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  1. Shader with fade... ?
  2. HDRI - What is it and how do you use it?
  3. Renderman for Maya: How to render only specific outputs?
  4. NaN and disappearing elements
  5. Normal map and Bump map on one model in Maya
  6. Ambient Occlusion woes!
  7. Lighting Begginer
  8. Measuring sampling noise (mathematically)
  9. What to use for accurate light calculation?
  10. How light affects different surfaces
  11. Rendering Normal Mapped Characters
  12. Mental Ray setup for Maya videogame characters
  13. Understanding Shading Rate & PTC (RenderMan)
  14. White character on a white background
  15. HELP- Global Illumination Lighting- Grainy/Noise textures, why???
  16. SSS and Light Rays
  17. matching environment lighting realistically
  18. Vray Sun/Sky
  19. Color (Sorry another book question:)
  20. Ray Trace Shadow Artifacts !!
  21. Gobos in Maya - please help!
  22. What is the Maya secret for Lightning?
  23. Baking Mental Ray to Lightmaps
  24. Maya Cel-shading + Texture Map Application
  25. Vray interior help please
  26. Curtain Vray Material
  27. Maya UseBackground Madness!!!
  28. Need lighting advice, need to reduce the blue
  29. Lighting/Shaders/BumpMaps/Texture
  30. Annoying Mental Ray Problem
  31. Begginer attempt
  32. black hole shader on Maya fur?
  33. Lighting in Maya: I don't want specular from two of the lights hitting an object
  34. Light Fog Flashing Issue
  35. Max related Maya rendering question...
  36. Lighting for table under an door umbrella
  37. How to remove saturation from lights correctly?
  38. 3dsmax photometric light color influence
  39. Lighting with Spherical Harmonics
  40. vray & rendering glass
  41. Maya Lighting and rendering
  42. Environment reflection
  43. Pre-lit scene
  44. I just cannot figure this out
  45. Oh! please! tell me what's wrong with this version of VRay?
  46. Mental Ray and Skybox
  47. radiosity giving me trouble (pics inside)
  48. 3dsmax 9 hair nimbus problems
  49. non-autodesk mental ray connection?
  50. Rendering an object animation with mental ray in 3dsmax2009 problems
  51. HELP! (Depth Map vs. Ray Trace shadows)
  52. mental ray light setup for game level
  53. glass sculptures - which software/renderer?
  54. Question about IES
  55. Best file format for texturing?
  56. Please help a Mental Ray beginner!
  57. Help With Lighting
  58. Some help with HDRI?
  59. Trouble with lighting
  60. mentalray inspection
  61. AO shader for turtle
  62. First Rendering
  63. how can i use image sequence for environment
  64. Vray material errors
  65. Light Linking help
  66. Fryrender?
  67. Rendering a Pin Art Toy - 3ds Max/Mental Ray
  68. Review: Lighting & Rendering in Maya: Lights and Shadows with Jeremy Birn
  69. QUESTION: Light intensity controls vs light exposure controls
  70. Lighting a room problem
  71. Trouble with my wall letting light trough
  72. flat shade render (maya)
  73. Mia Material attribute?
  74. Shaders when rendering as "line" and also photoreal
  75. need help lighting scene using portal lights + Phy-Sky
  76. about shaders...
  77. Convert Ambient Occlusion to file texture in Maya Mental Ray?
  78. material overriding problem
  79. Mental Ray Shadows
  80. Mental Ray outline motion blur issues
  81. Wtf?
  82. Help with Vray optimizing
  83. real world light standards
  84. SSS fast simple object not found
  85. Dust Layer
  86. Night Envirment Lighting & object lighting for night
  87. Swift 3D for XSI, still available?
  88. where to start- a winter scene
  89. question on achieving high detail with lighting
  90. ignoring lighting planes and motivation
  91. Trying with VRay
  92. !?ptfilter -ssdiffusion mode...
  93. questiong regarding haze in mental ray
  94. Mental Ray Conversion To Renderman and Maya 2009
  95. Where can I find a tutorial about using Ctrl.Occlusion?
  96. render time for deep shadow maps
  97. facingRatio + hair... building a fuzzy contour shader
  98. when GI is on, light would not enter into the room through tranparent shader
  99. Particle Volume no longer works in Maya 2009
  100. Bloom effect & high contrast in Vray
  101. Choppy Vray Shading
  102. creating a gradient in refraction
  103. halo around lights in the fog
  104. Q's about a lighting technique I read about...
  105. What can I do to make this look more realistic?
  106. Help with vray
  107. Noise in maya (from a light)
  108. Layered bumpmaps in mentalray
  109. Simple Question - lighting under an arabian sun (color)
  110. I need help making realistic ice
  111. Mental Ray Glass Shader Artifacts - HELP !!!
  112. hdri lighting to dark in maya
  113. how to make architecural renders in maya 2008
  114. How to save Reflections rendered with Vray
  115. Ambient Occlusion Work In Maya And Donīt In Max, Why ??
  116. How did he do this wet shader? (realtime + NSFW)
  117. velvet
  118. Acheiving Realistic Light from ceiling lights / Lights in general
  119. huge lighting problem
  120. How to achieve this kind of lighting??
  121. Photons are screwing with my sanity
  122. Anyone every seen this?
  123. Realistic sun rays in Maya?
  124. multi pc render [maya]
  125. Need help with FX Composer
  126. VrayLightMat
  127. Little question
  128. HDR Studio Lighting
  129. Need help to create shaders in Maya (Mental Ray)
  130. Lighting fo rcharacter
  131. glowing crystal help
  132. Need advice about editing .mi file
  133. Beginner in lighting could use some help
  134. problem with fumefx fire opacity
  135. BRDF question
  136. Asking for critiques
  137. Get a HDRI probe
  138. Interior Lighting Advice - Soft Sunset Scene
  139. lighting for the character
  140. Having Trouble
  141. Urgent problem of lightning in Arch Viz
  142. Urgent problem of lightning in Arch Viz
  143. object as a light
  144. a problem when Mentalray render maya fluid
  145. oy, need a little help
  146. tooth using mental ray fast sss
  147. ?? Unlit Viewport in 3DS Max ??
  148. DL3D Physical ocean and XToon shaders
  149. diploma question
  150. matte/shadow help
  151. Lighting emphasis in desk lamp environment
  152. Lighting outdoor environments?
  153. Shooting HDR light probes - unwrap on mac??
  154. contrast all buffers not helping
  155. Is it possible to link color to a light rig group in maya?
  156. HDR Studio Lighting
  157. Vray Lighting Question
  158. Layered shader question: Chrome with blue glow inlay.
  159. Scene/ Lighting.
  160. BUMP ? back to the drawing board ...
  161. How do I create a simple blur effect?
  162. vray lighting problem..
  163. Help on Lighting Jungle-esque scene.
  164. Lighting TD Required
  165. [Maya] Lighting and Ambient Occlusion
  166. redertime?
  167. Maya/mental ray light linking problem
  168. Bake Ambient Occlusion in Maya
  169. Now, what's its name?
  170. 3ds Mental Ray SSS issue
  171. Help with car shader / lighting
  172. 3ds max 9: Photometric Lighting - visual render issue
  173. Need help lowering specular in a reflection shader
  174. mercedes_lighting_questions
  175. Illustration-like Rendering
  176. baking light
  177. lighting effects help
  178. realistic SSS Snail shader
  179. how to bake light
  180. GI Photon's not showing up with Final Gather
  181. GI is useless in mental ray ?
  182. Using GI for a Tv animated cartoon series ..
  183. Speckles problem on FG interior render (MR maya)
  184. render error
  185. How should I start for a basic glow effect?
  186. Area light of mental ray, help!
  187. sampling/quality graniness Maya/Mental Ray
  188. Help rendering a semi realistic Boing 787
  189. Advanced Lighting > Light Tracer 3dsMaxDesign2009
  190. Brighter Whites without OverExposure
  191. mentalray passes
  192. 3Delight help
  193. Selective Ambient Occlusion?
  194. Refractions and reflections
  195. IBL + SSS Error
  196. my lighting showreel
  197. How to measure reflectivity?
  198. Taking a Lux at light measurment from a 32bit.HDR file is it possible?
  199. Working with V-ray 1.5
  200. Metnal Ray Transmat Shader
  201. Photometric Lighting help
  202. depth map shadow
  203. what disciplines may help working with renderers?
  204. change background when using sun+sky
  205. height map/shader set up question
  206. Help Needed !! Problem while rendering in mental ray
  207. HDRI & Direct Light
  208. SSS & Displacement
  209. Node similar to Surface Luminance but including RGB data?
  210. Need some help to render something like this
  211. help needed, wet road after rain
  212. Can any Lighting Pros give me a hand ?
  213. Maya Mental Ray Room Lighting
  214. naturalistic light fog decay
  215. Render man shader making program?
  216. SSS Skin fast (Dr.Manhatten)
  217. [Directx Shader] Shader fx?
  218. Help!Shader fx?
  219. Help Shader FX
  220. I don't get it
  221. How do i make a shader in Slim for renderman proserver?
  222. Rendering for print resolution (Maya/MR)
  223. How do i get HDRI lighting with cineman and c4D? (pixar renderman proserver)
  224. Please Help Me
  225. Need help with the lighting in 3D max
  226. Interior Lighting Support?? Please.
  227. Please Help. Newbie
  228. How to "Hide" Lights when using Final Gather
  229. surface shader
  230. AO seems - only from a certain distance.
  231. Hair and fur - SSS Fast material issue
  232. First architectural rendering
  233. Question about Vray and opacit
  234. How do I make alpha appear with Arc/Design material shader?
  235. How can I recreate light being omitted from an oven?
  236. New to Mental ray
  237. Question about lighting up windows..
  238. Good books or tutorials on beauty shot rendering?
  239. Does the lighting match?
  240. RENDERMAN SHADER -> Whats wrong??
  241. need help with mia shader (making crystal)...
  242. Occlusion Refraction
  243. HI, fellow CG-people!
  244. Help!
  245. Maya Light/ Shadow breaking
  246. Baffled with v-ray reflection/reflection ?
  247. I'cant get this white look
  248. Maya - Sunlit lighting on a palm texture
  249. Light Decay and Spread
  250. Ambient Inclusion