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  1. scripting in XSI
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  24. Scop Re-use
  25. Luma - Python in XSI
  26. Custom Display
  27. Python - AddConstraint
  28. Orient center to polygon normal?
  29. A Question 4 Profs (Creating Plugins)
  30. Popup menu
  31. Why is it Bold??
  32. shader writing tuts???
  33. How to get Torn-off Menus??
  34. Desktop Path with ver.7
  35. XSI mKey script ( mirror you control Rig )
  36. Importing gps data?
  37. Looping through Non-Sequential objects?
  38. How to Close Softimage with out a Saving Question?
  39. Question about "Layouts"...!
  40. PhysX integration
  41. VBScript... Isn't that passť?
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  43. JScript CustomP question
  44. JScript - Getting Scene Render Options Values
  45. MR Shaders in XSI
  46. Camera Projection shader spdl
  47. PPG - Global Variables?
  48. Seperate All Subcurves to Curves
  49. Create a Null as Parent
  50. Create Null as Parent at First Point of a Curve
  51. Segment Curve From Knot To Knot
  52. freeze transforms?
  53. Hide-unhide objects sequence
  54. how to change output render using batch
  55. "If" statements and Selection Objects.
  56. changing a script from VBscript to Python
  57. scripting part by part
  58. quesions about xsi
  59. Eclipse debuger for Python scripts in Softimage
  60. is this possible
  61. Synoptic Error, missing
  62. a little script need help
  63. Need to read SRT's from particles
  64. Who can create such as "Alive"
  65. How to get all the image sources filenames with VBScript
  66. command no use with batch render
  67. ask help for XSI PPG coding
  68. Lost an old script for adding nulls to selected meshes and enveloping to them.
  69. Launch Quicktime with script