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  17. Wacom 6x8 (3:4 aspect) on a 1920x1200 (16:10 aspect) monitor
  18. New PC set-up for Photoshop + Zbrush
  19. How bad is a "bad" light leak on IPS/LED panel?
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  22. New Computer for animation
  23. high performance workstation
  24. New build for 3D and VFX
  25. Portable Tablet for daisy to laptop
  26. Folders with tons of pictures slow to open fully
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  28. New model of Cintiq alternative looks promising?
  29. poor college student need some hardware help
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  37. Computer Spec's Feedback
  38. pc shops in London suggestions
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  40. Where to hire Multicore Macs in London UK
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  43. Will my upgrade work?
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  47. How Does This Rig Look?
  48. New Quadro K5000
  49. mari - gpu
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  52. Please Advise: GTX 6xx/7xx or Quadro2000
  53. Interior design & Architectural work
  54. error 651-problem with routers, but very very strange
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  56. SSD vs 15000 rpm Sata
  57. pro mobile vga for laptop firepro vs quadro
  58. wirelesly transmit drawing session to hdtv from ipad
  59. Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition 6GB or workstation card
  60. Bookmark/WebLink Organizing ?!?!
  61. Space Mouse Pro - Is it a Disappointment?!?
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  63. best laptop recomendations
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  66. Another "Is this a good CG rig" Thread.....
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  72. workstation GPU update
  73. choose new laptop to run Autodesk Maya 2013+adobe CS6 AF+ Unity3D
  74. RAM that will fit under Noctua NH-U12P heatsing/fans?
  75. Should I go for the 8 core CPU or 4 core?
  76. [Amazon EC2] for only 45c/hr you get this!
  77. FirePro V5900 vs GeForce GTX 680 SC
  78. Optimise Quadro 4000 performance
  79. BootCamp Freeze when trying to enter with Quadro 4000 For Mac + GeForce GT 120
  80. Microsoft Surface Pro?
  81. Your opinions/experiences with graphics cards GTX/Quadro/AMD
  82. Running cryengine 3 through bootcamp
  83. Best upgrade path for a small studio, better workstations or a dedicated server?
  84. Hard Disk usage
  85. annoying and unexplained bug
  86. Maya Viewport 2.0 Firepro only 8x Msaa
  87. broken Quadro 4600 and cheap replacement
  88. New build for student work
  89. Tip for anyone with a small capacity SSD boot drive
  90. SSD 128gb will be enough?
  91. Maya GFX card
  92. No cash for quadro/firepro: Which one GPU for ~300$?
  93. I need a new tablet
  94. What next for Intel?
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  96. Building fast rendering machine
  97. GPU options for Mac
  98. Nvidia Gtx Titan
  99. Ultrabook Convertible for mobile modeling
  100. New Workstation Build
  101. New render server build
  102. New Computer Benchmarking?
  103. GPU's... Im Torn!!!
  104. Upgrading my Workstation - Which MoBo and Which GPU to add?
  105. Small question about workstation
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  107. proof printing choices?
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  109. Patched Quadro Drivers
  110. intuos 3 problem
  111. Banding in Windows 7
  112. best monitor under 500$
  113. 4 Quad Xeon MoBo for Render Farm??
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  115. Help building or buying a new computer
  116. Anyone tried the Surface Pro with CG soft?
  117. Cleaning a keyboard?
  118. Microsoft Surface Pro
  119. CPU choice (2 old servers vs a new I7)
  120. Need help with WIFI usb adapter
  121. How are these configs!
  122. Hardware hacking is back, geforce to quadro
  123. Gtc 2013
  124. What seems to be the problem?
  125. Sata controllers - are they good?
  126. Best way to format a drive for both Mac and PC?
  127. Need advice about Xeon render blade please
  128. How Do I Setup a Render Farm between 2-3 Mac Pro's??
  129. What do I need for real time particle simulations in Maya 2013? (nparticles)
  130. New hardware for 3000
  131. Xeon E2630 or Xeon E52650
  132. SSD Shopping
  133. Building a CPU for Animation and VFX
  134. CPU building for AE CS6 ,VUE 10xtream (limited budget)
  135. GPT on winxp32
  136. LeoMoon Renamer 1.10 [Mass Search and Replace]
  137. Pixel pitch and digital art creation
  138. Some questions about network rendering
  139. Portable computer?
  140. Win7 on 40GB SSD - Saving Space
  141. Rendering Bug for AE CS6
  142. assembling a new computer + need help with choosing a grpahic card
  143. Wacom Pens
  144. Question about the new EVGA GTX680 for Mac Pro
  145. Help please
  146. Your Advices about my System?
  147. Samsung 550P5C vs ASUS N56VZ
  148. RenderFarm, more power with less computers or less power and many computers
  149. Thunderbolt questions
  150. hardware for nuke 7
  151. Quadro Kepler vs Fermi
  152. Autodesk Maya on a Macbook Air... is it possible?
  153. GPU RENDER with WICH
  154. Geforce TITAN tested for OpenGL, OpenCL & CUDA apps
  155. Autodesk Maya 2014 wrong GPU
  156. Modern Renderfarm
  157. Which gfx card would be better?
  158. Trying to Build my PC
  159. How much Ram do I really need.
  160. Some advices and opinions on new hardware
  161. Mini GeForce GTX 670 and The Foundry Mari?
  162. VRAY slow on AMD FX8350
  163. What graphic cards for Nuke?
  164. quadro 6000
  165. Which laptop is suitable for 3D design
  166. Dell Precision 670 and a Qadro 5000 Card
  167. Best Laptop For 3d and 2d ?
  168. mouse suggestion?
  169. GTX 690: first Geforce certified for Maya 2014?
  170. Modern CMS?
  171. I have the feeling that Maya is not using my graphic card
  172. This is our Helmer Renderfam
  173. Wacom 13hd and hdmi external monitor question
  174. $4000 for Maya Animation Build
  175. who here runs 10 Gb ethernet and fast storage?
  176. Laptop Crash :(
  177. Left-handed, looking to buy Intuos 5 or Cintiq 13" HOWEVER
  178. Painter 12 lag on Dell Precision M4600
  179. Animated video design is needed for my product: online billing system
  180. Help me make a choice
  181. Microsoft Surface Pro
  182. Cintiq 13HD or refurbed 21UX?
  183. adding low cost gesture controls...
  184. Monitor Help
  185. Figured buying a new PC, is this specs any good ?
  186. 64GB? Any use of that?
  187. Help me check out UPS spec please?
  188. Buying a new laptop for 3D/Compositing work?
  189. Advice for graphics card?
  190. First Time PC Builder, help?
  191. Need Help with Custom PC Build
  192. Suggestions ( first computer rig )
  193. I need advice on another render node
  194. Quadro 5000 Vs GTX 780
  195. Help with CPU-GPU combination
  196. How to create a DVD disc
  197. Best place to sell equipment
  198. Building new work station, need good processor.
  199. please help to know if a computer I found is a good choice?
  200. New build with i7-3930 and ASUS P8Z77-V DELUXE
  201. Colour Callibration issues - Monitor and Printers
  202. Can Quadro K5000 & k2000 run together on Autodesk & Adobe Programs?
  203. Ram Speed on render node
  204. what's the diff in buying a Mobo?
  205. SDD - how stable are they?
  206. Haswell chips reviews/NDA lifted
  207. Video Card help!!!
  208. Workstation from Arbico - has anyone used them?
  209. Anyone running GTX Titan with 3ds max?
  210. Questions about specs for my first computer
  211. Color Calibration: i1 Display PRO vs Spyder 4 Elite
  212. Monitor keeps changing to a blue hue until i move my window
  213. Laptop for day to day 3d Rendering
  214. New PC Build (mostly)
  215. Color profiles for look development / compositing
  216. i7, is there a point for my stuff?
  217. New graphic card
  218. SSD over-provisioning
  219. Quadro K4000 and 3d max
  220. Pc Build and lots of doubts, in need of adv. advice
  221. renderless machine 10,000$ +
  222. ExFAT article for cross-platform file sharing
  223. second rendering workstation
  224. For overclockers: new ivy-bridge-E chips to use solder instead of thermal paste
  225. Dual 1080p 27" vs One 1440p 27"
  226. GTX Titan VS GTX 690
  227. Need opinions on this desktop build
  228. Need opinion in building Render Rig with limited budget
  229. Workstation build in canada - need advices on parts.
  230. Sharp 4K Touchscreen and Tablet
  231. First Time Building a Workstation!
  232. 3d program on windows phone?
  233. Is it a good time to buy a 16-cores Xeon workstation?
  234. Best Ultrabook for Artists
  235. need suggestion for my new pc configuration
  236. Bosto Kingtee 19ma pen touch monitor
  237. x264 quicktime on windows??
  238. Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 full voltage components?
  239. Animation Lab (Maya, Mudbox, C4D, PS, Illustrator)
  240. About IPS Led Monitors..
  241. Good solid keyboard
  242. Windows Surface Pro and other tablets?
  243. Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch with Modo
  244. Looking for advice on 2 possible setups.
  245. ATi Radeon HD6670 2GB
  246. Mini-ITX Render-node build write-up
  247. Rendering Cross platform
  248. Configuring laptop for Photoshop and After Effects
  249. Help/suggestions for first system build
  250. usefull tool...