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  1. Help needed - Maya photon intensity keyable??
  2. Cant't set Mr sky Multiplier to "0.0002"
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  6. normal map and lighting
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  11. Illumination with nParticle Streaks
  12. Vray for Maya - Subdivision Approximation?
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  14. Animation and GI with Mental Ray.
  15. arch&design shader does not allow excluding from lighting?
  16. lighting still images
  17. Mental Ray Destroying My Colours MAX
  18. misss on single side polygon?
  19. Mental Ray crashing my scene.
  20. cartoon lighting
  21. Help with Cell Lighting
  22. cartoon lighting
  23. How can i make this metal shader in Mental Ray [3ds max 2010]
  24. Mental Ray sampling help
  25. Need Help
  26. how do you isolate self shadows
  27. help simulating game lighting
  28. how to show wireframe through a glass?!?
  29. Realistic lightbulb issue
  30. mrLight
  31. PLEASE HELP - Matte shadow Mental Ray Daylight system Error :(
  32. Alpha issue with mib_volume in Maya 8 Mental Ray
  33. Scene scaleing= lightning problems
  34. Reflection element
  35. Color map with Renderman sss shader
  36. Problem with Displacement Map with Fast SSS Skin - Blurred Results
  37. rapid motion blur in mental ray disables passes?
  38. alpha channel problems
  39. Mental ray flicker free FG
  40. Mental Ray - Reflections/Glossy Artefacts
  41. Looking for Gi and GF explanation for dummies
  42. Possible lighting issue with Composite Material use and MR
  43. Gamma question
  44. PROBLEM > Hair Render with Mental Ray
  45. Tutorial for these 3d models?
  46. Master Zap skinplus problem >
  47. Matte Shadow with Daylight System
  48. Newbie in Lighting
  49. gobo help (maya)
  50. Mental Ray Issues
  51. is it possible to attain this look?
  52. How to get this shader? (Maya,Mental Ray)
  53. Realistic wood in mr
  54. Lighting for Animation
  55. Mental Ray / Matte/Shadow/Refleciono problem
  56. Make faces act like a light source?
  57. Tree casting shadows through a window. HELP
  58. Anyone have a HDRI file of a Sunny Day?
  59. Lighting and Texture baking in Maya
  60. Mental Light Shape Visable in rendering is not visable??
  61. HDRI in its highest quality
  62. SSS shader - pass render (max-mental-ray)
  63. Problem with surface (glow) shader
  64. Max Hair trouble
  65. (Maya) White line around my render once in photoshop
  66. Hardware redner double sided poly?
  67. Any good tutorials for outdoor lighting/rendering with MR in Maya?
  68. Maya 2010 Translucency
  69. Maya 3d Textures as bump
  70. finalRender r3
  71. Lighting an outdoor scene
  72. May 2009 mentalray shadows help
  73. Z-Depth problems
  74. newbie mental ray lighting question
  75. bitmap pager 3ds max
  76. any good toturial for realstic metal 3ds max mr
  77. Problem with Flipped UV's and Normal Map
  78. Rendering transparency with Shave issue
  79. Hair&fur and mental ray render questions.
  80. Vertical/horizontal line artifacts with Mental Ray texture baking
  81. mental ray Error
  82. Please Critique my Portfolio Website
  83. Some lighting i did in a student film, Atlas' Revenge
  84. Canon 7D for onset HDRI image capture?
  85. I need Tutorials for creating realistic shaders in Maya and Mental Ray.
  86. texture baking problem :(
  87. Problem with depthmap shadow
  88. Question about lighting my first Realflow Scene
  89. Shaders and particle interaction
  90. best way to create HDRI images
  91. Light Strobes in Maya?
  92. 3ds max, mental ray and lighting
  93. Legend of Arad - Looking for lighters
  94. Beginner Shader building books?
  95. How to create dichroic glass light effect?
  96. Vray - car on night street
  97. AO gone missing?!
  98. Rock Stone Granite Shader?
  99. Help: how to teach lighting
  100. Toonshader & phongE
  101. Best way to expose indoor scene with photometric lighting and daylight system.
  102. Tractor Beam Question
  103. Day to Night Cityscape- Lighting
  104. Lighting a house: Night scene..
  105. Shading and lighting nude girl in vray SP2
  106. mi_car_paint_phen...
  107. Question About GI
  108. what do i use for a lensflare?
  109. occlusion render for interiors
  110. luminance depth pass preset in maya problem
  111. MAYA shadow linking problem
  112. How do I get rid of this?
  113. Creating an HDR light probe within Maya
  114. fether point light fog
  115. Lights won't update and renders harsh jagged shadows
  116. Fruit Bowl
  117. MentalRay LightingPass
  118. things that a beginner must do on his/her path to becoming a lighting artist??
  119. Maya Shadow Layer... odd results
  120. Some HDRI questions
  121. wierd lighting circle
  122. Maya's Physical sun and sky
  123. Maya render passes are broken
  124. [3DS Max] how to create a lightning bolt or spark in 3DS Max ?
  125. why my not transparent/refractive objects become semi transparent when i add lights?
  126. Lighting models
  127. Alien script render issue
  128. what is methods of diffuse scatter...
  129. Help needed with a troublesome rendering, trough a command line, using .bat files!!
  130. How to fake GI on complex scenes?
  131. Creating an occlusion cull object in 3ds max's viepwort.
  132. Light Rigging
  133. 3dsMax architectural materials
  134. Maya Phisical Sky and Sun overcast lighting
  135. 3ds Max Caustics
  136. Help optimizing SSS Mentalray
  137. Production shaders {hidden} - problem with reflections in matteshadow shader!
  138. fresnel reflection
  139. MR_Area Light Maya
  140. HDR lighitng Problem
  141. Caustic Photon attribute remains grey
  142. Ferrari Lighting - Improvement
  143. Dusty glass shader in maya
  144. question about mia portal light
  145. Sugar shader in Maya - HOW?
  146. Lighted hair turnes black in 3ds max 10 ???
  147. Car Lighting - Environment lights
  148. MR daylight system and volumetric light
  149. Realtime daylight sim, maya
  150. occlusion problem
  151. new to lighting and
  152. mental ray Volumetrics question
  153. Car lighting - Help with studio light setup
  154. Vray Matte shadow
  155. Help with creating "Airplane lights"
  156. Can Arion Render Point Cloud Data?
  157. building custom cloth materials
  158. Particles Colored for compositing ?
  159. what about gamma correction in max?
  160. Help ! texture baking for realtime 3d
  161. How to add bump uitility in the shader code
  162. From VRayMat to Arch & Design
  163. Lightening setup problem kitchen scene
  164. Magical Light
  165. Help with creating realsitc glass...
  166. Shadowing artifacts with mia_materials.
  167. LightMaster - a lighting tool for Maya
  168. Vray Edge TEX major Problem!
  169. vray camera lens flare
  170. Multi Pass Rendering Problem
  171. How to make a nuke impact flash/light with Maya Mental Ray?
  172. light tracer contrast
  173. Vray+LWF+overbright are problem - kinda solved but...
  174. Zdepth rendering problem
  175. FG makes my scene blue! Maya 2010
  176. Help on lighting this scene
  177. glow problem with photomatric light
  178. Dan Konieczka 2010 Lighting Reel
  179. Faceted shadows with normal maps
  180. Maya Shader Network for cloth and fabric
  181. Contour-like "choke" shader
  182. mr Photographic Exposure causing problems in compositing
  183. Renderman Fog in Maya
  184. Advantages of rendering HDRI images from 3D package?
  185. V-ray light source reflected
  186. how photoreal can mental ray get?
  187. Some Softimage Shaders Compounds
  188. Using ambient occlusion in an animation
  189. lowpoly environment light setup
  190. suggestions for simple light setup to display texture work
  191. Need help getting shadows working in 3dsmax render
  192. Image plane rendering problem
  193. Architectural designs - where to start?
  194. hope this Never happens to anyone! (crazy photons!)
  195. Small problem with Importons/Irradiance particles
  196. spot light falloff in Maya
  197. render GI to texture
  198. Mental Ray shaders explanation...
  199. Lighting set for RenderMan
  200. Arnold for Softimage - User Documentation available?
  201. GI render to texture
  202. HDRI for mixed lighting condition?
  203. In 2nd UV channel, strecting of UV effects the light map.
  204. What is 2nd UV Channel
  205. Lighting and rendering Critique Requested
  206. Lighting and rendering Critique Requested
  207. Jet Engine Fire/Thrust
  208. Color Shadow
  209. HELP! Maya layer shader problems OS X
  210. "light bloom" effect in Maya
  211. mia material transparency
  212. Lighting + White/Yellow Surfaces = Blow out
  213. Use Background Shader
  214. Linear Workflow
  215. need help with shader in particle flow
  216. Transparent texture is not working with Final Gather?
  217. Need help to lighting on solar system's scene...
  218. Production Rendering Techniques?
  219. Linear Workflow Maya 2011
  220. Pixar's "Up" Church Lighting Study
  221. Want Prism effect with Mental_ray
  222. Help with matching lighting
  223. Learning Slim?
  224. interior lighting techniques
  225. XSI Toon Shader mr photographic exposure [3DSMax]
  226. Character lighting in production
  227. How to? Stylized renders with Maya and 3ds max
  228. Shadow Only Lights - Their shadows are red
  229. HDRI questions
  230. Distorting the projection
  231. Cartoon Character Lighting
  232. The Maya hair on ambient occlusion
  233. Refraction issues with mia_materials
  234. candle flame
  235. point based rendering
  236. misss_fast_skin + layered specular - XSI
  237. How to remove a sliding grain
  238. Precalculated light cache for interior flythrough
  239. 3ds max/MR exterior night scene resources?
  240. glass effect problem
  241. Vray Maya Blown out Scene
  242. What is meant by bloom?
  243. Ojbect ID Render elements
  244. mental ray probelm
  245. Light fog in Renderman
  246. How good are these images?
  247. Advice for approaching small lights?
  248. batch render make the shader go black
  249. How do you light your characters for a character demo reel?
  250. Question