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  1. Amber transparency / reflectivity
  2. saving issue
  3. Ambient Occlusion Issue (3DS Max)
  4. God Rays in Maya?
  5. mib color mix help
  6. studio lighting - help
  7. Face selection based on color? Maya 2012
  8. In need of career advice
  9. Dark/blue areas !
  10. 5 Finalrender questions
  11. lighting stainless steel
  12. Need for custom shaders???
  13. Remove Banding in Renders?
  14. Shadow without light intensity...
  15. Lights for Vray
  16. (Maya) Spotlight silhouette on window HELP!!!
  17. lighting/reflection of tunnel
  18. Displacement using MR shadder
  19. Softer Shadows?
  20. Solid Colors & Ambient Occlusion
  21. maya contour_shader_widthfromlightdir bug?
  22. Normal Camera attribute on mental ray material_x?
  23. Some questions for you experienced cg lighters!!
  24. My HDRI plugin for AfterEffects
  25. Shave & Haircut To light in vray
  26. Lighting an all white exhibition booth
  27. lighting problems (using sibl) in my scene (artifacts, antialiasing)
  28. lighting
  29. How to receive shadows from selected objects only.
  30. Lighing Problem
  31. Image Based Lighting vs. Ozone 5
  32. Interior+Exterior in Vray
  33. Max to Maya Conversion - Lighting Problem
  34. Re-using irradiance map and light cache.
  35. Vray animation: prepass Irradiance vs. one pass Brute Force
  36. Rendering character in parts (Maya)
  37. Linear Workflow: couple basic questions
  38. vray splotches, irradiance map, DMC question
  39. Creating Light beams in maya
  40. Help with Lighting this Scene
  41. VRayMtlWrapper matte question
  42. Vray - Glass casts shadow
  43. light surface shader not visible in reflection
  44. Animating Displacment - Mentalray for Maya
  45. vray anisotropy in Maya
  46. Vray grain giving me an ulcer
  47. indirect illumination with ao (render element) question
  48. bedroomstudy
  49. Looking for suggestions
  50. ||Help Please|| Objects only receve occlusion but don't cast any self occlusion
  51. maya particles and vray
  52. soft shadow over a big scene
  53. vray envFog flickering
  54. I Need Help Please !
  55. Vray Cam/lights Vs Standart Cam/light
  56. How to achieve this light rendering result in maya (mr)
  57. LWF and Photoshop
  58. LightUp tutorials
  59. Moving sun during renders good or bad?
  60. Vray material/shader problems.
  61. How to reduce object's saturation where light hits?
  62. Slim Light Templates available for download
  63. Help for shading
  64. [3DSMAX - Vray] Rendering through glass
  65. Maya 2012 problem, cant get my spec roll off/ reflection maps to render out in MR
  66. Realistic Beer Bottle
  67. Dielectric Material and Photon plug in
  68. Procedural Texture and custome shaders
  69. 3Ds max exclude sky dome from reflecting scene
  70. Sources for learning Houdini
  71. occlusion baking in vray smoothing groups
  72. Coke liquid
  73. A few questions regarding Native IBL
  74. maya & vray: reflection source
  75. Vray Irradiance Map Anomalies
  76. HELP, weird blobs when rendering
  77. Vray pixelated highlight edges
  78. help replacing materials in Shave&haircut
  79. Rendering reduces quality
  80. glossiness maps in mental ray don't work
  81. feedback...
  82. Sports Car studio light render
  83. 3D Max 2012 - City Lightning At Night ( Help )
  84. Using red / gree/ blue lights then separate them in post?
  85. Making lightmaps in Unity look photoreal just like in Maya
  86. Fog in Maya w/Renderman
  87. Samplerinfo node and BRDF in mia.
  88. [Fryrender] Need some tips
  89. [Need Help] Volumetric Spot Light for Maya VRay
  90. basic HDRI questions
  91. I'm going crazy now.
  92. Creating a realistic Diamond in Maya Tutorial
  93. HDRI indoors
  94. how to achieve this light?
  95. Help please! 3Ds Max using a fire torch to light a scene using photometric lights
  96. render to texture problem in 3ds max! plz help me!
  97. Strange problem in Mental Ray - textures not appearing in reflections
  98. [Vray for Maya] Direct Irradiance without shadows?
  99. mib_blackbody node issue.
  100. [Vray-3DS] how to light a cartoonish scene
  101. VRay - render giving different output on same surface and material
  102. replacing normal maps by light maps
  103. creating a separate pass for color bleedings
  104. Must Reads on Procedural/imagebased Shading
  105. maya realtime portal shader
  106. rendering baked vertex colour in Maya using Mental Ray
  107. maya/vray: viewport subdivision option
  108. Hair (Joe Alter) Loses colour randomly
  109. glowing panels - suggest approach?
  110. JS_MultiLayers, passes.
  111. rendering volume lights with shadow maps in scanline
  112. Interior render - grainy/pixelated
  113. Good Techniques for Exterior Lighting?
  114. Illuminating bottles from beneath
  115. Skydome with Final Gather??
  116. Castle interior - guidance needed
  117. Attaintion Please..!!
  118. Digital Figure Sculpture GI Flickering
  119. Unity realtime subsurface scattering
  120. Need feedback on lighting .
  121. Need feedback on lighting .. !!!
  122. Lighting in Maya - best resource?
  123. Noise Help!!!
  124. renderman problem plz!!
  125. How Can You Achieve "Cinematic" Look/Feel" To A 3D Render?
  126. Write material with Biult in Directx
  127. VRay Render Problem, Please Help!
  128. vray problem
  129. Mental Ray Gobo Lighting
  130. Do You Use C++ At Work?
  131. V-ray Gamma (not showing correctly)
  132. Hologram shader
  133. Whats the Most Realistic Skin shader ?
  134. Ambient Occluding massive poly scene
  135. Maya Problem With Normal And Displacement Maps
  136. Limbo or JoJo in the stars style background sky
  137. Need Help With Glow Animation
  138. match-matched or neutral color-balanced HDR for shader look-dev
  139. final gather colored noise artifact problem
  140. Some advice for learning lighting,masterials, shaders
  141. Ramp Shader + Clamp node saturation issue
  142. Creating Outdoor Lighting
  143. MR GlassPhysical PROBLEM
  144. Creating IBL images without chrome/mirror ball - how?
  145. I get blurry spots with portal light (pic included)
  146. [Question]Raytrace reflections+Normal map
  147. Architecture and design presets for Maya
  148. unbias render for production?
  149. Light Rays (God Rays) outdoor scene
  150. Maya - Need help with lighting and shaders and render passes
  151. Maya Vray Render Artifact Issue
  152. Optimizing render times with Polyplane hair with transparency?
  153. HDRI and Vray question
  154. Is 3delight for Maya worth learning
  155. Underwater moon & Fireworks
  156. Light-O-Matic, script for lighting
  157. cartoon lighting for production
  158. MENTAL RAY: Combining Physical Sun with HDRI
  159. Vray 3dmax materials to Maya?
  160. When not to use AO?
  161. How to achieve this (srry don't know the name of this type of light))
  162. How to apply displacement map to mia material x?
  163. Other good Lighting/Shading Communities?
  164. Night lighting
  165. Night lighting
  166. VrayFastSSS2 and refraction
  167. Stereoscopic 3D shine rays emitting from a logo
  168. Lighting and rendering Execution
  169. Lighting problem.
  170. Realistic shadows on videos/pictures
  171. How to do spec passes
  172. Vray for Maya Flickering
  173. Efficient cinematic lighting DVD software choice?
  174. Under maya's hood.!!
  175. how to get this shader effeckt?
  176. White City
  177. "State-of-the-Art" Shading
  178. vray light material: boost light without losing color?
  179. HDR Probes - Some of mine for you to use
  180. Mr portal light: "FG method" vs black body
  181. Doing a silhouette scene
  182. Prman shader help
  183. Maya python - select texture file nodes
  184. What is this black hole form?
  185. help. Disco party on characters head. ncloth?
  186. [Vray] HDRI lighting and shadows
  187. vray lightselect for maya: how?
  188. lighting workshop taught by blue sky studios lighting tds!
  189. Render Buffer, Framebuffers and sampling concepts
  190. Free HDRI -Large and dynamic in light and color-
  191. Area light shape graininess!
  192. conducters' highlights vs dielectrices' highlights
  193. Snell's window problem
  194. Free Vray Indoor Lighting
  195. Adding area shadows to an ies profile
  196. reflect and refract IOR misunderstanding in vray
  197. Building a partial set for lighting in vray or whole room?
  198. reflect and refract IOR misunderstanding in vray
  199. A Little Help About The Lights
  200. Environment Effects using MR in Maya
  201. Shader batch attribute adjustment
  202. CGFX Stretch Shader
  203. Vray light reflection
  204. export light links in maya?
  205. render layers
  206. Par Lights Vray Setup Help?
  207. Studio Lighting Help Needed
  208. mib_blackbody shadows
  209. Photorealistic photometric!
  210. Lighting Resources
  211. overlapping shadows in Maya
  212. annoying specular 3ds + vray issue
  213. adding texture to lights in photomertric lights (3ds max)
  214. Is there a better to match camera colors
  215. Any advice on this Final Gather flickering problem?
  216. Varying hue of multiple objects using the same shader
  217. How do I achieve this lighting?
  218. Refraction Issues with Render Elements in 3dsMax V-ray
  219. Help getting comic styled shadows?
  220. Motion blur vector pass and depth-of-field(z) pass doesnt include toon lines
  221. Animated Scenes
  222. lighting modeling demo reel
  223. change the dark side color
  224. Rendering Light's Interplay With Crystalline Structures
  225. Arnold shading
  226. lighting for a cartoon feel
  227. Vray environment lighting won't turn off.
  228. how to choose between depthmap shadow and raytrace?
  229. Kitchen lighting
  230. physical sun maya render issues
  231. combining raytrace and depthmap
  232. Black spots and burn issues - Maya MR
  233. need advice in setting up a "jellyfish" shader
  234. HELP NEEDED fluid Fog/point light issue Maya
  235. Differences between Mantra and Mental Ray
  236. CGFX Shader: Normalmap problems in Maya
  237. Glass of Liquid
  238. Registration Now Open for Principles of Lighting Course at!
  239. UV Mapping trouble
  240. "there are no caustic photon emitters in the scene" Even when generate caustics set.
  241. Contrast Loss in LINEAR WORKFLOW
  242. CG lighting vs GI lihgting for lack of a better Term??
  243. Physically Plausible Shading - what is it?
  244. Mia_Materials disconnecting from surface shader
  245. lighting for feature animation workshop :: taught by pixar td
  246. Vray for Maya - Ambient Occlusion greyed out?
  247. tdu :: PRINCIPLES OF LIGHTING WORKSHOP :: taught by blue sky lighting TDs
  248. Maya MentalRay How to resize that light glow size?? Even turn it off.
  249. 3dsmax SHadow
  250. Shutter speed in Vray