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  1. Paper on why veins look blue
  2. Looking for material to render light but not geometry
  3. question about occlusion pass
  4. Render fleck bug
  5. how to hide objects from reflecting?
  6. surfaceLuminance light linking
  7. Fluid Like shader (Mental Ray)
  8. What is the difference between Vray and Mental Ray?
  9. 15+ Hour Renders (Max + Vray Renderer 1.5)
  10. hairy objects in environments - how to do it properly?
  11. Over Saturated Render
  12. Control the Rim Light via samplerInfo node (Due tomorrow..Help!!)
  13. Critques for 3d into still img...
  14. Refracted Participating Media in Mental Ray
  15. Gooch Shader for Maya 2008?
  16. mental ray BSP Explained To Artists
  17. New to AO- I'm doing something wrong here
  18. vray 3 point character lighting tutorial?
  19. Artifacts on Geometry when rendering Shadows??
  20. Ray Marching Falloff expression ??
  21. Gradient Lighting falloff help
  22. Lighting Question
  23. Mental Ray Shadow Colour?
  24. Vray Sss Artefacts
  25. mental ray physical light shadow...?
  26. Time Lapse Lighting and shading
  27. I need Final Gather Help!
  28. Lighting setup for shading test
  29. vray character animation - nasty patches
  30. "Spooky Lights" plugin
  31. help needed for Lighting research work
  32. Measuring min and max distance settings with Final Gather
  33. vRay Lighting Help
  34. Creating Sepia tones
  35. black border aroun light in v-ray
  36. omg i broke the render
  37. Mentalray sucks
  38. sss & fg/ibl?
  39. Wine bottle crits
  40. Black Splotches in FG
  41. Whats wrong with my shadows? (3ds Max)
  42. General Advice on Reflections
  43. velocity pass in mental ray for maya 2008
  44. lens flare and glow in maya 2008
  45. Index of Refraction and BRDF
  46. vray noise
  47. How to avoid the flat look in mentalray for max?
  48. Glow-3DS Max
  49. all about FUR shader?
  50. Instancing: comparisons?
  51. .ies
  52. Problems with render layers in maya
  53. lighting question
  54. BRDF Curve function for Maya
  55. subD proxy in mental ray
  56. Lights? Lots of small or few big?
  57. Q: GI or "traditional" lighting setup gives more control?
  58. Mix20layer problem
  59. Emit light from object?
  60. How to keep the alpha channel in batch mode in MR
  61. Plz Abut My Rendering
  62. Volume light with vray Sun?
  63. Help! - Lighting A Corridor
  64. Shadow Flickering with Vray
  65. Best set up for Scary lighting.....?
  66. light flow one way thru glass
  67. Problem with compiling RenderMan Shader
  68. Searching for examples of 3d art for kids
  69. Define Ambient Occlusion
  70. Surface Shader
  71. Define All Texturing Terms
  72. Assigning (then losing) new textures
  73. How to make lasers?
  74. faking Gi will ever rest in peace?
  75. render artifacts
  76. improving glass render
  77. sss shader problem (maya)
  78. planet atmosphere shadow
  79. Light fog doesn't work correctly with mental ray (Maya)
  80. Mimic photography
  81. Alpha Ligthing & Alpha Occlusion in 3D Studio Max
  82. Alpha Ligthing & Alpha Occlusion in 3D Studio Max
  83. Unwanted fog shadow ray
  84. specular reflection highlights
  85. Working on Iron Man Silver shader
  86. mental ray 3.6.51?
  87. Secondary Bounces Mental ray problem
  88. Interior in Maya,.. I have too much information!
  89. 3d Desigen
  90. Translucent Plastic Lampshade - 3dsMAX 8
  91. Trouble with Normals
  92. Sequenced flashing lights in Max9
  93. Isn't it a BIG drawback for VRay?
  94. Eye spec & Horton Hears a Who
  95. Moony lighting - need crits!
  96. XSI Physical sky and sun
  97. Shader for a roll of tape
  98. SkinPlus+ Shader
  99. New Render forum
  100. what is the render/shader people use in dominance war entries? (emission etc.)
  101. Flickering with Mental Ray
  102. Rain flowing over Window
  103. glass shader/material solved
  104. Some Scenes,need crit please.
  105. shaded side of material in maxwell render
  106. Working method for Misss Skin and transparency?
  107. Soft shadows in Mental Ray
  108. illumination
  109. Carpaint plus, phenomenon attempt
  110. How do you render objects seperatly using Final Gather ???
  111. Lighting blacks without blowing lights.
  112. Reflective occlusion (how to achieve it)
  113. Maya-MotionBlur issues
  114. Need Help With Lighting for Interior
  115. Is it possible to have a ambient occlusion pass on a unwrap
  116. Maya-MotionBlur issues
  117. Free Lighting Setups
  118. measuring BRDF within 3d package
  119. WIP: Outdoor, Lighting A Tree
  120. mental ray sss & layered shaders
  121. V-Ray light & Glass shader ?!
  122. Mental Ray Fails on Batch Render
  123. Sepia Tone?
  124. The Science Of CG
  125. maya light & shadow linking separately
  126. maya toon shader propaganda poster look
  127. Problem with alpha in Mental Ray rendering
  128. Geoshader, Mib_geo_instance problems
  129. NOOB question Metal Shading /fresnel effect
  130. Motion Path rendering problems
  131. passes question to ThE ShiFT
  132. mentalray,renderman or vray????????????????
  133. Lighting Issues... new to Maya.
  134. Maya Hardware Lighting issue
  135. 3ds max, Vray. Are vray lights suppose to subsitute normal lights?
  136. Flickering in vray rendering???
  137. vray lightcache
  138. (MAYA) Cloth shading network help
  139. Cornell Box
  140. mr skin sss acting wierdly (maya)
  141. Motion blur issue in vray
  142. Physical Sun and Sky problem
  143. I need a lighting rig for MR in Maya 2008
  144. anyone can give some comment for the lighting
  145. Alpha with primary visibility off
  146. y i shd disable my network connections b4 i start rendering
  147. Need for some 3ds MAX mr SSS info… Help!
  148. Trouble w/vray
  149. Global Illumination Trouble in 3ds max
  150. Vray: crashes due to high memory usage/wrong settings/...?
  151. I need some help for lighting a martial arts gym
  152. Lighting of a night scene with lightpools
  153. Blender to Renderman MOSAIC sss test
  154. Anyone happen to have js_normalmapper for mental ray? is down
  155. illuminated clouds in maya
  156. Lighting question in vray
  157. Maya/MR: RGB value sampler
  158. Underwater Lighting
  159. Instancing comparison for crowds?
  160. Shading and lighting advice
  161. FG noise problem
  162. Lighting Characters for Animation using SSS
  163. Problems with brazil skin
  164. need help in outdoor and indoor lightning
  165. Help with lighting a room
  166. Lighting a car, getting weird blue glow - help
  167. How do you get a MR daylight system with a cloudy sky background
  168. How can i match this better?
  169. Problem wih Lighting VRay Fur
  170. render a wire
  171. Lighting - how the pros do it?
  172. seperating caustic effects
  173. Realistic eye shader
  174. help in setup network mental ray satellite
  175. V-Ray Help
  176. Physically correct cloud??
  177. rendering for print in maya
  178. rendering ONLY passes in vray
  179. Radiosity vs GI?
  180. Strange unwanted dots in VRay.
  181. Had vray, trying!!!
  182. No photons stored mental ray problem. Please help me. :)
  183. Which of these 2 books is best?
  184. HDRI environment - I don't want it to render
  185. Mental ray and normal bump??
  186. L-Glass Shader
  187. [maya] render joints
  188. Setting up scenes properly?
  189. How light affects materials?
  190. Image Sequence in IBL?
  191. Backscatter with vrayfastsss material.
  192. Scale and Mental Ray
  193. Recommend me great books for rendering in renderfarm
  194. Spec map for Mia shader?
  195. Max MentalRay vs Maya MentalRay. Do they differ?
  196. Max MentalRay messing up shadows
  197. Shading/Rendering..
  198. Maya God's Light Rendering ?
  199. Short Film Lighting .. would u join?
  200. Please tell me the problems.
  201. glow/laser materials
  202. FG and GI differences
  203. Ambient Occlusion problem for alpha map (fR stage-2)
  204. HOw to connect double shading switch to light color
  205. Problem about forking Pixar Lpcis
  206. Please help! MR dielectric material shadow problem
  207. how to make comparisons of 2 different raytracers?
  208. Best book for lighting for 3d?
  209. How to make silver-based car paint in Maya
  210. Maya Lighting Tutorial
  211. lighting Q
  212. Looking for Hypervox Plugins n Shader Plugin
  213. final gather and maya fluids
  214. Rim light (large scene)
  215. MR Ambiant occlusion
  216. Help me render my scene please.
  217. how to make reflection occlusion
  218. underwater scene help
  219. Cast Shadows in MR
  220. urban night view.
  221. FG vs GI?
  222. Turn off misss_fast_simple reflection?
  223. How to let light shine through the icon only?
  224. mr Camera Map problem...
  225. mia_physicalsun and sky
  226. Shadow Catching in Mental Ray 3.6
  227. Optimal Solution for Photorealism
  228. fluorescent tube
  229. MR Photographic Exposure Control download link?
  230. Final Gathering and Ambient Occlusion
  231. where scanline (max) still rocks?
  232. Seperating Shave and Haircut shadows
  233. Need tutorial on exterior lighting
  234. vray lighting wiht HDRI
  235. Shaders/Render layers problems
  236. Issues with reflection map, and with HDRI in Maya
  237. controlling the specular and diffuse separately(but without cg hacks)
  238. MR Card Opacity,,,Long Render Times
  239. Shaders for 3ds max
  240. Studio Lighting Video
  241. scene renders differently depending upon computer MR
  242. How do I change what objects are affected by a light
  243. Metallic Camera...?!
  244. XSI - Anime Toon textures?
  245. best lighting?
  246. Rendering in mental ray
  247. Lighting a Bulb
  248. Writing Renderman Shaders - Where to learn?
  249. Shadows on grass?
  250. 3d max exterior lighting with vray