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  1. integration of object
  2. Position Object / Birth Texture incompatible MR Arch Design
  3. condensed water/steam on glass with pflow?
  4. moving particles along surface without penetrating it?
  5. (without any plugins, 3dmax2010) particles take color information from model, how?
  6. Particles forming on animated vertices
  7. Emit particles from mesh through scripting
  8. PFlow Speed Operator
  9. Dissolve Effect
  10. birthing from shrinking objects
  11. pflow energy threads project (one strange bug with speedbyicon helper, image inside)
  12. particle like fireflies motion
  13. Map particles with a single image spread across them all
  14. centrifugal force???
  15. particles problem
  16. one object to another
  17. spawn particles across mutliple events
  18. particles on a moving image
  19. Baking Particles on a Fragments of an Object
  20. pflow with blobmesh jitters, what are the requirements for a stable fluid?
  21. FumeFX BIRTH not working
  22. Pflow crash
  23. pflow standard tools-> particles find target by their grayscale texture map, how?
  24. Morphing current shape to another one.
  25. Checking Particle Material ID in a test? Is it possible?
  26. Molecular Animation, Bring together 2 particles?
  27. Particle system uses only one Core?
  28. Cause particles to move across the surface of an object
  29. store multiple positions for find target
  30. pflow particle flow some particles launched
  31. fluffy feathers using pflow and hair ?
  32. "skin wrap" particles?
  33. Destroying Buildings
  34. Help! Particle Flow Animation
  35. Spawn Instanced Particles at Particle Collision
  36. Strange artifacts using "Afterburn" Please help
  37. Particle-birth on UVW?
  38. spring constraint reactor rigid body to particles
  39. creating 'trade lines' over a globe ending at 1 point
  40. Collision event activating an animation morph
  41. ICE Particles to PFlow?
  42. How to do this effect
  43. Pflow toolbox collisions
  44. Critical problem with Scripted events (is this a bug?)
  45. Find target another particle system?
  46. moving a particle flow to another scene
  47. Particles forming sentence help
  48. Need Falling leaves help
  49. sand simulation is it possible?
  50. Rope Bridge
  51. orientation of Particles in Toolbox
  52. Particle flow to music question
  53. Please help me,
  54. Poly Object as Emitter Source ?
  55. conveyorBelt/TankTreads in toolbox
  56. tree leaves text
  57. modelling with particle flow (lizard skin) problem with setting particles.
  58. Filling a volume evenly with particles without intersection
  59. Particle Flow Fire Tutorial (Birth Paint 2)
  60. How do I let Particle Flow run along a spline
  61. Creating sand in 3ds max
  62. burst intervals pflow
  63. Smoke materials for particle
  64. (krakatoa) Lighting an object with the light coming from particles
  65. birth texture prob.
  66. Vortex and Gravity
  67. Dust Particles??Need direction
  68. Linking Lights inside pflow?
  69. 2 questions about extends:*
  70. Fume and Final Flare
  71. [KRAKATOA] How the hell is this effect done?
  72. The tips and tricks thread!
  73. need help with shader in particle flow
  74. Create a swirling cloud Vortex
  75. Question rotation and shape
  76. Question, How to view pFlow Operator Keyframes in the Track View...
  77. Particle mapping - same as emitter object
  78. Avatar flying jellyfish like character
  79. SetParticleMapping and Cache/Krakatoa
  80. Blobmesh: adding PF flow events:link broken!
  81. Spline as force, SOO SLOOOOW
  82. Explosion with Fluid
  83. problem with find target
  84. bubble burst in particle flow
  85. Slo Mo
  86. Easiest way to diminish particle emissions over time?
  87. box 2 questions
  88. Random particle birth
  89. Problem assigning rotation to the particlevector
  90. PFlow Cache
  91. pflow not rendering entirely with krakatoa
  92. pflow walking biped
  93. fume object src
  94. Is there still no way to make particles emit light??
  95. A road of cigarettes by particles
  96. Particle flow with Reactor
  97. Speed by icon and physx
  98. instance animation change by particle speed
  99. particle lookat constraint
  100. newtons cradle, toolbox
  101. breaking stumps on collision?
  102. Krakatoa 1.6.0 Rendering Introduction Videos
  103. a field of petals and a slight breeze....How to do?
  104. Pinata Breaking
  105. birth script problem (re-post)
  106. Merchandise with Particle Flow
  107. particle flow along animated spline
  108. 1000000 problem
  109. Render is different than what I see in viewport
  110. How to? a hill of particles
  111. Test neighbour
  112. Orientate particles by face normal....AGAIN!
  113. Particle object following the surface
  114. Particle help needed
  115. pflow and sql database connection
  116. splines to indiv particles
  117. Make particles not visible to cam
  118. Particleflow stick and roll
  119. PF Scattered geometry not rendering
  120. grinding sparks on floor collision
  121. Krakatoa: PRT Birth Problem
  122. Krakatoa: Test Disintegration Project
  123. "Custom Chunks" with mesh update?!
  124. MR transparency with atmospheric
  125. Conforming Particles
  126. particles intersecting
  127. using pflow tp create grass
  128. Particle Flow doesn't work after re-opening scene
  129. Particle Flow doesnt work after re-opening scene
  130. interesting idea
  131. Particle per face, and Lock/Bond
  132. Pflow - Particle Paint question
  133. Pflow objects spawning other objects ?
  134. ParticleFlow & Mental Ray - Water shading
  135. Anyone using Kinect?
  136. particles mass
  137. How to fill object with falling sphere's, and then remove the object
  138. Confetti particles....
  139. animated texture for landing particles
  140. emitter particles morphing to target particles
  141. box#2 (physx) vs lagoa?
  142. particle speed by bitmap
  143. increasing particles in RealFlow.bin splash
  144. Animating Particle Flow to Audio
  145. Keep Apart Issue
  146. Particles won't render? AVFX3
  147. bump does not seem to work in PFlow
  148. Torrent of water
  149. Solar system creation
  150. spread out the particles in PFlow
  151. Particle forming a shape/letter
  152. Particle Flow Element or Fire Effect?
  153. Wiring FFXFollow OP with object speed
  154. How do I Target SPECIFIC objects IN ORDER using Find Target or Script?
  155. scripting the position object operator
  156. Pflow scripting questions
  157. particle following
  158. Help with Rocket/Missile effects...
  159. Birth Script Question
  160. particles spawning particles?
  161. PFlow ShapeFacing rending issue
  162. Krakatoa Illumination on different particles
  163. How to create this??
  164. Terrain deformation with box#2?
  165. particle spawn from pf box 2
  166. dumb question but does material dynamic not work for animated procedural maps?
  167. Box #3 doubt...need help
  168. pflow+rigidbody triks
  169. Pflow Question
  170. particle orientation & lock\bond
  171. birth script with particleShape issue
  172. Split different particles at different positions
  173. Error Creating Particleview
  174. krakatoa dvd tutorials
  175. cockroaches/Pflow
  176. Cell Mitosis with Pflow help
  177. How can i make this effect
  178. avoid baking box#2 physx particles
  179. box#2 convex hull ?
  180. Pflow Speed slow down
  181. pflow performance 2011 vs 2010
  182. Collision
  183. Wind Problem
  184. Cell animation using Pflow & softbodies
  185. Particle Spawn Error
  186. Spellbound - VFX Project (Harry Potter)
  187. Particle flow basics query
  188. Pyroclastic R&D (pflow+fumefx)
  189. particles retaining "shape" while looking for target
  190. Bake particle animation to keyframes
  191. Particle duration question.
  192. leaves on the ground
  193. WIP, Rats crowd
  194. Voxelized / Pixelated look
  195. RGB Intensity of a particle's mat based on speed.
  196. 3ds max Particle flow
  197. Makin stars - variable color/material?
  198. Filling a bowl with macaroni
  199. Particles speed ( slow motion )
  200. Decreasing spawn rate over a particle's lifespan
  201. emit from "cut" face
  202. Change colour of particles
  203. Scattering groups evenly over a buckyball
  204. Animatress in distress... looking for an alternate Bubble Motion method!
  205. building collapsing tutorial, 3dsmax toolbox2
  206. Simulation Scene
  207. falling (realistic) cubes - approach?
  208. shape instance doesnot work after using spawn
  209. setups for production collapsing structures?
  210. Creating a character out of particles.
  211. Particle System
  212. Random particles not moving
  213. VRay + Particles -> which material?
  214. New to particle flow
  215. scale according to speed
  216. Age Map Question
  217. PFlow box#2: animated deflector not bind
  218. Save/freeze particle state?
  219. particles, sphere object to translate
  220. How can I Convert PFlow to Mesh AND retain UVs and ID?
  221. Locked particles modification
  222. Animated character collapse in particle flow
  223. Box#3 Beginner question - Data Channels
  224. How to render particles reflection on an object
  225. Particle Color by Distance to Object
  226. Krakatoa.... again...
  227. Out Of Range Type on Emitter.
  228. Particle Flow help
  229. Particle Flow
  230. Shape Instance---help?
  231. deleteparticle
  232. Pflow in realflow
  233. Using parts of a texture on a pflow system
  234. moving objects using PFlow script
  235. FumeFX ToonShader ??
  236. One object, Multiple emitters, uniform emission
  237. Particle color from surface
  238. statue demolish using toolbox #2
  239. Simulating big bang explosion with particles
  240. Making Lego explode and rebuild as something else?
  241. Box2 - physx object binding question
  242. Static noise modifier animating in PFlow...
  243. Box #2 BirthGroup baking keyframed geometry
  244. Howdo I genete particles with fumefx birth node with the same initial state of fumefx
  245. Attaching Lights to particles
  246. Sand Splash Effect
  247. pflow exponential slow down
  248. Find target chain of events..
  249. PFlow - using multiple vray proxies
  250. Pflow crash everytime I touch a bulb to turn on