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  1. lowres -> highres baking 3dsmax
  2. Maya Q- Working SSS into existing shading network?
  3. How to apply Normal Map with SSS ( MR )
  4. Image doesn't on the UVW Unwrap edit mode
  5. Advice on texturing a room
  6. UVW Unwrap Nightmare (part II)
  7. Tennis Ball Fur improvement?
  8. Gradient in Cellular
  9. Face Unwrape Problem
  10. Sharing your Textures (.PSD)
  11. spec vs. gloss?
  12. UNFOLD3D version 6.5 is available from now on !
  13. ICE Shader
  14. Liqour bottle labels
  16. Tiling textures?
  17. mia material and transparency map (XSI)
  18. maya UV texture editor problem..serious one...plz help
  19. UNFOLD3D version 6.5 is available from now on !
  20. Using mental mill .fx-files within a VRML-file?
  21. Setting up canvas
  22. When to use bump maps and when to use normal maps...
  23. Glow Maps?
  24. Anyone interested...
  25. Object space / Tangent space normal map Generating
  26. Refractive Index For Mirror
  27. Color Map And Diffuse Map
  28. How do I fill in this uv in photoshop?
  29. how to create believable liquid material for maya?
  30. Stock-Archive for Textures
  31. How to create an exact displace map?
  32. biggest's texturing help thread
  33. Need help with max texturing?
  34. Vray question
  35. Uvs Decision
  36. Cliffs, rocks - how to uv mapping
  37. Ambiant Occlusion mask
  38. Reflection on a flat object
  39. UVs mess in 3Ds 2009
  40. How to texture mountain................?
  41. Software to aid in drawing displacement maps?
  42. Texturing Noob needs Major Help!
  43. texturing a bunny
  44. Planet maps
  45. What would be the most efficient way of Editing this UV Map
  46. Texturing Camera lens (vray)
  47. Anybody use Hypershot
  48. deep paint bodypaint tutorials
  49. What Are Seams?
  50. How should i go about unwrapping this?
  51. UV layout for photoshop and Zbrush
  52. Warhead UVW Map issues. Please help!
  53. Best practice for texturing terrain?
  54. Reflective car paint materials in UVW Unwrap Texture?
  55. texturing with watercolor technics
  56. Bump maps, normal maps, heightmaps, etc...
  57. Darker shading to Road surface
  58. Creating Specular Colour Maps
  59. High resolution Maps
  60. Dirt Maps
  61. Textures skewing in Maya
  62. Texture wont show correctly in maya
  63. How can I make a stainless steel
  64. How to view specular maps
  65. Close up texture question
  66. Mental Ray Materials
  67. Lume Tools Maya \ Softimage
  68. Texturing in Photoshop CS4
  69. help: removing flash bulb reflection from glossy surface
  70. Normal map/cage problem
  71. How to create my own hdri reflection map?
  72. Creating your own 360 Sky Maps
  73. I'm looking to buy a new camera for shooting textures - help!
  74. Rainy Day?
  75. looking for high rez girl textures
  76. [Help]Artifacts with Maya Toon(ramp) shading
  77. Building texturing
  78. Animated texture generating apps?
  79. Texturing Cog Tags
  80. Where to download maya shader
  81. how do you combine 2 UV sets?
  82. Best way to animate textures?
  83. Help with gun metal texture tutorials...
  84. Critics needed on cartoony environment
  85. create seams for furniture
  86. Matte Shader in Max
  87. UV distortion on turbosmooth in 3DMax 2008
  88. Maya won't batch render fur.
  89. UVW unwrap mapping low polygon wolf?
  90. How to make water texture and sand
  91. Ambient Occlusion map reapplication question
  92. UV's messing up in Mental Ray
  93. Scene with too much polygons
  94. How reducing polygons
  95. AO pass with multiple UV tiles.
  96. Rendering Times / Texture Issues...
  97. NURBS texturing problem in Maya
  98. Ramps on cubes
  99. problem with UV/texturing in Maya.
  100. Sand Material
  101. Getting frustrated with this metal texture
  102. Displacement map ugly problem on edges
  103. max 2009 OBJ export
  104. how to save bodypaint texture?
  105. plastic that looks like metal in vray
  106. Game character hair
  107. Custom 'toon shading tutorial
  108. mental ray subd aproximation issue.
  109. Image Technical Difficulties
  110. How to get a realistic grunge effect?
  111. 3DS Max/Vray Realistic Skin Call For Help
  112. Realistic atmosphere render
  113. more REAL needed O_O
  114. Max, Mental ray, SSS, Veins
  115. Geometry Hair Mapping in 3D Max 2009
  116. Human skin texture(3D max 2009)
  117. UV layout efficiency
  118. best way to combine normal maps
  119. normal map "flat zone"
  120. Satellite Textures and Heightmaps
  121. Mental ray Water
  122. Maya Hair/Fur or 3DS MAX Shave and a haircut
  123. Making a texture appear "wet"
  124. Army Uniforms by
  125. Problem with texture in Zbrush 3.1
  126. Milk texture
  127. Alpha map rendering problem for poly hair
  128. displacement textures site
  129. body[aint brush pressure and... jerky navigation
  130. Match UV in maYa 1.0.0 (maya script)
  131. Dirty Glass
  132. Mental Ray Chrome
  133. How would I go about making this texture?
  134. Your Cement texturing tips
  135. Bodypaint help with Texture Projection
  136. what's the difference between bump depth and filter
  137. what's the difference between bump depth and bump filter
  138. Texture Learning Diary
  139. normal map questions for a game artist
  140. Obtaining Transparency with .PNG files ?
  141. Mirror problem in Maya
  142. Hair and fur Plug in
  143. How do I direct Maya to look into the correct texture folders?
  144. Book and/or web tutorials for advanced techniques
  145. need texturing face tutorial
  146. Claymation Style Shader Help (Maya)
  147. Best Reference - The Wooden Periodic Table
  148. Ice tutorial
  149. (Help) trouble changing pixel aspect ratio while creating a PSD netowrk
  150. brush-stroke paint texture?
  151. Occlusion Jaggies, Any help appreciated
  152. Normal Map - Why is my object now black?
  153. hierarchy
  154. Maya ocean shader + Clouds made with Fluids
  155. saving texture with layers in bodypaint
  156. Question about work flow
  157. Turning plant images into textures (masks, etc)
  158. Food Texturing
  159. Creating Textures in Photoshop
  160. 3ds Max OBJ importer error with UV
  161. combining UVs
  162. noob question: how to apply texture on specific faces of an object?
  163. Transparency PROB!! HELP!!
  164. Transparent areas of material
  165. basic question: texuring earth
  166. Tiling textures in Bodypaint 3D or Photoshop
  167. Snow and water tutorail
  168. UV Unwrapping Problem
  169. Pika-Pikachu. How to texture it now?
  170. Best way to texture for human realism - software advice
  171. Maya- Auto recognition of image files
  172. Texture photos
  173. Render to texture and projection and intersection of models
  174. shading and texturing not much taught
  175. displacement map direction from surface
  176. Free gemstone seamless textures
  177. Terrain Texturing
  178. interior/exterior
  179. MR transparency problem PLEASE HELP!!!
  180. creating a tunnel texture
  181. Fluids and Fields
  182. One of my arms wont unfold properly (maya)
  183. Parallax mapping for a render?
  184. UV moved when animated
  185. Request: Ultra High Resolution Earth Textures
  186. How To Go About Texturing This Model?
  187. Help with Maya Texture Baking? (Convert to File Texture)
  188. Free tool to generate ambient occlusion maps
  189. creating bmps
  190. Is using unwrap and photoshop are (some times) better than Zbrush???
  191. Texture Seams issues
  192. Conversion of same texture map into other maps???
  193. Re-Saving texture map to one folder
  194. Normal Mapping Help
  195. LCD Face
  196. Which renders faster, procedural map textures or image map textures?
  197. How can I make these renders better?
  198. Opacity map showing edge
  199. glossy metal?
  200. baking textures with lighting in Maya
  201. UV Unwrapping Problem
  202. Yet Another Problem...(PSD Network)
  203. Texturing 101: Getting Started!
  204. unwrapping help.
  205. Getting Blurry Textures
  206. Metallic paint
  207. Same UVW Mapping- Different Objects
  208. VRay - Realistic Materials
  209. Laying out a nice UV map.
  210. Changing SSS display colour in Maya?
  211. Unwrapped texture not fitting!! should all be fine! Help please!
  212. how to change reference file and keep the shaders from the original reference
  213. normal map for rough wood
  214. can you clone selection in the viewport (bodypaint)?
  215. Bump map showing pixels when painting in mudbox ?
  216. UV Software
  217. projection mapping question
  218. Creating My Own Reflection Map
  219. Bricks Pattern
  220. HELP!! Procedural material for a metalic electrostatic paint
  221. Cutout_Opacity with MIA_material
  222. Texturing Problem :(
  223. Texture style
  224. advanced creature texturing?
  225. How to compile a ultra high res image
  226. unwrapping hands and face
  227. Isolating a lit area for glow?
  228. UVW Unwrapping AEC Walls? (max)
  229. animating a texture "through" an object
  230. rendering problems, tangent space normals.
  231. how convert sequence gray file to translate value?
  232. Painterly Shading Effect
  233. hair and fur normals
  234. Robot with metal plates attached
  235. How to use a "Render to Texture" texture map
  236. where can download some free texture about real man
  237. stone displacement working but....
  238. Help with Bump mapping.
  239. material editor help
  240. Quick little question regarding UVW's
  241. how to properly implement speculars maps?
  242. Texture management for rather large scene
  243. High Poly UVing
  244. cloth as clothing
  245. question abut maxwell render MATERIALS
  246. Hair creation
  247. Unwarapping a simple Ploy Mesh
  248. vinyl record texture
  249. help, translucent plastic, glass, texturing and rendering.
  250. How to do such amazing cloud?