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  1. Switching to Windows XP 64bit. Need Advice
  2. Any good coolers for ECC FB DDR2 Memory
  3. Need new PC (rendering-oriented)
  4. Cant join unalocated hard disk space with XP partition
  5. Linux
  6. FTP Upload error "Could not connect to server"
  7. Windows XP not responding
  8. First PC Workstation Need Help
  9. Which New Computer
  10. Which PC? Upgrade Advice...
  11. Laptop/Tablet PC
  12. Cannot open AVI....
  13. New PC for Matchmoving / Dell System ?
  14. i7 929 vs quad core q9550
  15. Finishing up workstation need some crit and advice
  16. mid-range notebook for general 2d/3d
  17. graphicscard problem?
  18. Suggestions for a new Workstation?!
  19. dropped my laptop
  20. please rate this system
  21. PC Shuts Down Immediately, But Sometimes Boots Normally
  22. Workstation upgrading issues
  23. dell xps m1530 or macbook pro?
  24. What Tablet?
  25. intel i7 + nividia quadro fx 1700
  26. video card suggestions
  27. Our Prayers have been answered!!
  28. Open and Explore commands are missing in Windows 64
  29. Xeon Workstation specs-can I do better?
  30. Please help with my dual screens and Wacom
  31. Dell XPS M1710 for sale
  32. 1st - additional tablet pens. 2nd - A5 wide tablet?
  33. New AMD CPUs Phenom II
  34. KVM switch for Mac Laptop to PC Desktop
  35. Does the lack of nvidia gt200 mobile chips concern anyone else?
  36. New OS - Preferences?
  37. Cintiq and 30 inch Monitor performance
  38. DELL m6300//maya//slow
  39. Computer spec fit.
  40. Is the quicktime+vista problem have been fixed?
  41. 4850 vs 9800 GT?
  42. video card for renderfarm
  43. whats the best way to use an ssd in a mostly 3d computer
  44. Thoughts on new workstation
  45. 9800GT on Tempest i5000XT
  46. Does anyone use a FireGL card?
  47. $5000 enough for dream machine?
  48. Harddrives: SCSI vs SATA?
  49. asking for an opinion/will this work?
  50. my renderfarm
  51. Do several cores improve render speed
  52. Portable SketchBook
  53. Maya 2009 Crashes with Modded Hd2600>FireGL5600
  54. when will dual cpu capable i7's be available?
  55. new i7 rig some concerns looking for comments
  56. installing maya 7 on fedora
  57. Windows XP x64 does not recognize 8gb of ram?
  58. BIOSTAR I45-HP or Asus P5Q or GIGABYTE P45-DS4?
  59. Circuit City going out of business
  60. What 64bit OS? XP64? Vista? ... ?...?
  61. If money was no object
  62. Windows 7 fracked my laptop (with a little help from me)
  63. Any thoughts on a colormunki Photo.
  64. nvidia geforce 9800gtx with Maya
  65. Wacom 12WX help please?
  66. Mixing up two different nVidia cards?
  67. Adobe CS4 - yellow tinge?
  68. Quadro FX 5800 vs 5600 in 3ds max
  69. Asking for an opinion/how will this work?
  70. Dual network cards question
  71. need some help on building a workstation
  72. Maya OS help software availability/student
  73. Cintiq 12WX and 42LCD
  74. Genius Mouse 8x6 tablet vs. Wacom 8x6 tablet
  75. Firegl v5600
  76. Graphic card
  77. OT: Error Codes on Mac
  78. I7 vs dual quad core
  79. Bendmark.
  80. geforce 9800 slow in some applications
  81. Anyone have any experience with Wide Format Ink Jet Printers?
  82. Which level of RAID to choose?
  83. Wacom Bamboo One Vs. Wacom Bamboo Fun
  84. New Setup recommendations
  85. Wacom touch strip direction
  86. graphire pen compatability
  87. Switch to Vista?
  88. New processor prices
  89. Upgrading: What Wacom size to pick?
  90. Need to move out of IX-Webhosting.
  91. Flash Issue
  92. New monitor, what do you recommend
  93. 24" S-IPS vs 27" S-PVA?
  94. Is the "Turn Off Hard Disks" option really safe on a desktop?
  95. Cintiq
  96. Gateway 143XL
  97. Macbook Pro / Maya compatibility
  98. Worth purchasing a high end custom PC?
  99. My mac picks up the radio
  100. Need some help please!
  101. New Scanner -- suggestions?
  102. Modifier list freeze-up
  103. XP 64bit - do I have to buy all new software?
  104. no .mov file extension with Windows XP 64bit?
  105. Flash Experts... (Trying to lower the file size)
  106. Building 3D Design system & need suggestions for best hardware. What do you use?
  107. Sellers of Supermicro superservers in UK/Europe?
  108. V/Card for Maya - good or bad?
  109. graphic card and high number of objects in 3d max 2009 design
  110. Laptop for 3D Maya After effects work - Budget: 400 MAX
  111. viewport naviagation/card question
  112. Budget Laptop? (HELP)
  113. Difficult config choice - Advice needed
  114. nDynamics RAM vs. Processor
  115. Please advice
  116. 3dsmax Backburner Server issue
  117. need some advice on graphic cards
  118. Quadro VS Consumer Cards
  119. Audio Problem... no subwoofer in iTunes, MediaPlayer, etc.
  120. i need help pleas
  121. Looking for a remote workstation management software
  122. dualview color problem anyone?
  123. Not sure if system is working ok or not....
  124. Intel Core 2 Duo Quad Core Q6600 (over clocking)
  125. Data Backup solution
  126. Advise on new processor, yes or no
  127. New GeForce Cards vs Old Quadro
  128. Renderfarm OS
  129. Need some guidance for a new computer
  130. Laptop for running maya?
  131. Q9550 or i7 920
  132. Smoked Hard Drive solution
  133. Vista or XP 64bit?
  134. Performance PC for Digital Illustrator
  135. Choice of 4830 or 8800GT for learning, you tell me...
  136. Graphics Card?
  137. $650 workstation, can it be done?
  138. Benchmark Thread
  139. Advice on System Build
  140. New Machine
  141. 3D & video editing requirements?
  142. Tv Tuners
  143. Best graphic card under $120?
  144. Trying to build a ~$500 workstation, please help.
  145. Considering Purchasing a Netbook
  146. two quadro cards under xp. help!
  147. Quitting CG moving to Israel selling my Cintiq and 2 Boxx stations
  148. New Phenom II and Samsung affiliation w/AMD
  149. Wacom driver issue (XP 64 bit)
  150. HP or PNY quadros?
  151. 3DMAX users - ATI nvidia Radeon GForce Quadro FireGL DX vs OGL VideoCard Bench
  152. is this good deal?
  153. Wacom on Vista 64: strange delay...
  154. Vista Ultimate or Home 64
  155. What Wacom
  156. Counterfeit Wacom tablets - do they exist?
  157. HD 4850 x2 or HD 4870
  158. 2D workstation
  159. another I7 question - 920 vs 2x Q6600
  160. Dead Pixel Argh!
  161. Question about G-Pen M712
  162. Question about Quadro FX570
  163. Register a command (command line)
  164. Buying PC Components in Miami
  165. Render farm
  166. lcd tv for pc monitor
  167. DX10.1 and Nvidia?
  168. Ibook g3, 10.3.9, downgrade OS for gain speed??
  169. How to get Windows to recognize the .MAX extension as being a 3D MAX file again?...
  170. Phenom II or Core2 Quad better for rendering?
  171. Can anybody recommend a pro level printer?
  172. new wacom Intuos4 coming out,March 11th,2009
  173. Intel, Tyan, Supermicro mainboard for dual quad Xeon?
  174. which pci express slot for quadro fx 3500
  175. external hdd problem urgent need help...
  176. Hard drive setup
  177. Rigs
  178. MR renderfarm?
  179. Apple release new Mac Pros, iMacs and Minis today!
  180. OT: New Mac Pros
  181. Need advice. What kind of computer do you use?
  182. Best (or good) rendering processor? Considering the i7 (better than 2-4xXeons?)
  183. 2D Workstation upgrade
  184. New Real World Benchmark site
  185. motherboard comparison
  186. Cintiq 21UX or Cintiq 18SX?
  187. processor question
  188. notebook suggestion for 2d drawing
  189. Maya/AE workstation build: Video?
  190. NAS - Homemade / Commercial
  191. Suggestions for purchasing a new highend laptop.
  192. Viewport locking up in Maya 2008
  193. Problem with i7 Crashing
  194. DAS and GPT info needed
  195. New iMac
  196. planning long overdue move to new system
  197. HELP!!_why does maya8 pallet open in black?
  198. CRT or LCD? (I'm on a really tight budget)
  199. Piecing together a new computer. How is this?
  200. i7 920/940 vs. Any Dual Socket Quad Core Opterons & Xeons
  201. Where can I buy a good render farm?
  202. Selling my hardware Great deal!!
  203. Wacom Intuos4, first pictures!
  204. Testing power supply
  205. Dual 1.5GB QUADRO FX5600
  206. video card help?
  207. Any Good Webcams?
  208. How can I utilize 4GB of RAM on winXP home 32bit?
  209. Has anyone had this issue?
  210. Maya display Problem
  211. external hard drive advice?
  212. Calculating depreciation of assets
  213. Professional help needed asap, THANKYOU!
  214. Trust TB-7300 graphics tablet
  215. need your opinion in the components of my new computer!
  216. PowerPC Video Card "ATI Radeon 9650" Optimization for Maya?
  217. Found a simple DVD burner program for free!
  218. Looking for advice on purchase of new motherboard/processor
  219. Cheapest video card that works in PCI Express 2.0?
  220. Wireless keyboard mapping problems
  221. Wacom Tablets - Bamboo vs. Intuos?
  222. Dual graphics cards query
  223. HP HDX18t laptop - Is it any good?
  224. Requesting PC Advice... from a MacHead
  225. Need help with extensions and KVM switches
  226. Looking to buy a tablet
  227. ChipZilla, AMD, Communism and benchmarks...
  228. Budget graphics card - any comments on these?
  229. Wacom 6D Art Pen on linux?
  230. Recommend me a new laptop!
  231. cintiq 21 + scratches? worth getting it?
  232. SSD main drive on new config
  233. older fireGL vs. new consumer graphic cards
  234. Quadro FX 5800 with strange performance
  235. nvidia 9800 gtx or 260 gtx for modeling/animation
  236. Wow! Ultimate 3D laptop workstation?? (and a freaking good deal!)
  237. Wacom Graphire4 accessories?
  238. optimal frame rate...
  239. n/m
  240. Operating system??
  241. what mianboard for new 2x Xeons 5430?
  242. storing original source footage uncompressed?
  243. Workstation for around $2000 (no monitor)
  244. Advice on Windows XP 64 Bit editions
  245. Want to hear your views on RAM + Mother Board issue
  246. Which Graphics card?
  247. video card
  248. Looking for a critique of specs / hardware I've came up with for a custom PC
  249. good and safe hosting provider
  250. Camera for filming HD footage?