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  1. texture to trigger event
  2. link spline vertex to particles
  3. Camera Culling Operator
  4. Box #3: Position Script Vector
  5. Lost Pfsource/pflow
  6. Krakatoa and particles size from PFlow
  7. PF/Box#2 Cloth
  8. sanblaster type breakup and build with pflow help please
  9. Can you set a % influence of speed operator on top existing particle animation??
  10. calculate pflow at 12fps
  11. Fumefx Krakatoa Age/Lifespan
  12. Relative Successive. Viewport vs. Render
  13. PF Update Lag
  14. particles generate animated materials
  15. keeping the exact same mesh and texture throughout the whole flow / events
  16. how to create this effect
  17. Animate Colour of Particles
  18. Nanomite Effect
  19. [Q,WIP] Custom energy streams.
  20. X-Men NightCrawler effect?
  21. Krakatoa- PRT Fumefx cannot define source?
  22. Stylized waves
  23. Nanomites setup!!!
  24. Particle/Mesh color from object texture Frost/PFlow
  25. peeling effect
  26. New to krakatoa - can't reproduce tutorial result
  27. Tricky Anime
  28. Pflow and Aburn Particle Age driving me crazy!
  29. Birth Texture scale not working
  30. Best book & best tutorials for pflow
  31. instance material limit?
  32. krakatoa rendering issue colour
  33. Script operator not capturing particle shapes
  34. Maxscript callback: -- Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: The parameter is inco
  35. Blood splatter text question
  36. PFlow Script Editor & Orbaz Freebies Installation
  37. Update the PFlow MXS Editor
  38. Animated Character?
  39. Cant get materials on particles.
  40. Collision spawn with Fumefx problem.
  41. Particles not taking new vector positions.
  42. Speeding up translation time
  43. Trivial Pursuit chips pilling up
  44. select by gray scale
  45. emitting particle with color of emitter
  46. bouncing with random rotation
  47. Slowing particles down to a stop
  48. Particle flow element library question
  49. Retain particle size?
  50. Particle orientation to object normals.
  51. Change material by age
  52. Animating space battle
  53. How to make particles move through a set of vector positions
  54. Pflow Firework Shape
  55. particle birth trigger event in max
  56. Spawn via Scripting?
  57. Particles in grid - bulging
  58. Cylindrical Vortex
  59. Smooth rotation from event to event.
  60. Applying materials?
  61. Ground Cracking
  62. find target / turbulence issue
  63. falling boxes - how to have real rotation transition while close to ground
  64. PF path along a animated straight line problem
  65. Script Operator Question?
  66. twinkling city lights
  67. stones explosion, falling debris has to move the debris on the ground (scene inside)
  68. speed test/speed - what does "cm" after the value stand for?
  69. Keep apart moves particles apart infinitely, how can i keep apart and stop them??????
  70. How to convert geometry objects to particles, keeping their initial position?
  71. Particles docking into a set formation
  72. Some script operators not evaluating at render time
  73. Max file behaving wierd after OS re-install
  74. Orientation object problem
  75. how to add a drag field for particle in 3Dmax?
  76. What is disabled in the the Perspective view of 3ds Max?
  77. Pflow follow a spline > Freeze > Restart
  78. caching particles to play the animation backwards
  79. Find Target to build an object, from one end to the other?
  80. Poof, it disappers.
  81. Background script editor
  82. Strange Pflow Shape Instance problem
  83. bottle with dropplets on that needs to fly off
  84. how to use pflow to achieve transformer animation
  85. Particle Flow with vray proxies
  86. Particle Flow with vray proxies
  87. Some particles not showing on the render.
  88. Grab color from object texture
  89. is there a way to optimize keep apart node? or at least "separate" in position object
  90. Particle not taking the shape
  91. Particle flow - keep apart
  92. Particles following and settling as logo shape
  93. particles stacking up on each other
  94. Snow falling off a foot?
  95. Creating ash rain with Pflow and Krakatoa
  96. sound waves
  97. Particle Paint accuracy - floating particles
  98. Blur Studio looking for Freelance FX Artists
  99. 'Elastic' stream of particles
  100. Birth question
  101. How? - particles bounce multiple times creating shape marks (ripples) on collision
  102. dust appearing from land
  103. Pflow Box2 Problem
  104. How? - speed by icon, but curve movement modifies the speed of new born particles
  105. Pflow effect help
  106. krakatoa hair rendering problem
  107. Particles not generating to the last frame
  108. bending particles
  109. HDTV video render seems to be squished from the sides
  110. Random question
  111. interection with particles
  112. Demo Reel Question?
  113. animating an anaconda dribble
  114. The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons (opening titles)
  115. Stumped!
  116. Help: unbakeable particle mesh
  117. Create falling debris that interact with enviroment using PFlow
  118. vRay motion blur affecting particle-age?
  119. PArray Bug?
  120. Updating RAM?
  121. storing particle position
  122. Afterburn Question?
  123. Random rotation PRT Cloner
  124. Matrix3 Help?
  125. Waterfall question
  126. New Project Plan - Need Startup help
  127. Pflow Spawn and Collision Spawn bug?
  128. Sand animation on path?
  129. Particle flow Choreography
  130. Viewport sluggish with very little particles.
  131. Kinect with 3ds Max?
  132. scripting - how to randomize particle position after custom particle birth script ?
  133. Requesting help!
  134. Vray Distance Texture + birth texture
  135. wind force wont work on particles immediately, why? (image inside)
  136. Krakatoa skipping frames
  137. Particle Shape Doubt!
  138. animation off set and random colours
  139. Krakatoa Color Change by Velocity (?)
  140. Krakatoa problem on the same frame
  141. Bee wings blur
  142. Multiple PF source not rendering
  143. Krakatoa particle coloring A to B
  144. Grid boxes inside of animated human figure
  145. PFlow/Krakatoa mutiple camera projection
  146. PFlow individual objects to keys
  147. Reduce Spinning
  148. Fumefx follow doesn't work.
  149. Krakatoa Local Partitioning multi session question
  150. How to? Sand covering a box that is being blown away
  151. Magma flow output density error
  152. reuse a particle cache
  153. reuse a particle cache
  154. Fume to Frost to PRT volume
  155. Afterburn Help?
  156. Sending Particles from an Event to a different Source
  157. Textures disappearing when setting flow renderable
  158. Is there a way to connect particles with lines? just like plexus? (link inside)
  159. Rotate particle 360 then stop! HOW?
  160. Particle Emitter freezes location after path constraint
  161. vortex like effect on object ?
  162. Animating Particle Scale
  163. Fume FX Mental Ray Error!
  164. Such KCM Color Mixture?
  165. Control birth rate by object speed
  166. Color by velocity, without rendering PRT
  167. Severe Pflow lag - 10,000 particles?!
  168. Krakatoa breaks when a gradient is assigned
  169. Making character walk on glass particles.
  170. PRT FumeFX Hold Frame?
  171. How to improve PFlow performance?
  172. Acid skin burn effects
  173. Krakatoa PRT Volume Animation?
  174. Camera Map Particle Animation
  175. distance search operator
  176. FTL (Faster Than Light) Particle Effect.
  177. Animation: Particle-based Deformation
  178. Simple Particle flow, Speed by Icon Issue
  179. Pfolw & Vray Crash
  180. By Frame rendering ?
  181. CAT script error when right clicking to open quad
  182. Particles to form text
  183. How to create my own HexVirus globe?
  184. Krakatoa - saving specific channel
  185. usual pflow follow along spline but...
  186. particle flow synchronize layer not working
  187. Settings to facilitate P-Flow performance...?
  188. Cross line on Pf source
  189. FumeFX render has a black box.
  190. Simple question - rain
  191. Partile, need help!
  192. Covering a surface with non interpenetrating particles
  193. Sandman
  194. Sandman
  195. Particle paint not working, floating
  196. Problem with Particles
  197. Pflow Scripts issue
  198. Particle flow box 2 help
  199. i want to know how to do this technique in pflow
  200. Particles along a surface then move to another object.
  201. Position Object > OBJ seq
  202. Box 2 render problem
  203. shape instance animation style
  204. Material Inheritance in 2013 extension
  205. PFlow - Material Dynamic - Real Time Viewport?
  206. Particles disappear in viewport if anything is adjusted
  207. How do I achieve this kind of an effect? [video link inside]
  208. Krakatoa motion blur
  209. split test by particles size
  210. blobs of water combining whilst coming out of pipe
  211. Difference between animation and still
  212. Procedural spaceships battle
  213. Lagoa type results in Thinking Particles?
  214. particles, spline and slider...
  215. Wash effect
  216. Third party Plugins/FX Tools that can be used with P-Flow...?
  217. BirthScript Pflow help is needed.
  218. help: FFX_follow and Find_target(by script vector)
  219. Interacting particle systems?
  220. Text as particles?
  221. fumefx to frost slow
  222. Toonshader as emitting map ?
  223. BOX#2 particle skinner selected verts only?
  224. Scene files Freeze on Load with Pflow/fumefx follow
  225. How to create this effect: Rubiks Cube explode
  226. Particles colliding while spawn and shrink
  227. Assigning mass to particle via a map
  228. Building "construction" special FX?? help!
  229. Simple question
  230. How to create this
  231. Emitting small particle clusters instead of single particles
  232. [BUG] MagmaFlow in Krakatoa 2.1.5
  233. Spawning 2 particules at a distance
  234. FumeFX
  235. Pflow mapping test question
  236. BlobMesh doesn't respect PFlow colors
  237. Particle Skinner capabilities?
  238. Select and pass particles to other events
  239. Fumefx follow issue
  240. Learning Project - PFlow Scripting. Pls Comment
  241. Group Selection Problem
  242. Caching Particles Question
  243. question on PFlow and FFD(Box) spaceWarp
  244. Pflow beginner-ish tutorial - insect swarm
  245. Grid Emmiter question
  246. Meshing small hybrido pool in large pool of water
  247. How to create particle like this
  248. Relationship between ParticleID and Vertex Number
  249. Spray effect with PFlow?
  250. PFlow - Particles flowing along a surface to form a shape.