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  1. How much time do you spend daily on cgtalk?
  2. Black and White 2
  3. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture...(Oct 8-9)
  4. OT: Robot race underway at the Mojave Desert
  5. Dinotopia soundtrack
  6. FOR REAL: Exo- Skeleton research update.
  7. Video Games Causing Insane Behavior
  8. OT: Next X-Prize Announced!
  9. CG magazines?
  10. CGsociety World Map
  11. Sculpting
  12. Live and raised in the Bay Area...
  13. Free models
  14. books on UFO . need recommendation
  15. OT: Amazing! Four Robot Cars Finish DARPA ROBOT RACE Grand Challenge 2005
  16. Doom3 ROE 10min Movie
  17. WALLACE & GROMIT..what a great movie!
  18. Alright a serious question to you all
  19. Plagiarism of my picture ...
  20. Plagiarism my picture ...
  21. Super-Hero Costums - Look Good/Bad?
  22. Different rate for Rendering / Setup ??
  23. If there was an Undo button in your life, What ...
  24. Quake 4 struck by 70% rating at PCGamer
  25. .....IS there any cartoonist in print media..
  26. Fire hits Wallace and Gromit sets
  27. About response to the archived plagarism thread.
  28. Virtual Movie Studios
  29. Gnomon Maya DVDs for sale.
  30. "Send a message" by Ed Hooks
  31. Colour Correction
  32. Who made "Boo, Zino and the Snurks"?
  33. Grunge Brush/Grunge Crush
  34. Dreams can come true
  35. Your websites
  36. Unique and cool features
  37. Prince of persia 3 cg trailer
  38. Anyone here using the book: Complete Reference to maya 6?
  39. Woohoo! I found a flaw in the LOTR
  40. Unlimited Mental Ray nodes for Max but not Maya or XSI??
  41. Toxic discreet...Nothing
  42. Anyone have cool a wallpaper?
  43. Game character texturing.
  44. everyone wins
  45. 3D Isn't For One Man Films....Yet
  46. 3ds max mapping & texturing tutorial
  47. What School? Please read.
  48. Need a tool to rebuild 'sliced' renders
  49. Color Palette
  50. GNOMON
  51. Colleges and CG
  52. Share your favorites sites list here with us .. :)
  53. CG industry in Spain
  54. Has anyone used these DVDs from the gnomon workshop?
  55. chatty tuesday
  56. experimental architecture (links)
  57. wanna know best pipeline for 3d animation studio.
  58. Film (not CG!) schools in the US, short (certificate) programs, costs, quality...
  59. What is the greatest character animation CG movie you've seen?
  60. Problem with cmivfx.
  61. Project Offset ; simply amazing !
  62. Opinion Poll
  63. Serenity's ZOIC Studios - swap assets between LW and Maya??
  64. What about sell 3d models for website?
  65. Advice on lighting / modelling show reel
  66. OT, astronauts photos from xinhua agency
  67. Advanced Particles Tactics in Fusion 5 Now Shipping!
  68. Semafx Who are they
  69. SURVIVING THE WORKPLACE: Strategies for dealing with difficult Clients...
  70. Commercial campaign
  71. When will CG art, get the respect it deserves.?
  72. NICHE MARKETS: VIDEO PODCASTING....What is stopping cg artists from making money?
  73. Negadon: The Monster from Mars
  74. Banner Request ($50 for banner)
  75. iVideo
  76. Best Program to Create Falling Water Effects
  77. Finished Painting Degree, DAVE School Starting
  78. Colleges for Art
  79. Which LAPTOP for 3D Animation?
  80. PC Game Console where are they?
  81. Fastest high-speed web hosting?
  82. Halloween is coming! What are you planning to do? Anything exiciting?
  84. are the deer's in "the ring two" CG?
  85. PERMANET data storage, is it possible?
  86. What is Multimedia
  87. CLONE WARS and FUTURAMA and others, Cel rendering in 3D? Toon shading?
  88. Any one from Bradford (north UK) ?
  89. Calling all 3d artists: Survey about 3d art. (thesis research)
  90. Why can't we build our own laptops??
  91. ARTIST "Creator Rights" re. DVD Tutorials & Books by Artist In A Studio?
  92. GFX images cd
  93. Ideas for my new project
  94. Graphic Artist Wannabe - Advice needed
  95. Ideas for my first animation project
  96. Reminder TOmrUG Meeting -- October 19th!
  97. Toronto 3D After-School
  98. Orson Scott Card's online magazine
  99. DigitalAnimation&VisualEffects (DAVE) school OPINIONS
  100. Sportlife deep ,Arctic games online campaign live!
  101. Using PSP to display portfolio... what format?
  102. Where are you? (USA only)
  103. Free Character Riga for Maya
  104. How exactly do you model inside of the human mouth?
  105. 2d animation
  106. Correct Spelling
  107. scaners to batch cool?
  108. So About that 3ds Max PLE; XD
  109. xeno free style
  110. First Post??
  111. Need Some Help Here :D
  112. Robust renderer comparison
  113. List of Most favorite and best 3d animations
  114. Please help nailing a stolen porrtfolio! Take a quick look and see if you can help-
  115. user rank Rank request
  116. Giant Creature Uncovered by Tsunami!
  117. Program for voice effect?
  118. Some people are just so smrat..i mean smatr...SMART!
  119. Halloween Fun with a Texture Map
  120. Seminars
  121. Great strides in the advance of common sense in the violence in games dispute
  122. Software question....
  123. R.S.V.P. for TOmrUG Meeting NOW!
  124. VFX and 3D Animation - Confused
  125. Disabled Designer
  126. NEw James Bond Revealed
  127. Where are Janapense cg artists?
  128. Question about 3D Art
  129. OT: Funny program with an amazing AI
  130. 3D Studio Max Bible
  131. Facial Expressions for animators
  132. Topic notifaction emails
  133. using tablet instead of many of you do it?
  134. The Making of Leon: Cgtoolkit
  135. City of Villains
  136. Digital Fusion on A mac..
  137. OT:Anybody here watches the new tv show called "SUPERNATURAL"?:MOD EDIT
  138. Does 3D Frustrate you to a level that you want to....
  139. Anyone shot on infrared film before?
  140. Xbox360. A godsend for Indy developers?
  141. Bill Gates Goes to College
  142. Student looking for free work (Assignment)
  143. 3D Software in South Africa - RIP OFF!
  144. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture...(oct 15- 16)
  145. FF Advent Children-behind the scenes
  146. Originality and all that
  147. OT: A L I E N ģ survey (Mod Edit)
  148. So how do you organise your photo collection ?
  149. Demo reel editor wanted.
  150. RPC & Marlin For sale...
  151. CGtalk IRC chat?
  152. Animation Master forum?
  153. The Art Institute of Washington
  154. Italian Companies
  155. The Transformers have arrived
  156. home designer programs
  157. Now OPEN!!! Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Ron Eyre and Rebecca Kimmel 006!!
  158. How i can get a guidance document of simcloth?
  159. about the cgtalk choice gallery
  161. Writer of Silent Hill Game Adaption Speaks on Uwe Boll
  162. InDesign CS2 DVDCase Cover
  163. Considering Professionalism
  164. Studio List
  165. Stallone back in ring for Rocky 6
  166. Anybody played F.E.A.R yet?
  167. CG Cast - With Robert "Lunatique" Chang
  168. OT: Geekiest site EVER
  169. Did you miss out on the college experience?
  170. Samsung just totally screwed me over. Now what?
  171. Show your Halloween Avatar!
  172. Oh my god how sad (bunzi kittins) animal cruelty to the worst
  173. x850 PRO... what a great day.
  174. Gnomon "Adobe PS for Digital Production" - Wheres the PSD files?
  175. Universities
  176. Texture/Picture Catalogue Software
  177. Japanese CG Artist's_Show Yourself
  178. High profile Production company or Games developer?
  179. What Zines do you Read? Zines = Magazines!
  180. Can i still use Max for film making ??please help me
  181. Projections, camera matching, tracking - your opinion?
  182. Texturing reallistic skin
  183. online game and you
  184. FOR REAL: Transparent Aluminum
  185. suggestions needed from over active imaginations
  186. Movie| Elephant
  187. Art and VFS?
  188. - win a Xbox360 for doing photoshop
  189. what's the best aspect ratio for a demo reel?
  190. Book Publishing Companies?
  191. Sky captain and the world of tomorrow
  192. What Films bring pure joy to your Inner Geek?
  193. Company/Studio Loyalty?
  194. How would you give an interactive presentation?
  195. hurricane Wilma: other tragedy aloof
  196. OT: Commission Suggests UK Should End Astronaut Ban
  197. remember in Star Trek 4 when Scotty....
  198. $$$$$
  199. Holy Crap! Need some Implosion Dynamics Examples?
  200. OT: Question about copyright on old printed material
  201. Wolf 3d on Flash!
  202. Looking for guidance with Video Conferencing.
  203. Considering Gnomon and SVA but relocating from NY is a big problem
  204. Outer Limits! Which season is this?
  205. Dell Keeps sending me monitors?
  206. Stream your live TV, photos, music and videos to any Web-enabled device
  207. Do you teach 3D?
  208. Flash RE compiler
  209. How many years away is real-time photorealistic 3D rendering?
  210. OT:Batman Begins DVD released!
  211. Halo 2 Impressions..
  212. Looking for an Artist
  213. Hot News***Quad 2.5 G5 Macs***
  214. Contact details for ex Square USA people
  215. Animation Podcasts
  216. What goes in!
  217. Finaltoon Edges Problem
  218. Looking for a short - Guy singing in the shower!
  219. what does it mean?
  220. (Graphic) Horrible Accident - 12 Lost
  221. Movies with rowboat reference? (water effects)
  222. Attack of the Gaming Grannies
  223. Recommend a telephoto zoom lens for a Nikon D70 DSLR
  224. Go Ahead and Admit it.. You stink at ...?
  225. NICHE MARKETS: What can we learn from Mike Mignola? (HELLBOY)
  226. Viggietales
  227. Scifi moments with biggest outrage?
  228. Is the tuition for ITT Tech well-priced?
  229. nuclear blast effect in maya
  230. Film to HD?
  231. That little padlock on the left of the postīs
  232. spybot socket error 10022
  233. Getting down with Game Demos
  234. Portfolio websites
  235. "Body Worlds" Real life Human Anatomy
  236. Universities doing research in Computer Graphics
  237. in Australia, what path should i take to getting a job in 3d/game design
  239. OT: 1337 music video
  240. Idea for a picture
  241. Grand Theft Auto thwarted by Hot Coffee
  242. anyone use imagevuex for their portfolio?
  243. More dimensions please...
  244. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture OR VIDEO!...(Oct 21- 22)
  245. NYLF vs. College Program
  246. Amazing Aircraft Modeling: Real World Model
  247. Trying to sign up for Gnomon Online, problems! "Signiature Error"
  248. Anyone have a NDA MOD EDIT: Looking for EMPTY template
  249. FOR REAL: Ancient Greek Computer Reconstructed
  250. NICHE MARKETS: How do you create an ICONIC Character