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  1. Books...good ones?
  2. Earthquake Tsunami Devastation in Asia
  3. Water Undersurface Simulation?
  4. Any way to simulate 'shutterspeed' looks in rendering?
  5. Looking Back: What was your "Big event" of 2004?
  6. Jak and Daxter in Ratchet and Clank?
  7. New Year Resolutions :: 2005
  8. How 3d programs have influenced product design?
  9. House of Flying Daggers!
  10. Amazing dynamic simulations
  11. Just got into a school!
  12. 3d Morphing Tools ??
  13. Help with graphics/rendering
  14. WOW, a Festival in SAGUNT !
  15. Wishes for year 2005
  16. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children trailer 2 (Quality: Perfect)
  17. top builtings over the world?
  18. World of Warcraft art? Wires? etc?
  19. Saladfingers = greatest flash ever!
  20. Where to begin?
  21. Will F/F Advent Children better than The Incredibles?
  22. xbox tv commercial question
  23. cinefx (no incredibles?)
  24. Help Me Decide..
  25. competition
  26. Katana
  27. About Creativity
  28. another unhelpful M$ patent...
  29. gnomon dvd offers
  30. Questions Regarding Purchasing Motion Capture Equipment
  31. Web Radios?
  32. Hello everyone!
  33. New Years Anyone?
  34. Hello everyone!
  35. Star Wars DVD,... visible mattes??
  36. Texture generator?
  37. Going to college for 3D arts
  38. Sales Tax for Online Game Subscriptions
  39. Is my TABLET any GOOD??
  40. Making of Leon
  41. Freelance Price quotes
  42. logo help
  43. Full Versions of Maya (non-learning)
  44. Street texture
  45. Market on italy!
  46. american statue
  47. Maya, Max switch
  48. JMU or Art School?
  49. Anyone remember this ad?
  50. Cumbria Institute of the Arts
  51. Where did "Vehicle: Post your car" thread go?
  53. How much does it cost to go to QUT???
  54. Question for you teachers out there.
  55. Best avatar?
  56. Dual Displays
  57. What software do they use ?
  58. Drawing...advice on learning how?
  59. Do you believe in God?
  60. If you know premiere please step inside
  61. 3D workflow vids
  62. Support Asia
  63. Fantastic Four: The Watcher Sees Film 1st
  64. I need help becoming an animator
  65. Which schools are best?
  66. OT: The BitTorrent Effect
  67. I want to get into 3D character modeling. Are there any free programs for beginners?
  68. Elektra:
  69. Cinefex #100 - must read
  70. Risd/ Scad/ Rsad
  71. Male or Female?
  72. Career effects on your spouse
  73. Don't be shy, which game(s) are you playing right now?
  74. Plagiarism?
  75. Are there any "computer Eyeglasses" for those who work 10 Hr Shifts behind a monitor?
  76. To all a Happy New Year.
  77. World Community Grid -- CG Team
  78. Bad CG or plain style? R.E.M.'s music video 'Aftermath'
  79. Screen capture
  80. Problem in 3dstudiomax
  81. lightwave modeling tutorials
  82. Moving to San Fran next week, are you looking for a roomate??
  83. Britney's hubby ain't got the dinner rolls
  84. ode to the dead goat
  85. Invisible!? Is it really a new technology? or just a composition?
  86. Ergonomic: how are you install
  87. Valve Hammer Editor (Half-Life 2) Video Tutorials
  88. modeling the crotch of a biped
  89. The advancement of 3d this year? (2004)
  90. 2D Animation
  91. For a Laugh: Somebody just told me my life story!
  92. Technoholism - Great Article from Gamasutra
  93. commotion 4.1 for mac osx?
  94. Mourning the lose of a beautiful workstation and a lifetime of work
  95. 64 -bit or 32-bit
  96. Need Help ASAP
  97. Is it naive? And happy new year!
  98. who would like to have MAYA, 3ds MAX, or lightwave,for their PDA?
  99. I need help please help
  100. VFX websites?
  101. Is this CG?
  102. how did you learn topology?
  103. How will you define art direction?
  104. CG artists, which 2004 CG movie was most techincally impressive?
  105. a video card?
  106. What is it with that throaty 'trailer voice'
  107. "I never want to see a puppet again" - Matt Stone
  108. Famous last words in CG
  109. We Are One Family
  110. How did they do this?
  111. cirrusengine: may be interesting for you
  112. The new military and the gaming generation
  113. looking for an animation
  114. Favourite car/Dream car and post a pic if possible
  115. Gamepro: Gaming lows in 2004
  116. Napp
  117. Newly purchased comic-book screenplays!
  118. Austin Job Market?
  119. Career Path?
  120. Using General Techniques -section
  121. OT:CINESCAPE The WORST Films of 2004
  122. What are your 2004 CG resolutions?
  123. the DEADLINE
  124. So I FINALY saw Polar Express....
  125. favorite modeling method?
  126. What's needed?
  127. Request links for useful downloads
  128. OT: Nasa to blow up a comet
  129. SR-71models getting recycled in H-Wood ?
  130. Where to begin?
  131. paper folding
  132. Graphire VS Intuos
  133. Why are my posts about Movie's being Taken Down ??
  134. Email from a Tsunami survivor
  135. CG in Singapore?
  136. .bsp to .vmf .rmf, or .map
  137. SUPER OT - how to pronounce Vietnamese name "Hien" in English?
  138. How can I convert Object Space Normal Map to a Tangent Space Normal Map ?
  139. OT: Trying to find a music video....
  140. When to give up CG?
  141. Video software/Editing
  142. Most ugly looking computer game for 2004
  143. U.S. Forces relax with XBOX and PS2
  144. Production Companies Outside Of London
  145. going to California
  146. 3D war about GUI (lot of blood here...)
  147. Mojoworld problem
  148. Collective art...
  149. OT: Non-CG New Year's Resolutions Anyone?
  150. How do you monitor time spent on projects ?
  151. Looking for rugged 3d CG Motorcycle
  152. OT:Aeon Flux Pics!
  153. Official War of the Worlds Image
  154. Akiane
  155. Getting into concept art & digital painting
  156. OT:DONT PANIC! H2G2 Movie Photos!
  157. Two mice are better than one
  158. Call for interview questions for Animex 2005
  159. Getting a Scholarship?
  160. Gmail must love me
  161. Animation in 3ds Max reactor
  162. new york CG-ers...lets network
  163. Need info for
  164. OT: Galactica 2005 Trailers
  165. maya courses in scotland
  166. Graphical Asset Management Software?
  167. Where do you advertise a position?
  168. Kelly Freas dead at 82; illustrated for Mad Magazine, NASA
  169. animation thesis?
  170. Music software...any good free ones?
  171. New Xbox, and I Can't Aim!!
  172. Questions for a sales rep
  173. Need to set up a 600 pound person in Poser
  174. On-line sketchbook
  175. Hi All - New Member
  176. Semi OT: Its a small world :)
  177. Elektra Pics!!
  178. Super Fun Happy Remote Linking Thread
  179. STAR WARS: UNIFIED pic?
  180. F*** word in Disney game
  181. 3D and real art
  182. What Do You Want For The Increibles Dvd
  183. CGTalk Upgrade?
  184. How Do You Manage Graphical Assets?
  185. Average sallery of the Industry?
  186. Teachers that assigns salary average questions need to die!
  187. 26 semi-realistic human characters to create in <2 months. Is POSER best?
  188. designing a coat of arms/family crest?
  189. Artist Database page for games...
  190. Blue tooth wacom ?
  191. Software for cloth design??
  192. Can I use the art here as signature images?
  193. Refrence Ideas?
  194. developing relaxed control w/tablet
  195. Is Appleseed the Movie Coming to your Town
  196. amazing paintings by a 10 yo girl
  197. 3D Stories for Thesis
  198. How to model a camera?
  199. I need a guide on choosing a DV camcorder
  200. Mirai Users?
  201. Very unhappy at my job... any suggestions?
  202. Gainward contact info
  203. Renderfarm software?
  204. Approaching Mechanical and Organic drawings
  205. lingo: turntable vs. turnaround
  206. Magazines.
  207. problem with color
  208. Intuos Advice
  209. Looking to buy a scanned human skeleton
  210. why does rendering take so long
  211. What Do I Do If I Screw Up And Dont Get To Univercity?
  212. Looking for BMW 3 series models
  213. can we use XBox3 as render cow?
  214. So, any news on Clay?
  215. Front page picks (yes another one, maybe a little different though)
  216. moving to london, any advice?
  217. Old theaters references
  218. whats in a name...
  219. copyrights? which is legal and which isnt?
  220. Professional Aussies?
  221. Career advice for pre-midlife crisis
  222. Updated site. Enjoy with the new stuff
  223. MicroSoft's Spyware Killer...
  224. Why make it in 3D?
  225. Animators flooding the market/Outsourcing Concerns
  226. MicroSoft's Spyware Killer...
  227. Finaly a positive tread on the life of a cg artist?
  228. Mac VS PC?
  229. Anybody remember the game Descent?
  230. Hey!
  231. Advice making colours more vibrante in your work.
  232. I-Robot Flash Game
  233. My Question To ALL Artists Out there...
  234. NBA Street v3 VS Nintendo
  235. How easy is it to write a 3D book?
  236. What’s hot for computer science graduates in animation companies?
  237. Newbie- Are all the images on this site made from scratch using... photoshop etc>?
  238. What do you think of Carrara 4?
  239. Apple Sued over iTunes
  240. Full Sail
  241. Charge for single illustration?
  242. Skwigly: Sketch Pad
  243. What Linux OS in the production pipeline?
  244. Should there be a common, cross-platform format like FBX for rendering?
  245. How come CGtalk doesn't have its own magazine?
  246. i have a question about Render.
  247. i have a question about Render.
  248. How much should I charge?
  249. career change -> 3D Multimedia Industry...
  250. Sweet Mother of Vartan