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  1. siggraph free Exhibits Plus pass
  2. TTC Strike... ugh.
  3. Demo reel options. What would you do?
  4. Modo Rapid Modelin Contest
  5. Intel CENTRINO vs P4/AMD?
  6. Oh heavens there IS justice: SPAMMER -> Jail for 9 Years!
  7. OT: What cell phone do you have?
  8. any good tutorials?
  9. Luxology Hosts 3D Modeling Competitions at Designated Apple Stores
  10. Creating final fantasy
  11. 2005 JAM Festival Calling For Entries
  12. Parsons & School of Visual Art graduate Program
  13. sounds?
  14. Face-to-face In realistic 3d
  15. hoping to study in australia.. how is the UNSW digital media program?
  16. I need Icarus for macosx
  17. Can'r wait for FF:Advent Children
  18. What do you think of the new war of the worlds
  19. Your earliest CG works - Post 'em if you got 'em
  20. Sin City
  21. How many hours do you sleep per day?
  22. 3d 49 Grad screening
  23. FFXII: Advent Children Site Up
  24. Ex'pression vs. Academy of Art (first impressions)
  25. Does somebody have a good joke for me ?
  26. I need you guys's help
  27. Monster/Ape-type Reference?
  28. Doom 3 ROE?
  29. Any one have a blue prints of a diablo chassis?
  30. Distraught/Confused College Student
  31. New guy
  32. On-set frustration
  33. The future of CG?
  34. Specialising in one area of 3d.
  35. Making a magazine
  36. Any one here attending Fmx/05?
  37. Game Developers in CGTalk: Who works in a commercial studio?
  38. how can i do that ?
  39. What Role do you take in 3d
  40. Post and you
  41. Pixar cloth pipeline
  42. Programms used
  43. to uber-detail or not.. ??
  44. Post Songs/Music That Motivate You While Working
  45. differences between Autocad and...
  46. Real-life Matrix
  47. New Architectural Rendering Book
  49. Uv Snapshot Help Plz!!!
  50. have you gotten a job w/o a freind on the inside already at the company?
  51. FILMAKERS: What can be learned from SIN CITY?
  52. MFA in a technical university?
  53. Vector (stupid question)
  54. Size of texture maps needed for TV and HD tv ?
  55. PLEASE HELP: Virtools vs 3d quest
  56. advantages and dissadvantages of using 'digital' to produce deisgn work!
  57. New Methanol Fuel Cell For Laptops??
  58. Printing Renderings at really high resolutions - tips and tricks?
  59. THUMBNAILS direct in windows...psd, tga
  60. Does age matter?
  61. Final codec and quality
  62. age poll (how old were you when start working in 3d)?
  63. Books and References for Maya
  64. Any loners?
  65. how do i completely terminate maya off my pc?
  66. Your first encounter with the computer?
  67. What happened to the break dancing transformers?
  68. FOR REAL:Scientists Create Remote-Controlled Flies
  69. Diplodocus Images??
  70. YOUR CGTALK POSSE: Post a pic of your local CGTALK Group...
  71. anyone from (C.A.R.T) mercy college in new york?
  72. Sorry...MASTER and Servant ??
  73. The "Wow" Factor
  74. Have you ever tried to imitate an Artist's "Style?"
  75. Tech-support
  76. Renderer differences
  77. How to Get Your SIGGRAPH Paper Rejected
  78. Post your Desktop Wallpaper!
  79. Why does digital architecture celebrate the complex curve?
  80. C4DTeam! new team/project/site
  81. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Worse Than The Phantom Menace?
  82. Games companies that exploit newbies.
  83. AGP or PCX-E for 3d animation
  84. Complete Beginner Need Your Help
  85. FREE Graphics Software...
  86. Pratt vs SVA.. Please Guys I only have a week left to choose
  87. Animation in the D.C metro area?
  88. A year on...Gelato?
  89. were could i find good pictures with various veiws?
  90. Do you Puff?
  91. anyone here from Orlando, Florida
  92. Music group to sue college students on Internet2 research network
  93. Bezalel
  94. NexT-Gen?
  95. face ref images..
  96. a cousin from the 2D animation industry has a question..
  97. Finishing Work
  98. Planning to buy some Gnomon dvd's
  99. What next - how do you decide?
  100. In-Three 2d => 3d film process
  101. want to do 3d but cant draw very good :(
  102. Capturing sounds
  103. MAYA question...
  104. Tips for a Professional Showreel..?
  105. Were could i find pictures with various veiws?
  106. the strangest thing your boss ever said...
  107. Pictures?
  108. Avi clip problem.
  109. modo licence
  110. is the abilty to create storyboards important to a animator
  111. Why is Mac taking so long to evolve in 3D
  112. where should i get a host/domain name? (CHEAPEST)
  113. Career Question - CG vs electric engineer
  114. Render farms around San Jose?
  115. New Position Salary?
  116. Wihat Is Up With Comcast????
  117. aig software icarus ( please )
  118. 3D Coil
  119. Getting Started...
  120. Mozilla Firefox...?
  121. How can I make this?
  122. New Gatorade Commercial
  123. Concept art
  124. Google Video
  125. Adding dust and scratches
  126. CGTalk Needs Your Support
  127. EuroTour - meet me all around Europe - schedule inside
  128. CG spam??
  129. Plea: Is a Degree Essential For A CG Career?
  130. Sandy surface
  131. motorola RAZR V3 commercial
  132. Eric Hanson's DVD - designing urban environments
  133. Thank you CGTalk - I'm accepted
  134. TD's and Fx artists: Speak up!
  135. CGTALK MEMORIES: Tell us abut your experiences with us...
  136. Are you a millionaire?
  137. Contents of Modeling-Texturing showreel
  138. Bran new animation mag and valiant
  139. Half Life 2 - Comic [unofficial]
  140. mechanical ladybug thread
  141. GooglePreview Search
  142. Need of Traditional Skills
  143. animation director chat.
  144. Need advice for creating a Claymation?
  145. question 3Dmax users
  146. Animation Thread
  147. EGGHUNT teaser trailer
  148. Which big cat should I make furry in 3D?
  149. Mobile Phones for Textures and Sound Effects
  150. Spreading the Word of SWAG
  151. Copyright Crime
  152. 1st alienware PC-your comments (just for fun!)
  153. Painting 2-D
  154. How to support CGTALK
  155. Need Pricing for 3D Animated TV Series for Kids
  156. Office Pranks...
  157. Anyone interested in contributing storyboards for a new short?
  158. 3dsense-singapore
  159. A free texture site, feasible?
  160. Anyone know of any stock animal mocap site?
  161. Digital Matte Painters in London?
  162. OK Who is going to the Star Wars Celebration?
  163. What makes Tim Burton so great?
  164. Eminem Music - Anyone know?
  165. Random gibberish accepted in scientific paper:
  166. Classes for certification - advice?
  167. online education...
  168. Maya Cloth Jobs
  169. Stupid Question. Cannot remember the song name. Need help. Come on Music lovers.
  170. Site contribution suggestion...
  171. Toughness of Specfic CG
  172. To All The Star Wars Fans
  173. Support CGTalk
  174. Maya command line
  175. hollywood glamour and film noir imagery ??
  176. Cel-shading end all thread
  177. Print resolution at the CGChalange ?
  178. Is it ok to do this?
  179. CGtalk Monthly magazine?
  180. What makes Cal Arts so special
  181. What is Disney Feature Animation up to?
  182. FOR REAL: 'Minority Report' interface
  183. Wic software they used to make video tutorial?
  184. Possible loop hole in the Disney/Pixar deal.
  185. Has Anybody Gone to The Academy of Entertainment and Technology in Santa Monica?
  186. Intuos 2 vs. Intuos 3?
  187. what is it in the industry with irix?
  188. Cg and fulltime work?
  189. For those of you who have worked on a film
  190. All-in-one search engine?
  191. the esuvee commercial, who worked on it?
  192. Were do you find ur PC's Mac number or Ethernet number?
  193. pre production artist for games or movies needed for a report?
  194. Can someone please help me out?
  195. PreVis Resources/Training?
  196. Good 3D converter
  197. learning maya
  198. Screencaps of all 3D interfaces!
  199. London Animation Studios
  200. please I want all of you to give me your opinion
  201. Teesside or Portsmouth for computer animation
  202. some Tekken5 renders. if you are serious about making 3d you should take a look...
  203. Most professional way to leave a studios for another.
  204. For those in Australia and NZ : Nescafe Big Break
  205. Rochester Institute of Technology - Just got in! Want Advice!
  206. Anime Films
  207. Autocad vs 3D apps
  208. another New Zealand thread
  209. Adobe acquires Macromedia
  210. Widescreen Wallpapers
  211. Magazines
  212. new member introduction
  213. Books on Lighting
  214. OT:Star Wars Theory!?!?!?
  215. Motioncapture System
  216. Freelance client not keeping in contact
  217. CORRUPTION IN HOLLYWOOD: Is the Studio System too corrupt to survive?
  218. CNBC story(Mod Edit:shortage of game artists in the industry)
  219. Is it “News” ? (AICN + Adverts)
  220. publishing animated .gif on cgtalk
  221. NICHE MARKETS: Forensic Animation (Tell us about your trade)
  222. Have you got the blues ?
  223. Relocating to San Diego
  224. In the nature of musing about this community
  225. Cruise Ship Blueprints
  226. Your favourite live-acted movie... animated?
  227. London 3d Modellers
  228. Question about colleges
  229. Adobe buying Macromedia
  230. CSI bugs me
  231. Adobe to acquire Macromedia - Reaction to Apple?
  232. What I'm afraid of and some of you may too.
  233. healthy life = better art?
  234. What is your favourite production pipeline ?
  235. Have you seen this logo?
  236. Ubisoft Campus
  237. Did someone else beat you to it?
  238. How to deal with "bullies" ?
  239. What you do when you are not working?
  240. Quirks While You Work.
  241. A question of After Effects 6.5
  242. I am looking for second hand Discreet Flame
  243. Are any of you in a video game?
  244. Piggley Winks
  245. Do Wacked Out Childhood Experiences make Artists?
  246. WAY OT: MAD MAX Fans go Too Far
  247. My time is seriously getting wasted..
  248. Star Wars "Revelations" Movie is out!
  249. Stereo ?
  250. How to set quicktime to play double size by default?