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  1. ot: my little reel preview
  2. 3D Fluff - Non-Organic Modeling
  3. 3d Fluff...How about a dvd on animation and the timeline, or can someone suggest...
  4. Problem with Radeon - extrem slow viewport navigation
  5. Wood Shader with Colour Changer
  6. Mapping problem
  7. net render won't compile frames...
  8. What command in C4D?
  9. crayon shader
  10. Moving a Bezier point
  11. Vertex maps.
  12. How do I set up a scene
  13. Rendering a nice Open GL editor movie?
  14. Maya import/export
  15. walk-cycle
  16. My latest image
  17. Why are all the good 3D stills done in Cinema 4D
  18. Yard - image in cgtalk gallery
  19. Impossible question re model prices!
  21. Bone setup help needed
  22. Copy and pasting keyframes in timeline...
  23. Anim | metaball+emitter render problem
  24. Need Help with Dynamics...
  25. Need help with spline animation...
  26. Cinema4D = 3DFluff?
  27. How does the future look for C4D?
  28. Why no shadows?
  29. Split render a high-res image
  30. More 3rd party render connectors on their way??
  31. HELP! can't move objects or create spline
  32. Radiosity artifacts and Photoshop post work
  33. UVDeformer - Preview
  34. 3d marker.
  35. Does this scene crash your C4D?
  36. New picture: Wonders of Nature
  37. Does Nota need to be baked?
  38. Beer froth
  39. RLA or RPF to After effects?
  40. COFFEE question
  41. Crashing when painting vertex map.
  42. Render tip
  43. Need a BodyPaint2 tutorial
  44. Fitting a building in to this....
  45. saddle curve problem
  46. examples from olders C4D versions?
  47. Alpha channel in PNG issue.
  48. C4D game development?
  49. Tag management?
  50. Scene: Thunder Chicken
  51. Measure & Construction ERROR?
  52. Mocca vs. Bones Deformer
  53. Free Files - Tests for Natural Lightning
  54. "Align Assistant" Needed (PLS HELP)
  55. OT: the infamous teapot
  56. bake xfrog for export
  57. DPIT V3 landscape
  58. C4D and ATI hypermemory
  59. Select multiple objects from viewport
  60. xpresso ? - render image and OGL different
  61. Camera Tracking problem
  62. Cover Design Grahics Magazine
  63. Workflow questions/opinions
  64. New Image: Beetle
  65. June Issue is out!!
  66. Swap Materials
  67. Sub Surface Scattering (SSS) Shader
  68. Edge render like f-edge in MAX
  69. My Legal Rights?
  70. basic mechanical animation
  71. Expresso: a way to access point/poly selections?
  72. WIP can
  73. Aligning objects to their motion path
  74. Maxwell render test v 1.0
  75. Is this acheivable with Xpresso?
  76. Live Textures
  77. Start me off
  78. preventing specific objects from 'effects'
  79. Any 4D artist in San Francisco bay area?
  80. wip for critique
  81. N-gon cleanup question...
  82. earphones
  83. WIP Cookware
  84. Options for high quality smoke?
  85. Need help finding video capture for making my instructional cd...
  86. TP vs. Emitter, Net Render, and Baking. Help, pls.
  88. jenna question
  89. OT: Owen
  90. Cactus Dan Interview
  91. anyone here know coffee
  92. Alias motion builder as a replacement for MOCCA
  93. please help! rendering problem
  94. Indented Text
  95. Where Can I Find A Free Hair Plugin For C4D?
  96. OT: Web software
  97. Cinema 4d to Poser... reverse
  98. Unwelding or cutting over an edge
  99. AR Vs Renderman PR
  100. How to Extrude along a spline
  101. C4D R9 crashes on rendering
  102. need Maya files trans to fbx for Cinema 4D
  103. out of memory problems with Net render
  104. Strata CX partners with Silo
  105. Modo to C4d
  106. UV Mapping Question
  107. Cinema 4D artists and animators!
  108. Viewport
  109. points in 9.1
  110. Help can't get bodypaint textures into xsi.
  111. Zombie skin test
  112. How to load materials
  113. A critique please. I think I need some assistance.
  114. Need some info on 3rd party render engines
  115. Rhino forum is now open
  116. Motionbuilder and selection tags
  117. nasty artefacts in rendering. Help?
  118. Renderman liberation army
  119. most basic question(modeling)
  120. Newbie: How to create shadows & environment as seen on picture
  121. Looooong render times
  122. Is this possible in C4D AMAZING WORK!!!
  123. XPRESSO slider control
  124. BodyPaint 3d question
  125. Intalling Sketch and Tool module
  126. Procedural Eye
  127. C4d UV weakness
  128. Intergrating 3D into real life footage
  129. Newbie Question-Matte surface for gold
  130. Anybody got a ZBrush Tutorial?
  131. Storm tracer effect question
  132. Convert current selection to spline tool
  133. Camera Target Object Craziness
  134. can't see my floor object
  135. HDRI Settings (with no regard for time)
  136. Thinking Particles--spawning triggers animation
  137. I need a tree
  138. Anyone have the "Pump Action" props and set
  139. RALPH anyone?
  140. Game Models to C4D
  141. xpresso question
  142. camtasia rec problem with cinema
  143. 3DLUVR weapons competition
  144. Unfurling a Flag
  145. body paint - simpliest question for the simpliest task
  146. map HDRI to a floor
  147. Export from Rhino
  148. creating a spark in C4D
  149. Thanks Policarpo, Fluffy, Flingster & Ernia
  150. Propagating and nonpropagating Scales
  151. Sample Distance (How it Works)
  152. zygote animation help
  153. Newbie moddeler
  154. W.I.P. Orchid
  155. New York CGer Summer Barbeque
  156. Specular map Q.
  157. fabric and shadow
  158. C4d continuess rendering
  159. simulating rubber with a clothilde tag
  160. quadruped rigs
  161. Simple Extrude Question...
  162. Car Tutorials?
  163. background banding
  164. Half Life 2 and Cinema 4D ?
  165. What's your fav scheme?
  166. c4dportal--what gives
  167. Controlling the speed of a camera in a spline
  168. OT:good free file renaming utility?
  169. how can I bake colored light on a objekt as Texture?
  170. Setting it all ablaze! (fire in C4D?)
  171. Old/New Weird Head
  172. Sketch & Toon / Certain Axonometrics
  173. Looking for cheapie 3d arch apps like floorplan...
  174. Immediate help needed!!!
  175. Ability to Paste paths from Adobe Illustrator
  176. how to stack lego-like shapes?
  177. BodyPaint question
  178. BodyPaint 3d question
  179. Virus sent to Maxon Mailing list
  180. Transparent Textures Possible in Bodypaint3D? I don't like my workaround...
  181. External rendering engine for C4d
  182. Cinema 4D shaders
  183. Wait or Buy
  184. Texture help needed - featheredge board
  185. Ralf help
  186. Terragen textures to C4D
  187. How do I get a textured model out of c4d for use in other apps?
  188. Environment
  189. Lag problems in C4D, please help...
  190. Dirtynuts
  191. What Mac Graphics card will C4D run well on?
  192. The home-made HDRI technique?
  193. TP preroll
  194. Wacom tablet in C4d
  195. PLY model format...
  196. zdepth range
  197. 64 bit render slaves
  198. Boxx for C4D?
  199. What method would u recommend to model this?
  200. Bodypaint Instability
  201. TP Question(s)
  202. Yeah...another icky image...cause I had some time. :)
  203. Is a 64 bit version for MacOSX Tiger coming soon?
  204. The New Artlantis R1 smokes Maxwell Render
  205. HDRI Set up for jewelry-Help.
  206. Why more noob questions?
  207. Emitter firing balloons Question.
  208. Difference of edge extrude in R9 and 8.5
  209. OT-Citroen commercial with MotionBuilder?
  210. rendering freeze
  211. WIP: abstract 3d lettering / Model 12
  212. Clouds tutorial
  213. best gamer card for c4d...suggestions?
  214. Sun expression not working?
  215. Average render times for a still...?
  216. Realistic Sand Shader
  217. How good is Cinema version of Shave and a Haircut?
  218. Core Arsenal Pontiac Spots
  219. Convert XSI to C4D
  220. So who to believe, Apple or Maxon?
  221. Help me trouble shoot this rig.
  222. @Dan Pelham
  223. Best DOF post method?
  224. Displacement map
  225. Poser and C4d integration?
  226. Rendering/Animation Curiosity
  227. Gnashing of teeth and data loss
  228. help getting some freelance work!
  229. Alpha Woes
  230. Subdivisions in C4d
  231. Where have all the Shadows Gone?
  232. multiple patterns folders?
  233. Best way to make feathers for wings?
  234. apple to intel!?
  235. Tools lock up =(
  236. Online new CineMagazine issue - Download for free
  237. Newbie Question-Gemstones in HDRI
  238. OT: Lets get Clan C4D going...
  239. MadCaT Model
  240. WIP: asylum
  241. model of scene from a israeli song...
  242. Muscle Animation
  243. Maxon's Project Based Tutorials
  244. Rendering Radiosity & Caustics Seperately?
  245. Mini Challenge
  246. this is i do it for today ,how?
  247. clothilde Tuxido?
  248. Music video using C4D to be shown on UK TV
  249. Need Advice on Making Clothes for Poser in Cinema 4D
  250. Shadows in HDRI