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  1. Noob needs a little help getting started
  2. Pixelation in my Rendering
  3. Convet file to texture maya
  4. Texturing process for features movies
  5. How to go about Texturing this?
  6. 3D scanned mesh, retopo, uvs in Zbrush, mudbox and C4D
  7. car reflector and lights
  8. Best/easiest workflow for rendering MARI work?
  9. UVW Mapping
  10. Flower texturing/rendering for stills
  11. Dinosaur Texturing in photoshop HELP
  12. Photo textures
  13. MARI vs Bodypaint?
  14. When to use normal mapping?
  15. 3D Max Lava & blobs material (Please help T__T)
  16. Environment mapping using mia material
  17. applying UV-Map to Model
  18. cel shading in maya
  19. Avoiding textures in a short film
  20. car keyhole shader
  21. Texturing rendering in view port problems in blender 2.5
  22. 3ds Max 2012 Normal Map madness, please give a hand :)
  23. New to texturing...Please help!
  24. Making convincing fur with images/alpha
  25. How To Do UV Layouts?
  26. Global AO Bake for Games
  27. More than two textures
  28. Pixelated look needed
  29. Texturing tutorial for very beginner?
  30. Additional bump maps Maya
  31. ***PIC INSIDE*** Help me to create this look
  32. Substance Designer 2.1
  33. Please give tips for mapping my character.[3DSMax
  34. Adding color variations
  35. How to texture molten lava (metaballs) theory
  36. Can bodypaint show more than 2 maps?
  37. Preparing scene for texturing in VRay & 3ds Max
  38. Ptex problems
  39. Problems with Reflections
  40. Texture size for games
  41. advice for car headlight/reflector
  42. UV trasfer opinion?
  43. fluid effect custom alphas
  44. LAYERSLAYER -- Imaging pipeline tool for Photoshop
  45. Basic UV Mapping Question
  46. Snapshots.....
  47. Mental Ray Proxy
  48. UV Mapping Issue - Projection controls missing
  49. Need urgent help on Glitter material
  50. Any commercial cloth texture library
  51. UVW map not fitting model
  52. How would you solve this?
  53. Need advice for textering simple object
  54. Best method to create dirt on metal?
  55. Hair Texturing Need help!
  56. Extracting texure from photo?
  57. Please Help...
  58. Erasing textures in Mari?
  59. Qs with UVmap (beginner)
  60. Trouble with UVW Seams
  61. How to do frosted glass in Maya?
  62. Whats the name of this phenomenon and how do you avoid it?
  63. Need Help - PLAYDOUGH texturing
  64. Mari Question: Paint through alpha preview?
  65. Hide edges with UV Mapping
  66. Pole distortion on Spheres
  67. Need Help On Maya Shaders
  68. Convex/Concave map/shader.
  69. can somebody explain to me is this map?
  70. UV-sets or several Texture files?
  71. vray texturing : render speed and quality with procedural displacement
  72. Architectural view through window
  73. Bronze shader for Maya/Vray?
  74. Terrain Texture Problem
  75. Crystal ball??
  76. Specular level causing Topology to show??
  77. Advise on texture mapping
  78. Normal map just not coming out right
  79. mesh issue after sculpting
  80. why do some models have multiple texture files?
  81. Free high resolution textures for professionals.
  82. mapping high poly info with alpha
  83. best way to uv intense robot
  84. Just How Important Are Specular Maps?
  85. Please help, Completely new to texturing
  86. intensity of the normal map in Mental Ray for Maya?
  87. Any way to make an "invisible" material that hides object behind it?
  88. Photographing textures?
  89. Explicit Map Channel Issue
  90. V-Ray Material weird fresnel reflection
  91. texture is applied to every polygon
  92. Map baking
  93. Question regarding texturing methods
  94. Character texture
  95. Low poly UV and turbosmooth problem
  96. Projecting Model Detail to Texture Map
  97. Need help with mentalray Material!
  98. texture problem with new extruded polygons?
  99. mapping: not working in zbrush
  100. ZBrush to Maya - Bump ??
  101. Texturing Advice
  102. Combine ramp with mia material x in layerd shader
  103. Multiple UVs/Layered Shader in Maya
  104. Uvmap Face modifier, faces showing texture in different directions.
  105. Fixing Seams with XSI?
  106. convert ptex to UV map?
  107. Good UVW mapping/unwrapping tutorial?
  108. Rayfire 3ds Max to Cinema 4d problem
  109. How to model ocean waves?
  110. Head and Body UV's
  111. cant enable contour
  112. Character Fur /Rendering/Best
  113. Do you still have to UV "properly" if using Mari???
  114. texture error in zbrush
  115. Shader writing for VRay software?
  116. Driving noise 'position' with Texture maps
  117. Rendering shader-passes
  118. Just Started Getting into Mental Ray
  119. Vray White Reflections (Maya)
  120. Maya - Baking/mesh error?
  121. "Render to texture" normal map help
  122. render to texture problem in 3ds max! plz help me!
  123. Animated Normal Maps???
  124. Textures Loading Funny? Screenshot/Help
  125. Sss Help!
  126. Realistic skin with SSS (WIP) - any advice welcome!
  127. Normal Map/Texture Help
  128. Most efficient/realistic way to make the grid pattern on car Tail lights?
  129. Using Maya, projecting a texture?
  130. Help texturing a F1
  131. UV template for NURBS surface
  132. Photshop Brushes for Face Texture Painting?
  133. Complex Map
  134. Good texturing Tutorials in Maya
  135. Maya Texturing Tutorials
  136. Loss of quality. Why?
  137. High-Poly Hard Surface UV Mapping?
  138. Help on making a seamless texture
  139. Dear Lord this is complex!
  140. hachures Shading
  141. Solid solution for normal distortion?
  142. New free texture resource - help yourselves!
  143. Achtung!: UV Transfer between two similar but different meshes.
  144. Texturing an Atom in 3DS Max
  145. Stain glass
  146. Question: Advice on creating texts for a texture
  147. Struggling to achieve a specific look!
  148. Textures for Openworld Games
  149. Cinema4D bug ( R13.051)
  150. Need help combining multiple spherical projections
  151. scaling multiple maps into one t-page?
  152. 2D lineart on vehicle
  153. Reflective and non-reflective material on same object?
  154. Super high res
  155. Mirroring finished texture
  156. Procedural step by step
  157. Normal Mapping and UV
  158. How Many Is Too Many?
  159. Procedural Texturing
  160. SSS fast skin shader question..
  161. Fresnel Reflection IOR index?
  162. color map vs uv map
  163. High Detail Model Workflow for Animation
  164. how to add 6000 Texture to 6000 objects
  165. Dirty up a mirror...
  166. Decal problem with vray in Rhino
  167. Problems with normal
  168. Simple texturing software- mapping a .jpg/.png onto a 3D mesh
  169. Specular map with blinn shader
  170. Specific and general detailing with C4D textures..
  171. create 'blingcrete' material
  172. Searching for a clip of vector displaced snake scales...
  173. Low/High Poly Transfer maps becoming obsolete?
  174. New at shader programming
  175. Vray Glass Refraction Issue
  176. Normal Map issue with 90 degrees corner
  177. grayscale vs colour maps for strength
  178. How do I use Vray Materials such as .vismat files?
  179. Help with Vray foam material (3ds Max)
  180. Grass and Flower alpha's for game engine
  181. Please Help...
  182. Map video and keep wide ratio
  183. UVMap size for gaming question
  184. Paint Effects Hair Glowing in Mental Ray
  185. World view for commercial...
  186. Body Paint Camera clipping
  187. Fixing fractured displacement map.
  188. Question about shaders
  189. convert Vray materials for maya?
  190. Cinema 4d texturing problem (Maya Geometry)
  191. Inflating UV shells?
  192. can an animated object move through a material?
  193. Sketchup Model issues
  194. Transfering specular and other non standard maps from High res to low res?
  195. Need Help On Maya Sss
  196. Is this method of UV mapping acceptable?
  197. Help getting look and feel
  198. Unfold3D, UVW copy in 3ds Max
  199. Camera map per pixel
  200. Simple Maya UV Projection Question
  201. how to combine diffuse ,specular ... texture into "normal" ?
  202. How to combine diffuse ,specular ... texture into "normal" ?
  203. Symmetrical Help
  204. Mental ray Wireframe mtrl renders black
  205. Skin material tutorials?
  206. Texturing does now show in the render nor viewport
  207. Reset UVs problem
  208. General Tips on Texturing Metal
  209. UVs, Texturing and a lot of questions
  210. Unwrapping help 3ds max
  211. Simple UV help in 3ds max
  212. How to Texture Object to match Object in Video ?
  213. multi displacement setup in Maya e Mental Ray
  214. Help with Maya hair..??!
  215. 3D Camaro
  216. how to achieve something like this
  217. please help me out
  218. Question about VrayFur texture mapping
  219. Establishing correct BRDF settings?
  220. Mari bump layering / bump baking
  221. Unwrap UVW issues
  222. Photo realistic carpets?!
  223. 2 different texture for shattering?
  224. Materials and Shader Scripting Online Course
  225. How would you isolate this image?
  226. Gradually increasing Texture Question...
  227. Questions about taking taking photos for textures
  228. Increasing intensity of a surface...
  229. New Resource for Free Texture Source Images
  230. Help with creating a cat eye.
  231. Need very basic directional advice
  232. Shaders and bump map question
  233. Noob UV Stretching Problem
  234. Technique Question
  235. Projection Painting vs Direct Surface Painting
  236. Bump map vs Specular map
  237. Turbosmooth ruins Unwrap
  238. 3ds max keep image
  239. UVW map Real world and tiling combined
  240. Texture Baking help needed :)
  241. Issue looking at grass trough glass
  242. Help in basic MARI pnaiting
  243. Basic issue with UVW mapping gizmo
  244. Vray fur direction
  245. Sorry... But what is the differnces between Bump maps and Normal maps....
  246. New To CG Modeling
  247. Working with Ptex
  248. ToonShader
  249. V-ray problem with fur
  250. Making a good road/street