior" Trailer
  209. R34 test render
  210. How to extrude a round set of Polygons?
  211. Hello everyone. Cel shader question...
  212. WIP: Microphone Character
  213. Kaydara-macosx Folder??
  214. Can install the unreal xtreme 1.00 plugin.
  215. DFX+ dongle
  216. Strange Inspiration - Naoto Hattori
  217. LightWave mo-cap's with what?
  218. Yoichiro's Mirror Weight Plugin Help Needed
  219. Segment Render lines question
  220. charecter
  221. character: WarMaster
  222. Edge weights
  223. [WIP] : Cartoon mutant cat
  224. Object Morph Down Bone Chain?
  225. WIP - Castaway character
  226. Wonderful Days.
  227. Anybody up for an omelette?
  228. Lightwave 7.5 edu for sale
  229. Books for sale
  230. If you thought BezierBend was good, check this out!!!
  231. Ughh - FroggyPlatt's vid's
  232. Specularity on snow?
  233. Lip-sync
  234. Lightwave Rigging
  235. What's max # of points in collision object?
  236. lw -> flash format
  237. WIP: boxmodeled 1955 racer
  238. APE modeling
  239. Free "courseware" downloads
  240. motion mixer bug?
  241. ACS or Setup Machine ?
  242. The best LW work of 2003...What works, do you think should be shown at the LW booth?
  243. to make a real diamond contest
  244. Clone hierachy plugs?
  245. Maya2LW Questions...
  246. 1st subpatched model :D
  247. where can i find froggyplatts website ?
  248. transparant error
  249. problem with overcaster
  250. Brand new video toaster for sale on Ebay CHEAP!