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  1. New build for the new year.
  2. Are these good specs for animation?
  3. Should all memory pin be same speed and brand?
  4. looking for a specific keyboard I have pic of
  5. Transporting a PC via air
  6. Nvidia GeForce 460m (Notebook) OpenGl?
  7. 2011! need new graph card under 200$. GTX 460??
  8. HP Touchsmart tm2t for digital artists?
  9. I need help to choose server memory.
  10. Help me choose a notebook...
  11. 3D mouse. Space Navigator
  12. Need to choose an OS. Pls help..
  13. Are these good specs for 3d modelling and animating
  14. Mid range workstation help
  15. Asus slate tablets with wacom pen announced.
  16. Pc Build help
  17. Cintiq 21UX
  18. Nvidia releasing new ARM processors for highend computing
  19. Why you might want use a pen or pencil and paper still...
  20. Maya & Max Renderfarm Setup
  21. New computer that can run Maya, etc?
  22. laptop processor: i5 or i7 : which one for Siming
  23. Advice on a new rig
  24. Stereoscopic Workflow
  25. Intel or AMD rendering processor.
  26. Purchasing a PC rig off a friend for 3D work and gaming
  27. SSD and 3D
  28. Intous4 Medium or Large?
  29. Q:about quadro 4000 for maya
  30. Shopping around for a desk top
  31. What about Tyan VX50 with Eight Quad Opterons?
  32. help with first build
  33. Tentative Build for a Desktop.
  34. Help needed bringing a 2007 desktop up to speed (or faster than walking pace)
  35. Help needed urgently, 1k budget for 3DS Max System
  36. Help/Advice with a new build
  37. PhysX setting: Switch to quad core CPU instead of GPU?
  38. core i5 laptop+quadro fx 2800 or core i7+quadro fx 880
  39. I need help picking parts for my 3d Modeling / Gaming Rig
  40. Backup/storage solutions
  41. onboard card vs PCIe
  42. GTX 580 vs Maya 2011.........
  43. Custom System for CG Artist
  44. tablet choise
  45. Switching from PC to Mac. Need help on specs.
  46. ram control?
  47. Quadro 4000
  48. GTX 570 and 3dsmax
  49. raid-0 7200 rpm vs raptor ?
  50. ATI Fire Pro V4800
  51. Is a graphics tablet worth it?
  52. what to look for in a pc for CGI?
  53. pictures greater than 10000X10000px?
  54. Which cabinet.
  55. New (first) Build. Help/advice needed!
  56. Renderfarm upgrade Advice
  57. Problem with Intuos 4 and Zbrush
  58. GTX 295 not compatible with Maya high quality viewport renderer. wtf?
  59. Graphics card failing
  60. WORKSTATION BUILD - Sound ok>
  61. Mouse recommendation for wrist pain??
  62. System Optimization
  63. spilt liquid on my kerboard...what to do now?
  64. How can I connect a laptop to PC to render faster?
  65. Sandy Bridge Render Benchmarks
  66. drivers for hd 6870???
  67. Building a render farm
  68. camera
  69. need help choosing a computer...
  70. New Workstation
  71. Dell ST2220T
  72. Fedora 14 with wacom intuos 3
  73. RE: Network Rendering 32 & 64 bit computers together?
  74. Desktop far from screens
  75. Need help building computer for VFX work
  76. Little advice for my AMD powered cpu
  77. Laptop for everything from video to 3d.
  78. Need help building computer for VFX work
  79. Quadro FX 580 or Quadro FX 1800 ?
  80. Building a workstation - comments/advice?
  81. question about application paths in both Linux and Windows
  82. Need to upgrade some parts. Unsure..
  83. $1000 for a laptop that runs maya 2011
  84. Mac Useres,does Nehalem mentioned outside the box
  85. Maya and After Effects capable computer
  86. MacPro 2.4 westmere for 3DS MAX under bootcamp.
  87. I hope to help build a pc
  88. Free software to convert a series of images?
  89. Render solutions in AUS?
  90. Alternative to stylus and tablet...
  91. Help Choosing laptop
  92. graphics tablet for a beginner
  93. best setting for Quadro
  94. Cheapest ipad knockoff for 2 reasons: reading and watching tutorials
  95. Render Streaks In Mudbox Image Preview
  96. Quadro 4000 performance in maya very poor. Need Advice.
  97. Render farm setup?
  98. My nightmare is over
  99. Need advice on buying a DSLR for vfx & texturing work
  100. Building my new pc help
  101. Trust TB-4200 tablet and Windows 7 64-bit... No pressure sensitivity? Help?
  102. Switching from Mac to PC
  103. quadro 4000 mac / maya 2011
  104. New Macbook Pro Question
  105. SSD in new pc not primary drive? windows 7
  106. Macbook Pro 13 inch 2010 vs 2011 for Maya
  107. LW pc new build
  108. What programs do i install on my ssd drive?
  109. Which Xeons to buy vs. i7?
  110. New Macbook Pro 17" and Softimage
  111. Which Graphic Card Should i Chose for Maya...(i know common question but...)
  112. Houdini runs slow on my PC, Why?
  113. Does anyone know how to turn off the pointer circle in win 7 using wacom?
  114. new workstation: 2 xeons or 4 opterons ?
  115. Any body now... please
  116. Crap! Did I just mess something up? Time for a 64 bit change?
  117. is CM RC690 a good case?
  118. Advice with a new RIG ($4500 budget)
  119. Please advice good lcd monitor ( TN technology ) for everything - graphics, net, game
  120. Need Help with new laptop choice.
  121. Quadro FX600 vs GeForce GTX460
  122. Will a macbook pro be enough for Maya, lightwave and Zbrush?
  123. Speedy 2600k or dual socket Xeon?
  124. An attemt to build animation workstation for 500 euros
  125. Overclocking a Quadro w/ Nvidia Tools
  126. Sandy Bridge Desktop or DTR
  127. Help with choosing a OS
  128. Is This Laptop Sufficient For Working With Maya?
  129. Mac pro with maya? any issues with ATI radeon 5870?
  130. Which Would Be a Better Laptop?
  131. New Desktop/Workstation Advice for an Animator
  132. AW M15X or HP 8450w or ASUS G53SW
  133. I need advice for buying workstation specs
  134. Anyone tried the T61p?
  135. Question about Dual Monitor. Kindly check the description and answer
  136. New machine for a confused mac & max user
  137. UltraSharp Monitor
  138. How to Build an Inexpensive Render Farm
  139. does dual graphic card (SLI/CrossFire) works with 3ds max? n vray?
  140. Starter 3D printer
  141. When we'll get a CintiQ Notebook?
  142. Motherboards
  143. Intuos GD 1212 Not registering 1 inch thick strip
  144. Wacom Intuous 3 pressure issue
  145. Need help with building a PC for 3D Rendering/Lighting purposes
  146. Printer question
  147. Pc Or Laptop
  148. Which processor? i5 2500k or i7 2600k
  149. What are people using this year?
  150. Stereo filming
  151. New computer rig.
  152. Wacom Baroque
  153. what's laptop should i get
  154. Graphics Card Question for use with Maya 2011
  155. please help me choos a graphics card
  156. Gtx 590
  157. Powering a LCD from a PSU
  158. Jnr Animation Station - Have a butcher's...
  159. Hello everyone I am new and i had a question.
  160. 500/$800 Maya Comp.
  161. Do you think Flash has gotten better or worse with all its updates?
  162. PC specs Dedicated to mainly Mudbox, Z-brush?
  163. PC specs Dedicated to mainly Mudbox, Z-brush?
  164. Custom build - feedback needed
  165. Desperate for help...Firepro V7800 vram issue
  166. 2008 Mac Pro Video Card Upgrade
  167. Crashing Problem
  168. Revised Custom Build -- Advice and comments appreciated.
  169. 980x performance vs i7 920
  170. 980x performance vs i7 920
  171. file extension dll
  172. amd 6970m or gtx 460m....? (for maya....)
  173. Render Farm for a Medium-sized Animation Studio
  174. Core Threads and Ghz power
  175. Advice needed for new computer/laptop
  176. SVN server using Windows Small Business Server 2008 r2?
  177. desktop or A notebook
  178. VFX computing specs
  179. a desktop or a notebook...????
  180. Best CPU Choice for 3D Max
  181. Best CPU choice for 3DS Max
  182. Motherboard multi socket (AMD/Intel) Without server cpu($)
  183. 2 x 2,4 Quad VS 1 x 3,33 SixCore... what is faster?
  184. i7 2600k to overclock or not
  185. Laptop for 3d rendering
  186. Quadro 600 and say, gtx580
  187. Modeling and sketching Hardware
  188. MacBook Pro or iMac?
  189. Are these specs good enough for 3D and VFX work?
  190. How to get Vista to see all cores
  191. gfx for 3rd monitor
  192. Ipad/iphone owners - is backup needed? can I delete them?
  193. Do I need an SLI Bridge?
  194. new quadro 400 (5x faster than gtx 580 and only 170$)
  195. Buying a machine for freelance work
  196. PC configuration for architectural 3d rendering
  197. Wacom tablet problems with Vista
  198. RAM or GPU
  199. Cintiq 21UX or Intuos 4L
  200. Looking to buy Servers for rendering
  201. Student Animator looking for friendly, helpful advice on new computer specs
  202. Solid State Drives
  203. quadro or geforce for Maya viewport 2.0?
  204. Help! Middle Mouse Button Does Not Work!
  205. is ram is that important ?
  206. Can anyone help me please to build my Desktop?
  207. CUDA version 4.0
  208. Quick question over consumer GPUs (Blender 3D)
  209. 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator camera keyframing
  210. should I switch/my head is swimming
  211. Perixx tablet is unresponsive in the center
  212. buying a new laptop
  213. Tell me how to set up RAID 1
  214. Lenovo might launch a 23" tablet
  215. Used Intuos3 Related Question
  216. Cached Memory? Free Memory? Available?
  217. 900 ($1500) Build for Digital Art/Graphic Design
  218. What movie format/codec used in your studio?
  219. activeshield
  220. nvidia quatro or amd 6x
  221. What computer should I buy for Maya?
  222. what is your sugg. about this pc
  223. Render Farm
  224. Confused between this two monitors
  225. PC for 3D
  226. Do I need a CPU Cooling heatsink?
  227. Dual Video Card on Dell XPS 8300
  228. Fastest SSD these days?
  229. CUDA capable devices found...
  230. weird graphics problem
  231. Apple Sends Ripples Through Tech World
  232. Linux build (Blender)
  233. New Dell Precision laptop with digitizer pen input?
  234. Any one using any one of these video cards?
  235. Adding more ram
  236. ips panel monitor suggestion?
  237. Anyone in Los Angeles who knows where to find two items? (SSD, laptop RAM)
  238. Off the shelf PC for 3D animation
  239. Computer shuts down during render
  240. Quadro 4000... why?
  241. SVN Server (another few questions)
  242. What is the best PC in 2011??????
  243. Xeon E3 worth it?
  244. Fermi GeForce Cards and OpenGL Performance
  245. Need a monitor to go with my cintiq
  246. Need monitor info
  247. Best desktop/laptop for Maya 2012?
  248. External Hard drive fail
  249. Laptop RAM, brand make a difference?
  250. Laptop slows down a LOT