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  18. Has anyone used the Phasespace MoCap system ?
  19. Thinking of buying Boxx
  20. Nvidia Quadro 1000m review?
  21. Best laptop for professional Maya animator :2000-2500 budget. advice please
  22. new computer
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  25. Info on Render Farm stuff...
  26. PC Build for VFX and motion graphics
  27. GPU basic question
  28. New electro-forum
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  30. Cintiq Gesture thing
  31. Worksation Laptop - for character animation only
  32. Rig locking up, and cpu spiked?
  33. my quad core cpu only uses 50% of it full capacity
  34. Hard Drive Prices Zooming
  35. Mudbox and Mari will not start quadro series
  36. Wacom Intuos4 Large or medium for novice?
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  38. Mac Air for Maya 2012 and others
  40. New Mac Pro. How to downgrade
  41. Is DDR2 an excellent memory?
  42. little farm
  43. The Foundry Mari graphics card
  44. i7 980 VS i7 3930k workstation upgrade
  45. Need help with a 3d modeling and animation build
  46. New Build Question: RAM- Quantity or Speed?
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  48. What to do in this situation?
  49. Hardware Upgrade question?
  50. windows 7 3dsMax 2012 problem HEEELLPPP!!!
  51. Moving to Canada , New life... New PC =)
  52. Graphics Cards
  53. Maya viewports problem,help!
  54. Need advice in selecting a dual-monitor setup
  55. Package managers for Mac
  56. 30 bit color with adapter?
  57. new laptop?
  58. Looking for a Motion Capture system for live performance
  59. Laptop advice for game development
  60. GTX 560 Ti & Maya 2012
  61. Mobile Workstation Quadro Cards
  62. Help me build a new PC please
  63. Crappy Wifi/NAS question
  64. two cintiqs as dual monitors?
  65. what processor and ram ?
  66. New Linux, old software
  67. NoteBook GPU for 3D
  68. Mental Ray Rendering Issue
  69. Info and Workaround for GTX 4xx/5xx in Maya!
  70. Help Build Workstation, budget 5-10K max!
  71. Is a new monitor a top priority for me?
  72. Suggestions to buy a workstation...
  73. These configs under 1000 good enough?
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  75. Custom Animation Computer!
  76. learning how to use a Wacom Cintiq 21UX
  77. Breaking into Animating - Help with New PC Options
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  79. Rendering Server,
  80. Graphic Card help
  81. How is Dell XPS 15 or 17 ?
  82. Gateway two beeps error code
  83. AMD Phenom upgrade
  84. Cpu for rendering
  85. Maya and Macs
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  88. Maya: Viewport Performance Problem!
  89. Eizo - Avoid!
  90. Computer for Maya
  91. Touch pad that reads 3d.pdf
  92. Maya PC
  93. 30-bit video card
  94. Need some advices for a student PC
  95. iMac 27" i7 vs custom win box for vray
  96. Dual Monitor HP LP2475w, Brightness and backlighting difference
  97. Numebr of cores / number of buckets
  98. Server grade hardware vs consumer
  99. Maya 2012 on windows server 2008 sp2
  100. Switching to Linux?
  101. Sizes & prices of graphictablets.
  102. Budget CPU cooler for i7 2600k
  103. Maya ViewPort proplem
  104. Mini Laptop with built in CF card reader for use with DSLR Remote Pro?
  105. Maya, Macbook Pro, and mouse functions
  106. Computer build for Max Vray PS Lightroom
  107. Quadro or GeForce (nvidia)
  108. Some Feed Back On My New Rigg
  109. A new intel system... thinking
  110. should i trust in colfax?
  111. New rig... keep old GTX260?
  112. FirePro V7900
  113. Hardware (burning processor)
  114. Need help choosing portable workstation
  115. Computer always using so Much Ram
  116. Problems dealing with Deadline Rendering Manager software.
  117. Massive Tech newbie, thinking of buying more RAM for 3D/VFX...
  118. Graphics card for MARI ?
  119. Graphic Card Comparision
  120. Melted 4pin Connector (pics!!!)
  121. Some Freeware to analyze video/dpx
  122. Wacom Shortcuts setup
  123. Favorite tool for deploying cloned render farm nodes?
  124. Need help Building a new computer
  125. Polygon missing at rendered images.
  126. solid state drives?
  127. Macbook Pro performance in Maya and Zbrush
  128. Photoshop - Nvidia or AMD?
  129. current FirePro end-user stories
  130. can't find any advice on whether PC or Mac for 3D animation
  131. What's your rig? and thoughts on my plan?
  132. SSD with Render Speeds
  133. 1000. Gaming/Art laptop. UK
  134. Can only get 60Hz refresh at 1920x1080... Wha?!?!
  135. Newb looking for some answers.
  136. PLZ Review My Biuld!!!
  137. Need computer upgrade recommendations
  138. Graphic card issues
  139. New C4D build. Am I on the right track ?
  140. Server PC (e.g. Dell Poweredge) for rendering?
  141. CAD + 3d animation build, what do you think?
  142. Transparent 3D desktop prototype
  143. Best desktop PC for 3D graphics and animation
  144. AMD HD7970 experiences
  145. Using PC gaming cards in Mac Pro
  146. Numlock stuck in OFF state
  147. full tower case & quadro cooling solution
  148. Question About Motherboard and Bios.
  149. Best 3d Scanner?
  150. Nvidia error when rendering in Blender.
  151. Where to buy monitor locally
  152. Thinking of upgrading from Intels Core i7 920, to the i7 980X.. Advice needed :)
  153. I may have killed my Wacom tablet...
  154. Laptop for CG?
  155. Thinking of purchasing more RAM to my current 6GB setup.
  156. nvidia quadro or gtx?
  157. render farm advice
  158. recommendations for IPS screens?
  159. Best configuration for Illustration PC?
  160. PCIExpress 2.0 in a PCIexpress 1.0 motherboard?
  161. upgrading: i7 980X vs gtx 590
  162. Old machine build?
  163. Crossfire? SLI?
  164. Off-site version control server?
  165. AMD fx-8150 8 core 3.6 GHZ VS. Intel I7-2600 quad core
  166. Core Components Compatibility & Suggestions
  167. Intel core i7 heating issue
  168. wacom tablet issue
  169. iMac video card options for Photoshop
  170. laptop and xsi
  171. Render Farm - Network Question
  172. GTX 680 anyone?
  173. Best PC for 1000$
  174. About render farm
  175. Please rate my build for 3D and Graphic applications
  176. Most important aspects
  177. Which desktop is more bang for buck?
  178. Input Needed For New Rig
  179. Need build recs for 3D Rendering, After Effects & Davinci Resolve
  180. $3000-$4000 - Motion Graphics/VFX/3D Workstation
  181. Recomendations on a touch monitor for drawing
  182. Freelance Motion Graphics Studio Setup & Workstation Upgrade
  183. Will Older Software Run on Windows 7?
  184. What computer to buy for a beginner
  185. Memory Speed significance / worth it ?
  186. 2 monitors 1 Cintiq
  187. Systen RAM vs Video card perfomance in viewport
  188. Desktop Workstation for 1000$
  189. HP Pavilion p6-2033es Vs Piece by piece computer
  190. Making a PC Build - Need guidance on GPU/CPU
  191. Laptop for CG
  192. connecting 2 computers
  193. Help with new high end computer build
  194. Half of U.S. android tablet Market ruled by Amazon's Kindle Fire
  195. nvidia gtx 690
  196. GTX 680 and 3ds max 2012/2013
  197. Render Speed
  198. effect of ram speed on rendering times.
  199. Would Quad channel memory improve render speed?
  200. Do you overclock your workstation or are you opposed to it?
  201. PC spec for cg work info?
  202. Replacement heatsink for Quadro 4000? or replacement case for z400?
  203. amd or nvidia card for 3d modelling
  204. New computer
  205. Need to upgrade computer
  206. Digital art tablets
  207. Quadro 5010m is not supported for 3ds max. You should not buy it!!!
  208. which laptop asus v/s dell xps ?
  209. 3ds Max Hardware Compatibility
  210. Wacom intuos3 surface
  211. Opinions needed for this computer
  212. Need opinions on this build
  213. Boxx vs Maingear vs HP vs Rain vs Adk vs Puget
  214. new computer (3ds max,vray,mari)
  215. Cpu vs Graphics card ballance
  216. Maya 2011 memory problem
  217. List image sequences - lsseq - for your enjoyment and use.
  218. Xeon vs i7 Build
  219. Help me spend 10k-15k high end workstation
  220. AMD or nVidia for 3D Rendering? Need Advice
  221. cintiq 21ux ghosting
  222. Benefits of an SSD
  223. Help me build a high-end 10-15k workstation
  224. I need Help buying New Laptop for CG
  225. Is it enough for vray + 3dsmax + others
  226. help-building my workstation
  227. expanding the renderfarm
  228. Problem rendering with Vray on 32 Core Opterons.
  229. 3D Graphic Laptop
  230. Anyone know when the Ivy Bridge Extreme Xeons Ship?
  231. Running 48gb on ASUS P6X58D-E Motherboard ?
  232. The Computer Spec. About Using Vray & 3d Max
  233. monitor for VFX & game cinematic sRGB vs Adobe RGB ?
  234. Quadro Upgrade Procedure?
  235. JaJa iPad Pressure Sensitive Stylus
  236. Wacom accuracy "feels" different in windows XP than in Windows 7?
  237. Best Rendering machine choice ?
  238. Need Help for my Workstation.
  239. Home render node?
  240. help - I can't move my program window! Laptop + external monitor to Laptop only...
  241. Why is this 8-core processor so cheap?
  242. Q For 3d Connexion Users
  243. 2 Xeon e5 -2620 or I7 3960
  244. 3ds Max causes BSOD on launch
  245. core i7 3820 vs 3770k
  246. compress website
  247. genius tablet, no sensitivity in mudbox & maya
  248. New workstation for Cinema 4D and Maxwell Render
  249. New Apple Laptop or Dell, Hp...
  250. Computer Build for 3d Work