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  1. Texture Path Genie 1.0.1 (free script)
  2. V-ray Good Skin tutorial
  3. uv's problem (noob)
  4. Texturing DEM?
  5. Making a snow shader
  6. Maya VrayFastSSS2 Normal map problem
  7. Need help with faceted looking normal maps
  8. I cannot bake a normal to save my life. (Files Included)
  9. Can't decide between using Max or Maya for UV mapping.
  10. Blurry Materials
  11. Messed up UVWs from Max to Zbrush
  12. Shading lesson. Wet asphalt in Vray and 3ds max
  13. Tiny bubbles in gel - MR Maya
  14. transfer UVs
  15. Mari - openGL error with new project
  16. xnormal or crazybump for 32bit system
  17. Making an object appear soft
  18. Transparency Map Problem
  19. Skin of toad texturing
  20. Help unwrapping a cylindrical shape please
  21. Bit depth
  22. Mesh Road Texturing
  23. Basic UV question
  24. Explain Maya utility Nodes
  25. How can I make these materials?
  26. How can I make this shader?
  27. How can I achieve this kind of material?
  28. having problem to see unwrapped texture
  29. Spectral Material
  30. Hair Cell Thermoformed Plastic Texture
  31. Displacement error
  32. Curtains
  33. How to make a fire flipbook texture?
  34. UVs in a professional setting..?
  35. Looking for guidance
  36. looking for some help with normal map cleanup
  37. Displacement maps for facial expressions
  38. Baking Ambient Occlusion
  39. Mesh density for color maps
  40. wondering how to make a glass/fisheye lense for my sniper rifle
  41. Diffuse Maps for Pixar Style Character
  42. Modifying UVs in Mari
  43. non smooth displacement map in mental ray?
  44. lightBrush
  45. mia_material HELP!
  46. Need help-Unable to paint some body parts
  47. How to paint reflective metal texture for diffuse map?
  48. Question about texturing massive environments.
  49. Ambient Occulsion pass + Brick texture pass
  50. Mari to Softimage?
  51. Texturing courses/tutorials please
  52. MARI UV conundrum
  53. Texturing for animation - need advice
  54. Question about creating normal maps
  55. Mari Selection Mask
  56. Gold Stamped Foil specular
  57. Texture Painting - General Question
  58. Mari Ptex Mirror
  59. How do they did this UV?
  60. Using 2 specular maps Vray
  61. Ultimapper Issues (XSI), and other programs...
  62. UV-ing Cylindrical Bevelled Edges/ Curved UV Corners
  63. inverted normals?
  64. Layered Texture not rendering Alphas
  65. How do I swap my textures?
  66. Mari 2.0 - keyframing textures? why?!
  67. Hard Surface unwrapping
  68. Texture problem when animating
  69. A Drowning noob...Needs a Ray Of Sunshine
  70. Photoshop How to place a texture with a bit of a random effect along a path
  71. Puzzling texturing behavior
  72. Maya Fur Mapping Resolution Issue
  73. Unlit Shaders?
  74. Game Character Texturing
  75. Need Help With Hair & Fur In 3ds Max
  76. Export format *.3ds and texture issue
  77. Help with unwrapping a hose
  78. fur direction maps
  79. problem with alpha channel
  80. Maya displacement map problem
  81. MARI renders tile 1001 black when baking shader
  82. Polygons display as black
  83. Problem with uvw unwrap
  84. Convert Polygons to Nurbs --> UV setting
  85. Realistic wood grain in Maya+VRay
  86. Unwrap UVW problem (texture image small) Max2013
  87. Mari Ptex Projection Bug?
  88. Normal Map bakes always come out wrong(In need of major help!)
  89. Coke Liquid
  90. Fluids interpolation transparency problem
  91. Macro texturing in Cinema 4D..
  92. Normal Map Problem
  93. Applying same texture on same model but with diff UVs
  94. Texture turns white in render
  95. Puzzling texture or surface problem
  96. Diffuse map ruining my rendertime (maya)
  97. cave texturing/painting..really stuck
  98. Cool stuff you can do with gradient mapping
  99. Projection mode Cinema 4D
  100. Perfect seams (UVW unwrap)?
  101. Started a small project, but I hate doing textures.
  102. Flipped UV/Normalmap with Symmetry
  103. its been 9 years
  104. trying to texture a model for sculpting
  105. Tip request : Unwrapping
  106. C4D r14 - Imported object surface textures clipping/distorting/ugly black patterns
  107. Knitting in Cinema4d concept
  108. MIRROR UVs?
  109. Where is this texture mess coming from?!
  110. Skybox textures
  111. UV transfer from High poly to Low poly?
  112. Problem with normal map! Please help!
  113. Some new MARI 2 Nodes
  114. Reflection Map for a moving car help...
  115. getting weird artifact when using mental ray subdiv approximation
  116. Displacement Map Pixelated
  117. Need help
  118. How can I create theese surfaces ?
  119. Creating textures to real world sizes??
  120. High poly to low poly texture transfer. Hoping to confirm/deny these questions
  121. Perforated ceiling issues
  122. Some baking problems... Pls help!!
  123. Rendring a transparent object in vray
  124. procedural texturing with shared UV
  125. nhairs and control curves
  126. Washed out Textures problem in 3ds max and mudbox
  127. Aline Texturing Demo
  128. Is there a way to increase the value of white in a weight map
  129. Render to Texture autosave black
  130. Metal shader or texture…
  131. Uv Mapping a long object (3ds max 2013)
  132. Normal map generation issue
  133. Help unwrapping my complex shape
  134. Creating a burlap/mesh type material?
  135. Quick remapping on model with added resolution (Maya 2013)
  136. sea and ocean texturing
  137. UV Mapping [3Ds Max]
  138. Hi to low poly texturing - Maya/Zbrush/xNormal
  139. 3D max UV is a little mess?
  140. same bump map to large and small uv maps
  141. Layered Texture Wite/transparency issue
  142. uv mapping problem (maya 2014)
  143. Mari custom shortcut for paint through options?
  144. texture - How much is too much?
  145. Maya layered shader
  146. Textured fur with Yeti+Arnold
  147. Projecting high to low bump maps
  148. Maya/Mental Ray - Peach Fuzz
  149. Maya/Mental Ray - Cloth Node
  150. Blender Cycles SSS Skin shader
  151. Texture painting in zbrush not working
  152. Faceted maps
  153. Face photography for texture painting
  154. Marmoset Toolbag - Several UV's for One Object
  155. Basic v-ray and 3DS max noobery
  156. Textures For Critiques
  157. How to Correct textures from projected photos.
  158. 3ds max 2014 - viewport canvas resolution issue
  159. Mari - problem painting
  160. Separating multiple materials on sculpted meshes?
  161. Zbrush to Maya workflow help
  162. How to start
  163. Mari/texturing blog
  164. Scale and resolution
  165. Normal mapping in xNormal.
  166. UV-mapping problem!
  167. GOLD MATERIAL PROBLEMS *reflective* (question inside)
  168. Contour_Shader not working
  169. mari soft brush problem
  170. Reflection Problem in Glass Material
  171. Weird baking normals issue using 3ds Max and xNormal
  172. Window Frames cannot be seen properly
  173. need help with hard surface UV/texturing; tutorials, lectures?
  174. Realistic Skin
  175. Weird unwrapping issue in 3ds max 2013
  176. working out materials
  177. Software that can render lines primitives at fixed thickness regardless of zoom?
  178. 3Ds MAX vraydisplacementMod Multiple UVs
  179. Oil Paint effect
  180. Illuminated areas as mask for opacity 3D max
  181. [Maya] UV Texture Editor Problems
  182. Texture appears in material editor, but won't appear on the model.
  183. Good advanced texturing tutorials?
  184. Mari problem
  185. texture stretching
  186. Unwrapping mesh - can't find clean, neat cutting areas?
  187. Vettriano Style
  188. What's the use of uvW texture mapping.
  189. How to combine two arnold shaders
  190. Major texture problem!!
  191. beginning uv maya
  192. Fine Detail for Character Animation
  193. What happened to my Normal Maps?
  194. car UV Map
  195. How do you change a bump map into a displacement map?
  196. Displacement Troubles
  197. fresnel reflection, with a reflection map
  198. little 3dsmax texure help?
  199. Normal Seams
  200. Going from crazy rainbow maps [technical term, here] to displacement maps
  201. Photographs as textures
  202. glossiness value in vray_what the exact height map value correspond to a range 0-1 ?
  203. Normal maps max 2013
  204. Maya 2014 transparency overlapping?
  205. Paint effects - baking stroke on a texture
  206. Odd cloud like texture on geo
  207. Transferring maps to multiple objects in Maya
  208. vray carpaint problem
  209. Remove Transparency Reflections?
  210. Texture help, acustic guitar.
  211. Question regarding textures when final render is for print
  212. image viewer for CG work
  213. High Poly Normal Mapping
  214. Question about Texturing/Painting in Mudbox
  215. Vray for maya Normal map issue
  216. Questions on texture/uv maps and subdiv vs smooth
  217. How to paint out lighting information?
  218. Xnormal Cage Problem
  219. What's the right way to make a bump map for a character?
  220. Any tutorials or tips for stylysed\cartoonish textures?
  221. c4d hair problem !
  222. Substance Designer 4
  223. Strange white dots when using blend mode in layered texture
  224. how do I place a 2d texture in a specific spot on my model?
  225. Multiple texture maps on one object, for use within UDK.
  226. [Help] unwrapping this object please?
  227. Material sphere turned black
  228. white,50% gray, black color
  229. Problem with texture when binding
  230. Mari Paint Through Tool Question (Resolution)
  231. Noobie Question: Proper Way To Unwrap A Box
  232. Displacement map distorts texture, what could be the cause?
  233. Nailing The Look! (fan project question)
  234. top thick layer transparent,translucid?
  235. What is the best way to go about Texturing this
  236. Little help with 3DS MAX UV maps?
  237. Badly Needed Help on Texturing/Creating a Terrain with a Castle
  238. Maya Zbrush Displacement Problem
  239. Beginner problems with UV mapping
  241. baking texture GPU !
  242. Produce tangent space normal map from two object space normal maps?
  243. need help badly with texturing
  244. Maya - models render out with a grey outline
  245. multiple hi-res textures for Earth
  246. Simple Texturing Tutorial - Photoshop
  247. I have a problem with viewport canvas in 3ds max 2014, Help please!!
  248. Quartz Crystal texture help?
  249. Baking AO with Vray
  250. I need some help/tips on alpha hair ends.