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  1. Worst game ending
  2. Best Game ending
  3. Its Official Nintendo will reveal the revolution at TGS
  4. Loonking for cheap but Great MFA LIKE USA/UK
  5. new to 3d design need help
  6. I'm impressed
  7. TIPS AND TRICKS How do you do a successful Job Interview?
  8. Free opera registration codes today only
  9. searched forum but nothing comes up! about cg school
  10. Free Opera license
  11. Codec problem or something..
  12. Worst movie ending
  13. Need help identifying an icky city bug - Warning, Crappy illustration!
  14. Best movie ending!
  15. Looking for tuts...plz help
  16. D'artiste Character Modelling
  17. need advice
  18. looking for a serious advertising forum
  19. Hi, absolute rookie needs your advice.
  20. interesting flash movie (only the fight sequence)
  21. Lilo and Stitch 2
  22. Stupid Adobe Premiere question
  23. Job you dislike?
  24. A skill that all animators must have
  25. Best movie ending
  26. Pictoplasma animation festival
  27. Is maths necessary?
  28. Volumetric Light
  29. Can someone point me to a better frame viewer than FCHECK for the MAC? ARGH!
  30. How short are those "insane" time limits?
  31. Rigs from DVDs in animation reel
  32. Character Creation and Animation?
  33. Daggerfall Remake and Help Needed
  34. Rereleasing dvds with extras
  35. Sound Of Thunder cg characters
  36. Uwe Boll totally confuses me
  37. If you get an interview at a video games company...
  38. Orleans? Turbosquid may be down
  39. Need a Male Face Model
  40. Myth & Religion: Whats the coolest creature?
  41. OT: How many of you here likes and listen to Hip-pop/Rap but doesn't like Gangsters?
  42. Photorealistic games..when?
  43. Camera Zoom (Handheld)
  44. Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Contest Here!!!
  45. Portsmouth University
  46. Will there ever be a universally approved rig for animation?
  47. cannot locate cg animation website
  48. Bridging the gap in animation
  49. Which games have you regretted buying?
  50. Gibson Guitar Giveaway
  51. Want learn more about french market
  52. import/export mess up my model
  53. Premium vs Regular Unleaded Gas
  54. Best "Best game/movie ending" thread
  55. CG related podcasts?
  56. Telecommuting... if gas goes thru da roof
  57. PSP, in need of honest answers
  58. Maya fluid or Houdini particle system?
  59. what makes an artwork to be selected in ELEMENTAL book
  60. Request: Job Interview Tips!
  61. Digital Painting on a T-shirt?
  62. HD 720p or 1080p?
  63. American McGee: 'Bad Day LA' Trailer
  64. New Concept Art book!
  65. Study in Korea
  66. Any idea about RealSoft?
  67. Master list of pixel resolutions?
  68. particle flow & thinking particle
  69. Final Year High School (HSC) Major Ideas
  70. who works at EA/ROCKSTAR ETC??
  71. Feng's # 4 Gnomon Digital Paint DVD Out of Print?
  72. Birthday gift for a CG artist? *Need Suggestions*
  73. CGtalk award winners
  74. The New D'artiste Character Modeling Book
  75. Learning them together..
  76. planning to study at vfs
  77. What can CG artists learn from Graphic Designers?
  78. Problem with connection
  79. Anyone play Dota?
  80. Quotations for charachter modelling, rigging and animations
  81. Work and Study In Korea
  82. need blueprints
  83. Web design. Help needed
  84. Gnomon DVD's
  85. Animation: Effects of modelling technique -Question
  86. I want this keyboard!...
  87. Final Fantasy trailer on Steamboy DVD ?
  88. Spiraloid - Edge Loops?
  89. Recover files from xD Picture Card?
  90. OT: Microsoft / Google War
  91. What to learn first: Texturing or Lighting?
  92. fur and hair...what is most difficult
  93. Does Manga ;-) AROUSE you???
  94. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture...(Sep 4-5)
  95. Alright you Pantsy!
  96. Buying art
  97. I'm veeeerrrry new here what should I do?
  98. Dose the movie industry have a future?
  99. Rocky Horror at the Hollywood Bowl, Anyone going?
  100. XBox 360 query...
  101. Vray and Clipping
  102. anybody starts animation class at vfs on oct 24?
  103. 3d application market share
  104. Some pdf tutorials
  105. Superman Returns First Trailer! (HOAX Fan Trailer)
  106. Now OPEN!!! Open Figure Drawing Workshop with Hong Ly and Rebecca Kimmel 003
  107. Game companys
  108. Got a job interview, not sure whether to take older stuff in.
  109. Canned Laughter
  110. CG Cast
  111. Pope dance
  112. Daryl Mandrake?
  113. Cgsociety and gnomon courses online
  115. Show us your Progress and how far did u learn from cgtalk
  116. COLOR TEST: Test your color perception
  117. Help required with graphics!
  118. Looking for 3dsMAX7 Tuts!!! plz help
  119. Realtime playback software
  120. anyone else having trouble dling from
  121. FTP?? CG challenge help please
  122. Resume or CV
  123. FOR REAL: Philips Paper-like Display Earlier Than Expected (THIS IS A BIG DEAL)
  124. Since there's no stability...
  125. Someone from Madrid??
  126. for people that are going to college in Britian
  127. simply maya, weird points system
  128. NEW TUTORIAL - Digital Figure Painting - by Samanthie (Nudity)
  129. OT: Bananas
  130. Licensing my images..advice needed
  131. GunZ-Online
  132. 48-bit PNG file format...?
  133. (OT) Exorcism in Russia - Recording (Creepy)
  134. drawn templates for game characters, bad?
  135. What book are you reading now?
  136. Soooo Wrong...
  137. Spiderman 3d animation series
  138. What methods are good to develop drawing skills?
  139. looking for honest opinions
  140. Max 7.0 to Maya 4.5?
  141. Studio Database
  142. Hdri
  143. Due Credits
  144. The worlds most powerful laptop - portable nuclear generator sold separately.
  145. Animation Festival Submissions - Cineme?
  146. Changing Login Name
  147. Rigging in Copenhagen...
  148. High Society Design Contests
  149. Need a Help with on optical illusion
  150. [help]3D Studio Max
  151. Proposal: An "Educational" CG Challenge
  152. Steven Stahlberg Online Workshop - Cybergirls ?
  153. Theiving Scumbags
  154. Windows Vista Hardware Requirements
  155. Partrick Stewart to star in Hallmark's Mysterious Island mini-series.
  156. Slightly OT: When In Rome week on the History Channel
  157. Best option for me?
  158. Actively run contest/competiton sites?
  159. What to wear?
  160. Calling ALL Canadians - New Film Channel
  161. Is there a future to be had in 2-D art?
  162. DOFUS - MMORPG using Flash
  163. Why OS-X on 3rd party hardware is inevitable.
  164. character design book
  165. Freelance Web Communities Worth the Price?
  166. really good?Academy Of Art (San Francisco, California)
  167. jobs or freelance, decision.
  168. Quicktime 7 For Windows
  169. audio analyzis plugin for maya
  170. Apple Now Selling IPod.nano
  171. Finally Folks! I got it!
  172. Movie festival berlin in October
  173. Funny flash animation for the Spanish speaking community
  174. Project workflows?
  175. Researching my soon to be school.
  176. COMING TOMORROW TO THE DSF!: Paint in the style of Frank Frazetta!
  177. What is your favorite Frank Frazetta Painting?
  178. Gimble Lock
  179. Must have reference books?
  180. Shipping a reel
  181. "We Can't Afford the Gasoline"
  182. A Tablet fought for
  183. standalone renderers?
  184. VFX surveys
  185. CG Challenge Participation - Going off the rails
  186. 2D question...How long?
  187. Help On 3Ds Max Materials please :)
  188. podcasts for 3d animators
  189. is it possible to update QT 7 public release 3
  190. EA games tester
  191. sin city effect?????
  192. DV and CGI (Interlaced or Deinterlaced)
  193. Previs in TV-production
  194. need advice
  195. Maya 7 & MotionBuilder 7 Tour in Zurich Switzerland,Wer kommt mit?
  196. present for 3d artist
  197. plz refer low fee great animation schools in Canada will be very thankful for help
  198. Vote For Me!
  199. Ipod Nano
  200. Ross School in East Hampton in need of 3d course!
  201. Stash DVD questions
  202. Anyone going to the Ottawa Animation Festival?
  203. Anyone else lose their drawing ability....
  204. reccommend a design book
  205. Who does Box Art for Prince of Persia
  206. French to English Translation Needed
  207. Please Help Me! (Owner of these Pic's)
  208. Waaaaaay off topic: GoogleMail
  209. Frenchies in Los Angeles!
  210. Cell Phone Game Development Market; Any resources ?
  211. New Tutorial: Leonardo's Mona Lisa, recreation study of a masterpiece - by magic man
  212. Now Open - BEGINNERS' Drawing Workshop - Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
  213. Maya 7 on Linux Error on run maya
  214. any chance of ememental2 deadline extension by 1 week
  215. Laughing - Not funny
  216. Drawing books to download
  217. OT: So what did you do this weekend? Show us a picture...(Sep 10-11)
  218. Just where does he get those wonderful toys?
  219. Rig no trouble for you
  220. Should one learn Photoshop for the 3-d purpose?
  221. Type chinese word in Illustrator
  222. Camtasia Studio
  223. hellllllllpp
  224. NEW!!! Amazing Anatomy Drawings by 11th Door!
  225. Jarry3D, yar jim lad!
  226. Software to take drudgery out of humanoid models?
  227. Mirc anyone?
  228. Checkershadow Illusion
  229. Know of an old opera animation?
  230. PS3 or XBOX 360???
  231. working in games
  232. WTF...No CGTalk All Day
  233. CGTalk problems
  234. OT : THE LA Blackout..: Tell us your tales...
  235. Maya + Ny = True?
  236. Got my firsttime freelance job offers! what should i charge?
  237. Final Fantasy Vii: Advent Children
  238. Any Trucks Blueprint
  239. DVD to WMV or any low file size format ?
  240. I'm new to the boards, and I thought of introducing myself...
  241. WHEN CLIENTS ATTACK: What are the weirdest requests you have gotten from a client?
  242. OT FOR REAL: Robot on wheels to go on sale in Japan
  243. XGS Gamestation o_O
  244. any other artists with similar style ??
  245. Shadows for volumetric fog - are they possible? Why?
  246. ot: anybody having problems with comcast right now?
  247. HHGTTG Out Today
  248. CG to "Real" model (resin kit)
  249. Names of the masters
  250. Missy Elliott ad with 8-bit ninjas?