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  1. Best laptop right now for CG?
  2. Advice Needed: Hexacore CPU for Maya/3DS Max (worthwhile or not)
  3. new computer, advice?
  4. A laptop or a desktop?
  5. Graphics card question
  6. First Home Made Workstation. Thoughts?
  7. Help building budget workstation
  8. new computer for large scenes?
  9. intuos 3 and win 7 not compatibles...?
  10. Laptop Build.
  11. Current System Config to use in CG field
  12. shall you help me to define the piece reference of this hardware config , please?
  13. config
  14. Woopra Desktop Client 1.4 on WinXP
  15. Windows 7 dvd question
  16. Wacom tablet (Bamboo Fun) ???
  17. Mac and CUDA
  18. problem with tablet bamboo fun
  19. What's your method of making partitions?
  20. Some questions on graphics cards
  21. Question about power supply requirements (CPU+GPU)
  22. Question about Render Box + remote desktop
  23. IBM's iDataPlex
  24. Issues with FirePro V4800
  25. Best laptop for Maya and Nuke
  26. Hardware Problem
  27. please help ???amd cpu insane overheating
  28. Monitor suggestions for design use.
  29. Would appreciate your input on a PC build
  30. scanner with photoshop wia
  31. GeForce 480 with a Dell Precision
  32. Is the new FirePro line worth it?
  33. ATI FireGL V7350 with Window 7 x64 and maya, fusion, photoshop
  34. Failed to query TCP/IP settings
  35. Dual Monitors
  36. 6-8-12-core Mac Pro?
  37. Help with PC upgrade
  38. I could really use some help deciding, i7 930 vs 190T
  39. windows7's security setting make maxwellrender doesnt work?
  40. Personal Render Farm
  41. Geforce 480 (fermi) vs Raedon HD 5870
  42. FirePro V5700 $285 vs a $285 desktop adapter?
  43. Worksation config and Dual monitor setup
  44. Need help buying new set up
  45. Best Graphics Card for 3D programs & Editing
  46. Does ATI Radeon card crashes with MAYA?
  47. Hexcore and Quadro 4000
  48. Multi-card 6 Monitor set-up
  49. Win7 and Nvidia Driver Torment
  50. Any good monitor??
  51. Does anyone use an XP / Win 7 hybrid comp?
  52. Tablet Pc
  53. Do I need to install DirectX?
  54. Which notebook should I buy?
  55. I love the new alienware 51 case is this setup fine for 3D animation & rendering?
  56. Quadro Fx 580 Or Gtx 460 ...for Maya
  57. Looking for a prebuilt Maya workstation solution
  58. Intuos 4: Gathering opinions and experiences from users
  59. What's the best non-Wacom tablet that I can buy on a budget?
  60. new gpu workstation
  61. Opteron 6174 Workstation Worth buying?
  62. Wacom Bamboo Pen
  63. Dell Precision 6500 Laptop for Maya 2010?
  64. i7 980X vs Dual Xeon E5620 - for 3D Rendering (Need Suggestion)
  65. Macbook Pro 17" With Maya / Adobe CS compatibility ?
  66. Computer saying limited or no connectivity
  67. Boxx workstation!
  68. Will new specs for rendering computer work?
  69. workstation
  70. Display quality issues in 3dsmax
  71. First computer...
  72. Recommended printers?
  73. My Build vs Alienware
  74. More memory or faster memory
  75. Digital Sketch devices
  76. pc to mac keyboard
  77. The best scroll wheel as 3rd mouse button?
  78. Dividing the Hard disk
  79. Building my first computer from scratch.
  80. [mixed renderfarm] render 32bit from 64bit win7
  81. Maya/Max on Fedora or Ubuntu
  82. Amdahl's Law in the Multicore Era
  83. 2 GB or 2x1 GB Raid
  84. Portable workstation - Dell M4500
  85. i7-930 vs phenom ii x6 1090t
  86. My new build?
  87. Building a new system for maya and gaming. please check my specs
  88. 3D Asset File management
  89. A renderbox for the home
  90. What do You think about notebook ?
  91. Maya only using 50% of 4 CPU cores
  92. Graphic Card specs - How do I Understand?
  93. Is tiny render farm nеeded in NY
  94. mari which card would do beetter
  95. is there a way in Windows to force files to open in open app when double clicking?
  96. Problem in Rendering in Brazil.
  97. SSD Hard Drives
  98. which card is better ?
  99. SLI for MAX and NUKE/AE
  100. Graphics cards compatible with 2010 Mac Pro 12-Core?
  101. V-Ray Render Issues!
  102. Graphics Card Opinion
  103. render application for firepro ?
  104. [workstation] maya cinematics and iray
  105. 3d monitor as 3d tv
  106. Help me to know which PC to buy
  107. How is this computer spec for running 3ds Max 2011?
  108. 3dsMax problem
  109. Graphic card temperature high?
  110. SSD Madness :D
  111. look at my Spec and advice ,please
  112. building a system advice
  113. using multi core power for one thread
  114. System Ram 12GB to 24GB
  115. Advice need on new workstation. core i5 or not?
  116. Help to solve a dilemma
  117. wide-gamut vs sRGB
  118. Consuming Full Memory
  119. Wacom Bamboo Fun A6 @ 24" (1920x1200)?
  120. Help on Building a New Computer
  121. quadro 4500 or gtx 460?
  122. which graphic card is best for intel s975 board ?
  123. Laptop for 3D Design?
  124. ATI Graphics card problem
  125. Highend laptop for 3d apps like Zbrush, 3ds Max and Maya
  126. NVIDIA Quadro 3400 and anaglyph with maya
  127. Need advice on a visual effects and 3D workstation purchase, please :-)
  128. 2 Quadro 4000's vs 1 Quadro 5000
  129. What graphics card to get
  130. Which Graphics card.
  131. Recommended blu-ray burner for 3d stereo authoring
  132. No sound on win 7 with GTX 480 card
  133. Monitor just up and died...
  134. What kind of rig do i need for fast simulations in maya?
  135. Need Your Advice PLEASE!
  136. power supply question
  137. Maya Memory usage
  138. New 3D rig, 12 or 24 GB ram for Core i7 980x?
  139. Maya Memory usage
  140. A tablet PC for art - does such thing exist?
  141. Increasing surface friction on a Cintiq 12wx?
  142. Gtx 580??
  143. Viewport rendering for animation
  144. I need maya performance inprovement
  145. Workstation Help
  146. internal DVD won't fit with motherboard
  147. best VGA Card for 3DS Max under $100
  148. New Workstation (Please Help Need Advice)
  149. asus sabertooth fan plug to mother board
  150. Xeon w3520 showing only 4 cores
  151. Wacom Intuos 3 Problem and Solution
  152. problem on startup my new computer
  153. New 3D-Controller
  154. Windows 7: Program to customize style of window title text?
  155. Windows and Image Sequences
  156. Building a Modeling workstation
  157. Blu-ray any good for data archiving?
  158. TV vs Computer Monitor
  159. new AMD, Nvidia drivers might improve OpenGL
  160. Wacom Bamboo and Ubuntu
  161. Laptop for graphic design with a lil of 3d
  162. Remedial networking questions (Shared Wifi, Mac, PC, NAS)
  163. Computer Screen woes!
  164. FYI:OpenCL rendering performance
  165. Determining memory needs for scene ?
  166. New Laptops comes without firewire. Any solution?
  167. Maya tearing - Windows XP
  168. Copying several CDs to a HD
  169. Dell XPS 15 for max/maya?
  170. Window or Mac OS X ?
  171. workspace lighting setup
  172. Monitor Callibration Devices
  173. Tablet PC recommendations?
  174. Do I need a new workstation?
  175. Is this good config to run max/maya
  176. Mac Mini PhotoShop CS4 issue (geforce 9400M related)
  177. i5 vs i7 and Workstation advice
  178. 3D WORLD 136 graphic card review: performance driver on max
  179. Question about dual monitors
  180. Monitor Issues with Some PC Games.
  181. Why is Quadro 4000 not recommended for Mari?
  182. CUDA wars:Quadro vs GTX vs Tesla
  183. Advice on new build
  184. MacBook Pro blank screen
  185. 850W PSU enough for Quadro 4000 + GTX 580 in SLI?
  186. Mimic office file paths
  187. Portable Device to read pdf's watch video tutorials and maybe listen to music?
  188. recovered .FRD file
  189. Quadro or not to Quadro
  190. A Few Questions on Computer Build
  191. planning to buy a new laptop (i need help)
  192. Need another registry cleaner program if I use Revo Uninstaller Pro?
  193. core i5 760 & gtx 460, good idea for max?
  194. how to improve my hardware
  195. How to make 3D(stereo) movie
  196. DropBox functionality on my own FTP?
  197. Look for High End Leasing Company (UK)
  198. render machine feedback
  199. These days what is a good consumer HD video camera good for production?
  200. Already have a decent desktop now need laptop.
  201. Need advice for a low budget workstation
  202. Back-up and Sync working folders
  203. Thinkpad W510 vs Thinkpad T510 vs Dell XPS 15
  204. How to match photo ratio to printout ratio?
  205. Remote desktop/Switch
  206. UPS - Suggestions?
  207. Laptop (mainly) for Maya. Mac or PC?
  208. Tablet Concept
  209. PS3 to Super Fast Computer
  210. Quadro 4000 or Firepro v7800
  211. maya to sketchup
  212. Tablet Pc/Toon boom questions
  213. Workstation question
  214. Two 4-core's or one 6-core?
  215. win7 and intuos 3 problem
  216. Maya ....Help!
  217. bag for laptop and tablet
  218. GPU 300/$475 Budget for 3DS Max/Vray/Bunkspeed Shot/Adobe apps
  219. Render Node
  220. OCZ RevoDrive X2 experiences in 24/7 work
  221. Hd 5770 vs GeForce gts450
  222. iMac with yellow tint at bottom of the monitor.
  223. MacPro intel what grahics card to get
  224. workstation advice
  225. An anti-virus for us 3D types?
  226. 3DBOXX 8550 Xtreme, EVGA Motherboard?
  227. Wacom Tablet + Maya + Dual Monitor
  228. 3ds Max Animator Friendly System Specs
  229. Quadro for Houdini?
  230. Nvidia 3d vision with maya
  231. Quad Core Render Box Advice?!?
  232. Machine for Lighting.Rendering,Texturing(Maya, Mental Ray,Vray,Renderman,Mayaman)
  233. Upgrading Workstation
  234. Bad BIOS checksum
  235. choosing a second monitor
  236. Building a desktop for Max and Mudbox.
  237. free hard drive cleanup software...?
  238. Online video translation
  239. Processor spiking for no reason? Close your CG Society tabs!
  240. Tips on upgrading a motherboard?
  241. Genius G Pen M712X
  242. Bamboo Pen changes Windows 7 interface
  243. Graphics card for 3D and Nvidia 400 series...
  244. New rig w00t
  245. Beginner's Tablet With Growing Room?
  246. 3d Mid Workstation purchase
  247. Help with malfunctioning macbook?
  248. sata I vs sata II cables speed
  249. using PHYSX with ATI video card?
  250. Opinions about tablets