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  1. Gnomon Workshop 'Live' - Who's Attending??
  2. 3-point lighting
  3. Workshop Suggestions Anyone???
  4. Come Join Us! Gnomon Gallery Opening 8/13
  5. The Making of WALL•E, a Live Effects Event, August 28th
  6. Digital Sculpting Workshop September 19th to September 21st at Gnomon
  7. Gnomon Gallery: Osmosis 09/26/08
  8. Making of the Mummy - 10/02/08 - Free Event!
  9. Gnomon Workshop on Playgrounds Festival
  10. Gnomon Gallery: Spectres: The Art of Jordu Schell, 10/30/08
  11. An Evening with Blur Studio: Warhammer Online
  12. Gnomon Workshop Live!: December 12th-19th
  13. The Making of: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with Digital Domain
  14. The Gnomon Workshop LIVE June 27 & 28 2009
  15. Gnomon Gallery: The Art of Steambot Studios, Saturday May 9th
  16. Gnomon Gallery: Pixologic Action Heroes, Saturday June 6th
  17. Gnomon School: The Making of Kung Fu Panda, Thursday, May 28th
  18. Gnomon Workshop Releases Gears of War Creature Design
  19. White Swan World Premiere and Gallery Event
  20. Gnomon School: Open House July 11th
  21. Gnomon Gallery: Cognosco, Artists of the Snow Storm, Saturday August 8th
  22. Gnomon School: The Making of UP, Thursday, August 13th
  23. The Making of "9" and The Art of "9" At Gnomon School
  24. Announcing Master Classes, November 9th - 23rd, 2009
  25. First project : Saint Mary church in maadi, cairo, egypt
  26. Gnomon Gallery: Civilizations, The Art of Dylan Cole, Saturday November 14th
  27. Registration for Winter 2010 Classes is Open
  28. Gnomon School: The Making of 2012, Thursday, December 10th
  29. Gnomon New Events?
  30. Unleashed: The Art of Naughty Dog, Saturday March 6th
  31. The Making of: Heroes and V
  32. The Making of Avatar, Saturday April 3rd
  33. The Art of God of War III at Gnomon Gallery, May 29th
  34. The Making of: Lost and Chuck
  35. Gnomon Student Gallery Show, Sat., Sept. 11th, 2010
  36. Open House this Weekend
  37. New 2010 Student Work Compilation
  38. Master Classes 2011
  39. MARI 1.1 Release Event
  40. Gnomon Gallery: The Art of High Moon Studios, March 5th 2011
  41. Designing the Grid: The Art and Design of TRON: Legacy, Sat. Feb. 26
  42. The Making of Tangled, Thursday April 28th
  43. Gnomon Gallery: The Art of Legacy Effects, May 28th 2011
  44. ​Autodesk User Group​ at Gnomon in LA​