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  1. Hi, I am new to this board and need help.
  2. anyone have the hewlett packard notebooks?
  3. rigging a rope
  4. I need help on convincing my Boss that 3dsmax is app of choice for game development!
  5. creating flood in maya
  6. Beginner Painter 8 question
  7. game industry job ; underpaid ?
  8. FOR REAL: Tokyo to get world's first 'maglev' elevator
  9. My Student Film "Superbrawl" Teaser Trailer
  10. 3d studio max tutorials
  11. free vray question
  12. need help with Vray...
  13. 3D studio max tutorials
  14. Maya Scene viewer???
  15. How to make a feature length film using maya
  16. Changing the 'New Member' subheading
  17. Concept Artists Needed
  18. Very general Maya question....Maya 6 backward compatible with Maya 5?
  19. 6800 ultra heating problem?
  20. POLL - maya to move like max in the viewport
  21. ANIMATION Hierarchy WOES!
  22. QOTW: A Third Portable?
  23. looking for specific maya human modeling dvd
  24. any suggestions to maya dvd's on modeling?
  25. Name of 3ds max tutorial lady?
  26. Softimage|XSI Foundation V4.0
  27. Photorealistic Render Setup?
  28. Animation Master
  29. WIRED: Thx 1138
  30. QTVR max 6
  31. Open Benefit at Pixar's Emeryville Campus, Oct 2 (Expensive Show At Pixar)
  32. 3D Max Tutorials !
  33. face textures...where can i find???
  34. Panasonic -nv -gs70 3ccd.. is it any good?
  35. planting a hand question
  36. Why Does this happen??
  37. Buying 3DS MAX
  38. Want to join a gaming group
  39. Silo Basics........
  40. maya complete or unlimited
  41. Can you put pics in silo, too?
  42. Animation improvements needed.
  43. Lip Syncing - How important for an Animator?
  44. maya bacground shader
  45. Blender suitability for character animation?
  46. Any body need original music/sounds?
  47. what game would you like?
  48. maya 6 to maya 4.5
  49. Animation through Expressions, Advice Please!
  50. Cloth/Cloak HELP!
  51. Help!!!
  52. how do i put a picture!
  53. Final cut Pro or Premiere
  54. "LOTR - The Return of the King" SE, CE, & 3-DVD SE Available for pre-order @ Amazon.
  55. Decent Maya Books
  56. modeling etiquette?
  57. Birail tool not working, with a tutorial cuves., Please Help.
  58. Eliminate "popping" in Maya smoke trail?
  59. Alguien Puede Ayudarme?
  60. basic lighting help
  61. Help, Need Soft Selection To Maya
  62. bypassing windows user password
  63. Lip-synch files.
  64. Plans Original Series on Web
  65. The Best Free Web-Space Providers??
  66. fre sounds for animation
  67. single frame net render Brazil 1.2 Banshee?
  68. Massachusetts area CG training?
  69. Anyone seen 'Jane and the Dragon'?
  70. Are we being flooded with too many Cg movies? Can we expect a backlash?
  71. xsi questions
  72. Plans Original Series on Web
  73. max 6 demo?
  74. add shadows
  75. Compatibility issues with 3D Studio Max?
  76. Asset Managment Software
  77. user bars
  78. Max 7 logo?
  79. Looping a walk cycle in lightwave
  80. Doom3 seams
  81. Eminem's Mosh Video
  82. Question on Mental Ray
  83. Making Clouds in MAx 5?
  84. delete internet explorer
  85. question about duel processors
  86. uploading pics
  87. How about using Google Video for our videotutorials?
  88. Why is 3D Max so expensive to purchase?
  89. So Pixar and Disney talks/deal on the horizon, still?
  90. Please help me with this car! (im a newb)
  91. How to change my icon?
  92. Nvidia's SLI mode doesn't work with two screens (dualview) -- any fixes?
  93. OT: Crappy handwriting?
  94. education type
  95. tank threads...
  96. Max 7 and windows service pack 2
  97. From 3d Max to Maya
  98. 3ds modeling problem...
  99. EA on LiveJournal
  100. Will Maya work on a computer with 128 mg of ram?
  101. 3ds Max & Linux
  102. How is everyone with a WACOM INTUOS3 4X5 tablet?
  103. Maya Help
  104. Premier 6.5 - Have clips that are 24min, timeline thinks it is 3 hrs
  105. DeAnza Animation ?
  106. Please comment on monitor specs (IBM Thinkvision)
  107. Best Studio's using 3D Studio Max
  108. Need truck mesh for pttm game
  109. im 16 and learning....
  110. Real Simple Intel or AMD
  111. Converting an object from Max to Maya?
  112. modo modeling software
  113. missing toolbar in 3dsmax
  114. Problem with 3ds max.
  115. Telling my computer which monitor is which?
  116. Wings 3D Question
  117. Team Project
  118. Wings 3D Question
  119. Why is 3ds Max so popular in the U.K
  120. Japanese PIXAR/CARS Trailer
  121. Good text editors with *flexible* user-defined syntax?
  122. Illustrators Map
  123. Expose 1 Special Edition Leather Bound for sale...
  124. 'Play" use in industry (attn: ed hariss)
  125. Question:
  126. how to increase texture map size?
  127. THE FIELD TRIP: PIXAR @ MOMA on the 28
  128. is it possible to make photoreallistic characters in MAYA?
  129. Creating a website..need help
  130. 3d Ribbon
  131. maya question
  132. green-screen software
  133. Why do people prefer Smoke/Fire and FFI
  134. Modelling a woman in Max, any good tutorials?
  135. Think Tank Trainnig
  136. OT: water bottle jet pack
  137. maya Techniques Hyper Realistic Modeling Help please...Does it worth my money?
  138. Please Help
  139. A Helping Hand
  140. PLease help me with this Wings3D Tutorial,?
  141. Explosions
  142. 3dMax Animation: How do the pro's do it?
  143. Hosting
  144. how the hell do you change/edit your avatar?
  145. I simply don't rate MR anymore
  146. Maya Live / 3d Camera Tracking / Matchmoving
  147. Outdoor scenes in 3DS Max
  148. does AfterBurn works in Max 7 ?
  149. Buying a laptop computer help neede please...
  150. CGFilm torrents...
  151. Maya Tutor? NYC?
  152. Does anyone know Byron's Poly Tools works in Maya 6??
  153. recording a webcam?
  154. Car modeling in Maya
  155. When do we expect Maya 7?
  156. the best method of creating an effect like this?
  157. Silent Hill Trailer
  158. 3dsMAX Render Nodes...
  159. Abandoned places
  160. cell shading?? How to do it?
  161. What is the best video card to get
  162. THE SKETCH OF THE WEEK WILL BE POSTPONED! ( Blame the Calendar Project)
  163. Photoshop autobak
  164. BCC: 20th anniversary of the first PC virusfalls this month.
  165. Define a modeller!
  166. Wacom Tablet Troubleshooting
  167. OT: Archon Evolution Beta
  168. How to be a Curmudgeon on the Internet
  169. Zbrush to Maya Difficulties
  170. Why are all the completed 3d modelings made with 3ds max?
  171. OT: PC of the future!
  172. Cool new Indie game!
  173. Are films getting worse?
  174. Dan Silverman interview about freelance on!
  175. School Options
  176. Am I going crazy, is this what I think it is
  177. OT: which internet radio station do you tune in to?
  178. Integrating 2D Animation into 3D Background: What you think of it?
  179. Underworld: Evolution: The Reviews are Pouring in!
  180. OT: Add the moustache
  181. Audio (dialogs) recording for 3d movie
  182. 3D Kingdom got hacked
  183. Seeking Large Sketchbooks
  184. Please help me price this project?
  185. The Hangnail
  186. How to prevent loss of your art work
  187. Need info about games art course at teesside uni
  188. Gimp users?
  189. Demo reel by foreign artist.
  190. Ugliest and Most Prettiest CG Characters
  191. OT : FAQ's of life.
  192. Anyone Study at Algonquin in Ottawa Canada
  193. best school for 3D in canada
  194. watch this animation by Vadim Draempaehl (from yeah the movie)
  195. Is 3D hard???
  196. New 40 Minute Fusion Video online
  197. free race referneces
  198. Do you like modelling/rigging characters ?
  199. Web Showreel -Quicktime.Mp4.WMV.AVI
  200. HOODWINKED: The Director Speaks!!
  201. TUTORIALS - Speed Paints Step by Step - by m@
  202. Free samples :D
  203. Most Complex 3D thing you've ever done?
  204. The Grand Space Opera Music Video!
  205. texturing
  206. FOR REAL:Doctors Claim Suspended Animation Success
  207. The People At Square-Enix Just Keep Getting Better
  208. Finaly the silent hill trailer
  209. Production management application
  210. Which degree will you benefit more from in order to get into the industry ?
  211. Who is this artist ?
  212. ZBrush
  213. CGI conventions - Festivals?
  214. "Newbie" Sub-Forum
  215. german 3D Artists
  216. Online calsses
  217. interactive 3d interior decoration
  218. getting a job as a book cover designer?
  219. Freelancing for abroad companies
  220. TOP 5 - Final Voting Started - SILENT HILL POSTER CONTEST
  221. OT:Does anyone watch arrested development?
  222. Disney Buys Pixar for $7 Billion USD
  223. NOW OPEN!!! Open Figure Drawing Workshop - Bouguereau Master Copy - with Rebeccak 012
  224. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture OR VIDEO!...(Jan 21- 22)
  225. Confused! Which School Should I Choose
  226. Drafting or 3D visualisation?
  227. Hair and Fur Rendering
  228. Best online 3D Max Training? (need to find out)
  229. intern demo reel question
  230. Discuss:Is character development in tv sitcoms out pacing hollywood?
  231. Scenes needed
  232. Wiki Cg Be Apart Of It!
  233. Solid Snake mesh?
  234. AtomFilms to Launch Studio for Online
  235. Will desktops eventually hinder our creative ability?
  236. Something that I missed... Demo reel
  237. sata HD recommendation
  238. Why Cars Will Suck Podcast
  239. OT: HELP! My dog LOVES his poop..(This is so OT is not funny)
  240. Vector-Based Texturing in Video Games?
  241. NO More E3 Booth Babes
  242. Movie Stars accept accept pay cuts as Hollywood profits dip
  243. What happened to the Splinter Cell movie?
  244. EXPOSE 1 Leather Bound Collector Edition 4 Sale + other CG Books
  245. Official CG school Rankings
  246. 2006 VES Awards on TV?
  247. is music a good or bad thing while working?
  248. Need of big 3D models
  249. Sue the bollywood ( india film industry )
  250. Disney Buys Pixar for US$7 Billion