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  1. 3dsmax SHadow
  2. Shutter speed in Vray
  3. Camera settings for dummies?
  4. Raw Shadow Vs Shadow Pass
  5. Maya 2013 HDRI
  6. Help needed with Vray Sun/Sky
  7. Mustang logo render
  8. The strangest bump map issue...
  9. Dodge R/T + Vray
  10. Unrealistic Sun and Sky with iRay and mr Physical Sky
  11. Studio Shot - Acrylic
  12. Maya Sun&Sky use Backround
  13. 3ds max vray rt vs production
  14. Free HDRI exr for Lighting
  15. What to learn for scripting
  16. Lighting a sewer
  17. material id shader
  18. Unwanted colors on reflective surface
  19. light problem with white fur.
  20. alpha problem in Mental Ray for Maya
  21. Shader problem/mental ray
  22. Lighting or Shading problem? = Weird
  23. Maya particlesCloud problem / cotton
  24. missing maps in Distributed Render vray
  25. Mental Ray Shadow problems ( mia shader with cut-out opacity )
  26. Errors with Maya Vray domeHDRI plus Vray Sun?
  27. Help with Glass shader
  28. V-Ray Same Shader Renders Different on Two Identical Objects
  29. Spectrum Flares/Highlights?
  30. Creating HDRi images from panoramas
  31. Alpha maps in 3ds max using Xoliul Shader
  32. Vray Lights showing the undesired shape under env fog
  33. Ugly rendering, Jittering
  34. AO problem
  35. PhongE roughness problem
  36. Vray lights issue
  37. lighting problem
  38. Maya Real Time Cgfx Shader Demo
  39. Spotlight: Consistency, Color, and Settings
  40. Mia Material x glass shader
  41. help me analyze the lighting of this scene!
  42. Step by Step
  43. Specular V-Ray
  44. Maya particle shade and rendering tutorial
  45. whats per-pixel & per-vertex??
  46. [VRay for Maya] VrayFastSSS2 and Vray SSS in general
  47. VRay displacement issue in Maya
  48. Backburner
  49. max2011Shadingmirror
  50. A realtime 3D lighting project
  51. Two lighting courses are now open for enrollment at!
  52. Problem with rendering
  53. select Renderer Engine....
  54. Marmoset screenshot problem
  55. random fatal errors in mental ray for maya...
  56. The unlit part of an object - I want a texture there instead!
  57. Industrial theme lighting advice? (Cinema 4D)
  58. tdu Lighting Courses taught by Blue Sky Studios Senior Lighting TDs
  59. Real Time Rendering course by Eric Haines
  60. Lighting looking washed out. Maya w/ mental ray
  61. Circular Room - Ambient Occlusion
  62. occluding object from receiving shadow other object
  63. My first Photorealistic Render
  64. Nuke Compositing - Zdepth with Defocus
  65. 3DS Max & Vray HDRI Lighting problems
  66. Do you have a fluid cache file for me?
  67. mental ray arealight vs portal light
  68. Outdoor Lighting in MR and Maya
  69. iRay glass problem in Interior Render
  70. Multi coated lens shader
  71. shadow color mismatch with Gi
  72. Transperency for MR shaders??
  73. [Industry Advice] Learning a second language today, what would it be?
  74. Vray and Live Action Comp
  75. Dinner
  76. Xmas lights
  77. Color Changes
  78. [Vray/Maya] Foggy/Milky Liquid Shader Help!
  79. watch reflection
  80. Light coming through a window in C4D using AR3..
  81. Question about the rgb
  82. Calling all color experts!
  84. Hdri rendering and shadow catcher problem
  85. No diffuse lighting on mr prim hair with mr shader?
  86. Maxwell SSS Skin shader
  87. Need help about SSS in night scene
  88. tips for making studio lighting more interesting
  89. Light bleed 3DS Max - Mental Ray
  90. Custom Lightmap shader with mental ray
  91. RGB values look too similar????
  92. Caustics in interior lighting
  93. vray physical camera and 3ds max system units
  94. Vray Render ID/ Object ID AA Issue
  95. High quality specular reflection shader
  96. Blue Sky Studios Lighting TDs teaching at!! Starts Monday!!!
  97. need soem lighting/rendering advice (maya)
  98. Help to create interior realistic lighting
  99. VRay DMC Sampler Calculator
  100. Ink n paint lighting (3ds max)
  101. VRay/Maya distributed Rendering missing textures
  102. VRAY Linear workflow: VFB sRGB and Convert image to sRGB fro RenderView
  103. Linear Work flow Vray - Maya: Passes
  104. Render Issue
  105. Linear Work flow Vray - Maya: Affects Swatches
  106. MultiMatte and VrayBlendMtl
  107. Chuck Taylor Material
  108. 3ds Max Mental Ray and normal maps
  109. Irradiance Particles SSS problem (Maya 2011)
  110. Maya VRAY velocity pass help
  111. Adding Clouds to Mental Ray Daylight in 3DSMax
  112. Vray - Maya: AO (Ambient Occlusion)
  113. 3ds max Render Elements Using Photometric Lights
  114. mrBake not found ERROR in Maya 2013?
  115. Plzz help..Render passes and Final Gather (Maya)
  116. 3ds max: Lighting a tunnel scene
  117. emit_direct_photons of mia_portal_light, on or off?
  118. Making Night
  119. Linear Workflow: Maya MR to After Effects
  120. Vray - Tansparent AND Reflective ?
  121. vray ptex normal map
  122. Does anyone know what causes this?
  123. Mentalray and GI problem - newbie
  124. setting up a Look dev scene for shader test
  125. Need Guidance , Realstic Lighting
  126. Where to find P_HairTk Mental Ray Shader?
  127. 8 light limit ATI Graphics Card
  128. Mentayray problem, renders all objects black!!
  129. Ambient Occlusion Tutorial
  130. Light Select Pass MR
  131. Awesome Multiplatform GPU Renderer Help
  132. Shadow linking between objects
  133. FumeFX square shadows
  134. [Lighting/Rendering]How to get this look?
  135. Tintin's boat lamp.
  136. Vray Light Material ( Help)
  137. studio lighting and gun material
  138. Basic HDRI questions - Format for HDRI
  139. How can I achieve this look? (jewelry)
  140. tdu :: Principles of Lighting Course :: taught by Blue Sky Studios Lighting TDs
  141. Mr Lighting issue
  142. How can I get a render to look this good in 3ds Max?
  143. Emergency Lighting Problems
  144. Ambient Occlusion Shaders in Renderman
  145. Normals 101 - Back to basics
  146. Interior lighting problem
  147. Strange Encounter - Max 2014
  148. How do I achieve this (simple?) studio lighting?
  149. Glass surface renders gray
  150. How do I achieve this color lighting look in Max/VRay?
  151. need help creating transparent glowe plastic
  152. Why are the shadows behaving this way and how would I fix it? (The head area)
  153. God rays Vray
  154. Patchy render help pls!
  155. Compositing light rays in post?
  156. Using HDR with Cinema 4D and Vray
  157. V-ray render problem
  158. in Astro Boy
  159. IES and small objects
  160. cast shadows suddenly stopped working when i render
  161. Tool to generate anisotropy textures
  162. Stylized Car Studio Lighting
  163. Painting HDRI Maps for 3D Environments
  164. Texture Bake Set vs mib_amb_occlusion - Maya 2013
  165. Light Beam Effect
  166. Maxwell Night Lighting Interior
  167. Best automotive rendering software
  168. sIBL Lighting int/ext with Maya 2013
  169. Lighting and image plane issues
  170. Lighting and image plane issues
  171. Lighting and image plane issues
  172. Transitioning to be a Lighting Artist?
  173. transparent glow shader?
  174. Vray skin shader Problem
  175. MAXScript Tool For Quick Matte Creation
  176. Help with Quick lighting setup for Short Animation in Maya
  177. error message seem to indiacate that directional light is a spotlight? Please help
  178. Need Help shading a cube/flat surfaces
  179. Crash course on exterior lighting
  180. Mental Ray Passes flickering
  181. Why can't Contrast Node in Maya Hypershade connect to Roughness slot in Vray material
  182. misss_physical help
  183. MRay Daylight system, sky porta and interiors
  184. Shader repository for mental ray
  185. How to get realistic reflections on buildings
  186. Vray VFB doesnt match the output image
  187. Free renderman tutorials
  188. Feedback on lighting for scene
  189. Renderman Tutorials!
  190. Lighting Career- HELP!
  191. Creating a lightmap from a group of geometry
  192. Despicable me - Lighting setup
  193. Falloff does not work on glass.
  194. How do you make a Transparency Mask in Maya?
  195. Vray for Maya Lighting Exterior Daytime Environment
  196. Bloom in Vray for Maya
  197. Rendering with final gathering in 3ds max problems
  198. Lighting Help
  199. maya shader that blends with light direction
  200. Lighting Help 3DS Max
  201. Distorted Mirror/Glass Reflections
  202. John Carmack @ QuakeCon 2013 - The Physics of Light and Rendering
  203. shadow artifacts
  204. Reflecting a glowing material
  205. converting IES profiles to image
  206. VRay IOR and reflection color dependence?
  207. VRay IOR and reflection color dependence?
  208. Shader toy
  209. create light shining from light bulp
  210. How to bake lightmap on shader with alpha textures
  211. Vray Weird Lighting Dots In Maya
  212. How does adding light values work in real life?
  213. SSS and colour bleed using the tony sculptor method
  214. Newb question about vray and white materials
  215. Vray (Maya) Glass Problem
  216. Using Aaocean Arnold Shader
  217. Help: Wet pavement look?
  218. how to get a good daylight
  219. Vray Interior Reflection Speckles (Max)
  220. Panoramic render or 180 degree render without distortion
  221. Vray Exterior City Scene - Lighting and Rendering help
  222. Indirect Lighting Tab issue
  223. Getting the SSS2 shaders to work
  224. Arnold visible lights
  225. how to layer override color to all shaders?
  226. Mental Ray and Odd Water Reflections
  227. How Paint this Digitally
  228. Vray Render - White bleeding in shadows
  229. shadow pass in scene with many objects
  230. Problem with refl. occ. with mr amb./refl. occ. shader
  231. Textures light themselves?
  232. Direct Illumination?
  233. Links to Free HDRimages
  234. "Blend-Add" Diablo3 vFX shader
  235. Free sIBL sets
  236. using ramps for layered shader/texture
  237. Lat long lens render
  238. which is the fastest ray tracing animation render
  239. Paiting with polygons
  240. Setting up two maps for Lighting and Refl in maya?
  241. ibl shear animation not rendering
  242. Lighting books.
  243. Effects on the edges
  244. P_MegaTK_pass crashing Maya when i render
  245. Maya: Randomly loading files
  246. I need to match colors from hp display(no calibartion) to a dell display its posible.
  247. Xsi-Arnold tangent normal problem
  248. Achieving a slimy/wet/jelly look for a character. Help?!!
  249. learn maya software renderer?
  250. Working toward photoreal Mental ray