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  1. Light Decay and Spread
  2. Ambient Inclusion
  3. transparency and casting shadows, can't get it right
  4. help! about baking light maps
  5. Vray environment map renders
  6. Rendering Problem
  7. Vray/3DsMax; Light Flicker
  8. why no smooth shading in games?
  9. mental ray ocean shader in max 9
  10. HMM, I dont know what the hell is happening here...?
  11. vray materials with texture not recieving light and shadows
  12. FX composer and MAX: what am I doing wrong?
  13. "visible ray of light bouncing from mirrors" simulation
  14. shadow pass in mia passes shader ?
  15. HDR Light Probes - Where to find mirror balls?
  16. Lighting Part
  17. Problem with transparency
  18. problem with seeing through an object
  19. MentalRay OpenEXR
  20. 3d max lighting based on colour theory
  21. Final Gathering Questions
  22. 1st Lighting Showreel
  23. Lighting Rig tutorial for 3D Animated series
  24. Lighting in Houdini and volumetrics
  25. 3D Max Facade shader
  26. Creating a Skybox
  27. some maya fur eyelashes
  28. Best Programing Language
  29. color palette for 3d artist
  30. Render passes in separate r g b channels for post
  31. Creating an AO pass from a scene with displacement shaders
  32. hello
  33. renderMan and maya nCloth renders nCloth particles - how can i stop this?
  34. Hair Fur in Max 2K9 with GI
  35. MIA Round Corners shader --> renderman
  36. Blurred city lights like in the films in 3d Help needed
  37. "Electric" color path (maya)
  38. How do I get a light to sample a point from a ramp instead of projecting the ramp?
  39. Need pointlight to get color from a point on a ramp, not project whole ramp (Maya)
  40. Normal maps not working with mental ray daylight system
  41. "Subdermal lightsource" in Max MR
  42. a problem about saving and impoting file
  43. problem with Fur and batch render
  44. Camera Background Color
  45. CG Lighting
  46. Raytraced shadows and normal maps: Faceted shadows edges along mesh normals
  47. Mia Material X render layers - passes
  48. Maya Surface shader with occlusion, exclude an occ on certain objects in the render
  49. Quick, potentially DUMB question !
  50. Room Lighting - Advice needed
  51. Rendering Hair
  52. 'Bounced' Specular Highlights
  53. "Lightbitch" for Maya?
  54. mia x passes, spec, bm, color
  55. VOLKS TE37 magwheel lighting and rendering help needed
  56. How do i crete a shader network for tyres in maya?
  57. simple lighting question (Maya)
  58. openGL Maya shader?
  59. Scene lighting - Need some help
  60. need expert advice on HDRI Lighting
  61. RiCurves and other Renderman Questions
  62. Help: Lighting + material for this Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
  63. does mental ray in max supports shadowmaps supporting refraction?
  64. Making this special carpaint
  65. VRAY interior 300 lights, 20 WATTS each
  66. Aluminium Shader Help
  67. HDRI not rendering transparency
  68. Default Lighting in maya 2008 question...
  69. mental ray bathroom scene trouble
  70. Mix 2 mia_material
  71. shadows and diffraction?
  72. Lighting Scene with different shot
  73. Need Help with objects casting light
  74. Coffee House WIP
  75. Sun and sky- HELP
  76. using mental ray 3.6 GI for animation
  77. Baffled with mask for label
  78. Airbus Lighting and Shading
  79. Creating a 'beautiful' render
  80. Depth of Light
  81. Mental Ray contours
  82. light source saves settings (3ds max)
  83. How do I light the inside of a building while using Daylight System.
  84. specular for area lighting
  85. Muscle Car
  86. Understand about Render Passed in mental-ray.
  87. Lighting With Toon Shaders
  88. human sight exposure
  89. MentalRay Layered textures
  90. Colored Metals
  91. (AO) Baking large and complex models?
  92. the linear workflow
  93. Hdri + Fg
  94. light glow
  95. Am trying to avoid photo-real renders...
  96. How to create fluid plasma effect?
  97. problem in simple interior with maya 2009
  98. Moving backplates + reflections = confusion :D
  99. I Need This Render View!
  100. How to build alpha on a projection-node
  101. Mia_portal_light
  102. vray question
  103. about ies lights.
  104. Realistic car city scene; Global illumination or fake it with lights and occlusion?
  105. Mental ray issue.
  106. What's wrong with this picture?
  107. Vegas Neon Lights
  108. What kind of technical knowledge is recommended for a lighting job?
  109. 3D Wheel Design rendering/lighting advice
  110. Prman add shader
  111. maya fur mental ray flicker solution?
  112. how do I figure out the Scene Bounding Box Size?
  113. Needs some shadows help
  114. VRay Light Vs MR Light
  115. Liquid density shading.
  116. How is this helicopter lit?
  117. MTV SUICIDE - lighting the short
  118. WTF Gamma!
  119. marmoset
  120. Animating lights for dance
  121. soft shadows with mental ray lights
  122. car studio....please help
  123. Basic GI+FG Mental Ray question
  124. Maya - area light color map problem
  125. about using GI in production...
  126. 3D Models For lighting
  127. Lighting - Exclude/Include.
  128. Maya Laser
  129. the linear workflow again
  130. hdri and specular
  131. Best Mental Ray Training Videos?
  132. 3D portrait light studio
  133. hi..
  134. Infrared light rendering...?
  135. MR Noise Filtering and Glow Material ?
  136. Character Lighting Rig
  137. Ambient Occlusion for transparent objects!!
  138. Lighting demo reel
  139. Lighting an "evil character"
  140. Falloff Maps for Soft Skin
  141. UV Map Problem!!
  142. Vray gradient problem
  143. Help with lighting/animation
  144. VRay Light Cache Super Bright
  145. 3delight motion blur on ShaveHair
  146. why mental ray displacement is so slow?
  147. How do you make a foggy scene?
  148. mental ray works
  149. HDRI capture technique
  150. Maya Materials and Lighting help!
  151. SLIM optimization
  152. submerge shader underwater
  153. my first lighting assignment FML
  154. Rhino/Flamingo Lighting Problem....!
  155. liquid and glass lighting
  156. MR SSS Shader
  157. Cacheing Mental Ray Final Gather 3DS Max
  158. TOON SHADER || Shader FX + 3D Studio Max 9
  159. max mental ray HDRI
  160. DOF not working in Maya Mental Ray
  161. Trouble recreating a shader
  162. Lighting for Night-vision?
  163. Photoreal Popcorn techniques
  164. cloth mental ray rendering help!
  165. regarding copyright
  166. Maya Mental Ray and normal maps for environments
  167. Lighting Technics in production
  168. Working With Vray 1.5
  169. Why is noise my vray animation ?
  170. Animated LED light board?
  171. Putting fingerprints & smudges on a glass with mental ray
  172. vray gamma correction?
  173. Maya Fires glow leve and reflections
  174. fundamental question: how to round up a box with a normamap in tangent space?
  175. maya HDRI question
  176. HDR Probes
  177. Error: Vray doesn't want to render heeelp :'(
  178. Is this a known problem when Upgrading mia_material_x shaders
  179. Help Lighting indoor basketball court
  180. Lighting Question
  181. Vray Spotlight
  182. Easy scene, shadow gets messy.
  183. Effect of Grids on Softboxes
  184. Per Shot Lighting Vs Full Environment Lighting
  185. types of lighting equipment
  186. Need more information about Lighting and Rendering!
  187. Shadow. Pass question
  188. Vray Distributed Rendering Problem!!!
  189. Studio lighting for fluids...
  190. car paint phen color probs..
  191. HDRI Prob
  192. Fast skin Lightwave
  193. Need Help
  194. Cloudy Misty effect in Space
  195. notes for post-ers
  196. 3ds Max IES Light issue
  197. Making light pass through a lampshade
  198. Issues with Shadows when dealing with mental ray..
  199. Maxwell - Ligthing and shading tips?
  200. Shooting light probes for video animation?
  201. Texturing and shading a candle using misss shader
  202. Photorealistic Plastic Shader
  203. Specular Highlight Shapes
  204. Light rig
  205. Light without GI or FG
  206. Help with Rendering, and tips on lighting
  207. Help with 3ds max MR Sky Haze Map
  208. Desk Lamp CC
  209. any experts on shaders for 3dsmax??
  210. pool balls
  211. mental ray of a near future (within 5 years(speculation))
  212. why is there so few resources on renderman?
  213. For me Enabling GI seems to have no effect in Max 10
  214. Shading Group Node
  215. Lighting with animation
  216. Bronze Shader CC
  217. tonemapping
  218. The Science For CG (article)
  219. Workflow when not using GI.
  220. how to control Lighting or(?) shader setting in mental ray
  221. Image Based Modeling.....Lighting..and Rendering
  222. How to acheive this lighting effect in maya?
  223. Vray glass lighting problem
  224. Help !
  225. Non-photoreal rendering
  226. help in maya physical sun
  227. Transformers rendering
  228. refraction issues with mia_x_passes material
  229. Small MR's Illumination intro.
  230. Rendering SU in Maya help
  231. Depth of Field & ways of doing it
  232. Maya MR: Renders once at 12 sec a frame, then 50 seconds on re-render of same frame
  233. Vray toon shader help
  234. Volume Rendering Particles
  235. Creating passes with MIA shaders in Maya 2009
  236. Sky Artist - Anyone know where to find one? Bungie Studios
  237. Im interested in peoples workflows for tuning materials?
  238. Maya Fur Rendering
  239. What is the best lighting setup for this scene
  240. Union Jack in a procedural Material
  241. Global Illumination and Slow Solutions in the Film Industry
  242. Final Gather Problem
  243. Irradiance Particles/Importons vs. Final Gather vs. Global Illumination
  244. IES data for LED's or how to approximate them?
  245. [3ds max] Looking for full dvd tutorials
  246. How do I add soft sun light through a window in Maya?
  247. Long Exposure Rendering?
  248. how to render matte (?) in mental ray?
  249. HDRI Problem
  250. How to create a Light Tube with GI Maya?