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  1. Creating Polygonal Regions
  2. Help improve your modeling skill (limited offer)
  3. aerial footage to 3D model
  4. modeling refrences
  5. Question about modeling with floater geometry
  6. Error message
  7. what appears simple seem complex to achieve
  8. Detailed sculpt
  9. 6-sided-poles
  10. Sculpting speed
  11. Sub D modeling in Maya 2016
  12. Rectangular hole in convex plane
  13. Any suggestions for learning NURBS modeling.
  14. ZBrush Help
  15. Loft modeling possibility
  16. A question about a tessellation problem in MAX
  17. Question about altering a 3d object file
  18. WACOM Intuos review
  19. where do you place the point of origin for character models?
  20. Character: What's wrong with my edges?
  21. Difference in topology types
  22. Nurbs/Poly opensubdiv ? when and why ?
  23. need advice on how to model this design
  24. Fruit help?
  25. How To Study A Game
  26. Human reference material
  27. Face Topology
  28. Creating a tangled model of arrows
  29. Converting .step to .obj
  30. Funny things with Moi3D
  31. Recognize this anomaly?
  32. OSBTools - Model sanitisation tool
  33. Hard surfaces?
  34. Deletion bug in Zbrush?
  35. Pixar Polycount?
  36. Need help .mb to .obj export
  37. How can I model this?
  38. 3D smoothing problem
  39. Hollow problem
  40. Looking for Dungeon assets.
  41. 3D newbie who wants to make THIS...
  42. Modeling rear motorcycle fender feedback
  43. Do i need still need to create a normal map for a still model?
  44. Purposefully inducing artifacting/messed up geometry
  45. Modelling of 100+ spheres and cylinders. Which software?
  46. Question about using the Quad Draw tool
  47. Death by triangles...HELP!!
  48. Car Modeling - Tips/Tricks
  49. How to sort this pole out?
  50. New 3D models search engine
  51. Prominent Smoothing Edges On Object
  52. Zbrush Beginner question
  53. Create torus with ALL surface polygons squares.
  54. Normal maps baking, are a pain...
  55. I cant seem to find anything on teeth placement.
  56. How do you create a hole pattern in zbrush?
  57. Church Interior modeling questions
  58. unwrapping issue of the texture of the model stretching
  59. Quads vs Triangles Urgent!!!
  60. sculpt then retopo or base mesh then sculpt ??
  61. Unwrapped UVs on a symmetrical model arent symmetrical?
  62. In a 3d model segment's lengths floating values to integer
  63. Can't select multiple objects with the marquee tool
  64. Smooth Design
  65. 3DS Max, Sizing & UE4...
  66. Best 3D scanner for Human Heads
  67. Kylo Ren Speed Modeling
  68. Simple way to create cartoon character topology
  69. Creating hill that organically fits buildings and stairs running up it.
  70. Spaceships, robots and other hard surface?
  71. solidworks import
  72. How to replicate light fixtures
  73. C4D - Braided Rope
  74. creating holes in geometry of the shipping container
  75. Hi i need some help
  76. Maya- Cannot See AttachedCurve Object?
  77. gg
  78. Topology for base mesh and animation
  79. Proprietary File Format .ERF
  80. closed geometry for game engines?
  81. Where to buy buildings complete with studs, pipes, electrical?
  82. Mirrored mesh in Maya flipped in Zbrush using GoZ
  83. Which 3D app for UVs?
  84. Non Manifold Error After Clean Up Operation Horse Model Attached
  85. how to set the necessary edge loops in openSubdiv
  86. Is there any software that given a soup of meshes it returns a manifold mesh?
  87. Flipping multiple objects
  88. Books on Modelling
  89. Polycount / tris count question from the new guy!
  90. Reference Images in Maya 2016
  91. Issue with cutting out shapes in a surface
  92. Control Spacing Between Subdivsions Loft Nurbs
  93. How to do model in blender of this ornament?
  94. How to do model in blender of this ornament?
  95. Model and texture In Vue 13 for games
  96. Modeling capability question
  97. Max Merging separate meshes
  98. creating a container with a rim lip connector, in rhino?
  99. Anyone know how to do this?
  100. Meshes overlaying each other after retopology
  101. Geometry vs Displacement map
  102. Converting mesh to solid object
  103. transparency in ambient occlusion
  104. Are Ngons and Tris okay for modeling static objects?
  105. Are Ngons and Tris okay for modeling static objects?
  106. Advice/tutorial on how to model this.
  107. Maya 2016 preview smooth problem
  108. Dent Issue in car Modeling
  109. Any techniques or tutorials for making lowpoly art models?
  110. Total Beginner Advice Please
  111. Seeking modeling advice
  112. Creative Sliced Apple in Maya
  113. Low poly ame asset modeling problem
  114. Broken Egg In Maya
  115. Mental Ray Trees
  116. Help with Modeling - NEW
  117. Real world scale for Unity? I need a 6 foot cube.
  118. Best Tree/Plant Modeling Program?
  119. intersecting sweep nurbs C4d
  120. spPaint3D Error
  121. HORN - help me
  122. Sphere topology question
  123. Modeling with different focal length images
  124. too many connections to vertex
  125. Would anyone like to contribute to short film/ video game?
  126. Sculpting scales tecnique
  127. Model doesnt want to rotate
  128. Good topology/technique for cartoon hands?
  129. 3D clenched fist/ fist
  130. Square hole in curved surface?
  131. How to create stylized polygon hair?
  132. Help,How to do it model?
  133. Help,How to do it model?
  134. Help,How to do it model?
  135. Help! Noob Here!
  136. Trouble with Texture
  137. nHair question
  138. How do you deal with character armor?
  139. Is there a need for sculpting if your ultimate goal is to animate?
  140. Blender UV mapping ratio issue
  141. [Stupid Question] soo comfusing.. arghh
  142. new 3D realistic modelling software
  143. Flip instance geo without flipping normals
  144. Covering an object with irregular sized diamonds
  145. UV Unwrapping Multiple Identical Polygons
  146. modelling a cable
  147. Helix along curve (telephone cable), Maya 2016
  148. Models to Download to Practice Rigging and Texturing
  149. White Edges
  150. [Question] 3D Scanning with Multiple PS3 Eyes
  151. Stirring Risotto
  152. Model repository for challenges
  153. Modelling a peanut
  154. Displacement Map doesnt work correctly V ray
  155. Displacement Map doesnt work correctly V ray
  156. Is it ok to watch 3ds max modeling tutorials that made using old 3ds max versions ?
  157. 5 Sided Polygons - Maya
  158. Topology question
  159. Free high resolution 3D scans for download.
  160. 3D Max - Clean Booleans
  161. Maya Quad Draw snapping on wrong side of mesh
  162. 3ds Max, how to relax topolgzy and remove loop issues
  163. Is it profitable for a 3ds max user to watch maya tutorials to learn 3D modeling?
  164. Mountain wireframe topography
  165. Smoothing UVed meshes
  166. Be Safety Light Bulb Concept In Maya
  167. Topology Question
  168. Help with recreating a scene from Photo
  169. Maya character blendshapes
  170. New Creative Hotel In Maya
  171. elements or objects?
  172. Caetoon modeling
  173. Please, help me with this model
  174. Sculpting human head
  175. Cartoon Modeling
  176. Matcap change
  177. How to model wooden rural houses as seen in Witcher 3 - advice needed
  178. Need help creating these type of curls
  179. Posing for animation reference?
  180. Help with extrusion problems please?
  181. Blender Character Sculpt
  182. Modeling a fence
  183. Needing help with converting .mb to .obj
  184. Realistic Embroidery (C4D to 3dsMax)
  185. Environment Modeling, differences between games and broadcast/film
  186. Quick Maya 2016 question
  187. Neytiri from (Avatar)
  188. Is Maya 2016 a joke?
  189. automation 3d modeling
  190. Blender: weight paint deforms mesh
  191. Sunglasses Modeling
  192. A pose reference?
  193. [Maya] My First Real Model: Why do I get these weird rendering artifacts?
  194. How to model "La Linea" in c4d?
  195. Chain making script for Maya
  196. Problem importing to Zbrush from 3ds max
  197. Extrude Repeat Question Maya
  198. Maya Character Modeling
  199. 3Ds UVW Unwrap along Model Seams
  200. Nurbs Loft Issue in Maya
  201. Sculptors help is required
  202. How do I slide too edge loops at the same time.
  203. Modeling a coin
  204. Tutorials for 3d artists
  205. How do I create an arch from a straight plane?
  206. maya object wrong object orientation
  207. Creative 3D models design
  208. Preparing Model for animation flow work (Facial blends)
  209. How to update a topology when you have layers?
  210. Looking For Feedback On A Character I Modelled
  211. Modeling Animatable Hoses In 3ds Max
  212. In sahara
  213. SubDiv Issue after boolean... workflow issue?
  214. need your help(please)
  215. i'm beginner need your help
  216. Help Modelling Wet Mud
  217. subdivision help in c4d --why rounding individual ploys?
  218. in Maya is there a way to select faces inside a selection in component mode?
  219. My polygon hair is too high dense in vertices on top is there any ways around this?
  220. edge flow question...
  221. Normal map - Low poly geometry sticks out
  222. Are these types of poles/topolgy redirections Ok to have?
  223. GoZ Zbrush
  224. Zremesh
  225. Details on a Star Fighter Wing (Thoughts? Tutorials?)
  226. Moving edges in direction of selection
  227. Modeling an object from 5 seporate images.
  228. Blender/ZBrush Workflow & Normal Maps
  229. Any advice on how to speed my rock modeling workflow
  230. Millenium Falcon 3d Model
  231. Information on Architecture
  232. Could someone please look at my body topology and provide any tips?
  233. Character modelling: Maya or Zbrush
  234. Tris vs Quads for better typology?
  235. Bb 8 Starwars Modeling
  236. Modeling a Cessna 172 Skyhawk
  237. Having trouble with topology.
  238. Graduate portfolio
  239. 5 Tips for 3D Modeling portfolios
  240. Modelling Scrooge Mcduck
  241. Do you need to draw to be a Pro Character Artist?
  242. Just how do I get started with character modeling as a total beginner?
  243. When do you pose your character
  244. When to model to scale ?
  245. Creating 3d printed stencils from a 3d model
  246. Smart Sculpting practice
  247. Mentor - games - hardsruface
  248. Modeling question
  249. Please advise me about my modeling.
  250. rokkuroxxas sketchbook