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  1. Computer Build for 3d Work
  2. Can OpenGL And OpenCL Overhaul Your Photo Editing Experience?
  3. Cache or speed? (BluRay Drives)
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  7. current option for digital painting
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  9. I Need Advice!!!
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  13. Advice Needed // Cpu Oc & buy Ram And Ssd?
  14. 650m and 3DS
  15. Intuos 5 vs Cintiq
  16. Apple Macbook Pro Or Lenovo U400 ?
  17. DSLR Camera Slider
  18. gtx 670 vs quadro 600, 2000 4000 for workstation.
  19. Dell Build Advice
  20. Loading files Issue Maya
  21. Gypsy 5 Mocap suit
  22. Which Laptop To Buy For 3D Modeling/Sculpting/Gaming
  23. GOBOXX 1840 or Clevo 170EM/Sager 9170?
  24. Macbook Pro Retina or Origin EON15-S !!
  25. Going to be building a workstation. Please help!
  26. GPU for Maya Animation (GTX or Quadro etc)
  27. New GPU for Maya Animation (Geforce vs Quadro etc)
  28. Thoughts on my PC build?
  29. Building a workstation for C4D and AE
  30. advice on buying new pc needed
  31. MacBook Pro 2012 Benchmarks
  32. Graphics Card Advice
  33. Pro-sumer grade monitors
  34. wWhat does virtual memory mean in this case?
  35. which of these cards would you choose?
  36. Home made render farm
  37. Advice - Upgrade my desktop system (CPU)
  38. What hardware is 3d Studio Max expecting?
  39. Building a new system
  40. need assistance/suggestions on a build
  41. Render farm - same builds, different render times?
  42. Need Advice Buying Sony Vaio F series Laptop
  43. Porgram opening in second monitor?
  44. Need Help With My Workstation Build (cad, 3d Modeling/cpu-gpu Rendering)
  45. Configuring a new workstation ($10k range)
  46. laptop for 3d work
  47. 3DX Spacenavigator different rotation pivots in 2011/2012
  48. Canon 550D or Olympus PEN camera?
  49. Best laptop for modeling
  50. Beginner Workstation build, help?
  51. SLI 2 GTX 560 1GB multiple GPU or the ATI Radeon HD 6690 4GB
  52. Maya, Vray and the GTX 680
  53. SLI with different quadro cards
  54. 560ti 2GB or 580 1.5GB
  55. Need technical guides and suggestions.
  56. Strange render times between Xeons....please help
  57. Moving to a 1080i pipeline from SD - what upgrades needed?
  58. Is CUDA really worth it?
  59. Best Laptop for a Digital Media/Gaming & Animation program
  60. My PC slow in performance
  61. what I'd buy
  62. hardware choices - specific the use of SSD raid and scratchdisk
  63. building a new pc help with specs
  64. Moving Animation from 3ds Max trial to full version.
  65. Any advice for my build?
  66. dlp or lcd ips
  67. gtx-580 w furryball or quadro 5000
  68. New article compares performance gain from software upgrades, Hyper-Threading
  69. Advice about labtop Samsung Series 7
  70. Realtime/Previz machine needed
  71. Help me choose a graphic tablet
  72. PC rig for Maya and other 3D OS's
  73. Geforce 400/500 series video cards - OpenGL crippled?
  74. Building a new PC (beginner builder)
  75. Monitors - 'strategic' advice.
  76. Begginer Builder
  77. Will this work well for Game Development?
  78. Which Monitor for your advise?
  79. Intel i5 vs AMD FX-8120 for modeling and occasional rendering?
  80. Fujitsu Lifebook T902 vs Lenovo x230T
  81. Monitors: 'strategic' advice.
  82. xp and ssd's
  83. Best laptop for CG?
  84. Shopping for Camera grip equipment in the US.
  85. NVIDIA Kepler-Based Quadro K5000 & Second-Generation Maximus
  86. Major tech newb - Looking to speed up render times by upgrading processor
  87. Brush delay
  88. Brush delay
  89. MacBook Pro retina Choise (urgent)
  90. MacbookPro Retina: Wich one to take ?
  91. Anyone using a Cintiq 12WX? Opinions please.
  92. Brush lags
  93. Overclocking i7 3930k 3.2 GHz to 4.6 GHz
  94. Need Help Picking a Video Card
  95. gtx 580 FPS in Mudbox
  96. High end computer not performing
  97. ATI HD 5870M slow in Maya
  98. Bets CPU+MoBo for dynamic calculations 300$-350$
  99. HD4000 for Digital Painting?
  100. ASUS P8Z77 for new build?
  101. Windows 8 compatible app list ?
  102. Laptop for use with Maya.
  103. Rate my SSD/HDD configuration for backup
  104. Advice for first build ($5,000 worstation)
  105. New HDD and SSD
  106. Leap 3D Motion, better than Wacom?
  107. Computer to buy/customize
  108. Notebook Advice
  109. 6Gb/s... USB 3.0...PCI Express 3.0 x16... new motherboard questions
  110. New monitor... Wide or Standard Gamut?
  111. Does Windows 8 Operating System have 32 bit compatibility mode option?
  112. Wacom Cintiq scratch screen solution
  113. anyone using Multi-OS in production?
  114. I am looking for a fast inket printer
  115. Do you need separate peripherals for render node?
  116. Looking at the HD7970 for use in Maya.
  117. Looking to switch from desktop to laptop
  118. Kinect Vs Xtion Pro Live
  119. Need help finding a computer to get me started.
  120. I am planning to update my current rig, some advice would be helpful!
  121. Time for a new machine - design viz
  122. Should I upgrade video card?
  123. Desktop computer for CG and games
  124. Graphics Workstation - parts chosen, would like some advice before purchasing
  125. 3ds max crash with radeon hd 7970
  126. Maya crashed.. help plz
  127. 3ds Max graphics problem!
  128. Multi GPU and GPU based rendering
  129. Suggestions of what to upgrade to from ColorsDS?
  130. Best way to backup Workstation
  131. Maya - GTX 660 3GB or Radeon HD7970
  132. 3ds max 2010 viewport problem
  133. Getting new parts for PC - GTX 660 3gb
  134. Zbrush crashed my hardrive.
  135. Intel announced "Haswell" chipset
  136. 3D Printing
  137. scheduling cross-purposed compute/render nodes?
  138. RAM speeds an issue in this setup?
  139. Mac Pro or custom build workstation for Maya??
  140. 680 gtx maya vray RT
  141. I need some clarification on video card stats for Mudbox
  142. New Computer
  143. Monitors for CG Artist
  144. 1/2 price Boxx Workstation: Custom built equivalent
  145. Looking to upgrade to Xeon processor(s) - In need of Advice!
  146. Thinking of getting ThinkPad T430s
  147. graphics card suggestion?
  148. Thoughts/ Opinions/ Professional Suggestions on New Workstaion Build
  149. What is a Good 3D TV to buy?
  150. WACOM for an FX Artist .... required?
  151. NEW GPU advise. building a new machine
  152. Add on touch screen for iMac
  153. A question for advanced CG artists
  154. Graphics card for Foundry Mari??
  155. K5000 available, ~1800USD
  156. New PC advice
  157. New job, but computers at work crash on 3ds max 2013
  158. wacom intuos 5 Small... First impressions
  159. Computer Build for Houdini
  160. GTX 660 Ti 2GB or 3GB for Mari ?
  161. You've all been here... Buy a proper CGGraphics computer.
  162. New PC for 3DS Max + Vray.
  163. k5000 - Maximus
  164. Cintiq Screen-scratching/dead pixel issues resolved?
  165. Upgrade Guidance
  166. Macbook Pro 2012 or Dell M6700 - Windows & Maya
  167. Maya poly reduction uses Graphics CPU or Motherboard CPU?
  168. Quadro K4000M - anyone tried this yet?
  169. laptop for cg works at 1000$....
  170. gtx 670m equivalent to workstation version?
  171. Is the radeon 7950 any good in open Gl modeling for maya?
  172. go for CUDA or more memory?
  173. Has anyone gone the mini ITX route?
  174. workstation for 3d
  175. pro v gaming cards, what am I missing?
  176. NAS vs. Linux Server
  177. computer rendering slowly, max and vray
  178. Computer locking up with maya
  179. Dell 7600 Vs BOXX 8920
  180. problem with viewport
  181. Maya PC Advice
  182. Anyone seen this keyb?
  183. new laptop for modeling, rendering, etc
  184. Best windows version for stabilty?
  185. New Imac a competitor for the Mac Pro?
  186. Mac Mini Render Node
  187. Tiny Burner, perfect if you have a small SSD drive
  188. Maya Workstations (which GC?)
  189. Dual xeon HUGE problem!
  190. best windows version for maya
  191. Nexus/Kindle fire/ Ipad as lowcost cintiq alternative?
  192. Gtx 480 or Quadro 600?
  193. Backup spanning solution
  194. Updating an intuos 3 wacom tablet?
  195. rendering pc for poor architecture student?
  196. My computer is busted
  197. GeForce GTX 650 ti Running Maya
  198. Are the AMD A-Series good for Rendering?
  199. Building a Xeon Duel socket workstation
  200. Building a Xeon Duel socket workstation
  201. VrayRT on ATI 7950
  202. CPU and GPU together
  203. should i buy gtx 670 4gb superclocked?
  204. Questions about wifi...
  205. Trust Aeroo or Wacom Bamboo?
  206. wacom acting up
  207. Amd Firepro w8000 vs Nvidia Quadro K5000 which one to choose
  208. what is the equivalent of windows user documents folder on Mac OS and linux based OS?
  209. best *nix distro to run maya, nuke and houdini?
  210. Monitor options
  211. Amd Firepro w8000 vs Nvidia Quadro K5000 which one to choose
  212. 2012 mac mini - a capable 3D machine?
  213. Upgrade from GTX660 to HD7950 ?
  214. Tablets and their pens
  215. new system for Maya
  216. getting NTSF drives to cross-platform
  217. Recommended shop to buy PC in London
  218. New Coproccesors = Desktop Renderfarms?
  219. Looking for motion capture hardware
  220. Quadro 4000 is it worth $1000or stick with 480GTX
  221. Quadro 4000 is it worth $1000or stick with 480GTX
  222. Which Android tablet works best for drawing?
  223. material rendering issue
  224. GF 650TI any good in viewports on 3ds Max ?
  225. macbook pro retina issue?
  226. Advice for i7 3930K Based Computer
  227. Intel HD 4000 and Photoshop
  228. maya 2013 for linux
  229. Building Monster Workstation Help...
  230. Which monitor configuration is more productive: 2x24" screens or 1x30"?
  231. Multi-GPU mid-class vs Single high class
  232. NVIDIA Quadro latest drivers and Cinema4d
  233. amd 7850 or nvidia 560 for 3ds max
  234. Industrialdesign student: modeling & rendering
  235. Wacom Intuos pen compatibility
  236. Wacom PL-1600 (aka DTU-1631 in the USA) Quick Review
  237. New computer for around 900
  238. Screen Tearing in Maya
  239. what version of maya is available for fedora x86?
  240. recurrent os corruption
  241. Can I use this Geforce graphics card for 3d applications like maya, zbrush, 3ds max?
  242. Will this 32GB memory cards work with the Sabertooth X79?
  243. Renderfarm Services vs Pre-Built Renderfarms
  244. first time building mid level worksattion
  245. Rendernode 16 vs 32Gb
  246. Intel & AMD
  247. Advice please - Dell Precision T5600 or HP Z420
  248. Maya 2012 giving error application file has stopped working
  249. Switch Traffic Theory
  250. Question regarding Dell pro vs consumer