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  1. OT: Amusing art qoutes
  2. what is your experience with recruiters/headhunters?
  3. MR problem 3DSM8
  4. REAL WORLD:Relationships at work: Why is this a big NONO? What makes it Harrasment?
  5. MR problem 3DSM8
  6. KING KONG! Discuss the film here (Warning: Spoilers)
  7. maya cloth
  8. OT: Crazy Japanese Guitar playing
  9. Wide Format Printing Issues
  10. Gaghhh !!!
  11. Halo Zero
  12. Are there no more worthy pieces lately ?
  13. Help for Pro/Engineer CAD-system
  14. OT: The Da Vinci Code Trailer
  15. alien in joburg ,cool vid
  16. Good Maya Video Tutorial?
  17. Just saw Hoodwinked...
  18. DreamWorks goes Bye Bye
  19. Acting audio for animation demo reel
  20. what? why? when? how? zdepth
  21. Looking for a realiable/reputable film critic.
  22. ?non-commercial use of existing story?
  23. OT: Shanghai noon drinkin' game
  24. Poseidon remake and why hollyweird is loosing money
  25. Mac Keyboard
  26. Help from New York
  27. Am i the only one intersted in having CG animation in Movies?
  28. Huge panorama skies?
  29. Why am I so bad at 3D???
  30. Looking for circle patterns CD
  31. I suck at drawing, but I want to get into CG. Help!
  32. OT:Orwell rolls in his grave...
  33. New Thread! Simple theories and excercises to improve your drawings
  34. AAS? Help needed
  35. Such a thing as specular bloom and Hdr in space renderings?
  36. Transition from C4D to Maya?
  37. Free web hosting
  38. Someone please point me in the right direction to get started.... :)
  39. What drives you?
  40. THE NEST EGG: How are you saving for retirement...
  41. Help!! Public Library in Indiana Looking for CGI Folks for Program...
  42. OT - Does anyone play zuma?
  43. New Thread!: THE DREAM JOURNAL: Post here an IMAGES of your DREAMS
  44. Has technology improved your quality of life?
  45. Let there be animation!
  46. Less than good opening for Kong???
  47. CAPCOM goes 360!
  48. X3 Trailer
  49. Which app is more used in the industry?
  50. Rethink the priorities
  51. Buyers for SONY Beta deck, Matrox DigiSuite and Sony 19" Trinitron Video Monitor
  52. Weird clouds on the horizon
  53. x-MEN 3 photos
  54. Best 3D landscape software?
  55. Cinefex online w/ P. Jackson- Kong
  56. Shot in the dark : is anyone from Moncton NB??
  57. Survey> Stretchy and non stretchy rigging system
  58. IES Viewer
  59. OT: Pandora (Music Genome Project)
  60. Change Poser 6 splash screen?
  61. OT: How Much Have YOU Spent???
  62. Need some encouragement
  63. A place in the sun...
  64. OT? Not Sure. Do you consider selling your artwork?
  65. Security of the job.
  66. game demo criteria question
  67. The Gnomon Workshop and PayPal?
  68. Does this look familiar?
  69. CG Credits survey
  70. Can anyone help me create?
  71. Video Formatting Q: One person can answer this...
  72. do you Sudoku ?
  73. Best Facil Rig
  74. New Student Looking For Advice
  75. Anyone know of a good 3DS max tutorial site?
  76. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture OR VIDEO!...(Dec 17 - 18)
  77. Organic Modeling with Maya in Belgium
  78. Report about 3D- Artisting
  79. Media Design School-best in asia,asia-pacific.?
  80. scholarship!?!?!
  81. Petite Fleur
  82. Do you recognize this?
  83. Do you recognise this?
  84. Question about 3d pc
  85. Don't Touch Me!
  86. printing on canvas
  87. "I could care less"... Grrrrrrr!
  88. Articles for newbie freelancers.
  89. 3D Math Bible search...
  90. Cafe Press Black Shirts...
  91. Still don't quite get this resolution issue
  92. OT: Have Nintendo DS/MKDS? How do you hold it?
  93. RenderMan book for the artist?
  94. Show your studios!
  95. Showing non-artists your work
  96. OT: "Memento"
  97. EBAY, repressors of Indie shorts and films, BOYCOTT EBAY!
  98. digital tutors page not found
  99. How to get Painted Look?
  100. Is Pixelcorps down?
  101. OT: Whats your New Years resolution
  102. COMING SOON FO THE DSF: MOVIE Pre-Production Art!
  103. STORYTELLING:Do we miss the forest for the trees? (Do we OVERCOMPLICATE the process?)
  104. Merry Christmas for all :)
  105. Does anyone want free demo reel hosting?
  106. What's so special about Lustre and other specialized color correction software?
  107. Commercials and other digital design
  108. online store help
  109. tokyoplastic
  110. MAXWELL RENDER - gentle warning
  111. How many people here have employees?
  112. missing link.??
  113. Modelling / character design?
  114. OT: F.E.A.R. The PC game...
  115. cool music video
  116. CG Talk is running really slow for me
  117. The strangest things in 2005 ...
  118. Disney may be planning to buy Pixar ...
  119. OT: The Chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia! - SNL Skit
  120. To Whom It May Concern MOD EDIT: Stolen Artwork Report
  121. who do you find yourself studying,
  122. OT:the 10 yard line on US football games...
  123. OT: The Ten WORST Films of 2005 (Dark Horizons)
  124. UBISOFT china and ILM singapore people
  125. Why do you like art?
  126. How can I copyright my work?
  127. indi movie DRM and PAYPAL ............
  128. EXPOSÉ sighted on illegal networks
  129. The History Of CG
  130. Godzilla VS King CG?
  131. Miss Digital World
  132. Does anyone LIKE writing for IE?
  133. OT: Google: The 'Pixar' of the IT world?
  134. LightWave: animating rocks with MotionDesigner
  135. Gnomon workshop DVDs in Public Librarys ?
  136. OT: A little laughter to close the year...
  137. The Cathedral - Web version
  138. Idea for making tablet-use better...
  139. Freelance Question: Templates for Clients
  140. OT: Sports Fans in CG? Are any of you guys out there?
  141. MASSIVE Problem...fixed :D
  142. Jib Jab Santa Cartoon
  143. Free Linux DVD authoring tool?
  144. Is there a Text Vector Art File?
  145. clip animations
  146. Freelancing
  147. Odd usage of words
  148. photos needed
  149. Playstation 9 ad
  150. FOR REAL: Scientists creating first synthetic life form
  151. 3d World Magazine: When do new issues get to USA?
  152. Artweaver users: take advantage of watercolor!
  153. refraction as post
  154. Westwood Online or
  155. OT Security Flaw with Symantec
  156. CENSORSHIP in our own forums!
  157. Look at Mirage's finger! If even Pixar screws up deformations, we have a problem...
  158. Where are these characters from??
  159. Careers in Animation/3D Art
  160. The Illusion of The Illusion of Life
  161. needs human skull model
  162. FireFox User Please Help
  163. Holiday Animation
  164. College Inter-Dec
  165. CG feature glut
  166. Anyone from City Uni Hong Kong HKU how is animation Prog.MFA
  167. season's greetings thread.MOD EDIT..Post here your Holiday Cards..
  168. Over-Run Forums
  169. Is there a good post-production reference guide online anywhere?
  170. looking for some links
  171. Screen Capture Software for Hi Res Images
  172. Show Reel Advice
  173. Thanks O' Mighty Mental Ones...
  174. Inverse panorama photography of human head
  175. what`s your favorites anime series?
  176. Want to be more attractive???: MOD EDIT: Photo Manipulation
  177. Neil Tortorella breaks down hourly rates - Easy to understand - Good read
  178. Is there any special CG channel ??
  179. What's George Lucas up to now?
  180. Alias Silver Membership Question
  181. Any history buffs, specifaclly WW2, or call of duty gurus
  182. Need interviews with freelancers for our free site!
  183. OTIS College of Art + Design
  184. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture OR VIDEO!...(Dec 23 - 26)
  185. Lightening or electricity video
  186. Question about copyrighted music for demo reels/ personal shorts off and online?
  187. when is the voting
  188. studios that close doors...
  189. Good animated series for pre-schoolers
  190. Interview with Leigh van der Byl, on freelancing!
  191. "300" - New Frank Miller adaptation!
  192. What happened to IMDB?!
  193. So what do you want from Santa/Father Xmas?
  194. High Definition Gaming - About Freakin' Time!
  195. What to study?
  196. Anyone remember this poster? Help!
  197. What's up with erect nipples?MOD EDIT: Drawings and paintings
  198. Christmas Animated Specials - Time for a Remake?
  199. Happy Festivus
  200. Anyone Use Bauhaus Mirage 1.5? Thoughts?
  201. Cellshading on the x360...?
  202. Can't import file into adobe after effects! File Formate ISSUES!
  203. OT: Okay, is this REALLY Bigfoot?
  204. Training vids?
  205. G cards, building a newer computer..
  206. Art? or the work of a crazy person?
  207. Open Source Project
  208. Need help printing full page image
  209. imac g5 ... mouse pad?
  210. Do you got any nasty quirks?
  211. artist ripping Stahlberg's feries piece
  212. Video tutorials-Divx not Quicktime please!
  213. I am new
  214. Ambient Occlusion or Occlusion in games??
  215. How would i go on about puting Flash animation in a Video that i made?
  216. OT: Do you know that feeling of...
  217. So What Did You Get for Christmas?
  218. Help build my Lab
  219. esuvee commercial
  220. d'artist character modeling?
  221. Top Animation Studios in India?
  222. Make a Firefox TV advertisement
  223. Reviews of MUNICH are pouring in:
  224. music in/on/for animations/demos/movies
  225. is it just me (and a few others) or does quicktime 7 suck?
  226. Maya Artists worked LOTR.
  227. Hi, Any Collins College graduates, or current students here?
  228. Your first crack at CG, How much did you suck?
  229. watch "grave of the fireflies", is a masterpiece!!
  230. Quantum physics & Dynamics
  231. Smells bad: SW:Ep III DVD
  232. Expensive Ed vs. not so expensive ed.
  233. Looking for a list of animated 1-2min shorts
  234. Adesso Tablet
  235. Where can i get the songs/music of animated movies?
  236. The next Ballisitic book?
  237. Now OPEN!!! Open Figure Drawing Workshop 010 with Hong Ly and Rebeccak
  238. FOR REAL:'s Jeff Bezos to open a rocket-ship complex in 06
  239. Best schools that offer good financial aid/loans/scholarships?
  240. Please recommend some movies?
  241. Selling my Intuos2 9x12" Wacom Tablet!
  242. The Living Room
  243. Any news about ROBOTA ?
  244. OT:apocalypto hidden frame with mel gibson
  245. Conference to?
  246. Invoking "Eclipse"
  247. Export
  248. Are there any studios that sponser promising artists through university?
  249. Illustration site links
  250. animation as carrere ?