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  1. Is it posible to remain proper normal tag information after optimizing?
  2. Help! Trouble with Python code from Maxon
  3. Things that make you go hmmm??
  4. Servo Tools for C4d? (maya servo tools)
  5. xpresso decimal
  6. posemorph and meshdeformer
  7. Unwanted Stormtracer pass in multipass
  8. controling bezier handles with xpresso/python
  9. Providing ART concepts into 3D course!
  10. Cinema 4D and Nuke
  11. Plugin preview: SolidChamfer
  12. mudbox to C4D
  13. perplexed by basic mapping issue
  14. change color depending on the speed
  15. Feed MoSpline Formula Field with Xpresso
  16. VB Visuals fast low poly plants for VRAYforC4D+AR
  17. Converting clones (axis points) to polygon mesh
  18. car render animaton settings problem
  19. HyperNURBS mangles my model.
  20. Updated to 12.032-a and lost camera hotkeys
  21. C4Dfreelancers directory
  22. C4D r12.032 X Bug? X Ray Not Working
  23. Making silver plastic
  24. Deformed object(s) to Maya
  25. C4D in a render cloud
  26. Cameralister like Lightlister?
  27. Camera GripTools news
  28. plugin : Offset Randomizer
  29. Boozy Modeling Problem
  30. Cloud Model from Grid Data
  31. get name of document
  32. How to get smooth playing Video Textures in the preview...
  33. Maya Exchange Plugin
  34. Making a plugin from a few objects with xpresso tags?
  35. about simulation
  36. Ribbon changing shape
  37. Creating 3D evolution style arrows
  38. Individual text objects on hair tips
  39. Compiling Question for mac users
  40. Bitmap in gui
  41. Hair reversed
  42. Issue with Genius G-pen 560 pen pressure inside BodyPaint 3D 4.5
  43. Light cut Error
  44. Script Manager Icons
  45. Tiled Camera in R12?
  46. Python - get set mograph clones
  47. Picture Viewer to Body Paint Layer
  48. UV iron tool
  49. Re-UV Part of a Mesh
  50. [UPDATE]SteadyBAKEv1.1
  51. Bodypainter 3d install error
  52. R12 Dynamics test - Maltese Cross mechanism
  53. Is Cinema 4D Film Production ready?
  54. curl the edges of an alpha border.
  55. Arrange nulls not possible?
  56. Your seriel number will expire in 13 days! :(
  57. New Syntheyes -> C4D Exporter
  58. automatic UV mapping problem
  59. random selection of polygons
  60. Auto Switch and Tweak Mode scripts
  61. NAVICAM is Freeware from now on!
  62. Render Status Mailer App
  63. Net Render question
  64. matte shadow
  65. Try to create a splatter
  66. Need a little help altering an XPRESSO tag, creating evolution style arrows
  67. Erratic behavior with the Tracer object?
  68. Merge cameras for AE export
  69. Lights and mograph distortion
  70. How to make this shape in C4D ?
  71. switch textures on clones with falloff
  72. Color picker
  73. C4D Camera Film Offset to AE
  74. Symmetry object turns off my clones
  75. Texture on text slipping when using a randomizer on motext
  76. Best Cinebench price/performance ratio
  77. Make object not double sided? (maya term?)
  78. Alpha cards render as white planes?
  79. Problem selecting objects in 12 and navigation in 12
  80. Setting in R11.5 missing in R12?
  81. Articulated Mechanics Dyn / Rig
  82. Center the Axis on a PLA animation
  83. Vertex Pusher Vol.3 released
  84. Vray for C4D
  85. Drive! 1.5 issue in Cinema R12
  86. improve this scene/your tweaks ?
  87. vray - array/cloners dont work?
  88. Anyone willing to teach me something cool in c4d
  89. Python - Can't work out BaseList2D.SetKeyframeSelection()
  90. Little cubes becoming geometry
  91. How to export C4D particle in 3d max?
  92. Question about UI Modification
  93. Character pipeline:: I need a skin shader solution
  94. Slide Tool And Pose Morph Problem
  95. CReating a bucket cross section with thick walls?
  96. Hair and Vray..tint,translucence,etc?
  97. So who actually made Light Kit Pro by GSG?
  98. Xbox Kinect and (Live) motion capture in C4D
  99. Textures from a png file?
  100. Celebrating our anniversary with a new webshop
  101. 3rd party Rigging tools for C4D??
  102. Nature's Hill C4D & AE
  103. R12 Dynamics Question
  104. Sketch and Toon Brush Pattern
  105. R12 Stacked Material Soloing
  106. Help using the delay effector
  107. Questions from a C4D noob
  108. Ozone 5 usable at last?
  109. SSS in C4d
  110. incompatibility c4d Win7 64 bit and objectdock
  111. Controlling Cloth
  112. Sticky Dynamics Tutorial
  113. AO Shadowcatcher
  114. Vectorworks and R12
  115. Xpresso: history/memory problem
  116. Multi-spline Spline Wrap not texturing correctly
  117. Soft Boolean effect
  118. constantly changing image textures on a rotating billboard
  119. Anyone coming to my wake?
  120. A few questions about grass/fur on cinema 4d.
  121. Modal sites Suggestions
  122. Export ClothSim to 3D studio max
  123. EasyWalker (Walkcycle Designer) BETA started
  124. Create Polygon Selection from animated texture
  125. moving points randomly of a given maximum distance
  126. Xpresso : access Reference Parameter of Object Operator with UserData
  127. Dungeon Legend - Mac/PC
  128. Layer Browser does not speed up my viewport
  129. Interactive Near/Far clipping plane
  130. object motion blur r12
  131. createTube plug-in for C4D
  132. Content Browser Layout, ugh..
  133. Adding Plugins R122
  134. [FREE PLUGIN] HomePSR
  135. Syncronizing render with video texture
  136. AixSponza: BMW Connected Drive Teaser
  137. Cinema 4d Crash
  138. Material: Copy/Paste all Channels
  139. maxwell fire c4d preview
  140. Snycing Multiple copies of Cinema
  141. Demo reel that raises the bar
  142. Export Question
  143. Product Animation.
  144. EAS usage...
  145. Vector Motion Blur Broken in R12?
  146. 3Dcoat applink
  147. Thinking Particles "smooth" group change
  148. how do i construct textures in xpresso
  149. Baking textures to cloners in Cinema 4D 12
  150. Greating Quicktime Panoramic Scenes
  151. SendModeringCommand()
  152. Free Reference Utility
  153. Export cinema4D model
  154. reflections with better fallof
  155. Spline Wrap+Random Visibility = No good?
  156. Simple script help
  157. DPIT New Website
  158. How Effective Is C4D On A Touchscreen & Controller Technology
  159. Working with Timeline and Keys
  160. 'Storm' SciFi Street WIP
  161. TP Rotator
  162. How to access the layer shader
  163. increase the RGB levels in Cinema 4d
  164. Where's Per-Anders?
  165. Slow down oscillating deformer
  166. UVlayout import/export
  167. Scale Dynamic Children with Plain Effector
  168. Chamfer Maker... am I missing something?
  169. Lets generate a community MoGraph 3 wish list! ( to submit )
  170. SSS control
  171. Project Messiah at a crazy low price
  172. GI animation advice please
  173. Perplexing bevel behavior
  174. Where is Mr.Majoul?
  175. How many support CPU core?
  176. move clone rotation axis?
  177. Transform issues when cloaking an animated cloner
  178. Will Taketool get an update?
  179. Snap only to certain objects or front faces?
  180. Halo in Mask
  181. R12 :: Near Clipping
  182. Plugin that moves an object to another objects polygon selection
  183. R12 NET :: Font issues
  184. A History of Ancient Britain
  185. Soft body tracks?
  186. New EdgeExtrude Pro version for C4D 12
  187. Wrapping objects around other objects?!
  188. kinect+C4D music video
  189. Best format for displacement maps
  190. delaying color?
  191. XPresso Problem with hierarchy
  192. Messiah for much cheapness.
  193. Hair fall out!
  194. Multiple object aligning into one shape
  195. render help
  196. Realflow and C4D Issues
  197. Problem with multiple alpha channels from cinema into AE
  198. non-realtime_update_python_console
  199. Escape Sequence
  200. sizeof()
  201. Single undefined Xpresso breaks the whole setup. Is that normal?
  202. port of Python node
  203. Correctly colored inverse volumetric light
  204. Unicode error in for statement
  205. cannot get it smooth
  206. Scripted_modeling_toolset V2
  207. Missing TP presets
  208. New free plugin - Nudge-It
  209. Export to FormZ?
  210. Need Some Tips On Doing This In Mograph :-D
  211. Baking textures in Cinema 4d
  212. Question about symmetry object
  213. tip : using cinema 4d as a modeler soft
  214. Pretty basic question
  215. mini script help
  216. Select next/prev
  217. Problem with QuickTime
  218. versions of CINEMA 4D
  219. NET does not render
  220. Is Messiah & C4D A Match Made In Heaven ?
  221. Installing C4D to a USB Drive?
  222. Problem with limits in IK
  223. Incorrect Depth & Motion pass for Transp objects
  224. OSX users, Magic Mouse?
  225. 11 second cub
  226. Liquid Cloth
  227. How do I do IF Values?
  228. Another alpha channel problem
  229. SplineWrap: Offset FROM spline?
  230. R12 Dynamics
  231. Controlling Text objects with Xpresso
  232. Will we get this in Cinema4D? :-)
  233. Finding Missing Plugins
  234. quadrify
  235. Can Label & Cloth
  236. Viewport refreh OpenGL issues
  237. Materials to separate buffers
  238. viewport lied??
  239. morph in cinema 4d
  240. Modeling Help
  241. Modeling / Rendering Issue
  242. Nice atmosphere here..
  243. Book / Tutorial Recommendations
  244. Force Quit and then c4d tries to reload something?
  245. multi map inside material
  246. Caching Shadowmaps with R12 does not work?
  247. Hair and cache problem
  248. python problem
  249. Need some creative thinking on creating "dynamic" snow
  250. Quickly form a varied series of cloth solutions