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  1. National Portfolio Day Upcoming Events - Throughout the U.S.
  2. How to learn 3D modeling?
  3. VFS and Gnomon from High School or after College?
  4. Which course will better prepare me for a career in VFX?
  5. Want to know Best School 3D Animation in LA or Sanfrancisco
  6. Starting out in 2d/3d CG.
  7. Question about Education in Vancouver
  8. Need Advice
  9. Courses in High School?
  10. Need advice..Please help!!
  11. Please help me!!!
  12. aspiring animator needs help
  13. Digipen
  14. The Art Institute questions please help!
  15. VFS Living cost
  16. Advice greatly appreciated
  17. Aau
  18. Education for Kids
  19. Nuke Training by cmiVFX - Shading & Lighting FX Video
  20. Dynamic Figure Drawing with David Finch
  21. Columbos College?
  22. USA Short term courses & certificates - desperately searching
  23. Community College?
  24. Animation pedagogies???
  25. Looking for Gnomon roommate.
  26. About me and Vancouver Film School
  28. A formula to live by, all while picking your brains..
  29. Learning 3d max in Argentina
  30. Stan Winston School of Character Arts announced
  31. The Netherlands
  32. Help with choice of UK univ
  33. School in UK
  34. Ex'pression college? good or not?
  35. Is there other modeling option then polygon modeling?
  36. Good universities in US for Motion Graphics (Broadcast)
  37. Kind of lost right now
  38. Education Suggestions? - Based in Austin, TX
  39. Grad School
  40. Article about AI and other schools at Bloomberg
  41. Path to CG Cinematography
  42. PBS Frontline: Investigation of for Profit Schools
  43. School of Visual Arts
  44. Need Some Direction. I'm in Florida.
  45. Going from filmmaker to animator....need guidance and suggestions :)
  46. Confused about what college to go to
  47. Best design schools in Europe
  48. 3D Graphics/Animation Careers
  49. Community Colleges???
  50. Opinions ?
  51. California Institute of Creative Art?
  52. How to get job as a generalist?
  53. Digital Art as a field
  54. US For-profit colleges slammed by student loan repayment data‎
  55. guidance for master degree
  56. US Best Graduate School Programs
  57. US Best Graduate School Programs
  58. What is meant by bloom?
  59. Massive Training/Tutorials
  60. TEACHERS Online - 3D, VFX, Game, Art, Digital Painting...
  61. Need Advice on how to improve more
  62. help with field of study!
  63. decent online lighting courses?
  64. Situation in Denmark - Question
  65. Animating And Programming
  66. Path to Animation?
  67. How are colleges there in the U.S.?
  68. Student Loan Debt in America (Graphic)
  69. Best Film School in India (mumbai)
  70. Animation Programs in Canada
  71. Master degree in Visual Effect at Australia. Where to recommend?
  72. Character Animation in Orlando
  73. Need advice if cannot afford schooling
  74. VFX (PG/masters) in UK, help needed!
  75. Has anybody tried Escape Studios
  76. animation masters degree
  77. Storytelling and Specialization
  78. Learning "Everything" About CG Filmmaking: Where, How?
  79. Guidance for my studies
  80. An education in CG, starting from scratch
  81. Interested in learning Maya and creating animations
  82. Need some advice - Thinking about trying to enroll for Ringling
  83. Thinking about trying to enroll for Ringling
  84. Vienna Austria...
  85. Pacific Northwest College of Art
  86. descent schools in CA for animation/game design that don't rip your wallet in half
  87. Why are CG schools so expensive?
  88. Student finance for postgraduate course?!
  89. Gnomon or Art Institutes.
  90. Which School Should I Attend?
  91. ASEA 3D training
  92. Digital-Tutors
  93. How to learn? Basic steps
  94. South East Asia
  95. Gnomon, or Degree -> Gnomon?
  96. Online Degree
  97. Editorial: Going to School
  98. UK: kingston university or kent ?
  99. AI Desicion
  100. Self Taught? Need help
  101. SCAD School
  102. Recommend me to make the best decision
  103. Gnomon Online course " Lighting and Rendering 1 " opinions
  104. Academy of Art University.. or...!
  105. id camps
  106. CG Courses at State Universities
  107. Futhering Career....ideas/opinions??
  108. I apologize if this is the wrong forum
  109. Digital Design; NYU vs. Parsons, and Certificate vs. Associate degree
  110. Seneca Vs. Sheridan?(Visual Effects PG)
  111. A Question from a 15 year old
  112. what before ESC studio?
  113. To Gnomon or not to Gnomon?
  114. Survey about how to improve animation skills
  115. USATODAY: For-profit colleges' value questioned
  116. How do you think Sheridan College in canada?
  117. Universities with Great Animation Courses?
  118. Maya buying as a student
  119. architecture course online? is there
  120. Does Gobelins teach 2D animation?
  121. Good Universities for PG/Masters in CG
  122. SCAD or AAU. Which one is expensive?
  123. Living Expenses at Gnomon
  124. Need Help
  125. A matter of concern.
  126. Cg workshops not loading????
  127. Hi need help
  128. polygone modeling2 gnomon,anyone join?
  129. Competitions
  130. PreCollege program... Recommended?
  131. Confused on what major to be looking at.
  132. What else are the Maya limits as a student?
  133. Creating enviroment ?
  134. If you can help
  135. 3d Modelling / Animation universities EU
  136. AAU vs Ringling?
  137. architecture vs cg
  138. Cogswell? and another question.
  139. Doubts about scholarship (16 years old)
  140. girl/child model
  141. AAU 4 or 5 years long degree?
  142. Your opinion on M.S.Digital media program at East Tennessee University
  143. Gnomon School experience?
  144. help
  145. Train2game
  146. Student Loan.....Help
  147. Online schools?
  148. CG workshops
  149. any government recognized diploma?
  150. Is a computer science background beneficial to a 3D artist?
  151. Good Animation schools around/in Maryland, United States
  152. JHM: Tons of Disney history can be found on the CalArts campus
  153. CG Course closed?
  154. short courses in london...
  155. Opinions about Bournemouth
  156. 3DS Max rigging class
  157. Looking for internship: Sweeden.
  158. Average US Student Debt: $24,000
  159. Full Sail or IUPUI
  160. Doing art in another counrty
  161. Which Autodesk Product to Learn?
  162. Full Sail or Art institute of Indianapolis
  163. Full sai or Art Institute of Indianapois
  164. final "which school is for me" thread
  165. Good free tutorial site
  166. Need some fast advise on UK courses
  167. Visual Effects Artist
  168. CG and/ore VR Masters Course
  169. Multiphysics Engine
  170. I have a question.
  171. Need advice - career change to motion graphics
  172. Where to Begin, what road to take
  173. Relocating, Specialising and taking Advantage of Opportunities (advice req)
  174. wich school for a good foundation?
  175. Vanarts - Game Art.
  176. Confused about which program to use . . .
  177. Animation Workshop vs. Animation Mentor: Critique/Experiences and help in deciding
  178. Any Similar schools?
  179. So how do I start this?
  180. Best course of motion graphic in the world?
  181. After School Activities?
  182. I'm debating between schools. What is my future outlook?
  183. [DemoReel] Drimagine - School of 3D Animation & VFX
  184. Looking for online VFX course..
  185. Phd Animation doesn't exist?
  186. Cal Poly Graphic Communication
  187. i'm planning on going to academy of art for animation or game design but i have a ?
  188. what are the best art colleges in California for game design and/or 3d animation
  189. need advise, do master degree's exist?
  190. school or no school ?
  191. school or no school ?
  192. AAU's game design program
  193. Best States 3D (movies/TV) Programs for International Students
  194. too old for school?
  195. high school senior-need advice on online portfolio
  196. Zbrush or Mudbox?
  197. Where to start?
  198. Texas A&M for Visualization?
  199. Best 3D Animation Insitutes in India
  200. Best 3D Animation Institutes in India
  201. The Guildhall at SMU
  202. Starting CG Arts for technical ppl
  203. Can i get a 3D career?
  204. 3D Courses In Australia
  205. Schoolism
  206. Mudbox online courses, tutorials, lessons...
  207. other university that like Texas A&M
  208. courses still worth it?
  211. Having a hard time finding the right college. Help me please, seriously!
  212. Junior in High School, what can I do?
  213. 3D Graphics programming.
  214. UT Dallas Arts and Technology course
  215. which area of 3d arts education is most conducive to employment?
  216. CG artist that wants to expand. Courses or Online??
  217. 3D and Game Studios in UK
  218. How can I make this happen?
  219. Accepted to Ai but having second thoughts... Which school to choose?
  220. VFS vs AIV vs VanArts (for VFX)
  221. VFS-Too much money for little opportunity
  222. Graphic Design Seeking to Learn Animation
  223. Kaplan University, 'Guerilla Registration' Leaves Students Deep In Debt
  224. VFS ? (Foundation Art and Design)
  225. Lost... Need some answers.
  226. Gnomon Entertainment design
  227. What degrees/courses are good to go into the Game/VFX... world
  228. Matte/compositing/rotoscope artist required for Australian Feature film
  229. Lost Boys Learning
  230. Ringling? Or something else?
  231. Gnomon Online Courses
  232. 3D Career/Plans
  233. VFX training.
  234. Does anyone recommend some top-notch MFA program in VFX and Animation?
  235. phD in Europe or USA?
  236. Postgraduate Studies in Vfx
  237. New Here, and really thinking about how to break into the industry
  238. Gnomon School
  239. UK interesting 3D, Animation, VFX courses / schools recommended?
  240. University Work Experience
  241. Entertainment Design 3D which gives a Bachelor
  242. Full Sail University - Opinions?
  243. which animation schools do you guys think is good for a beginner?
  244. painting school
  245. Animation university in Australia?
  246. pixel corps
  247. Escape Studios Course -- good idea or not so much?
  248. Be wary of promotional crap like this
  249. Free Online Learning?
  250. Questions to ask about a program?