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  1. gtx 485m for 3ds Max 2012?
  2. Web Server Questions (Linux VPS)
  3. system
  4. 3D Modeling/Rendering Build
  5. Is the AMD 6970M better than the Nvidia Quadro 2000 for Autodesk Maya?
  6. i970 or i2600k ?
  7. GPU choice is really hard
  8. Experiencing some sluggishness in maya
  9. Question about tablets (Wacom Bamboo Pen)
  10. Best monitor for comositing needs
  11. knowing how to take care of your graphic card?
  12. Photoshop / Wacom Performance advice please
  13. 2 different cards, but whats the difference?
  14. Win7 - 2nd monitor unplugged - apps in 'off' monitor - help !
  15. Three-Button Mouse for Mac
  16. File Server for Comp/3D
  17. Swapping out CPU on a laptop? Is it possible to upgrade i7-960 -> i7-990x?
  18. ATI/AMD has issues with Autodesk Maya - True?
  19. quadro fx3450 or GeForce 8600M GT which is better?
  20. HP Pavilion Dv6t
  21. Maya Viewport performance for character animation
  22. Amd Radeon Hd 6770 M
  23. Future of the Workstation and the Cloud, thoughts?
  24. 3D television and CG Graphics
  25. what do u think?
  26. Buying new 12 core Mac Pro.
  27. Best laptop for animation in 2011 .. ??
  28. no node
  29. Microphones...
  30. Can a Windows7 system read an (non-OS-carrying) XP drive?
  31. 2560x1600 (32") - How do you use this? (Max,Zbrush,Modo,Aodbe etc etc)
  32. Does ATI or nVidia matter to me? (3DS Max student)
  33. Advice on my $1,100 Build
  34. Does BoxX needs any other machine beside it to work?
  35. Advice need for a new graphics card
  36. help choosing the graphics card?
  37. Wacom Pen Wont Erase
  38. mobile apps and autodesk software
  39. cable management
  40. need advice for a laptop for 3d animation
  41. PC + screen for 2D
  42. What is the appropriate computer which works with Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8870?
  43. What can i expect?
  44. Maya+Wacom Middle Click
  45. Setting up a render farm VS a server
  46. Setting up a render farm VS a server
  47. going quadro
  48. Upgrade card or new set up?
  49. Sample images of RED Scarlet camera?
  50. 3dsMax performance driver and Quadro 4000 issue
  51. Xeon or i7 for 3D and PS
  52. Need help for new computer
  53. i7 2600 v i7 2500k overclocked? And does type of RAM matter?
  54. Onboards graphic cards - are they problem ?
  55. System check/suggestions for 3dsmax user
  56. Hardware to improve interactivity in After Effects? (+maya renders)
  57. Mari nvidia 9600 gt and opengl 3
  58. Recommendations for High-End Large Format Scanners
  59. what's safe for an i7 temperature?
  60. Triple channel vs dual channel: does it actually matter?
  61. Convertible Laptop with Wacom - Accuracy problem?!
  62. $300 monitor gor modelling and gaming
  63. quadro FX driver install issue - 275.36
  64. Mac OS 7, 8 or 9 emulator for win7?
  65. AMD bulldozer - worth the wait?
  66. GTX 580 or Quadro?
  67. Wacom Intous 3 problem
  68. How do you hold your INTUOS?
  69. RAID setup for HDD
  70. GraphicsCard for Particles and PhysX
  71. hard drive speed
  72. Help at chossing a notebook
  73. ECC or No ECC?
  74. Confused about PCIe x 16 2.0 graphics cards
  75. Building Computer Help
  76. What computer to buy?
  77. Setting up a CC Monitor, should I use a hardware Calibrator?
  78. Renderfarm losing textures in files created on mac os
  79. Problems with my new workstation and maya
  80. HELP! GTX580 3GB or RADEON 6990 4GB???
  81. Decent entry level PC?
  82. Another 8GB or SSD 60Gb?
  83. Pc Mac Advice
  84. Maya Flicker/overlap issue
  85. Anyone mind glancing over this minor ugrade.
  86. 6 year old powersupply will it work with ?
  87. Yet Another PC Build, Advice-Seeking Thread!
  88. PC Build on i7-2600K
  89. Xeon E5645 vs Core i7 990x
  90. Who is using Maya and GTX570?
  91. Wacom Intuos 4 Review
  92. Workstation help choose
  93. Laptop specs for 3D rendering
  94. cintiq or intuos
  95. ATI vs NVidia Question
  96. Building a Computer for visual effects and video editing
  97. Would you recommend me this laptop for Maya Animation?
  98. mac pro memory purchase
  99. Anybody here do any modeling on a XPS 17 laptop
  100. workstation graphics vs gaming cards What to buy
  101. Small Home Render Farm Server
  102. Desktop budget 1300$ Graphic Designer
  103. HTPC/render node vs Mac mini
  104. Render Node Suggestions
  105. Buying a Modelling/Animation workstation.
  106. Should I get a DIY 15" Cintiq for $850?
  107. quadro 4000 bad performance...!
  108. Building a 12 core Dual Xeon Westmere machine
  109. Opteron vs Phenome II in render Nodes
  110. OpenCL dev tools hand-on at SIGGRAPH
  111. Ipad 2
  112. i7 chip versus Xeon for Maya
  113. Intel i7-970 Vs. Intel i7-2600K (Big Confusion)
  114. tc1100 tablet pc
  115. Interesting SSD article on Tom's
  116. Thunderbolt external video card
  117. New Desktop Help/Suggestions :)
  118. OS for file server
  119. another... which hard HD is better thread. Caviar Black vs Deskstar
  120. Is iMac 21.5" 2.5ghz i5 (2011) powerful enough for 2D/3D?
  121. 9300k, 6500k or sRGB?
  122. Advice: buying (or building) a computer for Mudbox
  123. Where to post a Full body scanner for sale?
  124. Ethernet Dongle! Extending life of software, Freelancing at clients
  125. Apple HD trailers: Error 47: Invalid URL
  126. Mini keyboard to use with Photoshop?
  127. Advice on a 150-250Pound 3D Compositing CamCorder
  128. Memory Speed: ddr3 1333 vs ddr3 1600 (any significant improvements?)
  129. PC for Modelling/texturing
  130. Power Supply + Other Upgrades
  131. vray in max crash problem due to lack of ram
  132. Easy way to setup email forwarding...
  133. Issue Rendering Mesh
  134. Nvidia Project Maximus
  135. Help in configuring a win 1000$ computer
  136. rendering farm
  137. Correct Screen colors?
  138. 4x Mac mini quad vs. 1x 12 core Mac Pro
  139. Laptop advice for 3d use ?
  140. I want to buy a new Monitor
  141. Working with DSLR files without stuttering
  142. is it possible to have a gtx 465 and a quadro 4000 on the same mobo?
  143. My First Build: Comments Welcome
  144. Episode Pro problem?
  145. dual multi-cores, will they get used?
  146. ATI FireGL V8650 for rendering
  147. I would like to plug my cintiq and a second monitor into my notebook
  148. Windows Xp?
  149. i7 990x too hot
  150. Purchasing new laptop
  151. BIOS cannot initialize video screen display
  152. A student about to buy a new laptop, which one to buy?
  153. How is this setup for Maya?
  154. New Sandy Bridge XEON setup
  155. Get the latest fR SP5 available for download NOW!
  156. Don't know what Pc. Help?
  157. Motion Capture Systems (made in Egypt)
  158. Need advice on card for 3d rendering and gaming
  159. Mac Pro GPU + Booth Camp advice
  160. Video/Graphics Card for 3D Artists
  161. Quadro 4000 with Maya 2012
  162. I am building my new workstation, please advice
  163. Question about USB 3
  164. Cross Platform Render Farm
  165. Wacom Inkling
  166. Turn your iPhone into a wireless numeric keypad
  167. Show and Tell! :) - Show your rig and then tell about it.
  168. Which graphic card?
  169. Maya/Nuke on iMac with AMD card: go or no-go?
  170. Cintiq 24HD
  171. Animation and geocache file format
  172. How Your cards handle wireframe mode in 3ds max.
  173. Mouses,logitech mx? Or, which one do you have?
  174. Has anyone have expirience with those monitors
  175. Graphics tablet for a hobbyist
  176. Slow rendering with Core i5 2500
  177. looking for hardware Ubuntu + Maya
  178. Printer Stopped Working
  179. Tablet with pressure sensitive stylus?
  180. Suggestions for a mouse
  181. thoughts regarding new system and CPU i7-2600 intel
  182. Upgrading a Dell Studio XPS 8000
  183. Unknown accumulating files on C drive
  184. Should I order this build?
  185. Camera for motion tracking
  186. Laptop question
  187. Graphic Tablet in the range of $80-$120
  188. Softimage 2012 using all 5-6gigs of Ram for low poly modeling
  189. please delete
  190. Budget Build for Student
  191. Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler - Change fans?
  192. Motherboard for GTX580
  193. New Maya Workstation Build - Many Questions! Magny-Cours or Westmere?
  194. Can a lack of ground ruin a power supply
  195. GPU/PC hardware usage advice
  196. Hardware: Sketchup to Vray Rendering
  197. Heatshrink tubing/wire sleeving - European supplier?
  198. max driver configuration problem
  199. Help with PC.! =/
  200. Selling a Quadro 4000 in Germany
  201. expanding C partition
  202. Axiotron Studio Pen (for tablet PCs)
  203. £2K Workstation Build. General VFX and Compositing
  204. win7 / 3dmax on mac
  205. Cintiq 12wx
  206. to cheap to be true workstations?
  207. Workstation Advices
  208. Motherboard/CPU/Ram/Vid - some pointers would be great !
  209. Photoshop CS5 w/ Intuos 4 - cursor stops moving until mouse is moved
  210. Tablet PC or Laptop
  211. Graphics Card Decision
  212. Interesting server rendering benchmarking
  213. Renderstream, BOXX, ???
  214. best noise canceling headphones
  215. My workstation has a problem?
  216. Question about ram
  217. AMD or NVIDIA for GPU Rendering
  218. Power on for 1 second then instant off.
  219. Workstation energy consumption
  220. My first workstation, what do you think of it??
  221. 3dsmax viewport performance
  222. Computer Education Resources
  223. Average poly count of 4000 faces and lagging? Hardware issue?
  224. Wacom Tablet Advice
  225. Website design help!!
  226. 19 inch rack vs tower server for rendering?
  227. Multiple screens
  228. how does a workstation work w.r.t to 3D animation and Vfx
  229. Need some help for my new computer
  230. Mapping the Wacom radial menu to a keyboard shortcut or mouse button
  231. Advices concerning my future computer
  232. I need a new screen :(
  233. Samsung Series 7 Tablet (Win7, Wacom & Touch)
  234. mixing gfx cards for third monitor
  235. Mini ITX case for 3D ?
  236. Amd Fx
  237. which linux to get?
  238. reasonable computing power for 2500
  239. Compact workstation
  240. Zone Alarm disables my Internet Explorer when installed.
  241. DIY external GPU for laptop
  242. Good hardware forum ?
  243. An all time classic ATi or NVIDIA?
  244. setting up small render farm
  245. Firepro V7900 or Quadro 4000?
  246. Please recommend a mouse for 3D apps
  247. 32 or 64 bit
  248. NP 9280 (D900f) w/Quadro fx 3800m Display Question
  249. Monitor for Maya dual screen setup
  250. Vray RT on multiple video cards