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  1. Motiva Exposure Control (free 3dmax/vray plugin)
  2. Final Light releases Steam Toolkit HD
  3. Batman - Arkham Origins: The latest from Blur and cebas in the World of Game Cinemati
  4. VFXWorms: New book released on Maya utility nodes
  5. 30 New Courses in August: Rigging Tank Treads in Maya, New Unity, ZBrush and More
  6. CGAxis Models Volume 34 Trees IV
  7. Mighty Instruments announces Mighty Tiles Pro open beta
  8. 3DTotal Workshop | Master scale, perspective & color
  9. New Introduction to Softimage 2014, Automotive Modeling in Maya and More New Courses
  10. CGAxis Tutorial: Modelling E-Cigarette
  11. Chaos Group Releases V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max Beta
  12. CGAxis Unlimited 1 Year Access
  13. New Maya Scripting Tutorials + New Learning Paths, After Effects, Houdini, ZBrush...
  14. 3DTotal's Master scale, perspective & color in Photoshop Workshop is filling up!
  15. Check out the latest issue of 3DCreative mag!
  16. Pre-order 3DTotal's Sketching from the imagination & get a FREE sketchbook & pencil
  17. New MODO, Maya and V-Ray, After Effects, NUKE Game Dev Courses and More
  18. Chaos Group Ships V-Ray 2.0 for SketchUp
  19. PipelineFX Draws Up New Plan for Pratt’s Render Farm
  20. Designing & Building Droids eBooks have landed! Plus, 10% off!
  21. FREEBIES - 13 people with alpha channel (PNG)
  22. Leopoly - 3D sculpting app for easy 3D printing and for fun
  23. More New MODO released + Maya, 3ds Max, Unity, V-Ray, After Effects, Revit and More
  24. AMD increases power for CG artists
  25. Submit your best work to the Digital Art Masters V9 book!
  26. Out now! September issue of 2DArtist
  27. Ever wondered if MODO could be right for you?
  28. 3D scan store new colour scans
  29. Coolorus 1.3 - New Color Picker for Autodesk Sketchbook (Mac only!)
  30. Interview with Jose Alves da Silva
  31. FREEBIES - Guess what's for dinner? He he, next Blue Skies - 23 photos :)
  32. More New MODO + Maya, ZBrush, 3ds Max, Unity and NUKE Just to Name a Few
  33. Faceware Tech Upgrades its Entire Professional Facial Motion Capture Product Line
  34. DesertHD: Game Model and CG Desert Vegetation
  35. 3DMotive 5 for 5 Offer!
  36. New Mootzoid Website, new Softimage Plugin
  37. 3D Cyborg Production with Rami Ali
  38. Announcing Arnold Renderer Training + CINEWARE, After Effects, ZBrush and More
  39. CVMP 2013 : The 10th European Conference on Visual Media Production
  40. CGAxis HDRI Collection Volume 7 Available Now!
  41. Announcing AutoCAD Training + 3ds Max, Photoshop, Modo, ZBrush, Maya and More
  42. 3D Squirrel - Halloween 3D Modelling Challenge.
  43. New ZBrush Tutorials + 3ds Max, CINEMA 4D, After Effects and More
  44. CVMP Conference To Explore Cutting-edge Advances In Post Production
  45. CGAxis Starter Pack
  46. “Dead Trees” release. For games and mobiles
  47. 2dartist Oct Magazine
  48. Training - Introduction to 3D Coat
  49. FluidRay RT 0.9.5 Released
  50. Tomyoda HDR pack 01 (free download) 2013
  51. Two new HDRI collections from RenderSchool
  52. New Maya Training + ZBrush, 3ds Max, V-Ray and More
  53. Resolution Revolution: Pixel density discipline with multi-tile UV texture mapping in
  54. mrViewer v2.5.0.1
  55. Southpaw Technology Upgrades Open Source TACTIC; Brings Code to GitHub
  56. CGArena Magazine Oct-Nov 13 Issue Released
  57. Introducing Amplify Color - Industry Level Color Grading for Unity
  58. Introducing Amplify Texture, the leading solution for Virtual Texturing in Unity
  59. PipelineFX's Burst License Program Helps SVA Students Avoid Deadline Hell
  60. CGAxis New Collection Available Now!
  61. Three of change Produces the Design & Animation for NatGeoWild, Jobs That Bite!
  62. The first affordable anatomical figure!
  63. Art Configurator, 25% voucher, price-drops, Newsletter
  64. Pulldownit updates to version 2.7
  65. COMPETITION - win a license of IMAGIA (RAW and other formats editing program)
  66. NoorVFX_30% off on All Products untill 27 NOV .
  67. Gimpel3D 2D/3D Stereo Conversion software is now opensource.
  68. Digital District Now Manages Render Farm with PipelineFX’s Qube!
  69. New Collection: CGAxis Models Volume 38 Furniture IV
  70. CCP Custom Control Pad - dominate keyboard shortcuts !
  71. First screenshots of actual Kinect 2 pointcloud data
  72. HDR Light Studio - 33% off
  73. Black Friday Deal at 3dtotal!
  74. RealFlow tutorials in French
  75. 55% Black Friday to Cyber Monday discount on Pure3D models
  76. Coolorus Color Wheel add-on - 30% Off!
  77. Auto Advanced Rig for 3DS MAX
  78. Terrain Plugin for 3DS Max update
  79. Creating UV Coordinate Passes in Vray for Maya
  80. 3DMotive Cyber Turkey Sale!
  81. Fanurio 3.0 released - Time Tracking and Billing for Freelancers
  82. StockCG released Ver 1.5 -Manage stock assets right! OSX | PC
  83. MPC Licenses FabricSG and Splice to Customize Production Pipeline
  84. Want to talk to the RealFlow team?
  85. Lightbrush is available
  86. Upcoming FREE Demo Reel Webinar Dec 7th
  87. Dassault acquires RTT
  88. Kinect 2 Video/InfraRed/Depth/PointCloud
  89. Golaem Crowd 3 is out!
  90. Allegorithmic Introduces Substance Painter and its Revolutionary Particle-Based Brush
  91. New offers and pricing for Clarisse iFX!
  92. Introducing Amplify Motion - Quality vector based motion blur for Unity Pro
  93. NUKE user group meetup, Chicago
  94. 3December 2013: New Interviews+Tutorials on AREA
  95. Smedge 2014 now lets you render on 3 machines for free
  96. Chaos Group Releases V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino
  97. 3D Squirrel Announces 3D Model Competition and Option to Earn 95% Royalties.
  98. Liman3D Textures Christmas SALE 50% OFF
  99. Available now! Professional 3D game character creation Workshop by Alex Troufanov
  100. Spotmask advanced render elements for 3ds Max mentalray released
  101. Create Melt by Softimage ( free )
  102. RealFlow / openVDB video
  103. Basefount Miarmy Crowd 2.7 Releasing
  104. New RealFlow Graph available
  105. Win a free course with Escape Studios & kick-start your professional VFX career!
  106. The 100th issue of 3dcreative magazine is here!
  107. Red9 - Time and key management demo
  108. Terragen 3 discounted up to $100 through December 31st
  109. ARM Acquires Geomerics
  110. Distortion Free UV's with Headus UVLayout
  111. 4 sIBL/ HDR sets - free (for commercial usage) download until 31-01-2014
  112. RappaTools3.2 for 3ds Max now Available... quickTopo, activeGrid, PlanarLoops...
  113. StockCG is giving 20 credits (1GB storage space) signup pre Christmas present.
  114. Merry christmas and happy new year from Keytoon Animation Studio
  115. MGODI job framework for CG community
  116. mrViewer v2.5.3.0
  117. Three of Change, Creative Agency for International Documentary, "Buried Secrets..."
  118. CGAxis Models Volume 40 Toys + free model, available now!
  119. New 3D Scan Store
  120. Hybride Technologies Founders and Marc Petit Make Strategic Investment in Fabric Soft
  121. First Installment of Dystopian Thriller République Now Available on the App Store
  122. Training: Realistic Digital Painting
  123. 3DMotive 60% Off X-mas Sale!
  124. NoorVFX 20 % OFF .
  125. Over 65 New Courses Released for 2D, 3D, VFX and Games as 2013 Came to a Close
  126. CGAxis Models Volume 41 Available NOW!
  127. FluidRay RT 0.9.7 real-time renderer released
  128. Jan14 issue of 3dcreative magazine: out now!
  129. Adobe partners with Sketchfab to bring 3D publishing to Photoshop
  130. Making of Dog
  131. Cinesite VFX to Open Montreal Branch
  132. New Collection: CGAxis Models Volume 42 Stairs + Render Scene
  133. Interview with Sami Group Studio
  134. Faceware Technologies Forms Partnership with Vicon
  135. Southpaw Technology Hires Media Veteran; Opens Los Angeles Office
  136. Advanced Water Caustics
  137. FluidRay RT 0.9.8 real-time renderer released
  138. renderfarm render4you free offer
  139. free sIBL/HDRI sample of Dutch Skies 360° Vol 5 + workflow notes
  140. Mighty Tiles Pro for 3ds Max released
  141. MakeVR - VR Modeling system for Oculus and Stem/Razer Hydra
  142. Production Art Department, Sydney, Australia
  143. 3DMotive 69% Off Valentine's Day Sale!
  144. Substance Designer 4.1 Released
  145. 5 3dmotive Courses - 5 Bucks Each!
  146. FluidRay RT adds real-time volumetrics and post-processing
  147. Faceware Tech Launches New Indie Facial Mocap Package
  148. cmiVFX just released a new Houdini Destruction Series: Missile Strike volume 1
  149. Allegorithmic Releases Substance Painter Beta on Steam
  150. Brand new Houdini Fur Systems video from cmiVFX!
  151. Houdini Destruction Series: Missle Strike volume 2 by cmiVFX
  152. VOTA voxel modeling contest starting, win FirePro cards and more
  153. Southpaw Technology To Launch TACTIC | aWare for the Unity Game Engine
  154. Mixamo Launches Major Upgrades to Online, End-to-End 3D Character Creation Solution
  155. CGAxis Spring Sale 2014
  156. CGAxis Spring Sale 2014
  157. SketchUp 2014 is out now
  158. Over 80 New Tutorials Released so Far in 2014!
  159. Mighty Tiles Pro for Photoshop Beta is here
  160. Brand New Foundry Nuke and Mari Training by cmiVFX, Just in time for NAB!
  161. Secret Announcement! The Foundry LIVE at NAB 2014
  162. Mixamo, Inc announced today that Fuse 1.0, Mixamo’s 3D character creator, is coming t
  163. Qube! Helps MPC Work Lean and Mean on E4’s Brand Spots
  164. cmiVFX Presents New Autodesk Flame Premium Migration Guide
  165. Win CGAXis Complete
  166. cmiVFX just released a BRAND NEW video on High-End Game Asset Workflows! 60% OFF!!!
  167. [New Collection] CGAxis Models Volume 45 - Fireplaces
  168. ANOMALIA professional training and networking in CG animation
  169. We present the first Chilean 3D movie
  170. Chaos Group Spotlights Students and Independent Films at FMX 2014
  171. Allegorithmic’s Substance Engine Now Available for All Unreal Engine 4 Developers
  172. Modo 801 Live!
  173. Freebies - new Acer tree models in 4 ages - free for commercial use:)
  174. Flatiron V2 released
  175. Awesome NEW C4D X-Particles video by cmiVFX
  176. [New Collection] CGAxis Models Volume 46 Windows
  177. Faceware Partners with Binari Sonori to Offer New Video-Based Localization Service
  178. 3 DAYS TO GO | CG Student Awards | "Design our Trophy"
  179. Dog Fx in Maya
  180. IRELAND/UK :Free Event Dublin & Belfast
  181. New Training for Maya 2015, Unreal Engine 4 & so Much More + New $29 Plans
  182. Craft Animations Introduces Craft CameraFx for MotionBuilder
  183. Allegorithmic Integrates Silicon Studio’s YEBIS 2 Tech Into All Substance Products
  184. 2 Brand New Videos by cmiVFX AND SPECIAL 30% OFF SALE DISCOUNT CODE
  185. CGAxis Models Volume 47
  186. Mixamo Opens Its Advanced Character Customization Technology to User-Imported Content
  187. Unwrella 3 with auto UV-Tile released
  188. Time-Lapse HDRI Sky Domes
  189. Next Media Animation Scaling Up Qube! In Response to Worldwide Acclaim
  190. $5 3DMotive Courses on Udemy!
  191. FluidRay RT real-time renderer 1.0.3 released
  192. 3D Marketplace 3D Squirrel Launches New Website
  193. Allegorithmic and to Provide PBR Material Library in Substance
  194. Battleship 3D Modelling Challenge
  195. Introducing the New Version of Pro-Viz(TM) All-In-One Bundle
  196. Freebies - 4 Acer tree models (irregular shape) in 4 ages
  197. Nodality 1.5 - Node Based Image Editing & Compositing for iPad
  198. UV-Packer 2 released
  199. CGAxis Models Volume 48
  200. Bleank Announces Black Ink and its Unusual Brushes
  201. Dover Studios Summer Sale on Maya Training Videos
  202. FREEBIES - 9 textures of people with alpha mask
  203. FREEBIES - 11 blue clouded skies
  204. Nodality 1.6 - Node Based Image Editing & Compositing for iPad
  205. FurryBall 4.8 with Cinema 4D plugin - released!
  206. CGAxis Models Volume 49 Bedrooms II + FREE 3D Model
  207. Freebie Realistic Vray Materials
  208. cmiVFX just released OVER 7 HOURS of New C4D Advanced Lighting and Rendering Training
  209. Freebie 3D Model - Realistic Sofa Free Download
  210. New Maya, 3ds Max, MODO, ZBrush, Unreal Engine Training and More
  211. Node Based Image Processing for iPad: Nodality Reaches version 1.7
  212. FluidRay RT 1.1 released
  213. Deep Space 3D Modelling Challenge
  214. CGAxis Models Volume 50 Plants III + Celebrate 50th collection
  215. New book: Multithreading for Visual Effects
  216. Mighty Tiles Pro V1.1.0 -- Now with polygon pattern editor
  217. Don’t Miss cebas’ Grand Reveal @SIGGRAPH 2014 – Booth# 914!
  218. Thinkbox Software Previews Deadline 7 at SIGGRAPH 2014 with Built-in VMX for Comprehe
  219. EXOCORTEX announced it has reached 65,000 registered users within a year of launching
  220. BOXX Remote Access XDI Demos and More at SIGGRAPH 2014
  221. Chaos Group’s V-Ray Comes to The Foundry’s MODO, NUKE and KATANA
  222. MPC showcase a year of spectacular VFX at SIGGRAPH 2014
  223. Cinesite: Hercules
  224. ftrack announces version 3.0
  225. The new NUKE range is coming
  226. Southpaw Technology Announces TACTIC Apps
  227. Southpaw Technology Announces TACTIC Apps
  228. New Training for Maya, Unreal Engine, 3ds Max, Blender, NUKE & More
  229. Check out cmiVFX’s new Houdini Automotive Drifting video!
  230. Brand New Website @!
  231. Explore Data Visualizations in C4D with cmiVFX’s Latest Video Release
  232. cmiVFX reveals a secret technique in new Houdini Snow System video
  233. Three of Change Brings National Geographic Museums New 9x16 Foot Video Wall to Life!
  234. Mighty Tiles Pro for 3ds Max and Photoshop V1.2.0
  235. Faogen 3 - per-vertex and texture AO baking
  236. Smart3DCapture Free & Basic release 3.1.1
  237. PopcornFX v.1.6 released
  238. Reel FX Hits 4.5 Million Render Jobs Using PipelineFX’s Qube!
  239. The Most Trending VFX Videos on the Net
  240. need animator for shoet pilot
  241. FluidRay RT 1.1.1 real-time renderer released
  242. BonesPro with dual quaternions released
  243. The RealFlow & Cinema 4D FLUID DIMENSION CHALLENGE!
  244. Three of Change Produces the “What to Expect From Your Baby’s First Test” Video Anima
  245. Passion Turns to PipelineFX for Big Ad Campaigns
  246. Launched: thinkingParticles Release 6.0 nine over new features/functions.
  247. New Website for down-loadable key-framed animation.
  248. NUKE 9 LIVE: Register for a chance to win NUKE STUDIO!
  249. Model, Rig, Animate, and Render With cmiVFX's New C4D Commercial Animation Video
  250. Get clean renders in MODO in 2 simple steps