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  1. learning 3d in france
  2. OT: Email Hosting? w/out web...
  3. Free web space
  4. If you liked the "very tough URL image game" ...
  5. Types of noise functions?
  6. Fast, photoreal rendering......
  7. Best game to movie adaptation?and upcoming ones too
  8. Polite ways to eject from a conversation?
  9. Funky email
  10. CustomFlix: could be promising for independent filmmakers
  11. Boring3d's back
  12. PASSES, and it's secrets...???
  13. new BOY
  14. So, when does the next challenge start?
  15. Blueprints on buildings
  16. noob Q: symmetry vs mirror
  17. cg competitions
  18. My Gmail Invites to you!
  19. Best Character Entrance to a Movie!
  20. SAE Byron Bay
  21. Shader tutorials
  22. Why don't more people use Rhino?
  23. Do you start out with Nurbs first or Polys when...
  24. is talent a must have in order to succed at 3d ?
  25. What's the name of that insect movie?
  26. Modeling Times
  27. What is it with CG Artist & Science fiction?
  28. College
  29. Novice Artist Zbrush WIP
  30. Bijou 2.1 tracking
  31. Hilarious Matrix Spoof
  32. Things to hate about pc's and accesories...yep, I've lost it...
  33. Make up or CGI?
  34. Easiest/quickest methods of 3d models integrated in 2d scenes?
  35. isn't this cool
  36. Choices
  37. Video question
  38. Need some guidance
  39. Explaination On Rendering Algorythms
  40. Those who planning to make CG as profession need patience 1st.
  41. EuroTour - Meet up?
  42. Money Talks
  43. Blank Demo Tapes For Sale
  44. Focused or Generalist Learning Path ?
  45. Character creation
  46. color theory tutorial
  47. 3D Head hunters.
  48. Drawings of buildings
  49. The Most Mysterious Movie?
  50. The reclusive world of 3D and VFX
  51. With a feelancing job in CG do you get to travel
  52. 3D Design Groups in LA
  53. Prerequisites
  54. Where is that incredibles image?
  55. accidental Shift+delete
  56. Create skinned muscle in max7
  57. 3D tracking apps
  58. your kids' cg?
  59. Lil new guy
  60. Avatar Question
  61. OT: What did you name your computer?
  62. OT: How Much Does This Board Weigh?
  63. Do you read Comics?
  64. What programs???
  65. What do you think is the best software package for the price?
  66. depth of field in postproduction
  67. hardware and software render
  68. A Digital Consortum
  69. Grand Space Opera
  70. Bugs Bunny Make over
  71. CG Studio in the Caribbean?
  72. Stolen model seller
  73. How well can you sketch? (with examples this time)
  74. Question about graphics tablets
  75. Encoding / size issue
  76. Blunt the edge of the pride.
  77. Crazy argueing about a site
  78. 5 new royalty free orchestral tracks!
  79. Newbie asking few details
  80. Softimage, Maya, & ? in San Diego
  81. PSP's UMD movies priced!
  82. What if you find out that you don't have talent?
  83. Is learning Flame/Flint worth it?
  84. LIDAR location scanning
  85. C & C on my first project
  86. Museum of the Improbable?
  87. Unorthodox ways to learn CG...
  88. Need help choosing Digital Camera...
  89. new photo drawing webtool
  90. All in one Cg Job and resource site. interested?
  91. 2D to 3D
  92. OT: .:Uni:.-.:Interview..!!:.
  93. Redeemed by CG
  94. Solid Chamfer Alternative to Byrons?
  95. Ken Southworth DVDs/Videos
  96. questions on becomming a videographer/editor?
  97. Art tests for Globe Creative
  98. Funniest animation conference.
  99. Let's All Be VERY VERY Grateful That These People Don't Run The World......
  100. About openGL
  101. Can this technology be used in CG?
  102. What about Softimage or Lighwave?
  103. looking for the best dedicated server solution
  104. Wher to keep the video clip ?
  105. Wipeout Pure site/teaser anim
  106. expensive schools (vfs) and student loans
  107. Animation Mentor
  108. Wacom tablets Rock!
  109. Small Companies: How much do you charge an hour?
  110. I suddenly know a whole lot more about everybody :)
  112. Banty's Toolkit
  113. Attaching Picture
  114. CONSTANTINE...So what did you think?
  115. for all people who leave in UK - Food alert on cancer causing dye
  116. Way OT: The LIGER
  117. It is ILLEGAL to sell automotive models and art
  118. It's Official every CG movie coming out or has come out is made by Pixar!!
  119. Truespace users
  120. Need help finding an old win 3.1 game
  121. Pixar & 2D?
  122. Recruiting companies !?
  123. idears for a new project
  124. Good Application to Draw in
  125. The thruth behind Keanu Reeves
  126. Kubrick
  127. Lack of 3D animal models?
  128. Nice Sculpture site for eveybody!
  129. Paint Shop Pro??
  130. Hows, Humber's postgraduate programs, in canada?
  131. MoticonBuilder vs Character Studio
  132. Question about Wacom Intuos3
  133. Do you know this artist?
  134. Question about GO-L Workstation
  135. Why can't I learn as much on this message board as I would at a 3D arts school?
  136. Your thoughts
  137. What Real World Features is CG Missing?
  138. who did this?
  139. help needed
  140. Agency Reel Site?
  141. Computer Graphics and Marketing
  142. WinPatrol: Information
  143. Yo Momma...
  144. How does Pixar stay so Incredible???
  145. New 'Rainbow Six' Box Artwork
  146. Nice Computer Animation Website
  147. OT: Nausicaa and the Valley of Wind on DVD of FEB 22!
  148. Constantine Effects
  149. can anyone help me?
  150. Salary in Singapore For 5 Yrs Experience
  151. Battlestar Gallactica THREAD! (Come here all GINO lovers!)
  152. Laptop
  153. Can U turn me to a valuable gem from a raw stone?
  154. Fake Volkswagen advertising
  155. The joy of painting with Bob Ross.
  156. What is your speed test?
  157. Otis for Digital Media
  158. Rustboy shortfilm...looks really awesome
  159. OT: SW Episode III SPOILER! (mod Edit)
  160. Ways to make money with 3d?
  161. WMP Visualisations Copyright?
  162. Greeble Wallpaper
  163. House designing software?
  164. RIP Hunter S Thompson
  165. Art Institute California - San Francisco
  166. Watts Atelier
  167. Prohibition of portfolio usage - possible or not?
  168. So how many games have u finished????
  169. Not too bad, not too good
  171. Need a program to compress gif animations...
  172. anyone got any questions for Meats Meiers
  173. Pratt Institute in New Jersey
  174. Someone here works on the matrix reloaded or revolutions vfx team?
  175. How Much Experience in CG do you have?
  176. free images??
  177. Tablet? And other painting questions.
  178. Attatching the robot to the bones?
  179. Web Hosting?!?!
  180. Concept design help
  181. Max help....pgysique
  182. Ugliness As The Defacto CG Standard
  183. corel help
  184. Low Budget but Awsome, Ong Bak
  185. Widescreen or Standard aspect for CG?
  186. Anybody need Particle Illusion 3.0
  187. Canadian CG Schools or US Cg Schools
  188. website to view current student vfx reels?
  189. Buring ambition for career in graphics
  190. freeware fonts... how "free" are they?
  191. Need a Lima image
  192. Animation or Visual Effects
  193. Matte painting resources..
  194. Model viewer
  195. Action Cartoon SoundFX
  196. Filing Taxes for Freelance/Contract Artist
  197. Blueprints?
  198. I'm I the only weirdo that...
  199. Wacom tablet or NO wacom tablet????
  200. My First Animation To Appear On UK TV! Please Watch!!
  201. Laguna College of Art & Design
  202. Nintendo goes online ....kinda
  203. Choosing a College for Visual Effects
  204. Beta testing games experience on a resume?
  205. looking for schweetums
  206. Scanner Darkly?
  207. xsi vs maya pipeline
  208. A tiny issue
  209. Really frustrated, please help, someone...
  210. Looking for shorts animations
  211. help me out
  212. Project Additions - Upcharge or Not?
  213. Q: lights and shadow
  214. Need a 3d job? Need a cg artist? Join here free!
  215. Website development kit
  216. New HDRI Mirrorball
  217. Piston movement expression (math help needed)
  218. 2d/3d ... do i have to choose?
  219. greetings from a new pie
  220. Simple Mouth Object Tutorial in Maya
  221. Adding Bones to Maestro Rigs
  222. Matchstick Monsters
  223. When the next cg challenge?
  224. Just got the nintendo DS!
  225. Part 2 of Star Wars Episode III Trailer
  226. Coming to VFS: housing :/
  227. Will it be Spline, Poly or Box???
  228. - New animation site, call for help
  229. Gizoogle: Respect!
  230. Will Computer LCD technology replace current TV technology?
  231. We have to make CG not look Real to LOOK REAL
  232. QUESTION: Render machine
  233. 9 Gnomon and Alias DVD's for sale
  234. Stargate : Atlantis - City-Model
  235. What you guys think of the new appleseed?
  236. Searching World's Best CG schools
  237. what's the deal???
  238. digi-painting & time...
  239. What was the fist computer you worked on?!
  240. cgtalk chat?
  241. Can someone help me identify the artist??
  242. Size of tablet matter for hand/wrist pain?
  243. Trying to find a short film posted previously...
  244. Help! 3D animation standards
  245. Everquest2
  246. Help! BDRF Shader
  247. have you seen the "A Scanner Darkly" trailer? how they do that?
  248. What happened to
  249. Post Your Desktop!!!
  250. Need an Interview...