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  1. Bevel or texture first??
  2. Texture size/Resolution?
  3. Normal Map Detailing
  4. Texture artists Interview
  5. UV Map texturing, map plywood section
  6. Reset all used material IDs at once
  7. Generating normal maps
  8. 3d placement for a ramp(or how color change by 3d position)
  9. Tree trunk and rock slates from scratch
  10. Converting a map from one UV space to another with command line tool?
  11. I'm modeling the Master Sword from Zelda OoT...
  12. shadow matte + "Store with irradiance map" ON (V-Ray)
  13. Maya 2011 - Multi-colored hair systems
  14. Creating Displacement maps from real objects
  15. Sanity check my UV'ing please?
  16. Moving a texture from one object to another in Maya
  17. texturing sauce
  18. Massive ray miss while baking normal map in max
  19. Free Models to Texture?
  20. Bubbles on surface?
  21. skin shader tattoo???
  22. What's the advantage of Mental Ray Map?
  23. how can I animate textures?
  24. About transferring textures and referencing objects
  25. 3d max mental ray arch&design questions
  26. Maya 2011 Question
  27. Transferring a texture between UV sets
  28. Perfect Snow-covered trees in 3D (tutorial)
  29. reflection only on rounded surfaces (3ds max+vray)
  30. Help baking normal map
  31. [3DS Max 2011 / Unity Engine] Need Pencil/Cell-Shading Effect for Realtime Render?!
  32. Basic texture question, hope for quick answer,)
  33. Specular and diffuse maps (not diffuse like in color;)
  34. Having a problem adding a new texture
  35. How can I create my own textures for text?
  36. How to use uv sets?
  37. VRay Textures
  38. Uvw Features
  39. 3dsm - Flipped UVW faces???
  40. Blending a path texture into the grass
  41. help with shiny textures
  42. A gloss map painted in Mudbox...
  43. best way of retrieving normal map detail from a color map?
  44. Ptex support for Vray 2.0 3dsMax?
  45. alpha eyelashes texture question
  46. Maya many textures Viewport gets slow
  47. Mental ray transparency slot ? (3DSM 2010)
  48. Texturing a side mirror
  49. Help with unwrapping!
  50. Normal Map issues in 3ds Max
  51. Texture Designer - released now
  52. UV help! Zbrush to Maya
  53. MISSS_fast_skin Problem
  54. Decimating OBJ while keeping texture
  55. Need help/advice on how to texture cone-shaped roof
  56. How do I create this ground effect?
  57. Some clouds Textures
  58. Grungy Mirror Texture?
  59. Shiny plastic VS shiny metal.
  60. Human Body UV Unwrapping (nudity)
  61. Normal map seam problem! HELP!
  62. Self illuminated MR light shader
  63. Beginner question about texturing
  64. Gloss Map Help
  65. How to unwrap this object correctly?
  66. Weird Normal Angles.
  67. how it look for u?
  68. Basic Material/Map Explanation
  69. texture and surface on leaf, upclose..
  70. mia_material_x bump as projection
  71. IBL bleeds into glass material
  72. Help understanding Vray Materials
  73. Raven Texturing
  74. Mental Ray Self Illuminated Material Problem
  75. How to get this paper bump?
  76. Where does Mari save files?
  77. Maya bump problem
  78. Sketchup texturing in 3ds Max?
  79. Exporting a single channel texture shared by multiple objects in Mari?
  80. 3d max studying shader
  81. difference between maps explanations.
  82. Help..urgent(surface)
  83. PS Brushes for painting scratches?
  84. Is there a way to convert .map's back to Jpeg's?
  85. Zbrush4 Spotlight Question
  86. Zbrush4 Spotlight Question
  87. Custom Mari brush tips?
  88. Create a metal material in maya
  89. High poly to low poly transfer normal map using Maya
  90. 21 Free Hight-Res Metal Textures for your commercial work
  91. adding text to mia_material
  92. Wet map texture
  93. Normal Map problem Zbrush 4 (Goz) - Maya 2010
  94. Car Paint Defects
  95. Help required with texturing and rendering.
  96. I wanna get dirty!
  97. Texturing Process??
  98. LF (human) Skin texture Library
  99. Mari - Crowd Sourced Feedback Community
  100. Shave and Haircut!!
  101. water surface reflection?
  102. UV Mapping problem
  103. Texture Source
  104. How to render Texture through Vector render
  105. Convert texture to file Maya
  106. UV or Normals Texture Problem
  107. Need help with texture baking
  108. mudbox help
  109. Texturing Information
  110. Maya mudbox workflow and creating normal/displacement
  111. what is the best size to doing texture?
  112. Viewing old style overlayed transparency glows??
  113. Multiple shaders with same purpose
  114. Displacement Maps for Hard edge pieces
  115. What camera lens using?
  116. Want to start taking/creating my own textures soon :).
  117. Organic, coral\brain like texture in Maya
  118. Self-illumination trick with alpha
  119. help with normal and displacement maps
  120. Nice grass for Animation
  121. what material to use for wood in maya?
  122. Question regarding Normal Map Baking
  123. UV mapping a long object.
  124. Anybody got any good shaved head textures?
  125. Help with zbrush to Maya displacement map?
  126. Bike Gauge Texturing
  127. Steamy Mirror
  128. displacement maps...rlly annoyed
  129. problem with texturing eye
  130. Multiple displacement maps for a single object.
  131. Question about uv maps, and displacement map
  132. Stylized texture
  133. Multi surface texturing question
  134. Mari is using %20 cpu nonstop
  135. Glowing ice/crystal effect help?
  136. Metall shader in Maya
  137. bump map on a displaced geometry?
  138. applying a texture to ocean
  139. Strange result
  140. Strange cross pattern in UV texture
  141. Rendering grass and water on a globe - Matte Finish
  142. Mari help!
  143. Texturing 101 please for photoreal results
  144. Projecting with XNormal
  145. Maya Vray Light Material Help
  146. Basic Normal mapping problem
  147. question about maya displacement map settings
  148. Vray overlapping uv normal map problem
  149. bump maps from google earth/maps
  150. use as bump or tangent spaces normals
  151. ZBrush surfacing problems
  152. Hot Glowing Metal Shader (Maya Vray)
  153. How to apply a specular map to Vray basic material in maya
  154. Any books on how to texture in photshop for maya?
  155. UV mapping a head
  156. Can I re use the same UV map for similiar models???
  157. Free 3D models for texturing?
  158. am i on the right track in making lizard skin?
  159. Diffuse and Normal map matching automated
  160. Mari Question - Edge Masking
  161. How to use the free materials from
  162. Mental Ray mib_color_mix to bump help
  163. SSS skin and normals
  164. mental ray image rendering issues
  165. mental ray image rendering issues
  166. Eyebrows Maya Paint Effects Help
  167. depth map interpretation from an image?
  168. UV map for multiple models
  169. Free Grunge Texture Pack [Public Domain]
  170. Painting metal
  171. Mudbox UVs help!
  172. Normal map trouble, dark stupid areas
  173. Product Bottle Texturing
  174. Surface mirroring
  175. TGA Physically Based Lighting CGFX Shader for Maya Viewport
  176. bad resolution on texture
  177. Normal/Displ from image (shooting tricks)
  178. UV per faces (polygon)?
  179. applying normal maps in MAYA
  180. Shave and a Haircut with Vray - Using PTEX to define cut map
  181. normal map edge question
  182. UV mapping - proportinal sized islands or bigger scale for important parts?
  183. Ramp Tricks Double sided shaders?
  184. black on textures.?
  185. mia material artifacts!
  186. Texturing Cloth, high detail
  187. Plastic/Slime Shader
  188. blurred textures
  189. Cartoon Bear
  190. FiberFX
  191. Talented Help Wanted
  192. Rendering normal maps
  193. UVW Unwrap orientation problem
  194. [Maya] vertexColor/UV set names in hypershade
  195. [Maya - Autodesk FBX]
  196. mental ray skin shader test
  197. Normal Map Bake problem
  198. why street lines looks so blur and noisy?
  199. Need Help With Texturing Etched Gold
  200. an Animator in a Texturing world
  201. Photoshop RGB doesn't match 3dsMax RGB
  202. Problem with UV
  203. Grid Help?
  204. enhancing the look of hand-drawn texture?
  205. Tyre Shader (maya)
  206. Texturing Help
  207. texture and material need help
  209. blending color texture - maya
  210. normalmaps for cgi?
  211. What can i do to make this look better ?
  212. Creating a large, non-repeating ground plane??
  213. Transparent map Problem
  214. UV Mapping: Tipps on how to improve this...
  215. Researching current texture art skills
  216. UVW Unwrap and mutiple objects
  217. Displacement map baking issues
  218. Texturing issues with NURBS
  219. new and going insane!
  220. Decyphiring Face, skin color.
  221. Eye Shader in Maya
  222. problem with normal map in zbrush
  223. Shading on my surface is jagged
  224. Organic Uving
  225. problematic texture map :/
  226. 3ds max, stop blurring my textures
  227. Problem with Mental ray lens/color
  228. Clean-Shaded Materials
  229. FinalToon - Blending Areas
  230. Displacement Map doesn't do what it is supposed to
  231. Help unwrapping dense mesh
  232. Duplicating/deforming an object along a path (photoshop)
  233. Displacement-Rock & Snow
  234. Hotel rendering
  235. Ice freez effect on car paint
  236. How to only load one piture from mixed piture in 3ds max?
  237. Normal Map smoothing issue
  238. Problem exporting from maya to mari
  239. Fractal Texture Jitter
  240. windshield crack
  241. 3D max Displacement problem
  242. Texturing Questions
  243. UV bog down in Cinema
  244. Hersheys Kisses - Aluminum Wrap
  245. texture map
  246. Volumetric planet clouds
  247. Noob needs a little help getting started
  248. Pixelation in my Rendering
  249. Convet file to texture maya
  250. Texturing process for features movies