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  1. Restricted to a DELL
  2. Wouldn't it be nice if the wacom had a keyboard on it?
  3. Normal temp for 285 GTX 2gb
  4. Annoying problem when connecting to the internet..
  5. sugest a gfx card please!
  6. Vertex VXM-file?
  7. Cintique question
  8. Windows 7 Upgrade pre-orders 50% off limited quantity
  9. Help Building a 3D apps PC?
  10. NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 or ATI Radeon HD 4870?
  11. how often do you buy a new computer/how much do you spend?
  12. Help Me Build A Computer!
  13. VirtualBox 3.0 released
  14. As a CG artist, what kind of computer setup do you use?
  15. Vray Distributed Rendering & Linux....
  16. twin 12V psu rail question.
  17. Rate my build? i7 based
  18. Mac hardware info/advice
  19. About PC for 3g production
  20. 500 pound burning hole .
  21. What do you guys think of this system and can I get this for cheaper?
  22. OS memory question
  23. Best Computer spec's for 3D Studio Max
  24. What Dual CPU Motherboard is best for a Intel i7 920
  25. non design video cards in Maya
  26. 2 Identical computers - different benchmarks?
  27. Mobile workstation, now? or hold off...
  28. NVIDIA S1070 (960 cores) v Radeon HD 4870 Toxic w/ Crossfire
  29. BoxxTech and Windows 7
  30. pc laptop or macbook pro?
  31. import image seq. in QT .... SSLLOOWWWW!
  32. 3d scanning
  33. Recommendations for new system pls.
  34. Quadro vs. GeForce (actual tests)
  35. Laptop processor question
  36. 3-Button Mouse recommendation.
  37. Building a New Comuter For 3D
  38. Vista vs XP 64
  39. System Specs or Recommendations for a Novice
  40. FX 1400 Diapointing Resoultion
  41. Maya 2009/Mudbox 2009 graphics card?
  42. Core i7 & new Xeons - Rendering performance
  43. Intel U9400 Performance
  44. 16 core AMD processor in 2009
  45. First graphics tablet
  46. Advice on new desktop build
  47. Windows 7 vs OSX with GCD and OpenCL
  48. pc configuration question
  49. What is the best processor?
  50. Help buying a laptop!
  51. mother board suggestions for quadro fx 4500/AMD Phenom II X4 940 quad core 3.0 ghz
  52. Qube render farm help
  53. Searching a render rig for cinema
  54. Installing canon printer on 64 bit
  55. Graphic Card Compatibility with 3dsmax
  56. Yet another computer spec question
  57. Alienware m17x/intuos wacom tablet
  58. New gizmo for NextEngine 3D Scanners - not yet released
  59. AMD phenom machine?
  60. ATI Radeon HD4850 ????
  61. Camtasia help
  62. Render times - versus games
  63. Operating systems ?
  64. One last thing.......ARGHHH!!
  65. processor importance
  66. What do you guys think of Windows 764bit v.s Windows Xp64
  67. Printer issues
  68. Wanna Buy Graphic Card for Maya Help pls!
  69. Considering going with a dell xps 435
  70. Problems with 64 bit Windows XP pro and Itunes
  71. Question about buying and setting up a renderfarm and main PC
  72. The build-a-budget-PC game!
  73. wacom bamboo one delay problem
  74. Laptop graphics card replacement...
  75. i7 system build need advice
  76. Dual Quad Machine vs Two Quad Machines
  77. 64bit graphic apps - poor performance, video card?
  78. Which system is better for 3ds max 9 and ZBrush 3.1?
  79. Comp Configuration
  80. LCD Widescreen WITH DVI vs CRT
  81. Is the difference between 8GB DDR3 1066mhz and 6GB 1600mhz worth $200? Pros/Cons?
  82. OpenGL driver crashing, help!
  83. Current Best Mobil WorkStation
  84. which laptop computer would you prefer? Mac book pro or fujitsu T2020
  85. Product Packaging
  86. building a xeon 5500 worksatation
  87. Dell monitor replacement
  88. Cases and PSUs for Mini ITX render nodes...
  89. 24" vs 26"....please help
  90. foot controlled mouse
  91. server configaration
  92. Recovering data from formatted harddrive...please help.
  93. Rendering - black frames
  94. headset for creating video tutorials
  95. Which Quadro for my purposes?
  96. Slow right klick with Vista and Intous3
  97. Drobo Nas storage as compositing drives?
  98. Windows XP vs X64 Windows Vista x64 vs Windows 7 x64
  99. Backing up your Macintosh (a product suggestion)
  100. Quadro or Gforce
  101. Is i7 extream really necessary
  102. Is this a HDD bracket?
  103. does anyone have an opinion on the LaCie 324 and the HP LP2475W monitors?
  104. HP Z600 promotion, any comments?
  105. ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series - problems with maya rotation!! :(:(:(
  106. Factory Default Backup errors
  107. MacbookPro 13" For 3d - Viable?
  108. Printing problems - Pictures printing wrong colors
  109. Help buying a 30'' monitor
  110. Scratch disks full while using ZBrush
  111. Help: Hardware configuration for LightWave
  112. Is my system well bad?
  113. Which Hardware 4 Which Media??
  114. The right box for R11: 64bit? Quad-core? Vista?
  115. Ati Fire Gl V8650 Workstation Graphic Card At Low Price
  116. building a workstation
  117. Hardware purposes in 3D programs?
  118. automatic file copy on a mac
  119. Video Memory : what can I do with it?
  120. Q: how recover erased files on a Mac OSX PPc?
  121. Notebook for Graphic Design purpose
  122. might buy pc for 900$ (CA) with these stats, need your opinion
  123. HP LP 2480zy Dreamcolor monitor non-uniformity problems
  124. HP Elitebook 6930p
  125. Graphics Cards for Mac Pro
  126. I was working then PAF! computer died... help!
  127. Suggestions for a Laptop...
  128. Dunno if I mentioned it: I found a good Mac backup solution (nearly free!)
  129. Disappearing Objects in shaded mode
  130. Vista x64 64 bit drivers work for Windows 7 x64 64 bit?
  131. OT: Harware: Switching 2008 MacPro 8800GT <-> MacPro 2009 GeForce GT 120
  132. Affordable Quality camera for CG matchmoving projects?
  133. Laptop for Maya / 3D / Renders
  134. laptop cant access internet, but works fine with skype ...
  135. most important feature in a video card.Video memory,FLOPS...etc.?
  136. Distributed file systems in production?
  137. Will this Laptop be sufficient for intensive 3D work.
  138. SLI and modeling
  139. QuadroFX 1800 vs 3450
  140. looking to make low bugget rendering comp need help finding right parts for cheap
  141. Renderfarm WIP
  142. 2 Vid Cards on 1 MoBo (1 gaming, 1 workstation)?
  143. New computer config. Help!?
  144. Help me trouble shoot an ancient PC so I could get to some data!
  145. Wacom Cintiq 12wx Messenger Bag
  146. RGB LED LCD - is that good?
  147. Two-Part Question About Render Farms
  148. need help on completing my new computer build (rendering/video editing/compositing)
  149. widescreen or not
  150. GeForce GT120M good for running Maya 2008?
  151. memory & graphics card question?
  152. What is the deal with Core i5/i7/P55/Socket 1156???
  153. Upgrading my Graphics Card
  154. New QuickTime X for Windows... when?
  155. Computer Components Supplier in France?
  156. Quadro FX vs. GeForce for DCC with C4D
  157. GTX 260 or GTX 285?
  158. display quality under 3dsmax with Gforce 8800gt
  159. maya rotaion driver issue
  160. Motion Capture System
  161. Nehalem Mac Pro case vs PC case
  162. Achieving polarized 3D images at home
  163. VMWare vs. Bootcamp
  164. Will PCIe 2.0 card work properly in a PCIe motherboard?
  165. 64Bit pc QuickTime yet?
  166. Image tagging and searching software
  167. NextEngine 3d scanner for small jewelery
  168. Renderfarm shop
  169. Draw on screen with DUO
  170. Intending to get powerful workstation
  171. Help for Hardware
  172. Buying new pc.. comparing motherboards and graphics cards
  173. Would this be a good laptop/desktop replacement for Maya/Animation Mentor?
  174. Which one do you use for your Macs?
  175. Reccomendation for solid LG 1366 Mobo + RAM question?
  176. ASUS N90SV for Illustrations, foto and Concept Art in HR
  177. modo starts 30 seconds on Vista :(
  178. My Experience With PC Specialist
  179. HELP NEEDED!!! New computer just as slow as others.
  180. HELP NEEDED!!! New computer just as slow as others.
  181. Can't burn CDs
  182. Brand of HDDs for a RAID Setup
  183. questions about photoshop software on imac
  184. good mobo for my new setup?
  185. Seeking Up-to-Date Vendor/Hardware recommendations
  186. I Need A New Monitor
  187. New Monitor, 26"
  188. How to get to 12 GB RAM on your i7 920 build?
  189. Help Installing new Graphics Card in old BOXX
  190. Wacom Intuos4 linux
  191. Speedup 3ds max viewports for really heavy scenes
  192. Hey new here with a RAM question
  193. 5ms or 2ms?
  194. Finally. Time to upgrade my machine
  195. New DX11 Cards: OpenCL / GPGPU?
  196. CS3 on Win 7
  197. I need advice for buying new computer
  198. Dell Laptop - Ati graphics still an issue?
  199. Desktop file ares no longer located in C:\Users Help !!
  200. Render farm GigaE/Infiniband network critique and advice wanted.
  201. Speed of rendering much slower in I5 CPU 750
  202. Graphics card, real differences between Quadro/Geforce
  203. Considering selling my Mac Pro and buying a Macbook Pro to be more mobile - Mad?
  204. Strange thing happening!
  205. need high-end machine spec. for anim./rendering
  206. Dual Channel Ram
  207. Small scale network storage?
  208. siwtching to wacom?
  209. Core2quad, Athlon or Phenom for smaller budget
  210. what is high-end machine configuration ?
  211. Dual Monitor question/help
  212. Building a wee render farm
  213. calibrating wacom to properly work on a certain screen
  214. How To Use Whole My Memory Ram
  215. Help on setting up a "Blade Server" render farm
  216. RAM Speed 800 -> 1600
  217. Whats a driver that works for Maya on gtx 275?
  218. New Computer for Animation, Quad core - i7? Small budget or splash?
  219. the NOISE
  220. Question about two different display card
  221. Suggestions / in doubt: I7 VS W3520 and Quadro FX1800 VS Geforce 285GTX
  222. Mini Display
  223. need new Graphics Card [MacPro] that works well with C4D
  224. External HD wont work for huge size
  225. Can you please recommand me a 24" monitor
  226. 8 cores or 4 cores for Maya?
  227. New Wacom Drivers for Snow Leopard
  228. i this, core that, socket whatevah!
  229. Nvidia Discloses Details On Next-gen Fermi GPU
  230. Internal and Ext HD/folder synchronization software?
  231. quadro 3700 fx
  232. Maya & Furry Ball
  233. Monitor best with Maya
  234. Connecting multiple projectors to a laptop?
  235. Does a 24Gb motherboard worth buying
  236. Nvidia new Fermi chip
  237. Best laptop for Blender
  238. Help with computer specs
  239. RAM performance
  240. Windows 7 version
  241. Upgrade or wait?
  242. HELP!! Accident whit my wacom PEN
  243. Which manufacturer for high end workstation?
  244. Purchasing, need advice...
  245. Motherboard Installation Issue
  246. BUYING NEW SYSTEM. Pc Specialist or The PCO Group? Graphics card Question.
  247. Vancouver-buying a pc vs building?
  248. New Computer specs help?
  249. MACPRO-maya issues
  250. What To Get