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  12. Concept for 3D (woman yes)...Need Pointers I Guess...
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  14. ReyBustos - Some fresh reference generated for you guys
  15. 3D Anatomy Model for Review - last work
  16. Post a picture of yourself and / or your workstation / art space
  17. Hong Ly's Photo Reference, Human Texture Reference, and Concept Art Resource
  18. Anatomical Model Statues?!
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  20. Traditional materials help?
  21. Looking for good anatomy books
  22. Looking for references
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  25. Online Art Stores?
  26. book question
  27. Question - does anyone have problems receiving US books in India?
  28. Albinus plates question?
  29. Historical Anatomies on the Web
  30. Need advice on modeling a head
  32. Need A Side View Of A Male Muscular Anatomy
  33. Reference - Sculptures of Rodin
  34. Reference - Art from the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  35. Reference - Photos and Textures from the Eastern State Penitentiary
  36. Head Model Resource
  37. Looking for a cast model head?
  38. Reference - Figurative - Victoria and Albert Museum
  39. References and Inspirations for Everything - Not just Anatomy
  40. ANATOMY MUSEUM LONDON + Searchable Anatomy Database - very good
  41. Hawk/Eagle anatomy reference
  42. Resource - Really useful info on pupil shapes and eyes
  43. Hello, where to find 3D software anatomy
  44. Photobucket is Not Allowing Nudity
  45. life size anatomical models
  47. Wolf leaving traces in snow.
  48. Reference - Art from the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
  49. Anyone have references for wrinkles, folds, cellulite and that sort of thing?
  50. Reference Books?
  51. Reading Loomis books - help please
  52. Following tutorial - Don't quite understand this step
  53. Reference for Anatomy on human skeleton?
  54. John Watkiss Anatomy Handbook
  55. Poser used as a human model?
  56. John Watkiss Site is up
  57. "Force" Figure Drawing
  58. Pose requests with figure model Ben Miller - request a pose here! - Nudity
  59. Links - Best Figurative Art / Illustration BLOGS
  60. REFERENCE - Paris Louvre and Musée d'Orsay
  61. [Request] Nose references
  62. Freedom of Teach
  63. If You Want to Draw Figures - READ THIS: Frank Reilly Method of Figure Drawing
  64. Fairburn System of Visual References
  65. Historical anatomies on the web
  66. Freedom Of Teach Anatomy Maquette on ebay
  67. Is Van De Graaff's human anatomy a good book on that subject?
  68. How to draw the human figure from your mind, Riven Phoenix
  69. 100 Dynamic poses and over 3000 bodybuilding reference photos
  70. Tips: Verbal References: Cheat sheet (please add!)
  71. 227 Anatomy Videos - 43 Hours
  72. Pose requests with figure model Ron Eyre - request a pose here! - Nudity
  73. 2005 corvette
  74. refrence images
  75. posemaniacs
  76. Children reference images?
  77. Figure Drawing Workshops at Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier
  78. Excellent Anatomy Reference and General Reference Site
  79. human blueprints
  80. Freedom Of Teach Anatomy Maquette
  81. Pose maniacs: an anatomy pose resource
  82. Steve Huston
  83. Insect Reference
  84. Parts of an air conditioner
  85. Hairstyle References?
  86. Basic Shapes
  87. Medical Illustration and Animation Blog
  88. Sketchbook and sketchpads Medium tone
  89. Huge amount of Rachael Leigh Cook references
  90. visual fullfillment tutorial
  91. About Anatomy Books
  92. Photo Refs Vigeland Sculpture Park
  93. Can you recommend me books on Animal Anatomy?
  94. Nude photograph websites.
  95. Ancient Greek warrior reference
  96. Sketchbook Thread of Messenger0425
  97. Evolution - photography of skeletons (beautiful!)
  98. References for cardiovascular system ?
  99. Is there a reference book for the human proportions of all age?
  100. Is there a book that has all the formulas to draw the human body?
  101. Can you please help me find deer skeleton references?
  102. Anatomy reference of animals?
  103. if anyone can draw robot for me
  104. Drawing butts: References wanted (NSFW)
  105. Lots of reference images
  106. Studying Different Ethnic Types
  107. Searchin' for a reference
  108. Makehuman
  109. "Progressive Reference!"
  110. any non-nude references?
  111. Complete Human Skelet references
  112. Digital Reference V. Print Reference
  113. proportions free ref.chart your input needed
  114. Drawing/anatomy dilemas of a 3d modeler, help please
  115. Book: The Anatomy of the External Form of Man
  116. Full Free Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists by W. Ellenberger
  117. Looking for refereces of babies
  118. proportions chart
  119. New Creature Design DVD series with Terryl Whitlatch
  120. Human Skull References?
  121. Designing with Digital Clay
  122. Workshop: Menschliche Anatomie
  123. Anyone get 'The Structure of Man' Videos?
  124. Finding and hiring artist models
  125. Figurative Art Education in The UK
  126. Think Anatomy
  127. Massive US Army Anatomy Archive on Flickr
  128. Photo reference for comic artists
  129. Overlaying references
  130. Fairburn System of Visual Reference
  131. Channel 4's Life Class: Today's nude
  132. Character Concept / development?
  133. Head images (free)
  134. animated silhouette
  135. figure drawing venues in USA and Canada
  136. I like Bridgman - what else is a must-have for figure drawing?
  137. Making a Dry Cleaning Pad
  138. New figure reference site.
  139. New groundbraking anatomical and gestural reference and anatomy online workshop
  140. Bust, Head Cast?
  141. Wooden manikin
  142. Photo reference for comic artists
  143. Accurate anatomical database
  144. The book with reference images of faces
  145. Whats the best book to learn how to draw?
  146. Flash games to help you learn anatomy
  147. Photos similar to nude life drawing sessions?
  148. Photo Reference For Comic Artists
  149. Norwegian Male Reference
  150. Photo Reference(mystical, real, ancient, scify)
  151. stereocamera left and right sequence to blueray
  152. Male and Female ref - Nudity
  153. Human Desktop Figue - Recommendations?
  154. Photo references and resources for artists
  155. Christmas giveaway of photo references of artists
  156. can any one solve my Maya render problem
  157. need an anatomy help identifying what this area is .